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Yes I know I just used the title of a song from High School Musical for the title of this post believe me I’m loathe to do it but hey if it fits it fits.

So it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and I feel really bad about it but during the summer there’s not that much to report on the Sabres because let’s face it the Sabres hardly do anything during the off season in terms of trades and whatnot. However, we do have two new players, Steve Montador  and some guy named Joe DiPenta but this is obviously old news as everyone should already know about it.

Anyways, I’ve made a pact with myself that I’m going to forget the going ons of last season (the fact that the Sabres didn’t make the playoffs for the second year in a row) and focus on the future. As of this moment last season never happened and there will never be any doubt that the Sabres will make the playoffs this year. This is not to say of course that I won’t lament the fact that we’ve lost Sissy and all his caveman tendencies, because believe me I do and that I won’t believe we’re a lesser team without him because I do.

Is it wrong that I want to replace Darcy for like a day and jump in my time machine to the day he decided he didn’t want to sign any of my baby Sabre favorites? Because now I no longer have Marek or Dylan and that kills me but I still have Noodles who I was lucky enough to see at Sabres Development Camp last week and of course there were copious amounts of drooling when I did.

I also got my Paul jersey back with his very large P and G and a small 28 on the number 2 on the back just were I always get my jerseys signed. I wrote a thank you note to the women who helped get it signed which they then showed to him when they were at dinner with him which I will forever be eternally embarrassed about. But hey at least I got it signed and I didn’t have to wait in any ridiculously long lines at an autograph signing.

I also bought a Patrick Sharp jersey for myself two weeks ago which the lovely Clare is taking to the Blackhawks Convention to have (hopefully) signed for me by my favorite Permanent Marker.

I’m starting work on compiling pictures for my hockey wall. I’ve got about 6 that I’m definitely putting up and now I’m starting to sift through some of the other pictures I have narrowing it down to about 14 more. I finished my Sabres cross stitch which I gave to my mother for her birthday and she now has at her desk at work. I may even start selling them because people my mom works with have shown interest and hey it could be the start of a side business…

sabres cross stitch 


Wow I sound like I have ADD with this post my thoughts seem to be everywhere, but hey at least I’m back in business blogging which will be more regular I promise…on Paul Gaustad as my husband and witness.


Could it be? Am I really blogging? Somebody pinch me because this can’t be real. Well never fear my darling hockey fellows, you aren’t dreaming, I’m really posting. However, considering that my second favorite hockey team was eliminated from Stanley Cup contention last night I’m in no mood to talk hockey. So now you may be asking yourself what is the point of this post? Funny you should ask…now that hockey is basically over for me (and in case you were wondering, I’m rooting for Pittsburgh) I have to find something else to obsess over. So I made this handy dandy little list of things:

1. Plotting word domination. (Too easy)

2. Figuring out a way that the Sabres can win the Stanley Cup next year. (HAHAHA….oh sorry…I mean um, well, yeah, I’m not even attempting this one)

3. Finishing some scrapbooking I’ve been meaning to do for the last year. (Definitely doable).

4. Figuring out some way to get Sharpie and Paul in the same room so they can duke it out over my heart. (This could be problematic)

5. Getting Paul to finally admit that he can’t live without me. (Enough said)

I think #3 and #5 are completely plausible and I shall strive to complete them before school begins in August. Wish me luck:)

When I got home today I was excited to see that the Masterton Trophy nominees had been announced because I thought for sure that I would see Teppo’s name among them. But what did I see? HUH? You really want to know? THIS, THIS IS WHAT I SAW.

Chelios, Sullivan, Zednik named Masterton Trophy finalists

I’m sorry WHAT!?!?!?!

Chris Chelios? Re-he-heally?

Dear Hockey Gods,

Do you hate Buffalo that much?



Because I’m pretty sure that fracturing your tibia (the larger bone in the lower leg) is nowhere equal to having your chest cracked open and having your still beating heart poked and prodded by a lot of sharp instruments.  

I know Chelio is 47 and yeah it’s great that he’s still playing all the power to the old guys but seriously shouldn’t he be using his hockey stick as a cane by now? He played 28 games this year and didn’t register a point but APPARENTLY he played a big role behind the scenes which was obviously enough to warrant his nomination for an award that is given to the player “who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey”. Just because the guy is old doesn’t mean that he deserves to be recognized for it. Let me know when I can come at his beating heart with a scalpel I’ll be first in line.

