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(Read this post and try not loving AO. I DARE YOU.)

Guys, I think I might love Alex more than Derek right now, and that’s even after Derek’s two-goal, three-point night. Yeah.

(But wasn’t that a great game???? I was very impressed with that. It seemed like it was the only game thus far, or at least in a long time, that the Sabres have put in a solid effort for the whole game. And it was good to see Roy, Miller, Vanek, Pominville, and Stafford step up and fill up the score sheet. Alright, my heart is too full of rainbows and butterflies to talk hockey, so we’ll talk Alex instead.}

BUT DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE ME. DON’T YOU DARE. I have a legitimate reason to be in love with AO.

FROSTEE!!!!! PLEASE KNOW THAT AS SOON AS MY MOTHER TOLD ME THIS STORY, YOU WERE THE FIRST PERSON I THOUGHT OF (hence, the note I left on your wall). Just please don’t die on me… I need someone to search Ovie with me when the Caps are in Buffalo….

STORY TIME!!!!!!!!

Okay, so my mom and I were walking out of work last night (yes, I work with my mother), and she goes, “Okay, listen to this!

So I listened. And this is what I learned:

Our supervisor, Betty, is like, in her mid 70’s. She’s pretty awesome, and she’s got a son in his late 40’s/early 50’s, who has real bad MS. What I didn’t know is that her son is a hockey fanatic.

I guess he used to play hockey when he was younger, and was friends with Danny Gare and some of the other Sabres from that era. But since his MS has gotten so bad, and considering his age, he and his friends have stopped playing hockey, but have taken up competition through a fantasy league.

Now, Betty’s son bleeds blue and gold, more so than I do, which is a lot. But his favorite player is Alexander Ovechkin. Not surprisingly; I mean, he has amazing skill, and I honestly think he’s the best player in the league (Crosby, who? Malkin, who?). Anyways, he has Ovie on his fantasy team.

A while back, he writes a letter to AO, just briefly explaining his situation, where he’s come from and what he’s become, and told Alex that he loves his game, blah, blah, blah, and basically just says something along the lines of “if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love it if you could send me an autographed picture of yourself.”

So a good amount of time goes by, and Betty and her son never heard a thing. Until the other day.

The phone rings, and it’s the Sabres calling for him.

(At this point in the story, I’m like, “Please don’t tell me that he met AO! OMGAH He didn’t meet Ovie while the Caps were here did he? AHHHHH!)

Whoever it was said, “Mr. Lawson, the Washington Capitals were in town recently, and I have instructions from Mr. Ovechkin to deliver a package to you.”


“He is very adamant that this gets to you as quickly as possibly, and made sure to tell us that he will be checking back with us to be sure that it got to you.”

So obviously, Betty and her son jump in the car and drive down to HSBC Arena immediately, and sure enough, there was a package waiting.

Betty’s son opens it up and finds a handwritten letter from Alex himself. The letter goes on to say how his story is very touching, and Alex appreciates the support, blah, blah, blah.

The best part, though? This is how the letter reads: “I don’t have any pictures of myself to send to you, so I hope this will be alright.”

What was “this” you might ask?

An autographed, game-used All*Star jersey.


So this is why I love Alexander Ovechkin, because he would give up something so valuable, something so memorable to himself, and something so rare collector-wise, to a person he’s never met, just because of a touching letter. Not only is this story heartwarming to me because it’s a hockey player doing something nice for a fan, but because Alex’s gift made the world for Betty’s son. Ovie isn’t just a good hockey player, he’s a damn good human being, and his act of kindness, which wasn’t really too much for him to do, makes me feel better about humanity in general. So next time I hear someone trashing AO for whatever reason, I’m going to think of this story and know how wrong that person is.

Do you think Sidney or Evgeni would do this for a random stranger, who isn’t even someone from their hometown, the town they play in, or a town they have a personal connection to? I don’t think so.

