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I figure doing this is the only way I’m going to pay an inkling of true attention to the ASG. Plus, there’s really nothing else on TV, and if I don’t do this, I’ll probably fall asleep due to the Sudafed and Excedrin running through my veins.

Honestly, though, why am I bothering? We all know it’s going to be ridiculously high scoring, with not excitement because there won’t be any hits, and I’m 99.999% sure there won’t be any penalties. What does that spell? Boring.

All I can hope is that maybe someone will do something funny. (I’m hoping he does, Frostee. For your sake and mine.)

Here goes. (All I reallt want is Vanek to do well, by the way.)


– Acrobats? Really? And one playing the violin? Okay, that’s sick. But… What does it have to do with hockey?

– I just love the cheers for Lecavalier. I love him playing for Tampa, because that means I can see him play for virtually nothing when I go visit my grandmother, but it would be awesome to see him play for a great team like Montreal.

– On a side note, I’m super stoked that my migraine decided to go away.

– Another side note: I think the NHL needs to copy the AHL in a way when it comes to the skills competition. I think it’s cool that the teams go up against each other, and that the players still get rewarded individually.

First Period

– MARC SAVARD IS MIC’ED UP AGAIN!! WOOHOO!! Listening to the Versus idiots is totally worth it if one or more of the guys are commentating.

1-0 West. Keith Tkachuk. I still refuse to like him since he hurt Connolly. No, I don’t hold grudges or anything. I’m not your stereotypical redhead. Nope. Not me.

– Savvy just described himself as “stiff.” Hmmmm. How about we keep it PG, okay Marc? Can you handle that?

– Just a thought: How many people think that Derek Roy could have been voted in had he rushed out of the gates, playing like he is now back in October? I’d love to see him on a line with some of these guys…

– Okay, I just have to put this out there, but I hate, hate, HATE that the Montreal fans do the “Ole” chant. THE OLE CHANT IS FOR SOCCER/FOOTBALL, depending on where you are from. NOT HOCKEY. And yes, I’ll admit, I did it at the Bandits’ game last week, but that’s different.

1-1. Yeah, Alex!! I love a good give-and-go.

– I always feel bad for the goalies in the ASG. Yeah, it’s cool that they got in and all, but damn are they going to get chased. That’s why I was so proud of Miller last year, when he allowed only 3 of the East’s 12 goals against.

2-1 East. Eric Staal puts the East ahead on a nifty little play with some neat passing.

– Is it wrong of me to cheer for the West?? I mean, they’ve got Campbell, Kane, and Toews. I adore them.

– Is Eddie Olchek going to get suspended from Versus because he’s “a little banged up” and skipping the ASG? I still think it’s ridiculous that the NHL is benching Lidstrom and Datsyuk because they’ve opted not to play.

– During any other game, I would absolutely despise the on-the-bench interviews, but during the ASG? Anything goes, I suppose.

– Okay, I really, really wish the Sabres could mic guys up during games regularly. It’s pretty awesome. I used to go to Amerks games a lot and sit right behind the bench. Let me tell ya, I’ve never heard words strung together like that before… Quite the experience!

– A 4-on-1. You’ll never, ever see that in a true NHL game, because as Savvy said, the coach “would hang us all.”

3-1 East Alex Kovalev with a beautiful fake on a breakaway. And, of course, a wonderful reception from the Montreal fans.

– I have to say, this weekend has kinda won me over for Malkin. Seeing his performance in the accuracy competition last night and the little move he just pulled… I kinda like his style. Kudos to you, man, and I apologize for the trash-talking I’ve done in your direction.

– Honda is the official vehicle of the NHL?? WHAT? Since when? I do want a Civic Hybrid, though, but only if they’d come in coupes…

– They’re interviewing Sidney. As much as I don’t like him, he should be playing, and it is unfortunate that he’s hurt, because he is a truly gifted player.

– To be honest, I find it pretty difficult to get into

4-1 East. Savvy gets an assist on Markov’s goal!! As does Ovie. Nice little set up, too. I wish the Sabres’ passes could be that quick and crisp.

4-2 East. Marleau cuts the deficit in half right before the intermission.

– NO!! SAVVY, YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME!! WTF is this shit? Seriously, though, if Versus doesn’t have someone else mic’ed up in the second, I’m switching over to CBC. The Canadians call hockey INFINITELY better than Americans. Exhibit A: Rick Jeanneret.

