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I’m so excited about this

The broadcast team this year definitely has more potential, now.  Not that I don’t like Rob Ray, but I was sick of hearing him say the same things, night after night, especially when he defended the Sabres after a terrible game.  While I liked having a recent-former-player doing commentary, I don’t think a fighter is the one to have; if the Sabres were angling for that, then I feel they should’ve gone with a guy more along the lines of…  Oh, I don’t know, but somebody who was a better all-around player than Ray.  I’m all for team spirit, but Rob needs to listen to Robitaille once in a while.  Hopefully Maria Genero will help me out and give me something other than repetitive interviews about The System, and lighten the mood up a little bit.
And Rick Jeanneret???  Hell Yes!!  This man is a God Among Men, and I could not be happier that he’s sticking around a couple more years.  I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when he retires…
But I’m not so sure I like Nathan Paetsch being the odd man out of the defense core this season, as impressed as I was with Andrej Sekera’s performance last year.
In other news, Drew and Ryan busted out the guitar and drum sticks this weekend at the Music Is Art festival.  I had to work so I missed them yet again, but all I can say is that Ryan Miller has no stage presence.  It’s a good thing he’s a damn good goalie, because (whether or not he’s a good musician) I wouldn’t enjoy a concert from a band that had his presence.  Only the stage presence, that is.  I’d just stare at him, and enjoy that.


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