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Sabres 4
Wild 3
So last night, at the end of overtime, I was trying desperately to post my thoughts at the end of my half-hearted attempt to liveblog, but I was thwarted by three things:  (1) My MacBook had about two minutes of battery life left, (2) Blogger was being impossible and wouldn’t provide me with a “Publish Post” button, and (3) I was exhausted, from doing basically nothing all day.  Whatevs.
SO YAY!!!  I just love Drew Stafford, Ryan Miller, Nathan Paetsch, Adam Mair, Thomas Vanek, and Derek Roy!!!!
Okay, so before I get to my little recap/awards for the game, I want to share this ridiculous story with you, just to show your how messed up my actual Sabres-watching life is.
A while back I was decorating the planners that Kim and I bought for this semester.  They’re fairly large in size, and I did the front with song lyrics, stars, and flowers, ya know, made it all girly.  But then I wanted to do the back all Sabres.  So I ripped apart the calendar I bought last season, which, mind you, still counts until December of this year, and cut out Paul and glued him to the back of hers.  Well, that just about ruined the entire calendar, and it all fell apart.  To make this long part of the story short, Derek ended up on the refrigerator.  Tuesday night I was complaining that he hadn’t scored yet, and my mother points to the picture, and says, “Do you know what I’m going to call Derek now?  Dreck.”  So I had to find out what dreck means, and this is what Google reports:
“schlock; merchandise that is shoddy of inferior; trash, junk; worthless merchandise; crap”
Can I just tell you how mad I was at my mother?  (Because, of course, my brother and father just had to overhear, and now Derek will forever be Dreck to them.  These are the guys that, for years, taunted me with Gay Jay McKee.  Not even funny.)  But now whenever the Sabres are playing bad hockey, I call it schlocky hockey.
But then somehow, for some reason, my mother thought it would be funny to turn Derek’s name around, so when he scored in OT last night, she goes, “Cari!  Backstrum just got Yorkered!!”  Hahahahahahahah.  He got yorkered.  That’s special.
My Three Stars would have to be as such:
(1)  Thomas Vanek.
Yet again, Tommy’s a beast.  Coming through in the clutch is what true leaders do (and I’m not going to name names here, but you know exactly to whom I am referring.), and Tommy is definitely our team leader, on the score sheet, at least.  Actually, make that the undisputed league leader.
(2)  Derek Roy.
I have to give him props for scoring the winner.  And while he hasn’t been turning up on the score sheet, he must have been doing something right because he’s playing with Tommy and D-Money.  Plus he’s been putting forth consistent high-energy performances.
(3)  Adam Mair.
Scoring the goal to jump-start our comeback is always a good choice.
Nathan Paetsch.  He stepped up big-time to fill the skates of Craig.  And while he wasn’t perfect, and he didn’t quite hit the mark that Craig probably would, he still had a great game.  He had a couple of offensive opportunities himself, and gave Mair the feed for our second goal.  Keep it up, Nate, and they’ll be hard-pressed to knock you out when Craig returns.
But Ryan, come on, man…  I don’t even have anything to say about that goal you scored, except for that you pulled a Mike Ryan…  At least you’ve got a decent sense of humor.
OOOH and for those of you who’d like to get a glimpse at the Portland Pirates, but aren’t psychotic enough as Kim and I to drive all the way to Maine, check this out.  Can I please just tell you how excited I am???  (That’s channel 13 for those of you in the city of Buffalo and the closer ‘burbs.  I’m not sure as to the digits when you get farther out…)  And don’t let me forget to mention that the Pirates are wearing and auctioning off pink jerseys in tomorrow night’s game, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Aw, thanks guys!!
Oh, and speaking of that, has anyone been to Boston or Portland recently?  Have any ideas as to what Kim and I can do while we’re up there?  I’d appreciate any tips.  (And I think we might make a stop in Mike Ryan’s stomping grounds for MJ and see if he’s there at all, which is totally plausible.)
And before I forget, Dave and Adam’s Card World posted new signing information:
Andrej Sekera  :  Tuesday, November 25, Sheridan location
Thomas Vanek  :  Date and Location TBA, but sometime in December.
I have a feeling that Tommy’s will be at their Transit location, since he lives out that way.
Remember, too, that next week they’re having Rivet (Tuesday) and Pominville (Wednesday).
And if you go to Craig’s signing, bring him some milk and cookies.  I wanted to bake cookies for Paul and leave them on his doorstep, but Kim thought that that would be crossing the line.  But Paul, just say the word, and I’ll break all of my plans to bake you some cookies, and I’ll be at your house in 5 minutes flat.  I promise!
Okay, so apparently Derek is avoiding me.  I guess I just turned off my radio too early this morning and missed his delightful interview.  But he neglected to mention the identity of the true womanizer on the team, but we all know who that is anyways.  And he didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know already, except for the fact that Reggie is his roomie now.  That’s kinda cute, especially seeing as how Sekera really needs some guidance in the fashion department:
And as far as Tim Connolly’s choice of Halloween costumes?  I’m just glad he didn’t pick something along the lines of this (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t look if you’re at all squeamish).
Alright, since I ditched my plans for this evening, I plan on blogging (or attempting to) throughout the game (or at least during intermissions).  So, game on!
1-0 Buffalo!!  Okay, so Drew’s goal was FAN-EFFING-TASTIC!!  And what a beautiful assist by Derek.  Awesome goaltending, Ryan!  And can I please offer my opinion, in that I believe Minnesota has some of the oddest player names in hockey?  Clutterbuck?  That’s my favorite right there.  And Brunette, Boogaard, and Zidlicky, to name a few more.  Sheesh.  And I honestly cannot get enough of this pigeon talk!  Did you happen to see Lalime talking about it?  His little “birdie, birdie, birdie?”  Adorable.
2-1 Minnesota.  Yuck.  I really don’t have anything positive to take away from this period, but I will say that I hate The Trap.  However effective it may be, it makes for one boring game of hockey.  I just pray, pray, pray that someone–ANYONE–puts us back in the lead in the next 20.  (How quickly my mood changes…)


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