ETA: After getting numerous e-mails and comments saying I’m a bitch or Crosby-hater, etc, for that last statement, I feel it’s necessary to reiterate something I myself commented on this post. When I wrote that, I wasn’t so much doubting that Crosby or Malkin, or anyone else for that matter, don’t do amazing things for perfect strangers. I know they do, and I’ve heard countless stories of it. A good portion of those stories and experiences, though, are due to extenuating circumstances, such as work done by the Make A Wish Foundation. Now, I’m not saying that those groups and organizations aren’t amazing, because they are, and I applaud the guys for working with such foundations. My point was that Alex has no connection whatsoever to Buffalo. He’s not from Buffalo, and my supervisor’s son isn’t from Russia, and doesn’t live in the Washington area, nor did he meet AO through a charitable organization. He approached Ovie and asked for an autographed 8×10 picture. Alex went above and beyond what was necessary and made this guy’s life. It’s no secret amongst my friends and I that I don’t care much for Crosby and Malkin, but hey, even if my worst enemy were to do something like this, I’d love him too. I’m not trying to step on any toes or ruffle any feathers, so I could really do without the criticism and the judgement. All I wanted to do was share a heartwarming story..

Seriously, though? I respect Malkin and Crosby for their skills and what they do for the game, and also what they do in the community. Is it wrong that I happen to like Ovechkin more? No. This is America, and it’s a free country. I admit some of my statements come off as whatever they may, and I can live with that, but I’ve come out and explained what I meant. That being said, you can stop with all of the proof that Crosby and Malkin are just as good, if not better, than Ovechkin. They’re nice stories to hear, yes, but I could stand to hear these stories without the putting down of Alex, and the exalting of Sid and Evgeni. And that might make me sound like a bitch, but so be it. I like to hear stories about any person, not just Ovie, doing great things for other people, and one good dead by the president does not make a good dead done by a regular person any less special. Get what I mean?

So here with go with the AO Show, which I have to say, is much, much better than the Crosby show. At least I can have respect for Ovie and his game.

Like I said earlier, I’m very, very excited about the return of Goose and Gerbe… We’ll see how they hold up through the game. I’m also curious to see how Tommy’s knee is holding up.

Sad news: Roby’s mother-in-law passed away, so there will be no Roby-isms tonight. My condolences to his family.

Miller’s getting the nod; Max is out (thank God), as is Petey.

First Period

19:33 That wasn’t an outrageous penalty on Derek’s part at all. Way to basically amputate the guy’s leg. WSH PP.

18:03 Sweeeet. The Sabres have to do a better job of getting in the passing lanes and clearing the zone when shorthanded, or else it’s going to be a very, very long night. Derek’s going to get a few ear-fulls for that one. 1-0 WSH, PPG.

12:18 What is wrong with Derek Roy? First he takes a really dumb tripping penalty, and then he passes the puck directly to Washington’s money man? Oh no. I don’t think so. Something’s gotta give.

10:58 Miller has got to be better on that play; that rebound was gigantic, and I’ll bet I could’ve scored with that one. I also think Pominville committed too much to his guy at the blue line, playing the body rather than anticipating the pass. Whatever, though. Bottom line is Washington buried it. 2-0 WSH.

10:00 The Caps have 9 SOG, as compared to the Sabres’ 3. Yeah…

9:22 I’m just loving this game. Seriously, is Matt Ellis the only player to show up tonight? But, oh, wait… Even when Washington has an obscene amount of skaters on the ice, Danny gets whistled for hooking. WSH PP.

8:50 Okay, I take that back. Pommer showed up too. Nice chance for a shorty; too bad he couldn’t convert on the bad-angle rebound.

6:41 Dude, if you “shove” the Gerbe Derby, he’s going to go down. It’s all in the laws of physics, because look at how little he is, and compare that to how big you are. It’s bound to happen. I’m crossing my fingers… BUF PP.

4:41 “BOO” is right.

0:00 Well that period was forgettable. The problems so far? Undisciplined and lackluster play, combined with insufficient battling and huge rebounds. It’s got to stop, and it’s got to stop now.

AWWW, poor Frostee. Yes, I realize that she’s at the game, but she’s totally missing Ovie’s interview… Her loss.

Second Period

19:17 OH, how I wish Tommy could’ve pulled a shot off. Well, I suppose it’s alright since Schultz is headed to the box… BUF PP.

17:17 Another waste. =[

14:22 Vanek, you doof!! That was a really, really dumb penalty to take. I guess it’s fitting that you and D are good friends, eh? WSH PP.

