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No one is happier than this girl to not only see this face again, but to see it bearing a grin.

Alright. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… Seeing as how Timmmmaaaay is returning tomorrow night, I thought it might be interesting to examine his case.

If you asked me if I could sum up Connolly’s career in one word, I’d chose unfortunate, the definition of which states that it is something marked or accompanied by or resulting in ill fortune. Tim Connolly is incredibly gifted and is a fantastic hockey player, but the poor guy has had more injuries that I can count.

The serious ones began back in his junior year, while playing down the 90 in Erie, with the Otters. In the 1998-99 season, Connolly broke his leg during a game, resulting in a rod being placed in his tibia.

This injury hardly affected his draft status, as the New York Islanders took him fifth overall that year. Despite just coming off of his broken leg, Connolly made the team out of camp. He played 81 games in his rookie season, recording only 10 goals, but snagging 20 assists for 34 points on the year. Not too shabby for a rookie, especially in the Old NHL, but more would definitely be expected of a first-round pick.

In his sophomore season, Connolly appeared in all 82 games, this time posting 10 goals, but 31 assists, improving his points total to a high 41.

The summer after that season, Tim was attending the high school graduation of his younger twin sisters, Caitlin and Shannon. Their graduation coincided with the second day of the NHL Entry Draft. Connolly admitted being excited, due to NYI’s acquisition of Alexei Yashin and Chris Osgood, and since the first day is usually when the wheeling and dealing occurs, he was completely shocked when GM Mike Milbury called–during the ceremony–to tell him that he and Taylor Pyatt had been sent packing to Buffalo, in exchange for Mike Peca.

So, Connolly suited up in the red and black. In his first season for the Sabres, Connolly again played all 82 games, but struggled to produce, improving on his previous totals, but hardly significantly. He scored 10 goals again, and tallied 35 assists, heightening his points total by four to 45.

In his fourth career season–second with the Sabres–Connolly severly underachieved, only netting 12 goals and 13 assists, for 25 points. Tim appeared in 80 games, and only missed the last two of the season due to a suspension, warranted due to swinging a stick at an opponent.

At this point in time, Tim looked reliable, at least health-wise. He was one of the leading Iron Men in the league, playing over 300 straight games (I believe he had a run of over 320, but I can’t find the exact number, and I think that put him at third in the rank).

But it all went downhill from there.

In the preseason of the 2003-2004 season, the Sabres were playing an exhibition game against the Chicago Blackhawks. This is what Tim had to say:

I took a mid-ice, shoulder-to-head hit with Scott Nichol from the Blackhawks. It was a clean hit, but I had just taken a shot, so I was in a vulnerable position where I couldn’t really brace myself. I didn’t get knocked out, I skated to the bench, but I was out of it. My legs gave out a little bit. I had never suffered a concussion before, but it was one of those situations where it wouldn’t go away. It took more than six months before my head was clear and I was able to work out and get back in the swing of things. (From

Needless to say, as I’m sure you’re all well aware, Tim missed that entire season.

Cue the lockout. Tim opted to play in Switzerland, with HC Lugano. There, he played 16 games, had seven goals and three assists. His stay in Europe was cut short, though, due to a knee injury.

So Tim returned to New York, and rehabbed his knee to be sure that it would be ready for the upcoming NHL season.

In 2005-2006, Connolly was limited to 63 games in the regular season, due to a controversial knee injury. This happened when Darius Kasparaitis, then of the New York Rangers, checked Connolly low, causing him to miss time. In this season, though, Connolly recorded 16 goals and 39 assists, combining for 55 points, career highs across the board. At this point in time, he was registering .87 points per game. Hardly anything to sneeze at.

In his first playoff appearance, Connolly only played in 8 games, but registered five goals and six assists for 11 points, which would be 1.375 points per game. He did not conclude the Sabres’ playoff push with them, though, because he suffered a second concussion, thanks to a vicious, but clean, hit, from the Ottawa Senators’ Peter Schaefer, now with the Boston Bruins.