First Intermission

– I love how all the guys are running around and getting each other’s autographs. So cute.

– NELSON MANDELLA!! Oh, he takes me back to global studies, sophomore year in high school with Mrs. Reidell (Anne, you know who I’m talking about, right??). We had to sing “Free Nelson Mandella.” Oh, good times. You had to be there, I guess.

– Aw, Mrs. Kennedy is too cute, too. idk, maybe it’s just the nursing home employee in me, but I love it when the old ladies rock the animal prints and velour sweat suits.

– Well, it’s obvious that the Staal boys take after their mother, blonde hair and pale skin. Whatever. At least Eric and Jordan are good-looking.

– Ovie says he’ll hit someone if he gets the chance. Um, yeah, probably not the smartest thing to do in the ASG.

Second Period

– Martin St. Louis is mic’ed up. =] He’s very quiet, though…

– He says he’s impressed by Zach Parise’s play. I’m impressed that Drew Stafford has such good-looking friends.

5-2 East. Good thing Marty said “gotta go boys,” because he scored on a yummy backhand. Did I really just describe a goal as “yummy?”

6-2 East. I think Vs should keep St. Louis mic’ed up if it means that Parise is going to keep notching the points.

6-3 East Nice, quick release from Souray again cuts the West’s deficit in half.

– Random thought: I stand by the notion that soup is the best thing to eat while one is sick. Delicious.

– I just now noticed Vanek on the ice for the first time. Some fan I am, eh?

6-4 East. Shane Doan beautifully sets up Dan Boyle. And I should mention that Brian Campbell assisted on that.

– Seriously? Who gets their nose broken five times, and then their jaw broken? Talk about a tough guy…

– I love these drinkability Bud Light commercials… =]

7-4 East. Like I said, Malkin really is winning me over. “The Malkin Special…” Haha.

– Cary Price was just on the phone with his mama. Adorable.

7-5 East. Rick Nash goes top shelf. I must say, thus far, this is one of the closest ASG’s I can remember.

7-6 East. Hejduk puts it up high, as well, the pull the West within one. Another thing of beauty. That’s what I love about this game; you get to see all of these ridiculously incredible goals that you’d never see elsewhere.

7-7. Souray ties it up. Again, the passing tonight is continually blowing my mind. It’s perfection, just like Mike Ryan’s eyebrows, right MJ??

– Random thought: I’m writing a ton more on this liveblog than I’ve ever written on a Sabres liveblog. There’s something wrong with that, right?

– One of the commentators just said that Montreal’s fans are in a bad mood all summer if the Canadiens miss the playoffs. Um, excuse me, but isn’t any truly dedicated hockey fan upset if their team misses the playoffs? I mean, I for one am absolutely miserable whenever someone mentions the Sabres in the off-season even if we do make the playoffs. Then again, that’s just me, little ol’ maniacal me.

8-7 East. Beautifully executed breakaway by Kovalev, beginning on his end of the neutral zone. You don’t see that every day. Absolutely incredible.

– Kovalev missed the perfect opportunity for a hat trick by cranking one off the post. Oh well. Not that he won’t have many more chances, or anything.

– I love the Sports Soup commercials. What’s more is my adoration of Sports Soup itself. I never thought I’d have that sort of appreciation for a show other than Talk Soup or Late Night with Conan O’Brien. (I told you I have a thing for redheads. Don’t judge me. Don’t you dare.)

– I think we need to get Vanek some new linemates. He needs to put some points up.

8-8. I told you that this was the closest ASG I can remember. The proof is in the pudding, my friends.

– Tommy tried a nice little move, attempting to go “right through the kitchen, there.” Um, what? Yeah, I don’t know either. I’m still proud of him for his performance last night.

– Patty K got robbed. (Wow, I feel like I’m talking about Kaleta. That makes me sad. I want him back.)

– St. Louis couldn’t wait to get that earpiece out, I guess, seeing as he was struggling to get free of it before the Vs guys even bid their adieus.

Second Intermission

– Aw, Tim Thomas is a mama’s boy!! You can’t hold that against him, though, as his mother is a cancer survivor.

– They suggested that Luongo wear body armor. Yeah.

