…I’ve decided that I want to move this little baby of mine back to Blogger.

That’s part of the reason I haven’t been on here in so long.  Honestly, I just never felt entirely comfortable with WordPress.  It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just too much.  If you go back to the original Sabre Chaser, in one of the last posts on there, I said something about appreciating simplicity.

And that, my lovelies, is why I’m packing back up, and moving back to Blogger.

I’ll be posting there shortly, so be sure to check in and change your links back, and all that jazz.  🙂



Yes I know I just used the title of a song from High School Musical for the title of this post believe me I’m loathe to do it but hey if it fits it fits.

So it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and I feel really bad about it but during the summer there’s not that much to report on the Sabres because let’s face it the Sabres hardly do anything during the off season in terms of trades and whatnot. However, we do have two new players, Steve Montador  and some guy named Joe DiPenta but this is obviously old news as everyone should already know about it.

Anyways, I’ve made a pact with myself that I’m going to forget the going ons of last season (the fact that the Sabres didn’t make the playoffs for the second year in a row) and focus on the future. As of this moment last season never happened and there will never be any doubt that the Sabres will make the playoffs this year. This is not to say of course that I won’t lament the fact that we’ve lost Sissy and all his caveman tendencies, because believe me I do and that I won’t believe we’re a lesser team without him because I do.

Is it wrong that I want to replace Darcy for like a day and jump in my time machine to the day he decided he didn’t want to sign any of my baby Sabre favorites? Because now I no longer have Marek or Dylan and that kills me but I still have Noodles who I was lucky enough to see at Sabres Development Camp last week and of course there were copious amounts of drooling when I did.

I also got my Paul jersey back with his very large P and G and a small 28 on the number 2 on the back just were I always get my jerseys signed. I wrote a thank you note to the women who helped get it signed which they then showed to him when they were at dinner with him which I will forever be eternally embarrassed about. But hey at least I got it signed and I didn’t have to wait in any ridiculously long lines at an autograph signing.

I also bought a Patrick Sharp jersey for myself two weeks ago which the lovely Clare is taking to the Blackhawks Convention to have (hopefully) signed for me by my favorite Permanent Marker.

I’m starting work on compiling pictures for my hockey wall. I’ve got about 6 that I’m definitely putting up and now I’m starting to sift through some of the other pictures I have narrowing it down to about 14 more. I finished my Sabres cross stitch which I gave to my mother for her birthday and she now has at her desk at work. I may even start selling them because people my mom works with have shown interest and hey it could be the start of a side business…

sabres cross stitch 


Wow I sound like I have ADD with this post my thoughts seem to be everywhere, but hey at least I’m back in business blogging which will be more regular I promise…on Paul Gaustad as my husband and witness.


Spacek is gone:( I’m really sad. Max is gone:( I’m crying uncontrollably.

================================================================== This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

That is going to be my motto for the summer.  Well, maybe once Labor day is here, you can wake me up.  I like September, because September means TRAINING CAMP!  And we all know how much fun I have at the players’ expense during Camp.

But in all seriousness, YAY PITTSBURGH!!!

We all know that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Penguins before, but (and I swear, I’m not a bandwagon fan) they have continued to impress me.  And then, since I was down in Pittsburgh on two different occasions during the playoffs, watching two games from the Pens/Caps series, and then Game 4 of the Finals, I think it is safe to say that I’ve become a fan.

And it shows.

One, I made myself a Max Talbot shirt.  I’ve worn it during four different games, and the Pens won them all.  I had to wear it to work on Friday because I didn’t want it to be the shirt’s fault if the Red Wings had won.  Thankfully my Pitt BF came through for me in a very big way.  Because I might just get written up for not wearing something that falls within the scope of our dress code.

Two, I bought a Kris Letang shirt when I was down there with Clare in April.

Three, I made this sign:


I love this sign.  It’s currently taking up residence in the trunk of my car.  That is because I know my mother would frown upon it, and she was home when I got home from Pittsburgh, but whatever…  It ripped and got crunched anyways.  BUT IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS, AND I WAS RIGHT FOR ONCE!!

Four, I was positively GIDDY when they won.

But really, let’s talk about the Sabres for a second here.

If I was *that* happy when the Pens won, think, just for a second, how happy I’d have been if my BACKUP team–the Blackhawks, had won.  THEN ponder, just for a moment, what will happen to me if the SABRES *gasp* win the Cup!  (Notice what I did there?  I said will and WHEN!!!)

Yeah, I’d pretty much die.

In all actuality though, whoever schedules the Sabres events hates me, apparently.  That is evident in the fact that I have to work when Derek is at the baseball game AND during the draft party.  So naturally, I’m scrambling to find someone to work for me on one or both of those days.  I would totally call in for one, but I just called in so that I could spend more time in Pittsburgh, so that isn’t an option anymore.

Whatevs.  I’m confident that one of my coworkers loves me.