Because of problems thought to be related to his second concussion, Connolly sat out all but the last two games of the 2006-2007 season. In those last two games, he recorded one goal.

In the playoffs that year, though, Tim played 16 games, recording nine assists.

On to the 2007-2008 season. Connolly struggled throughout the year with bone spurs in his hip, which eventually required surgery. He suited up for only 48 games, scoring only seven goals, adding 33 helpers, but in the end only posted 40 points. Obviously more is needed from Connolly, whose points per game total for the season then sat at .83.

Thus far this season, Connolly has had fractured vertebrae and a broken rib, limiting him to only six of the the Sabres’ 40 games. In those six games, though, Connolly has put up two goals and five assists, for a points per game average of 1.167.

None of this goes to show how skilled Connolly is, though. He has long been Ruff’s PP QB, and always sees ice time on the PK. His teammates will always say how gifted he is, and how difficult he can be to play against.

But what do his numbers really mean to us? Why is he valuable to this team?

Let’s allow his career totals to do the talking, shall we? In the nine seasons Connolly was with an NHL team (the season he missed due to concussion symptoms and the current season included), he’s only played 444 of a possible 696 games (only 63.8%). In those games, he’s recorded 72 goals and 176 assists, for a total of 248 points. That’s only an average of .558 points per game, which would equate to 45.8 points on a season.

Like I said, I love Tim Connolly more than the next Sabres fan. I have since we acquired him, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. My point is, his numbers suck. They definitely do not portray the player we all know Connolly has the potential to be. The problem is, he is so injury-plagued that he probably will never live up to his own expectations, let alone ours.

But I’m glad to see he’ll be back tomorrow. Our power play sure as hell needs him, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a center who can really see the ice and find good passing lanes out there.

The question remains, how much longer will Timmy be wearing blue and gold? Will he be gone by the trade deadline? Is he going to leave that day? Over the summer? Or will he stay with us? Your guess is as good as mine, seeing as how Afinogenov is a bigger problem, and Kotalik would probably garner the most interest from other teams. It doesn’t hurt that the coaching staff loves Connolly. If he does stay, though, he’d better be willing to take a sizeable pay cut, because there is no way, talent aside, that a guy that injury-riddled deserves a salary of $2.9 million per season.


Speaking of trades, there are rumors spreading up in Portland. They’ve hit a snag this season with goaltending, as Adam Dennis recently required season-ending hip surgery. That means Jhonas Enroth has been shouldering all of the duties, now coming up on his (I believe) 11th game in a row.

Their need of a goalie, combined with the Sabres’ supposed interest in keeping Chris Butler (we’ll see about that one) and Matt Ellis up in Buffalo, would obviously present the Sabres with a predicament. In order to keep extra bodies up in the NHL, they’d have to clear roster space. The obvious bodies to move would be Afinogenov and Paetsch, Max for obvious reasons, and Paetsch because he’s the odd man out. Kotalik and Connolly could also be moved due to contract years, but that’s hardly likely; Kotalik is a force on this team, and Connolly has virtually no stock.

Maine Hockey Journal reported that Kevin Dineen, the coach of the Portland Pirates, had some interesting sound bytes one the subject, suggesting the Buffalo brass have something in the works:

“(Goalie search) has been put off for a reason and won’t be clarified til Friday at the earliest,” said Dineen.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens, that’s for sure.


And seeing as Derek Roy actually called up Kiss 98.5 this morning, I can tell you what he had to say. Honestly, though, I think this is the first actual D.R.R. in about a month, mostly due to the holidays falling on Thursdays…

– Andrew Peters’ thumb is bruised, was bleeding yesterday, and it still hurts.
– Derek suggested that Andy’s fingers taste like chicken wings.
– He says you shouldn’t bite people unless your life is in danger. Nick added, “Unless you’re on Chippewa.”
– He’s excited to play against Chris Drury.
– Is he doing anything differently? No. He’s sticking with his system.
– VitaminWater flavor? Endurance/Mango.
– Sometimes works out after games.
– January has a ridiculous travel schedule. He may just leave his suitcase packed.
– Doesn’t have any pets.
– Did he send a baby gift to Rob Ray? No.
– He was 3 when he first skated. His brothers were about that age as well. He was awful, falling everywhere. Couldn’t stop until he was “like 10 years old.”