12:22 Penalty killed, thank goodness.

8:46 Sekera penalty. Questionable call, if you ask me. WSH PP.

7:43 Wow. That wasn’t predictable or anything. Again, a terrible, terrible rebound given up by Miller, who put himself out of position to stop it. 3-0 WSH, PPG.

6:10 An elbow to the head of Pominville by Clark results in him taking a 2-minute breather in the sin bin. BUF PP.

5:00 Miller stops an Ovechkin breakaway!!! WHAT??? Wow. Nice. I was afraid he was going to go for a poke-check. I’m extremely thankful that he didn’t.

4:10 Yet again, another wasted power play. I dare say I want Tim Connolly back to QB our PP. Any seconds?

3:00 Gaustad is getting a little feisty. I like it! Way to take down Ovie.

1:03 YES!! Finally someone besides the Sabres are getting called for too many men!! BUF PP.

0:00 BOOOOO. I really, really wish that the Sabres would just wake up. They’re incredibly sloppy, the passes are not connecting, the disciplined play is still not there, the lackluster goaltending is still present, and it has got to change. Simple as that.

Third Period

19:03 Do I have to say we wasted another one again? Yes, I realize that it was a split power play, but still.

15:30 Is anyone else afraid that Gaustad is going to put someone and himself through the boards and up into the 300 level?? Because he looks like the new Patrick Kaleta tonight…

12:19 ADAM MAIR!!! Hahahaa that was a goal scorer’s goal, and I’m betting he only got that because he was fired up by what Rob Ray said to him. (“Adam, it seems like you guys are just standing around and watching tonight.”) Nice set up by Paul Gaustad. 3-1 WSH.

11:40 NOW they start chanting. It’s nice to hear “Let’s Go Buffalo” for a change. I have to say, even though we’re down 3-1, that goal put the life back in me. I don’t know about the Sabres, but I’m definitely back in… Sort of. I’m a bit apprehensive, though.

1:07 Hey… Last I checked it was against the rules to knock a player down if they don’t have the puck… BUF PP.

19:17 4-1 WSH, ENG

0:10 Too little, too late, as MacArthur pops a rebound behind Theodore. 4-2 WSH, PPG.

Is the outcome surprising? Yes, but not all that much.

Okay, seriously? I’ll tell you what the Sabres’ problem is: They’re just not desperate enough. They just plain don’t want it enough. You can tell by looking at their sloppy, disjointed play, and the fact that no one seems to be on the same page… EVER. I’m not Lindy Ruff, so I don’t know what to do to inspire these guys to play as a team, but something needs to be done. There is no way in hell that this team is going to go ANYWHERE if they keep playing the way they have the past couple weeks this whole season, the first six games aside.

It just sickens me to think of the start this team had, and to think of where they were headed, and now to see where we are, and where we’re headed. It’s truly heartbreaking, and I’m not sure how much more of it I can stomach to watch.

Somebody please make sure that there is defibrillator on hand if Paul plays tonight because I’m pretty sure that my heart’s going to stop beating as soon as I see him in the good old blue and yellow. Word came down that Paul would be evaluated today, after skating on an actual line in practice yesterday, to determine if he would play tonight so everyone please cross your fingers because I could do with a little good news.

Why may you ask am I literally dying for some good news? One we play Washington tonight which means Ovie which is never a good thing (sorry Frostee). Two I’m getting sick which stinks by itself but add to the fact that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I’m going to start off the New Year sick doesn’t make me very happy. Three I just got my book list for next semester and because I have to buy a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff and a whole ton of books for my nursing and regular classes the grand total comes out to be around 700 dollars not really something I’m looking forward to. But enough about my stinky life back to hockey:

To Jay McKee’s finger: Hi finger Jay needs you and probably wishes that you would stay attached to his body so please do because we love Jay and want him to continue to be able to play hockey.