Third Period

9-8 West. Shane Doan is feeding off of the fun he had last night.

9-9. Heatley ties it up. Another thing of beauty with a guy camped out at the top of the crease. Not something I’ll get used to.

– Seriously? Who schedules hockey games on Super Bowl Sunday? Are you stupid? Even if it is a matinee game… Sheesh.

10-9 West. YAYYY BOYTOY TOEWS!! That’s what I’ve been waiting for!

– Haha, the fans are chanting “Thomas.” The goalie chant gets old, though, because it usually backfires, unless you’re chanting “Miller,” at which point, who the hell knows what will happen?

– I have to admit, the commercial with Ovie, Chara, and Savvy was very cute.

– Aww, PKane. So modest. Typical Buffalonian.

– Uhm, Joe Thornton so obviously does not know how to discreetly look at the Teleprompter. Shame.

10-10. Marty St. Louis ties it up, finally getting one past Roberto, for his second of the night.

– Shots are 46-41, with the West leading. That’s incredible, if you forget how many goals have been scored.

– I’m a tad bit disappointed that no player is mic’ed up this period, but I’m too lazy to get up, get the controller, and change the channel.

– Ovie has to be kidding me. You can’t seriously be looking for a penalty in the ASG. Come on now, boy.

11-10 West. PKANE!! Yeah boy! Way to get it done. So all three of the ChiTown boys have gotten on the board in at least one column; now I’m just waiting on Vanek to get some.

11-11. Wow. This game isn’t back and forth at all, or anything. JBo! Can we get him? Please? Just make a nice little package of Max, some other dead weight, a draft pick, and a bag of pucks and tape, and I think that should suffice, don’t you?

– How awesome would it be if this game went to a shootout like the ASG did a few years ago?


– Interesting factoid: The ASG in Buffalo back in ’78 was the first to go to OT, and Gil Perreault ended it.

– This is probably one of the most intense extra five minutes I’ve ever watched. Amazing saves. Unbelievable.

– Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!! Why would you call a penalty now? The first penalty in the All-Star Game since 2000, and you’re going to call it in overtime? Get outta here. West PP.

– Beautiful PK by the East. Textbook play, and it couldn’t be better.


– First of all, did I call it, or what??

– Isn’t it fitting to put Shane Doan in the shootout? Taking notes Wayne?

– Oh, there’s the garden gnome. (AKA Gary Bettman.)

– Round 1: Lecavalier? Unsuccessful. Doan? Saved.

– Round 2: Kovalev? Scores! Nash? Missed. 1-0 East.

– Round 3: Ovechkin? It’s good! 2-0 East.

Final: 12-11 East.

Not too shabby!! A bit lot too high-scoring for me, but whatever. It was entertaining… Kind of.

I just wish Vanek had put up some points, and hadn’t finished in a tie for the worst +/- in the game (-3) along with linemates

And Bettman is getting booed. I love it.

Kovalev gets the MVP. Deserved, seeing as he had 2 goals and an assist, as well as the game winner in the shootout.

Well, I assume I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with something interesting. If not, I’ll definitely post Tuesday afternoon after school. No more early morning posts for me. At least, not on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, seeing as I have to be at school for an 8 am class. Yuck.

Time for Sports Soup. xoxo.

So I’m assuming that you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for my next update. At that point though, you’d be dead, seeing as you wouldn’t have breathed for a week now. So, short of death, I’m positive that each and every one of you have been worried sick that I got in a car accident, I possibly got clobbered over the head with a cane at the nursing home, maybe I got a look inside of Derek Roy’s closet and passed out, or maybe I encountered Tim Connolly on Chippewa (enough said).

Well, my friends, my life is not always that exciting, and as much as it saddens me to say this, none of that happened, and I know you all have lives, so you weren’t really worried. It doesn’t hurt that I talked to at least a few of you on Facebook or through texts or emails.

But really, I had probably the shittiest week known to man. Not only did school start, but I think I’m going to resort to rearranging my ethics professor’s teacher’s face with my fist. I cannot stand the woman. Not only that, but there was a death in my family, which was extremely shocking, and now I’m sick, and there was whole bunch of other crap, but I can’t even think of it right now because the Sudafed is going to my head, which feels like it weighs about 25 pounds right now.


