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So Kim and I ventured down to the Sabres’ open practice this morning, which I had thought started at 10, but it was really 9, so we unfortunately missed the beginning.

Oh well.

First funny story:  We were talking about all the guys, and saying stupid things like girls do, such as “Ohmygod, he’s hot,” but we were also constructively talking.  We decided, though, to keep our dignity a little bit intact, we should speak in German, since both of us studied it in school.  Me, being the genius I am, spotted Jochen Hecht about to step off the bench right in front of us (we were sitting in the front row) and said, “Ich liebe dich,” which translates to I love you, and HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME.  How embarrassing.

Paul Gaustad appeared to be anything but himself when he first hit the ice; he looked tired and possibly ill, and carried a bright green drink onto the rink and set it on the boards in front of us.  If anything, it was probably the beverage making him sick, because as soon as he got rid of it, he seemed much more perky and lively.

Ryan Miller was caught yawning.  Sorry practice is so boring for you, Mr. I’m Not A Rock Star.  We’ll let you get your beauty sleep now; sorry for keeping you awake.

We had to giggle when Nathan Gerbe skated out because he looked just like an Oompa Loompa in his green practice jersey.  And it was pure genius that he happened to be out there at the same time as 6’7″ Tyler Myers.  When they had a little pow-wow with Ruff, Tyler took a knee, and Nate stood, but they were practically the same height.  I swear, if you put Derek Roy out there with him, Derek would look like a giant.

And guess who was conspicuously missing from practice today!!!  Perhaps, the only Sabre to not put on skates today?  Mr. Timothy Connolly.  Now, this just fits into my theory that Timmy is not a real person, because no one ever sees him, so I’ve come to the conclusion that he is a figment of Buffalo’s imagination.  Anyways, has anyone heard if this person, who happened to be the captain Tuesday night, is hurt? or otherwise maligned? or is healthy and is just a bum?  Because if you know, you’d best share that information with me, because I’m dying to know.  Just dying.  And I love Tim, so I need to have knowledge of his safety.  Because if he’s hurt (which actually wouldn’t surprise me), I’d cry.

Anyways, we’re going to the practice again tomorrow, but for now, enjoy the sights from today.  And we’ve got the Red Carpet ceremony on Saturday covered as well.  =]


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