To Paul Gaustad’s upper-body injury/face injury: Hi injury you know by now that I love Paul and your being around has caused me to not see him play for the last 5 games and therefore undeniable pain. So while I can appreciate that Paul got you while in practice and therefore doing his joby I and mostly everyone else that I know would really like it if you would go away so that Paul could play tonight. Oh and if you have messed up Paul’s face in anyway know that I will hunt you down and gut you like a fish. (although it may seem impossible there are ways and just let me have my delusions its usually better this way because if not there are all kinds of medications and maybe some institutionalization in my future)

To Patrick Kaleta’s eyes: Hi eyes I know that you took a hit from stupid Denis Gauthier and I know your causing Patrick some problems and while I know none of it is your fault because we all blame that overgrown nancy boy Gauthier it would be really nice if you would allow Patty to see again so that he could play.

To Nathan Gerbe’s shoulder? upper body? whatever?: Gerbe Derby I miss you terribly and I want you BAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK. *goes to cry in the corner and curse out injuries*

To Craig Rivet’s shoulder: Hi shoulder you suck that’s all I have to say. You took away our captain and if how we’ve been playing lately is any indication we would really like him back so that he can use his amazing captain’s powers (which I’m sure he has) to make our guys play well again. These powers include the ability to write inspirational speeches powererful enough to make the manliest man cry, Jaro I’m sure would be blubbering like a baby all the while saying “Jaro sad” over and over and then because no other player wants to see another player cry or they’re just embarrassed for him they go out and play the best game of their lives….SEE, see what you have taken from us injury, damn you.

To Tim Connolly’s broken rib: Well it seems that you have been but one injury in a long line of injuries and when I heard about you all I could do was sit back and laugh because let’s face it you weren’t unexpected. Actually I had a countdown on my wall as to how long after Timmy came back it would take for an injury to appear well congratulations you’re the winner. I think that because of this latest injury Timmy needs to start being wrapped in bubble wrap before he goes out to play hockey and while this may not seem like the best solution who doesn’t love bubble wrap? Seriously I’m sure Man Child I and II (Danny and Clarke) would get the biggest kick out of poking Timmy just to hear the bubbles pop at least it would give them something to do while sitting on the bench. Anyways injury I don’t blame you at all Timmy is just very fragile and I believe that we should steal a bunch of those FRAGILE stickers that people but on boxes when they’re moving and stick them all over his jersey so that people will have warning that before they hit him they are most likely to cause serious injury.

New Year’s Resolution:

To stop swearing so much everyday, but during Sabres game make an exception.

I swear like a trucker most of the time and I really want to stop relying so much on curse words and start expressing myself using my big girl words. I can’t hold to that during the Sabres’ games though because it’s almost impossible not to swear at them repeatedly throughout a game.


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that you spend it with the people you love.

SEE YOU IN 2009!!!!!

AHHHHHH THOMAS VANEK PLEASE DON’T BE DEAD TO ME!!!! Can he please just be alright? I don’t think I could take it if Atlas has finally shrugged. (Ahahah, I’m soooo funny. That was sarcastic, by the way.) But even though he came back, scored a goal, and finished out the game, I don’t want to be overly optimistic with him, because if you noticed, he was never really putting any unnecessary pressure on his right leg. He hopped up onto the bench, not stepped, and he glided along the ice whenever he could get away with it. That worries me.

But really…

I feel like I’ve neglected my blog as of late, but then I look back, and realize I’ve only really missed one day (yesterday). And seriously, I really had intended on posting yesterday, but seeing as I didn’t get home from work of Christmas until midnight, then showered, and didn’t get to bed until 1. Then I work up at 5 to be at Brittany’s by 6, to be at Target by 7. Sheesh. But we had fun. Target –> Pier 1 Imports –> Galleria Mall –> Outlet Mall –> Chili’s –> home at 3:45. Then I took a nap for about half an hour, and my parents, aunt, and grandmother dragged me out for a fish fry, when they all know that I don’t eat fish. Then by the time I got home, the game was on.

I seriously should have slept through the game. It would’ve been more worth my time. Actually, the only things that made it worth watching were the following: my aunt and grandmother agreeing that I definitely need to marry Derek, Max’s goal (he’s now on pace for 5!!!!), and Ovie’s goal.

Since there’s really nothing new going on on the Sabre scene… I’m just going to ramble about my life.

MY FAMILY IS DRIVING ME ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. I now remember why I cannot stand it when my family stays at my house. They’re loud and obnoxious and talk over the Sabres games and my other TV shows, and I just cannot stand it.