I have to say, I’m in love with the photographers from this weekend. A while back, when the Sabres started taking those ultrasexy black and white pictures of the guys and throwing them up all over the arena, I was in love. But, at the same time, I was thinking, “Ummmm, no. These guys are not the most photogenic (coughTimConnnollycoughBrianCampbellcough), so why am I gushing over these pictures?”

But I’ve taken it all back, because they’re really cool. They’re artsy and they show the guys a little bit differently. I still like going by Connolly’s because you can see his terribly receeding hairline, and Kaleta’s because his face is mangled. Oh, and Mair’s and Lydman’s are pretty good, too, because the shadows allow you to see all of their scars. They’re actually pretty neat.

So you can imagine my glee when I saw all of the ridiculous pictures they were taking this weekend.

Like this one:

But then you get true winners like these ones:

But I’m sorry, because Vinny takes the cake for the best looking boy of the night:


So the SuperSkills Competition was pretty entertaining. I can’t stand Versus, so I watched on CBC. I figured some of the guys were mic’ed up when I saw the CIA-esque wires sticking out of their jerseys, but I didn’t equate them with the Versus broadcast, so I missed out on that fun. Oh well. I was pretty amused by Ovie’s antics with the sunglasses, and I just love his use of my ancestor’s flag in his hat. Adorable. And I totally called Vanek using the Around The World. I didn’t know he’d use it twice though. Cool deal.

I’m still undecided if I really will give the All*Star game my full attention this evening. I might. Really. As much as I am disgusted with the whole voting process and all, it could be entertaining. But if it starts to look anything like the YoungStars game was last night, I’ll leave it on, but I’m moving on to the endless hours of psychology reading I have. Not that that is any more fun or anything. I just want Vanek to do well.

What’s more, though, is my excitement that next week’s games actually will be televised after all. When it was made known to me that no one in WNY could watch it at all, I was almost tempted to get into my car and drive somewhere–anywhere–that didn’t have an ip address that I do, just so I could watch it. But I’m glad I don’t have to do that, because it saves me a bunch of money, and a whole lot of sleep.

Seriously, though, I hate west coast trips. The guys never seem to have their feet under them during the first couple games, so it’ll be interesting to see how they do. I think it would have been beneficial to get them out there a day or two early, but that can’t happen because of the break. They should be quite rested, although that doesn’t always seem to help, either. Vanek, in my opinion, is the only guy with an excuse to not play well.

Well, maybe he and Marc-Andre Gragnani. Yes, we called him up last night. Last time he put on the blue and gold, he skated with the forwards. This time, he’s filling in for Henrik Tallinder, who injured his shoulder and is out indefinitely. Cool. Should be interesting, to say the least.

Even though I was one of those ones, complaining that we had too many defensemen up here a couple weeks ago, I knew something like this would happen. I really think Regier needs to make some sort of move to get an established d-man here, because we can’t afford to throw our prospects in the lineup, especially with this roadtrip. Chris Butler has been exceptional thus far, and we’ve received much more than we could have imagined from him. But that’s not going to hold true to everyone, so I’m just praying that Gragnani can at least keep it simple and not screw things up. The Sabres can’t afford to do poorly on this trip because Carolina is only two points behind us; Pittsburgh and Florida only three behind.

These next four games will be vital to kicking off the playoff push. I just hope we can pull at least 5, but more ideally at least 6 points, out of this trip.

Thomas Vanek is as hot as a pancake (to steal a Harry Neale comparison) not only is he tied for first in goals with Jeff Carter and Alex Ovechkin (who has unsurprisingly caught up in goals scored) he’s been named to the Eastern Conference All-Star team.

For me the actual All-Star game is boring because we all know it’s going to be a high scoring game with very few penalties, very few hits and no fights (not that I can remember at least). Now that’s not to say that I’m not going to watch it because I will but I’d much rather watch the skills competition which I believe to be the most exciting part of the All-Star break.

Now as Cari said in a previous post we are trying to make this blog less puck bunny and more intelligent hockey discussion which means that I have to curb those puck bunny tendencies that seem to want to surface every time Paul’s name is mention. They include giggling, swooning and making keening noises when someone mentions his name or when he’s on the ice during a game. I lead a sad and pathetic life, don’t judge me. Now just because we’re saying that we’re going to try and make this blog not so puck bunnyish doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be puck bunnyish some of the time because we’re girls with hormones and lots of ’em.