The other finalists were Steven Sullivan who suffered a back injury in 2007 and had two back surgeries to correct the problem. He is one of three players to have played for a team, missed 600 consecutive days and return to the same team. The other is Richard Zednik who’s life was almost tragically cut short here in Buffalo when his former teammate Olli Jokinen’s skate hit him in the throat, severing his carotid artery. (Scariest moment of my life right there)

It’s not like I expected Teppo to win being up against the guy who had his throat cut open and almost bleed to death on the ice and another who broke his back and after almost two years returned to active duty. But Teppo deserves every ounce of respect that he gets from his teammates, the coaches and his fans. He could have hung up his skates after last season and no one would have blamed him. But he chose to come back for the last game of the season to prove that he still had what it takes to be a player in the National Hockey League.

I’m predicting, to no ones surprise, that Richard Zednik will walk away with the trophy and if he doesn’t it’s a great disservice to him and to the doctors and medical staff that made it possible for him to even play again.

Capitals vs. Rangers- Game 7 of the series commences tonight and it’s hard to say who will be the victor. If Washington can get its offense going early tonight they should have no problem solving King Henrik and the Ranger’s defense. However, if the Washington offense starts to languish and get comfortable it won’t take long for the Ranger’s offense to start buzzing like a hive of angry bees. It should all come down to who wants it more and for my sake I hope that team is Washington. I couldn’t stand to see Drury hoist that cup over his head if god forbid the Rangers should go all the way. (Yes I am still bitter about Drury leaving and no I will not get over it.)

Devils vs. Hurricanes-The Hurricanes have forced game 7 and to tell you the truth I haven’t really watched much of this series because I despise both of these teams equally. I do have to say that I somehow hate the Devils less than the Hurricanes, maybe it all goes back to the 2006 playoffs when they beat us in the Conference. Plus I don’t think that I could stand watching Beak Nose Brind’Amour hoist the cup AGAIN. I predict that the Devils will win, god willing.

It looks like it’s going to pour outside at any moment and there is nothing I like more than a good thunderstorm.

I get to register for classes tonight which means that because I don’t have high speed internet at my house that I will be watching the games over at Cari’s waiting until midnight to roll around so that I can get all the classes that I need. My schedule this year sucks because I go everyday and have a class that is 6 hours twice a week. It also means that unless I have a day off there is little chance that I’ll be able to go to any open practices this year which I find to be vastly unfortunate.

I have good news though in July Clare and I and whoever else wants to join us are going to be going to the Blackhawks convention in Chicago for a weekend. It’s bound to be a good time and if there’s even a chance that you want to go please email Clare or me and let us know. And seeing as how I’ve never been to Chicago before and I love exploring new cities it’ll be a doubly fun trip.

The last game of the season is tonight and I enter it with mixed emotions. On one hand it’ll be nice to be able to watch a game with almost no emotional involvement. On the other hand I almost wish that I was able to have emotional involvement because that would mean that the Sabres were in the playoffs. I’m not sure how I feel and I guess the last game of this season will set up how I’ll feel about next season.

I’m not about to use the adage that most people in Buffalo seem to use everyday when it comes to our sports teams. There’s always next year. There they are the words of death, there’s always next year. If we keep hoping that next year is going to be the year, I’m pretty sure we’re always going to be disappointed. In the world of hockey things never seem to change, sure the players rotate in and out. But just when we seem to be getting somewhere our dreams are dashed because the players decide that they have better things to do than play the game that they’ve been paid to play.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m sick of waiting for next year, why can’t it be this year? Oh that’s right because the Sabres decided that they didn’t want to win, now I’m not placing blame on any one person. Because believe me there is enough blame to lay down on everyone associated with the team.

At Sara’s birthday party last night a group of four of us sat around the dining room table and preceeded to solve all of the Sabres’ problems. Which included having every single person in the Greater Buffalo Area contribute a dollar to a fund in which we would attempt to buy the Sabres from Golisano. Now after discussing this prospect for awhile we decided that that would be a disaster and that we should nix that idea. We discussed who should stay and who should go. Who was to blame and what changes we want to see next year. There was some pretty intelligent conversation going on between people who had been drinking for awhile and I’m pretty sure if Regier had been sitting there we would have given him a few pointers on how to run the team.