Finally, he called them, and finally some oddball information.

Well, kids, it snowed again. Big surprise. I’m off to shovel, and the hopefully I’ll feel spry enough to head to the gym. That’s my plan, at least. I’ll be back if I hear any juicy information.


My friends, D-Day, as has dubbed it, is upon us.


If you don’t get it by now, Mats Sundin has signed with the Canucks, as and you can tell, I’m not happy about it.


So, moving on, and I only have–literally–five minutes, here’s the latest installment of the Derek Roy Report, which I missed this morning, choosing to sleep a little bit more, rather than get stood up again. Turns out he actually showed up. Go figure.

Be back tomorrow, loves.

Last night, when the Sabres came storming out of the gate, I came up with a really nifty idea for my post-game post. AND THEN DEREK SCORED, and that post became a little bit better.


So my plan was shot to hell, and my heart shattered, and now I don’t even know where to begin.

Well, I’ll begin with Tim Connolly, I suppose.

I’m seriously worried about this guy. Like, even though I don’t like to talk to my inside-the-Sabres source too, too much, because he really drives me crazy, I’m seriously tempted to call him and find out what’s going on. BUT, I don’t think he’d be able to tell me, but idk. If I decide it’s worth him pestering me all the time, I’ll give The Boy a call. Until then, we can speculate.

This is what Lindy had to say:

“Here’s what I’ll rule out: It has absolutely nothing to do with concussion; it has absolutely nothing to do with vertebrae. It’s brand new.

“It’s an injury that I don’t want to explain. It’s a tough one, and I don’t want to explain it. I give him a lot of credit for muscling his way through one game. If it was a groin injury, I’d tell you a groin because nobody’s going to go after his groin. If it’s an injury where I really think somebody could target, you don’t say anything.”

IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HELP ME COPE, LINDY??? BECAUSE IT’S NOT WORKING. Now, I’ll be the first person to rag on Timmy when he gets a stupid injury, or if he misses practice, or if he’s found passed out on the floor of the Snooty Fox, but in all actuality, I LOVE HIM TO DEATH. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. It’s embarrassing at times, yes, but even Danny Paille admitted that he has NKOTB on his iPod. Close enough.

And he thinks it’s that bad, to the point that it’s something that would make him a target?? Now, again, I’ll be the first person to say that Timmy won’t be here come July of 2010, BUT HE’S MY TIMMY. DON’T HURT HIM. Or you’ll quickly find yourself on my Hockey Player Hit List. I’ll have to tell you about it someday, but most of the people on it are there for knocking Tim into the next season.

Seriously, though, while reviewing a bunch of stuff for my Medical Terminology class, I decided to try to figure out what’s really wrong with Tim. The only things “musculoskeletal” that I could come up with, having to deal with the upper body, that could present itself as “a bruised chest,” were the following:

– BROKEN OR FRACTURED RIBS. That’s any crack or break, anywhere on the bone of a rib. They usually take 1-2 months to completely heal, since there’s nothing that can be done by a human to have any effect, really.

– COSTOCHONDRAL SEPARATION. These are a little more touchy. This occurs when the bone of the rib, in the middle ribs, separates from the cartilage attaching it to the sternum. Treatment for this can take up to 12 weeks, possibly more.

– The other possibility I can think of would be a cracked sternum. This would take a ridiculously long time to heal, just because of the thickness and strength of the bones in that area: the manubrium (the flatter, rounder, top portion of the sternum), the sternum, the xiphoid process (the small, pointy, lowest portion of the sternum), the ribs, and the clavicles. They’re very strong, and because of their function, it would take them a good amount of time to heal, and to heal properly.

I think the most likely would be the costochondral separation. But, since Tim’s injury is presenting as a bruised chest, I want to say that there’s at least one break or fracture. The break in a bone and leaking of bone marrow would give the appearance of a bruise.