Back to intelligent hockey, now I don’t know if any of you have heard about the live chat that the Buffalo News hosts Thursday mornings but if you haven’t it’s basically a question and answer session when fans send in their questions and Bucky Gleason answers them. One question in particular caught my eye someone asked what was up with Pat K. considering they said he would be out for three weeks after being put in a hard brace for his neck injury and it’s already been two weeks with no word as to a date for a return. Bucky said in response that it’s a ligament in Pat’s neck that has been giving him trouble since being suckerpunched by Denis Gauthier. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Sabres haven’t actually come out and said what’s wrong with Kaleta’s neck so at least now we know it’s not a concussion or something really serious like a cracked vertebrae. The live chat is still up on Buffalo under Sabres Edge for anyone who is interested.

A. Blue Jackets at Sabres

Soooo excited about this game. Probably, mostly, because Staffy and Patty K will be back in the lineup, I think, at least. They should be, anyways. Timmykins can sit this one out; we’ll need him more tomorrow. Max will probably sit, as well, because Lindy was no more happy with him than I was with Derek yesterday morning.

And I’m thinking Patty L will get the nod tonight??? That’s just my guess, because I’d rather have Miller in against Pitt.

Needless to say, since I’m going to be at the becking call of the elderly this evening, they’ll be in bed by 7 pm, except for the ones who know anything; they can stay up later and wait for intermission. I’m so nice. They love me though. Especially Mrs. Miller. I really wish she were related…

Oh, and did anyone else see that, since Columbus became a team, we’ve played them 8 times, and have only won twice?! That’s a bit upsetting, since Columbus is probably the next stop on mine and Kim’s Sabres Roadtripping Excursions. Although, that’s going to be next year, so we can bring a whole bunch more people with us, along with Boston, Round Two (btw, the invitation to join us on that one is still open, and always will be).

B. Catwalk For Charity III

Okay, some background information is needed before I address B. But anyways, my friend Michelle, who is six years my senior, but grew up next door to me, so basically she’s the closest thing I have to an older sister, is getting married in June. She and her fiance moved to Phoenix last summer, and last time my girl was up to Buffalo for a visit, we grabbed our usual lunch at Duff’s. She mentioned the date for her bachelorette party. Problem is, as you know, I’m not quite 20 yet, so a party with a minimum age of 21 wouldn’t quite work for me. So, in a couple weeks, when I head up to Toronto for a friend’s birthday party, you might have an idea of what I might be picking up while I’m there.

That being said, the date for THE THIRD CATWALK FOR CHARITY HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009
MARK IT DOWN, LADIES. (Thank you, Jill!)

Because you know that if I can find someone willing to go and fork over the money (coughcoughNOTkim), you know I’m there. I think it’d be fun to make a blogess-es night out of it, don’t you???

Because we all know that I want to see this:

And you want to see this:

But, who’s that bald guy in the middle?? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him before…

C. Voting


What the HELL is going on with this voting process? I honestly believe that it’s stacked.



It’s a conspiracy. Really.

The Sabres, you ask? Where are they currently? Well… Derek and Tommy aren’t on the visible horizon, and I can barely see Tepp in the distance; he’s currently in 9th place with 12,119 votes. Ryan is faring slightly better; he’s in 5th with 13,708.


Alright. I’m done. I’m working all night (literally, all night), so I won’t be posting until tomorrow afternoon, or maybe right before the game, continuing throughout. I haven’t decided. We’ll see how long I stay in bed, since I won’t be getting home until 7:30 tomorrow morning. Yuck. Why do I do this to myself? Oh, yeah… So I can afford more Sabres tickets. It’s a win/lose situation, but I’ll take it.

Enjoy the game, and your Friday night, kiddos. Don’t do anything I would do, and Go Sabres!!