Like I said I go into tonight’s game with mixed feelings, but I hope for the Sabres’ sake that they can come out with a win and make the end of the season a happy time, even though they didn’t make the playoffs.

Okay so correct me if I’m wrong but not too long ago it seemed as if the Sabres playoff hopes had gone the way of the circular file. Now it seems as if there might be a shred of hope left. Now that’s not to say that if we lose one of our upcoming games we’ll be all but eliminated, but things are definitely looking up from where they were a week and a half ago. I will admit that I was one of the people on Wednesday, when Sabres lost in overtime, saying that it was time to break out the golf clubs. Perhaps I was being too much of an alarmist, which I have a tendency to do. But now I’ve changed my tune, each day is a new day and there is always hope, and I sound like an inspiration video. I’m going to stop with the uplifting cliches now.

I missed last night’s game because I had to go to Niagara County Community College to see their production of Tick, Tick…Boom for my drama class. In reality I wasn’t even supposed to leave the house this weekend, doctor’s orders, because I’ve had a fever of 103 for the past two days. However, I was feeling better after missing school and laying about all day, and I really needed to see it in order to write a paper. Yeah that paper, which I actually should be writing right now, but whatever.

Anyways I was able to listen to the Washington goal, and the first two Sabres’ goals in the car because the musical didn’t start until 8. The musical ran without an intermission which meant that I had to wait until it ended at 9:30 to figure out what was happening with the game. I frantically pulled out my phone as the last chords of the music played and almost had a heart attack when I saw that Max had scored, but that was the last text I had. So I used the internet on my phone to figure out what was happening and saw that there were about 4 minutes left in the 3rd period. It was then that I had the suspicion that it was going to go to overtime, and because we kind of suck in overtime I put my phone away because I didn’t want to know anymore.

I hung around the lobby and talked to a few of the people that I knew and then headed to my car. Getting in I was greeted with Kevin Sylvester’s voice which didn’t sound disappointed, but I didn’t dare hope that the Sabres had done the impossible. But there it was Jason Pominville scores in overtime. Yay for broken condoms because the population in Pominville just went up by one more.

Now reading the paper this morning a great procrastination tool much like blogging I had to laugh at one thing that Miller said:

I get to play the villain for the night.

 I can see Miller as a villain in one of the old silent movies where he ties some poor girl to the railroad tracks. I don’t know what it is about him, maybe the dark shifty eyes or the lanky hair, that reminds me of the mustache twirling villains of old.

Well anyway tonight is New Jersey and Martin Brodeur, not something I’m looking forward to but there’s always hope. And there I go again.

So I’m having a little bit of dilemma. Since hanging out with Clare from All Hawks Hockey I’ve discovered this new found appreciation for the Blackhawks and by association Patrick Sharp. So here comes the dilemma, Cari and Clare have done their darndest to make me fall in love with Sharpie and it worked, I’m smitten. But I’m still in love with Paul so here I am feeling like an emotional adultress because I’ve fallen in love with someone who isn’t Paul and who doesn’t even play for the Sabres.

Sure it was all well and good while Sharpie was on IR and wasn’t playing and scoring goals but then he had to play yesterday and he had to score 2 goals and get an assist all in his first game back. Now here comes the really terrible part I’ve come to accept that, unless through some divine miracle, the Sabres aren’t going to be making the playoffs, which means that I”m going to be cheering for the *gulp* Blackhawks. The Blackhawks are going to make the playoff which means that I’m going to get to see a lot more of Sharpie which means I’m going to be falling even deeper in love with him. Will it make me forget Paul? Because I don’t want to forget Paul and what happens when the Sabres start playing again what do I do? I know that I could cheer for both because they don’t even play for the same conference which means that I should really only feel torn when they’re playing each other but still? How am I supposed to feel? I shouldn’t feel like this the Sabres are my hometown team but the Blackhawks are all so attractive and they play so well, unlike the Sabres right now, it’s such a hard decision.

