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Okay, well, actually there are only (wait, let me count on my fingers…) ten Sabres I’m not upset with.

(Oh, and just so you all know, I’m back on the bandwagon. The Bench-Derek-Roy-Bandwagon. I actually never left. I never thought that he was truly himself, even though he did have that hot-streak through the beginning of the month…)

You may ask how I come up with a number like ten, when the whole team played absolutely atrociously yesterday. Well, I reply, only four of those Sabres actually took to the ice last night. The other six are Lalime (who obviously had no control over the game), and the other five had a nice view from the press box: Rivet, Kaleta, Connolly, Peters, and Paetsch.

Now, I’m a little worried about Nate, but honestly, I feel that if he gets in there a couple games, he’ll be alright. It’s just his first game back that’s always terrible, because he’s not in game-form; he’s in practice-form, and I think Lindy forgets that PRACTICE DOES NOT EQUAL GAME PLAY. Whatever. But you will notice that Maxim Afinogenov (sorry, Kim) is not on my list of forgiven Sabres. Yeah. No explanation necessary there.

But my point today is that Adam Mair, Clarke MacArthur, Matt Ellis, and Paul Gaustad are getting all the love in the world from me today. I just adore them.

Adam’s goal was fabulous, and Clarke has just been tearing it up on the stats sheet since he was given a night off, Matty is just working his ass off, and Paul, fresh off a shoulder injury, was hitting everything in sight.

This will be the last thing I’ll say today, as I’m trying to be upbeat as I possibly can about last night’s debacle, and this is surely going to bring down my mood: And while I’m in a Paul Gaustad loving mood right now, this is why I truly believe that Goose should have been named captain:

(And that’s not to bash Craig Rivet; he’s been removed from the dressing room for much of the season, so he really didn’t have much of a chance to have an effect of this team and their attitude. I love Craig, but this team needs some [gosh-darned] leadership, and they need it fast. And I think that leadership lies in the heart of Paul Gaustad.)

So, Loves, Happy New Year!! Don’t do anything too stupid tonight, and be safe! See you all tomorrow after the Winter Classic II!! AHHHHH Brian Campbell time!! =] (I still love him.)


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