I don’t know, though. It’s difficult to say. It really could be a number of things. Plus, I’m not too sure, just because Lindy’s scared. And if Lindy’s worried, then I definitely am.

Sorry I was boring you with medical talk. It actually allows me to study while I post, which is weird, and I’ll never do it again, I promise…

On to the Derek Roy Report.

Derek actually woke up this morning. SHOCKING. Because after that game, if I were him, I would’ve skipped this week, not last.

– Oh, hey! He’s talking about The System!! Another shock!
– He’s excited to play the Flyers, because of Marty and that like puke.
– He said that the practices can be short (45 minutes), up to 75-90 minutes.
– They are not allowed to have their cell phones on the ice.
– Has he ever checked out Rivet’s six-pack. “Is that serious? Yeah, he’s built.”
– If he could live forever, what would he live for? “For my family.” SUPER CUTE. MAJOR POINTS.
– He gets a Big Extra Meal with a side of chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce at McDonald’s.
– Derek doesn’t know what he’ll be wearing to Level on Saturday, and says he won’t be dancing.
– Funniest fan story? “I don’t know… Let me get back to you on that one.”
– How is Kyle? “He’s good, he’s good.” Apparently he wants his own show on Kiss.


BUT WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO WORK WHEN COOL THINGS HAPPEN? KISS IS THROWING A PARTY FOR DEREK AT LEVEL NIGHT CLUB ON SATURDAY. That’s bull. I’m pissed. I mean, I suppose I could go after work, but of course my friend would have to be coming home from school on Saturday and she wants our group to go out for midnight pie, since that’s a bit of a tradition with us. And I’m not so sure if I said to this friend, “LET’S GO CLUBBING ‘CAUSE PRINCESS D IS OUT,” she’d be down with it. Sad.

And to the girl who asked D if Craig has a six-pack?? WAY TO MAKE HIM SEEM EVEN MORE GAY. I’m pretty sure all the guys do in the locker room is check each other out. BUT, I do think I should e-mail Janet and include Derek’s chunky monkey pic, and have her ask him if he has a six-pack, and when he says “yes,” confront him with that gem. Think it would work??

But I’d love to Craig’s six-pack any day. Hell, I’d pay to see it.

Yeah, that’s right, Craig. Because Derek said that on the air, you’re going to be hit on by teenagers and college students across Western New York. And all they’ll want to see are your abs. I can’t say I blame them, though.

Oh, and hey! While the Sabres can’t win, I’M SO GLAD THE PIRATES CAN. Thank God that one of my teams is playing consistantly. And you should definitely go seen the renovations Anne and S(h)ara have done to Sabretooth’s House. They’re glorious.

Alright, kids. I’m out. And by out, I mean at the dining room table, still studying, instead of going out in the 30-degree, snowy weather. So, stay warm, loves. And if anyone hears anything about Timmy, txt me, please?? Thanks dears!!