So am I happy that the Sabres aren’t going to make the playoffs which means that I can devote more of myself to the Blackhawks which means I’ll get to see more of Sharpie. Or am I upset that the Sabres aren’t going to be making the playoffs which means that I’m not going to see Paul for 5 months? I don’t know what to do I’m so torn. Should I be happy or sad?

So do I go for the handy dandy marking pen?

So do I go for the handy dandy marking pen?


Or the pretty honking bird?

Or the pretty honking bird?

So this is my first post on WordPress so it’s all new and exciting for me. I have to say that I enjoy WordPress a lot more than Blogger, the layouts are nicer and it’s a lot easier to customize but anyway I coudln’t think of what to write today so I figured that I’d start a list of letters today for each individual player.


I love you but some times you make bone headed mistakes when playing which may or may not cause us to lose the game. So please, please I’m begging you keep your head up and you passing smart so that we can win and stay in the playoffs.


I’m afraid that if I lived next to you, and had a small dog, I’d wake up one morning to find you sitting on the floor of my dining room licking your fingers with a pile of small bones in front of you. Please if we ever live near each other make sure that you have plenty to eat so that you don’t feel the need to snack on my dog. Other than that you’re doing a great job, except for a mistake every now and then, but keep up the good work and maybe one day the guys will let you loose in the SPCA. Just kidding, oh great now I’m probably going to have PETA on my ass.


I’m pretty sure Cari’s about to break up with you so please don’t start eating to ease the pain of loneliness. Plus I was also pretty sure that today in the restaurant, when Clare held up that box of cookies, that you were going to Superman across the dining room grab the container and start gnawing through it to the delicious calories inside.


You need to leave, you even admitted that you need a change of scenery and I’m pretty sure I wholeheartedly agree with you. That is all.


To tell you the truth I thought that I would get attached to you like I have all the other rental players throughout the years. But alas I’ve been able to keep my distance therefore causing no hurt feelings when you walk away at the end of the year.


You leered at us through lunch probably deciding which one of us you wanted. Well let it be known that until Anne walked in two out of the four were jailbait, sorry Emily and Clare you are, and I personally wouldn’t touch you if you were the last man on Earth. Cari and Anne I’m sure have more self respect than that.


I’m pretty sure you only have one facial expression the puzzled look that seems to be the essence  of you. I’m sure when you score you go home and line up all your stuffed animals and tell them of your heroics with a big goofy grin on your face.


You’re a rockstar who needs to score more.


You’re hurt and I’m not sure if you’re going to play tonight but if you do I want you to tear it up and beat the crap out of some Flyers.


You’re a beast but please, please score tonight, when you score we usually win and we really need to win.


I have nothing to say about you other than I really hope that you retire at the end of this year because while you’re a good player you just can’t keep up anymore. Sorry if that’s mean.


I love you my heart and at the risk of sounding stalkerish and creepy please love me tonight and score because I want you I need you oh baby oh baby (10 Things I Hate About You) that was not my sick twisted mind talking I swear.


You remind me of JT and you’re so gosh darn cute even though you haven’t scored I’m going to forgive you and send all my good happy thoughts to you so that you may have that spark tonight we haven’t seen in awhile.


Get well soon!!! We need you.


You played really well against Ottawa, I’m sorry if the team hung you out to dry, it was nothing personal they just seem to have a tendency to do that.


I don’t know you that well but you’re my favorite doof, I hope you’ll be content with that.


You stared so intently at your pasta this afternoon I’m pretty sure you were thinking up ways to trash talk it, it was cute really. However I thought about maybe getting up and offering you some ice so that your brain didn’t overheat. Please trash talk and carry on with your usual aggitating.


I’m happy you’re playing tonight. YAY.


Cari thought that Derek Roy was you but please don’t let that be a blow to your self esteem we still love you and want you to play soon, maybe you could unscrew the blades from Sekera’s skates or maybe even throw up in them?


When I need to feel happy I imagine you at center ice singing Poker Face at the top of your lungs while your teammates stare at you in horror from the bench, it would be really great that if one day it actually came true.


I’m sorry you got yelled at today or as Cari said had a one on one session with McCutcheon (sp?), that’s probably never a good thing, but if it means that you score than it’ll all be okay.