I’ve got some awesome stuff coming down the pipe for my little baby of a blog here, but none of it has even begun to take shape yet.  And I’ll probably be posting random stuff every now and then, because I tend to get pretty bored and punchy during the summer.  So just keep your eyes out.  And if you hear of any Sabres appearances, let me know please!!  🙂

Could it be? Am I really blogging? Somebody pinch me because this can’t be real. Well never fear my darling hockey fellows, you aren’t dreaming, I’m really posting. However, considering that my second favorite hockey team was eliminated from Stanley Cup contention last night I’m in no mood to talk hockey. So now you may be asking yourself what is the point of this post? Funny you should ask…now that hockey is basically over for me (and in case you were wondering, I’m rooting for Pittsburgh) I have to find something else to obsess over. So I made this handy dandy little list of things:

1. Plotting word domination. (Too easy)

2. Figuring out a way that the Sabres can win the Stanley Cup next year. (HAHAHA….oh sorry…I mean um, well, yeah, I’m not even attempting this one)

3. Finishing some scrapbooking I’ve been meaning to do for the last year. (Definitely doable).

4. Figuring out some way to get Sharpie and Paul in the same room so they can duke it out over my heart. (This could be problematic)

5. Getting Paul to finally admit that he can’t live without me. (Enough said)

I think #3 and #5 are completely plausible and I shall strive to complete them before school begins in August. Wish me luck:)

Sorry I’ve been gone so long, my friends.  Finals at school, state inspection at work, friends with crises, a little trip down to Pittsburgh to watch the Papermate Series with some lovely, lovely, ladies, and a little bit of rest lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.

As far as the title goes, my summer vacation really has just begun.  Technically today is the last day of the semester, but I’ve been done since Thursday.  But I say that it’s ended, because I’m really devoting myself to the Sabres cause this summer.  I’ve got research to conduct, detective work to do, and obviously, I’m reporting back to you.  In some capacity, at least.

And the wheels are already in motion.

One project I (and others) am working on involves the Sabres Show.  It’s no secret that I don’t care for Maria Genero, and I hear in the Buffalo grapevine that she’s taking a position with a local news station doing the weather?  Does this mean Kevin needs a new side-kick?  How about little ol’ sassy me?  I’M HOLDING A “WILL WORK FOR FREE” SIGN, PEOPLE!!!  I’m out for her job.  I’ll do (almost) anything.  But really, what are the chances of the Sabres hiring a 20-year-old nursing student who hasn’t a clue about anything to do with television production or PR or anything to interview their players?  Oh, wait.  There isn’t one.  And I’m rambling, so I’ll get to this point.  If there’s something you’ve wanted to see on the Sabres show, or something you disliked about it, drop me an email.  You won’t regret it.  I promise.

Okay, I walked away from my computer about 15 minutes ago, and I cannot remember what I was writing.

I love when I do this to myself.

I might be back later with comments about the Pens/Canes game.  I think it’s obvious that I’m pulling for the Pens, if only just because I’m still bitter that the Butter Snaps beat us back in 2006.  Yes, I hold grudges.  Get over it.

And for all of my lovely insight on the Blackhawks and my dear Kristopher, you know where to find that.  (And I am not at all pleased with the Detroit Red Wings.  Dan Cleary is the devil.  He can go hide in a cave now for all I care.)


Guys, I’ve been waiting so long to write the HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK ROY post, you have no idea!!

(Insert Blingee that won’t insert.  Sad face.)

We all know Derek is a little flashy, and (probably) pretty high maintenance, so I decided to throw him a nice birthday party, complete with his friends,
some party crashers, or as I like to call them, “interlopers,”
some chicks,
and then we’ll get a little tipsy,
but it’s Derek’s birthday, and he can cry if he wants to.
Because all he really wanted was his birthday cake.
And that’s probably why Derek ends up in Cabo looking like this.
Aw hell, if it means I get more ammo to make fun of him with, I’m all over that shit.
Happy 26th Birthday, Love!!
(PS:  I am in dire need of writing a real post, but I don’t have the time this week.  I have so many tests, quizzes, and a paper to take care of, and then Kim and I are going to Pittsburgh for the weekend with Clare and a few other lovely lady bloggers from all over the place for a birthday weekend, and we’ll be sitting outside of the Igloo watching the Pens and Caps.  Should be so much fun!  But probably Monday or Tuesday, look for a post from me, unless something fabulous happens between now and then.  I’m so, so sorry that I don’t blog too often anymore, but if you miss me (and I’m sure you do), follow my Twitter because I talk about hockey on there A LOT, amidst making fun of Derek, squeeing about Kristopher, and random complaints about life in general.  Just, if you’re going to follow me, send me a Direct Message or something so I know not to block you, because I really hate all sorts of random people who find me by searching something I wrote about, and then I block them, and I’d hate to do that to you.  Okay, good luck with exams to those of you who have them, and if you don’t, good luck with whatever you’ve got going on.  Back back (sort of) soon!)
(PPS:  Oh, and in the meantime, Go Team Canada, Go Team USA, and most important of all, Go Blackhawks!)