So this afternoon, while Kim and I were venturing around Boston in the rain, we decided to enjoy a late lunch at Cheer’s.
After our waiter (who boasted a slight resemblance to our beloved Paul Gaustad) took our order, I pulled out my phone to check my e-mail.
In my inbox, I saw this:
Kiss985Contest:  “Derek Roy/Vitamin Water”
I’m like, “What’s this???”
So I open it up, and I literally gasp like I just saw Tim Connolly get laid out.  This is what I read:
Congratulations Cari!  You have won a case of Vitamin Water for your Derek Roy question.  We just need your contact information for our records.  Please reply with your address, phone number, and date of birth.  You can pick up your prize at 500 Corporate Parkway in Amherst (off of Maple Road) Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.
I basically threw my phone at Kim and called my mother to tell her, and to have her and my father listen to the Derek Roy Report online, because, being in the middle of downtown Boston, and my computer being about 25 miles south in Norwell, I couldn’t very well do that.
Anyways, my mom listened, and said he thought my question was funny.  SO DEREK THINKS I’M FUNNY.  Which is good, because I am.  Or so I’ve heard.
You can listen to my question here.  Gaaaa I’m really excited about this.  It pretty much made my life.
And I wonder what flavors my case of Vitamin Water is going to contain…  And I wonder if a Derek Roy autograph is going to accompany my fluid intake for the month…
We scoped out the area around Boston Commons to see where the Ritz (the Sabres’ hotel) was, and we kinda sorta found it; it’s not too hard, but we only saw the awning.  And since we won’t be in Boston too much tomorrow, as we’ll be in Portland(!!!!!!!), we at least have an idea of where to find our boys tomorrow.
And I can pretty much guess that Derek will be spending his off time on Newbury Street.  We’ll have to meet up so he can buy me that Chanel coat that I want, along with the one from Juicy Couture and that Hermes bag.  Yeah, that’d be good.  I’d give him a fair trade in a case of Vitamin Water…  =]
Pirates pictures tomorrow!!
And it has come to my knowledge that our dear Timmykins is hurt again?  But that he’s supposed to play tomorrow?  I’ll believe it when I see it.  Seriously though, someone needs to call me tomorrow night and tell me if he’s actually playing.  Because I need to know if I can wear my jersey with dignity on Saturday, or if I’m going to be ashamed of the name on my back…
This is becoming a trend with me, no?  I’m always apologizing to you…
Anyways, I forgot to mention this morning that Craig Rivet was at Dave and Adam’s this evening.  And before you get all excited and think that I’m going to have pictures for you, just don’t, because I don’t.  I didn’t go.  I wasn’t about to pay $20 to get him to scribble on a couple things.  I did want to make him milk and cookies, though, as Derek suggested.
(Speaking of Derek’s suggestions, SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS TO HIM HERE.  And if you do ask him a question, be sure to tell me what you ask him so I can totally pimp you out when he answers it.)
I’ll get to that in a second.  Today, at 12:04 pm, I received this text message:
YOUR SABRES DELIVERED:  Txt your questions for winger Daniel Paille until 7 p.m. tonight to 722737 (Sabres).  Answers will be posted later on Txt End 2 quit

alohgalkgn;akjglajfglawjgflh how could I possibly have forgotten to come up with a good question for Danny???  I HAD 7 HOURS!!  All I could think of though was “Does Mr. Snuffles get his own seat on the airplane during roadtrips?  And who babysits him while you’re playing hockey?  And how does your fiancee feel about having to share a bed with you and Mr. Snuffles?”
Um, and all I have to say about the whole Adam Mair fiasco is that Chris Neil and Jarkko Ruutu are jokes, and that’s only because that’s what Adam said.  But really, I never want to be on his bad side.  Ever.  I do think he crossed the line, a bit, though, but I think a fine is sufficient.
AND CAN I JUST SAY THAT I ALREADY HAVE PLANS TO GO TO THAT FATEFUL NEXT GAME BETWEEN US AND THE SENS??!!??  SOOOOO excited!!  Tuesday January 6, 2009.  Mark it down, kids.  It’s going to be a wild and wooly one!
Oh, and before I forget (again), my new friend Caroline has started a blog (Hockey Night in Buffalo.  Amazing title, btw.), so be sure to read it, because I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.  It’s about the Sabres; how could it not be fantastic?
‘Til tomorrow.
First of all, I have to say that, thus far this morning, I’m highly disappointed in Kiss 98.5.  WHERE THE HELL IS THIS WEEK’S INSTALLMENT OF THE DEREK ROY REPORT?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?  Hmph.  I’m going to pout for the rest of the day.
I was really looking forward to telling Derek that because of all of our common ground, I’m not stalking him, he’s in fact stalking me.  Because stalking, by definition, means that a person willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another.  Willful?  Yes, most definitely.  Maliciously?  Hell to the no.  I am by no means spiteful to Derek, and I would never, ever, ever want to hurt him.  Do I follow him?  No.  Well…  No, we’ll just leave it at no.  Do I harass him?  I’ve never spoken to him, so, again, no.  But does he tell me that we have all sorts of stuff in common?  Yes; that makes him willing.  Is he malicious?  Yes, because he knows it’s going to hurt me.  Does he repeatedly follow me?  No, but he presents situations for me to follow him regularly.  Does he harass me?  No, I have to let him off there, too.  But trust me when I say he is (borderline) stalking me.  Yeah, I said it.
Second, I’m not going to talk about Craig Rivet’s knee injury, because it makes me want to cry.  But, I did find some silver lining, at least for those of us who adore Nathan Paetsch, because he gets to play!!!!!!
But then I started to think, I don’t remember much about him, because I haven’t seen him in so long!  So, here we go…
Mr. Nathan Paetsch, hailing from Leroy, Saskatchewan, is 25 years old (3.25.83), and wears the same hoodie all the time.