You’re really bald, you looked much better with hair, get rid of the black mouth guard and please don’t take any offense to my saying I hope that Patches pukes in your skates. KThanxbi


I really want the gritty player you were when you first arrived here back.


My German!!! well what can I say other than I want you to score really back so that I can scream MINE LIEBLINGS DEUTSCHERMAN at the top of my lungs tonight therefore scaring everyone sitting hear me.


I hope you realize that if (when?) you leave me in June I will be a wreck but please if you do leave don’t go to a team I hate, because I don’t think that I could handle that.


How dare you be mean to little kids? And here I thought that you were one of those genuinely nice players that could do no wrong. Well at least you redeemed yourself by giving the kids those pucks but still. Bad Petey, BAD.

Okay I’m done now, I’ve got to go get ready for the game, where the Sabres will win, there is no MAYBE or POSSIBLY in my vocabulary anymore. WE WILL WIN! Okay yay for optimism, I thought I’d lost you.

Okay so we all know how bad last night’s game was well until the third period at least which is why I’m grateful that my mom and I were in Rochester for the Bandits’ game. Who by the way lost in overtime, hey sound familiar? Now not to rag on Buffalo sports, but seriously it’s like they don’t want me to be happy. On a side note: MAXXX you make me happy and Paul and Pie and that’s about it at this point.

Because I was at the Bandit’s game last night Cari and S(h)ara were texting me updates the whole night to the never ending glee of the guy sitting next to me, who also happened to be a rabid Sabres fan. At one point, when Max scored, I got so excited that my phone flew out of my hands and into his lap where he saw the text I was sending S(h)ara something like “Max my heart my soul thrives only for you” or something equally ridiculous. Needless to say he made fun of me the rest of the night for obsessively checking my cell phone asking me if “my heart” had scored anymore goals. Max score two goals in one night? Perish the thought.

Now I’m not sure how many of you have any idea how much of a rivalry there is between the Bandits and the Rochester Knighthawks, lets just say that it pretty much equals the rivalry between Ottawa and the Sabres. Unfortunately, and much to my disappointment, Brandon Francis our new go to fighter got scratched so things weren’t getting nearly as interesting as usual. The Bandits’ lost mainly because we couldn’t seem to keep the ball out of our end and the Knighthawks defense kept shutting down the Bandits’ best goal scorer, and Cari’s Bandits sweetie, Mark (Whose House?) Steenhuis. It was a heartbreaking loss especially against a team who we had no problem beating the last time we played them, it ended up being 23 to 6 in favor of the Bandits. I do however have a new shirt idea for the next time we play Rochester a guy walking up the stairs had a Fuck The Knighthawks t-shirt on. Well in an effort to keep everything PG I figure I’ll make a T-Shirt that says Pluck the Hawks, it both gets the point across and won’t offend anyone, well except maybe Knighthawks fans.

Oh and thanks to the lovely Clare from All Hawks Hockey I have my new summer project. I try to undertake at least one large project over the summer, last year it was scrapbooking all my pictures from my family’s trip to California. This year it’ll be to create a wall of pictures mounted on plaks (and as Clare pointed out no this isn’t spelled wrong) to hang on my bedroom wall at home. These pictures are going to be hockey related and I’m going to need some help because, if you don’t know it already, I have dial up at home so therefore to search for pictures takes an unbelievably long time. I’m asking any of our readers to send me their favorite pictures of hockey players regardless of the team the player might come from, I’m trying to broaden my horizons, and I’ll pick the best ones to put on my wall. The pictures can be anything action shots, stylized, posed, ones you’ve personally taken, ‘borrowed’ from other people, gotten off google whatever the point is that I’d appreciate any help you guys could give me in the picture department. My email address is Thanks guys (in the generic sense).

I need a few days to recover from the two losses so I’m going to go watch the first two periods of last nights game that we DVRed basically forgetting that hockey has a third period and that the Sabres used it to fall apart.

So now that the trades have officially ended, unless there’s something waiting in the wings, I took the opportunity to find pictures of our recent aquisitions.

Dominic Moore with his wifey, sorry girls he’s married.

Tellqvist is on the left, not bad, not sure if he’s single. Funny how my last

post was about puck bunnies.


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