I have to go clean up again, because my friend Parker is in town from school/home in Pittsburgh/Baltimore, and we’re getting brunch, and then I’m either going out with her for a while or heading over to another friend’s house, and eventually the game tonight with Kim.

I will most definitely post after the game tonight, but I just didn’t want you all to think that I had forgotten you.

…because, like I’ve said, I don’t get over people too quickly. And I feel this odd Buffalo-allegiance to the Sabres. You know, the one where I live and die by how they’re doing in the season, and when they’re not playing, I’m thinking about them anyways. Call me crazy, but I call it die-hard, devoted love. So I feel guilty when I fall for a guy who has never had the pleasure of donning a Sabres jersey. And because of that, I don’t often admit that I love guys from other teams. I can now, though, admit that I love Ryan Getzlaf, thanks to Anne over at Sabretooth’s House, because of this:

(You have to admit that it’s pretty sick when a kid from Regina, Saskatchewan wears a Sabres jersey. THOSE CITIES ARE OVER 1,600 MILES APART, but Ryan hearts the Sabres. No wonder he hangs out in Buffalo over the summer with Ryan Miller. RANDOM.)

THAT BEING SAID, a few seasons ago, when the dear Alex Ovechkin came on the scene, I was done for. And it’s not that he’s super good-looking or anything, but for the fact that I can speak, like, five word in Russian, and the fact that he’s got the heaviest accent I’ve ever heard, and he bumbles through the English language, barely better than Jaro Spacek, and he’s got his own fashion line. DOES THIS GUY GET ANY BETTER? He’s a freaking hockey celebrity, and he loves fashion, in a completely non-Sean-Avery way. LOVE. And let’s not forget that commercial he did with the vending machine, which somehow ended up on my cell phone…

Oh, wait. He does get better. He’s a FREAKING ROCK STAR. Ovie and the Caps are now my second favorite… no, third favorite band in the NHL. (First is the band that Derek Roy and Ryan had down in Rochester (yeah, I know, AHL, but it’s a technicality, people), and second is Invisible Children. What kind of Drew Stafford fan would I be if I didn’t love his band?)


And you all are by no means to allow me to go back to my punk rock/skater/surfer/local band groupie days, okay??? Because those were ridiculous days. And I’m not bitter at all that a certain band I went to ELEMENTARY SCHOOL with got huge after I liked them from the beginning and now they’re pricks. But anyways, Jose Theodore looks FANTASTIC. I said it. He looks like a cross of my acquaintance (he’s been demoted from friend) Keith and Chris Daughtry…

And Ovie didn’t look too shabby himself, as a punker:

He said he likes to shake his booty. =]

He also said that he won’t shake his booty for a goal celebration. BOOOOO.

Here’s the reason behind this whole post: Behind the Scenes with Alex Ovechkin. And be sure to watch the Rock the Red music video, too.


Oh, speaking of the Sabres, the TBN had this to report:

Centers Paul Gaustad (thumb), Tim Connolly (back) and Jochen Hecht (finger) continued making progress Sunday. Gaustad and Connolly had progressed so much that Ruff refused to rule out either player for tonight’s game.

Please excuse me for a minute while I AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Okay. Carrying on:

However, there seems a better chance both would remain on the sidelines because there is no reason to hurry them back. It’s early in the season, and the Sabres are winning without them. Ruff would need to take someone out of the lineup, which is difficult to justify when a team is undefeated in regulation.

“We’ve got decisions,” Ruff said. “We want to make sure they’re ready. The effort that the guys have put into the game, it’s tough to take guys out right now.”

As much as I want these guys back on the ice with the team, Lindy’s right…

Whatever, though. WORLD JUNIORS ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY!!!! Read this if you haven’t already. Ryan over at the Goose’s Roost nailed it right on the head.

And while it seems like we may just steamroll over the Sens tonight, you can never underestimate a bad, bad team. Look at how we did a few years back, before the lockout. We sucked. We were at the bottom of the league, and it seemed we couldn’t beat anyone. But we could be the top teams in the leage. I’m just hoping (and that’s more or less reassuring myself) that the Sabres are as humble as they are, and will actually show up for tonight’s game, because if they don’t, the Sens are desperate for a win, and they’ll get it if we’re not ready.

That being said, GO SABRES!!


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