Maybe the rest of the team took pity,
and they’re letting Nathan have the hoodie from the BotTH.
Or maybe it’s because it looks better on him than Petey…
But you have to like the deer-in-the-headlights facial expression.
And some more useless information about Nate:  He has a sister named Vanessa, his father, Rick, is an electrician in a Potash mine, and his mother, Brenda, is a financial advisor.  (I think I should call Brenda.  Maybe she can help me sort out my debt and actually have some money in my bank account once in a while.)
Also, according to that terribly addicting forum, which I always swear is trashy, but it’s still fun to read, Nathan is engaged to a chiropractor, but he’s also not engaged to her, but instead he’s dating a doctor from Rochester.  I don’t know what to believe…  I’m so lost.
(You know what?  It’s really hard to find good information about dear Nathan.  I can’t find any more.)
Moving on.
DEREK!!  I NEED YOU TO SCORE THIS EVENING!!  But please score after 9 pm, because I won’t be home until then, and I’d prefer to see you score.  So TOMMY!!  I need you to keep us up over the Wild in the 1st, okay?  And Nathan?  Good luck, toots!  Um, and Ryan, please be the status quo brick wall.  Patty K, please hold off from doing anything crazy until I get home, too.  Power play and penalty kill, stay strong!  Okay????  Thanks.  I appreciate it.  Oh, and hockey gods?  I never said this.  Ever.  As far as you’re concerned, I want…  No, I’m not even going to say it because it would probably back-fire on me.
Go Sabes!!

Oh yeah… That’s right. I didn’t. Kim wouldn’t let me set the alarm to wake us up that early yesterday.


Oh, and I have to throw this out there: If any Sabre catches wind of this because of a certain someone’s sister who reads the blogs–hi, by the way–I am not really that obsessed with Derek Roy (actually, who the hell do I think I’m kidding?). BUT, you do have to admit, it’s pretty bizaar that I’ve found out we have so much in common.  Me, and my favorite Sabre, with all this in common.  And I owe all this to Kiss 98.5, and their replacing of Daniel Briere with Derek Roy.  Without them, I’d just be blissfully ignorant of our basically kindred spirits.

(1) Our friends.

We don’t have the same friends, unfortunately, but we have a group of longtime good friends. He considers Andrew Peters to be his best friend on the team, and he’s played with him since juniors. He also is very, very close to Paul Gaustad, Jason Pominville, Ryan Miller, and the rest of the Rochester crew. Me? I met individuals of my group of best friends in kindergarten, first grade, third grade, sixth grade, and high school. But the ones I met in elementary school are all close. The rest came along the way, and while they’re not all the best of friends, they’re all very, very close to me. Same difference.

(2) Choice of cereal.

Janet questioned Derek as to what his cereal of choice is. His answer? LUCKY CHARMS. Now, mind you, I grew out of Lucky Charms a while ago, when I learned that the oat part of it wasn’t quite so “magically delicious.” Don’t get me wrong, though; the marshmellows are great! But Derek eats them in the same manner that I do! Pour the cereal in the bowl, then whatever marshmellows can be seen on the top layer of cereal in the box gets picked out and tossed either in the bowl or in my mouth. Kind of creepy, actually.

(3) What to do with free time in NYC?