Okay, so I’m totally excited about the win last night.  Like, completely.  But I’ll talk about that later since it’s Cari + Derek = Fate time.  And since I couldn’t really get over the shock that my question was picked last week, and being exhausted from exploring Boston, I didn’t really have the time to post about it last week in detail, but this week I do!!  That is, if I don’t cram some more for my anatomy exam…

OH, BUT WAIT:  HE’S OVERSLEPT.  Story of my life.  (Derek, get your ass out of bed and call Kiss 98.5 right now…  Nick and Janet are contemplating calling “Derek’s best friend” Kyle to wake him up…  HAHAHAHAHAHA Kyle.)
And lovelies?  I apologize for how ADD-ish this post is…  I’m half paying attention to what I’m writing, and half concentrating on the radio to see hear Derek…  Because what would a post of mine on Thursday be without the Derek Roy Report?  Just another post.  And frankly, I think my Thursday posts are absolutely ridiculous, and I love being absolutely ridiculous.
Alright, so maybe I will discuss the game for a bit…
WTF was up with that game, though, honestly?  ADAM SCORES, TIMMMAAY SCORES, AND HANK SCORES??!!  AND PETEY FIGHTS…  TWICE IN 12:01?????
Um, can this happen every night?  But switch up the scorers every once in a while so Derek and the rest have a job in blue and gold come September 2009?  Adam’s seemed to excel this year, a little bit.  He’s now got 4 points (3-1) in 15 games, when his career highs were in 2003-04, with 6-14 for 20 points.  Yeah, I think he’ll have no problem hitting those marks if the team keeps in up.  And Timmy???  6 points in 5 games?  Okay.  Just, stay out of Keith Tkachuk’s way, alright??  AND HANK!!!  ily…  I really do.  You’re just too cute with your little celebratory shimmy and your gigantic grin while you really punched every guy on the bench, and then this:
“That’s the first time I ever got the first star, I just have to enjoy it right now.”

And Petey?  You’re equally as adorable because of this:
“If we’re going by points it’s not fair because I’m never going to get [a pigeon].”

Well now you’ve got one.  =]
Moving on.  Really, though, I told my dad when it was 3-0 that I’d be okay with St. Louis scoring IF AND ONLY IF it were Jay McKee that buried the biscuit.  But when Perron scored, I actually yelled at the TV, saying, “You’re not Jay!  I didn’t say you could fuck with Miller’s goals against!!”  Ohhh, what fun.
OOOH let’s talk about Timmy for a bit.  Did anyone else feel like saying “KEITH TKACHUK JUST DESTROYED TIM CONNOLLY????”  I thought it warranted it, at least.  If Tim had been hit like that last year, I honestly believe in my heart that he would have been on the ice for a good 10 minutes, motionless.  BUT THIS JUST PROVES THAT THE REAL TIM CONNOLLY IS NOT PLAYING THIS YEAR.  Because there is no way in hell that Tim bounced up off the ice like that and kept playing.  And the coaches realized they effed up because he left the game not much longer than that.  NOTICE IT???  Yes you did.  DON’T LIE.  You’re only fooling yourself.  Jill knows my theory that Marek Zagrapan is filling in for TC, but I’m not so sure about that anymore, because Marek is pretty much adorable in person, and Tim is kinda repulsive, actually…  I’m not too sure who’s filling in for him anymore…
And now Derek is 15 minutes late.  I don’t think he’s going to be calling Janet and Nick, but I don’t want to leave my radio in case he does…  I’m pretty much disappointed in him, kinda like someone would be upset if their boyfriend didn’t pick her up for their date, and they only get to go out once a week.  OH, WAIT, because I feel like the Derek Roy Report is like my weekly date with Derek.  Yeah, I know, I’m delusional, but I live with it alright, so I guess you can too.
During the game I kept voting for the All-Star game, which took forever.  There’s too much traffic on too low of a bandwidth for that to go smoothly.  A webpage that would take about a second to load on my computer took 5 mintues.  So then I discovered the text message voting.  All you have to do is send the player’s last name to 81812.  Standard rates apply.  AND I HAVE UNLIMITED, so you know that I’m going to be voting allllll day long.  I believe you get a confirmation text after every 10 votes.  (But if you send “Roy,” you get a response that says “2 or more players match that name.  Reply 1 for Andre Roy, 2 for Derek Roy.”  Well, duh, who do you think I want??  Stupid phone.)  But I got really annoyed when Derek cranked one off the post last night because I had just hit vote on my ballot.  I really said this, too:  “Derek, you idiot, I spend all night voting for you and that’s what you give me?!?!?!”
Derek’s turning out to be a terrible Sabres Boyfriend…  Kyle aside.
And I really think that maybe he’s not going to be on the radio today.  Kinda upsetting because I set my alarm for 7:30 to ensure that I was going to have an acceptable attention span.  So I got up early for nothing.  THANKS, DEREK.  THANKS A LOT.
Well, he’s now 45 minutes late, so I’m giving up.  Stupid Royzie.