When I got home today I was excited to see that the Masterton Trophy nominees had been announced because I thought for sure that I would see Teppo’s name among them. But what did I see? HUH? You really want to know? THIS, THIS IS WHAT I SAW.

Chelios, Sullivan, Zednik named Masterton Trophy finalists

I’m sorry WHAT!?!?!?!

Chris Chelios? Re-he-heally?

Dear Hockey Gods,

Do you hate Buffalo that much?



Because I’m pretty sure that fracturing your tibia (the larger bone in the lower leg) is nowhere equal to having your chest cracked open and having your still beating heart poked and prodded by a lot of sharp instruments.  

I know Chelio is 47 and yeah it’s great that he’s still playing all the power to the old guys but seriously shouldn’t he be using his hockey stick as a cane by now? He played 28 games this year and didn’t register a point but APPARENTLY he played a big role behind the scenes which was obviously enough to warrant his nomination for an award that is given to the player “who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey”. Just because the guy is old doesn’t mean that he deserves to be recognized for it. Let me know when I can come at his beating heart with a scalpel I’ll be first in line.

The other finalists were Steven Sullivan who suffered a back injury in 2007 and had two back surgeries to correct the problem. He is one of three players to have played for a team, missed 600 consecutive days and return to the same team. The other is Richard Zednik who’s life was almost tragically cut short here in Buffalo when his former teammate Olli Jokinen’s skate hit him in the throat, severing his carotid artery. (Scariest moment of my life right there)

It’s not like I expected Teppo to win being up against the guy who had his throat cut open and almost bleed to death on the ice and another who broke his back and after almost two years returned to active duty. But Teppo deserves every ounce of respect that he gets from his teammates, the coaches and his fans. He could have hung up his skates after last season and no one would have blamed him. But he chose to come back for the last game of the season to prove that he still had what it takes to be a player in the National Hockey League.

I’m predicting, to no ones surprise, that Richard Zednik will walk away with the trophy and if he doesn’t it’s a great disservice to him and to the doctors and medical staff that made it possible for him to even play again.

Capitals vs. Rangers- Game 7 of the series commences tonight and it’s hard to say who will be the victor. If Washington can get its offense going early tonight they should have no problem solving King Henrik and the Ranger’s defense. However, if the Washington offense starts to languish and get comfortable it won’t take long for the Ranger’s offense to start buzzing like a hive of angry bees. It should all come down to who wants it more and for my sake I hope that team is Washington. I couldn’t stand to see Drury hoist that cup over his head if god forbid the Rangers should go all the way. (Yes I am still bitter about Drury leaving and no I will not get over it.)

Devils vs. Hurricanes-The Hurricanes have forced game 7 and to tell you the truth I haven’t really watched much of this series because I despise both of these teams equally. I do have to say that I somehow hate the Devils less than the Hurricanes, maybe it all goes back to the 2006 playoffs when they beat us in the Conference. Plus I don’t think that I could stand watching Beak Nose Brind’Amour hoist the cup AGAIN. I predict that the Devils will win, god willing.

It looks like it’s going to pour outside at any moment and there is nothing I like more than a good thunderstorm.

I get to register for classes tonight which means that because I don’t have high speed internet at my house that I will be watching the games over at Cari’s waiting until midnight to roll around so that I can get all the classes that I need. My schedule this year sucks because I go everyday and have a class that is 6 hours twice a week. It also means that unless I have a day off there is little chance that I’ll be able to go to any open practices this year which I find to be vastly unfortunate.

I have good news though in July Clare and I and whoever else wants to join us are going to be going to the Blackhawks convention in Chicago for a weekend. It’s bound to be a good time and if there’s even a chance that you want to go please email Clare or me and let us know. And seeing as how I’ve never been to Chicago before and I love exploring new cities it’ll be a doubly fun trip.

Okay, so this will be brief, because I actually meant to click on “New Post for Verbeauty…” but since I’m here, I’ll give you all a little update on how my favorite chunky, emotional eater is doing in Switzerland.

Actually, I can sum it up in one word.  Well, phrase.

He’s still a point-per-game player.

Through one game, in which Team Canada trounced Belarus 6-1, chalked up two goals for Dany Heatley and Steven Stomkos each, while Derek only notched an assist.  He was a plus-2, though, so I guess that’s alright.

But, then again, there’s plenty more hockey to be played, and (since I don’t think the US team has a chance with their current lineup even though they boast Drew Stafford, Jack Johnson, JM Liles, and Patrick O’Sullivan,) I’m going to cheer for the land of my forefathers and wish I were Canadian.

But I look at it this way (and here comes the crazy in me again):  If I marry Derek or Kris, our children would have instant dual citizenship.

So Go Team Canada!

Also, it’s really, really gorgeous outside.  I love it.  Too bad I woke up less than an hour ago and have to be at work at 3:30.  Boooooo.


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