When the guys had a few days off in the City, what did Derek do?  Go shopping in the SoHo district.  Now, first of all, that’s my favorite area of New York.  Second, what did he purchase?  “Shirts, sweaters, and a couple pairs of shoes.”  Shirts?  Okay.  Sweaters?  Cool, I love sweaters.  Shoes?  I couldn’t have too many shoes.  But Derek, why didn’t you give me anything you bought for me yet?  And if you didn’t want to drop a period’s worth of your salary on a purse for me, you could’ve ventured a few blocks south and hit up Canal Street.  I would gladly take a knock-off.  Even more things now, areas of NYC and shopping habits.
(4) Who does he trust enough to let them drive his car?
He said he’d let Petey drive his car.  Is it coincidence that he’s been friends with Andrew since juniors, and he’s the first that Derek would agree to?  Hardly.  Likewise, I probably wouldn’t let many of my friends from elementary school drive my car, but Kim, who I’ve known since 6th grade, she can drive my car.  I mean, I’d hope I’d let her drive my car because I wouldn’t want to drive all the way to Boston myself…
(5) Halloween costumes.
Mind you I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years, but if I did, it’d be something adorably outrageous.  (Like this year, I totally want to dress up as a flapper.  I found the perfect fake flower, bright purple headband at Forever 21 yesterday that’s my complete inspiration.)  And no one used to know what I’d be until I showed up at the party, or whatever, because I like to surprise people.  And do you think Derek will show up in something disappointing, or let people in on the secret?  Absolutely not.
I think that’s enough progress for this week.  It’s a tad bit overwhelming.
GAME TONIGHT!!!!  No liveblogging this time, either, as Kim and I will be at the game.  And the only thing I really have to say about the game is that Tim Connolly still won’t be playing.  Big surprise there.  The nebulous one-week period Lindy gave us is up, and Timmy still hasn’t hit the ice.  I’ve lost pretty much all of my faith in TC, and that really upsets me.  Whatever.  I have Derek and the rest of the boys still.
This is going to get lengthy…

So I woke up at 8:00 am for nothing because right now it’s 8:35, and still no Derek Roy report.  They just told me that he’d be on after they played Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” which is fine by me because I love him too, but after that, they’re now playing “Sexy Can I?”  I’m a little miffed.

There is some silver lining, in these finer points provided by today’s TBN:
–  Ryan Miller, on his teammates, specifically the ones he played in Rochester with, and the ones he now plays with:  “I’m sitting here sever years deep with a few guys, and I consider them some of my best friends.  It’s just kind of the attitude.  You’re around them, you get to know each other, you have a history.  I know just a ton about these guys, where they come from, what they’re all about, what they want to do in their life.  Not just in hockey, but everything, because you have time to talk.  You’re sitting on the bus, and you’re talking about everything.  You’re on the plane, you’re goofing around, and you’re talking about life.  It’s what you do with your friends–your best friends.”

–  Ryan and Paul traveled across Europe together this past summer, and there were “standing next to [each other] in the fall of 2005, when their lifelong dreams were fulfilled…  One day Lindy Ruff summoned them.  Surrounded by uncertainty, they marched to see the coach.  Guys, he said, it’s time you found a place to live.”

–  Lindy Ruff:  “We had a winning year last year; but it wasn’t a playoff year.  In my book, winning is calculated by being able to play past the regular season.  We didn’t quite make it, and the character part of this is you learn from your disappointments.”

–  Despite playing only 48 games last season, Tim Connolly was 6th on the team in scoring (40 points), 3rd in assists (33), 4th in home scoring (29), and 3rd in home assists (24).  I guess when he’s really, really bad, he’s actually really, really good.  That could explain A LOT.