This morning, when I woke up, I expected to be able to vote my lovely Sabres into the All-Star Game.


instead of the NHL being normal and putting links or whatever up on, the homepage, to allow people to vote, I had to be all sneaky-like and find the address in old articles. I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THAT THIS MORNING. Well, obviously I made the time, but at the moment it is 8:05 am and I have to leave no later than 8:45, and as Kim nows, it takes me a ridiculously long time to get ready this early in the morning. I move about as slow as molasses.

So since there is no interesting hockey news, go vote your cute little butts off for Derek, Tommy, Teppo, and Ryan!!

Oh, wait, I lied. BRIERE IS HURT AGAIN!!!! Why am I excited, you might ask? Well, I’m only hoping that his injury lasts him about two weeks, because I’m going to the Sabres/Flyers game next Friday, and I am not the biggest Briere fan.

And there’s a slight possibility I might be going to the Blues game tonight. If not, I’ll probably post during intermissions. If so, then I’ll post when I return home. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let Jay McKee play. It’s not right to deprive Buffalo’s fans of him. We still love him. At least Anne and I do.

Oh, and this is just too funny: AHAHHAHHAHHHA Gloria Gaynor is going to be on the Today Show this morning. Oh, how I wish I could stay home from lab to sing hear her sing “I Will Survive.” Only the best karaoke song… EVER!!

So today as I was driving home from school, I got a speeding ticket, granted I was going 67 in a 55 but still come on after the day that I had?? That was the icing on the cake. First off there was no Sabres game tonight , so sadness with that, they are playing tomorrow however and I am going but I’m going through withdrawl seriously, I’m starting to sweat and feel shaky and that’s not just from being scared crapless of the cop that pulled me over. Why may you ask was my day also horrible? I had 3 hours of sleep last night because my knee, old dancing injury, was aching so bad that 800 milligrams of ibuprofen wasn’t dulling the pain. So not only was I tired and cranky this morning I was also in pain, and the lab quiz that I was studying for last night…yeah didn’t get any studying done this morning at school because I kept falling asleep on the couch in the lounge.

Also, HOT BOY ALERT, there’s this guy in my microbiology lab who looks like he could be the younger brother of Paul, so obviously I spend more time staring at him then concentrating on my work. Hence why today I almost lit my arm hair on fire while trying to sterilize a innoculating loop. Then there was that time today when I ran into a waist high garbage can right in the middle of class, knocking it over, luckily it was empty, but nevertheless still embarassing. He caught my eye as I walked sheepishly back to my work station and smiled almost causing me to drop the test tubes that I was holding, because HOLY CRAP that smile. After the teacher left us to our work, gorgeous comes over to me leans in real close and says, “Just letting you know there’s a garbage can there.” Then he laughs of course I swoon, then we start talking about the labs we were doing what I like to affectionately call ‘nerd flirting’ because that’s essentially what it is, flirting while talking about intelligent stuff. This is all my estrogen talking just FYI.

But anyway, the whole reason for this blog is not to talk about my great nonexistant love life. It’s to talk about the Sabres, but the information is sorely lacking because they haven’t played in 3 days, another reason I’m going through withdrawal, no hockey news, no Sabres game, what’s a girl to do…well maybe I should try finishing my research paper, but where’s the fun in that?

Well there is one pretty ray of new Sabres news on about Teppo and the All-Star game and about how the first time he played in it Steve Yzerman and Wayne Gretzky were the top two centers, so pretty much forever and a half ago was the first time he played in the game. But anyway it sounds like the whole team is pushing for him. The article literally makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because Teppo seems like such a good guy, and I personally, everytime I go on the internet, am going to vote for him and Ryan, Derek and Tommy and of course every write-in from the Sabres on the ballot, I hope you will all join me and I will leave you with this my fine blogging friends:

Lydman said of Numminen. “I just want to tell everybody to vote for him and get him into that starting lineup.”

So let’s do it for him, let’s give him the recognition he deserves, voting opens tomorrow and I hope you will all take the opportunity to vote often and hopefully we can get him into the starting lineup.


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