–  Connolly had this to say:  “I’m by far in the best shape of my life, bar non.  All the physical testing results are the highest I’ve had in my career.  It was a long summer of rehab and training and getting ready.  The goal is playing every game.  Contribute at both ends of the rink and contribute on the special teams because I feel like I can make the team better in those areas.”  A later quote said this:  “I’m not authorized to talk about injuries,’ a smirking Connolly said.”  HE SMIRKED.  THIS IS NOT OUR TIM CONNOLLY.  He must be an imposter.
–  Matthew Barnaby will appear on SportsCenter on Wednesday and Thursday nights and also make rounds of ESPNews an ESPN radio and write for
Derek Roy FINALLY had this to say:
–  The team is ready and raring to go.
–  The team has been focusing on defense.
–  The officials are going to be cracking down on obstruction.
–  His goals?  “Pretty much the same…  More leadership.”
–  “Not just making the playoffs, going deep in the playoffs.”
–  Craig Rivet “is great.”
–  Craig Rivet is “a 30-year-old trapped in a 14-year-old’s body.”
–  They’re going to play tricks on the newbie.
–  He’s expecting to be on the PK.
–  He likes to block shots.
–  Who’s available to date?  Himself, Ales, Tim, Drew, Adam, Paul, Pat K…  They stopped there.  (He lied though, because we’re dating.  And MJ is with Adam, and Kim is with Paul, so…  But he did confirm that Danny is engaged.)
–  “That’s a random question.”
–  Wants a cure for cancer.
–  Perfect pizza?  Taco pizza.
–  Most embarrassing moment?  Had an empty net in a championship game and missed.  Shot into the corner, and then fell down and ran into the post.
–  Worst pick up line he used or heard?  “I don’t use them… but ‘How much does a polar bear weigh?’  ‘Enough to break the ice.”
–  Believes in ghosts.
–  Identifies most with Vinnie on Entourage.  His brother (which one?) would be Drama.
–  Identifies with the Roadrunner.  Because he’s fast.
–  Likes to play Guitar Hero.
–  Has a guitar, but admittedly needs lessons.
Oh, and Clint Malarchuk shot himself in the face.  Don’t worry; he’s okay.  At least, as okay as he can be.  Apparently he was shooting rabbits on his Nevada property and was reloading the gun and it went off.  At least, that’s what they were saying on Kiss before Derek came on.
And the TBN also had this in the Life & Arts section:  Country star Kellie Pickler last year battled depression and suffered severe reactions to antidepressants after struggling with family problems and an emotional breakup with her boyfriend, professional hockey player Jordin Tootoo.  I’d be emotional, too, if I had just broken up with him, although I feel my emotions would be the exact opposite of Kellie’s, because I’d be absolutely elated.  Whatever, though.
Okay, so I was kinda right and kinda wrong about with my captaincy predictions.  Oh well.  Whatever.  I accept what’s been decided now, even though when Kim texted me during my lab, I wanted to scream initially.  Don’t get me wrong; I love Craig, but I wanted Jason.
Moving on (since I don’t want to write the 10 millionth Sabres Captain Blog).
The Portland Pirates announced their final roster today, which consists of the following:
# :  Player  :  Position
1  :  Jhonas Enroth  :  G
4  :  Chris Butler  :  D
5  :  Paul Baier  :  D
6  :  Mike Weber  :  D
7  :  Dylan Hunter  :  LW
8  :  Marek Zagrapan  :  C
9  :  Mike Card  :  D
10  :  Tim Kennedy  :  LW
11  :  Colin Murphy  :  LW
12  :  Tyler Bouck  :  LW
15  :  Felix Schutz  :  C
17  :  Marc-Andre Gragnani  :  D
19  :  Nathan Gerbe  :  C
21  :  Mathieu Darche  :  LW
24  :  Jimmy Bonneau  :  LW
25  :  Mark Mancari  :  RW
27  :  Colton Fretter  :  C
28  :  Mike Kostka  :  D
37  :  Derek Whitmore  :  LW
53  :  Adam Dennis  :  G
55  :  Mike Funk  :  D
Sounds like they could be pretty promising!!  Their season starts Saturday, so I’m pretty excited for that.  I didn’t really pay attention to our guys in the minors until last year when Kim and I fell in love with Mark Mancari during training camp.  After that, we went to like, 5 games in Rochester, paid attention to every game they played, and then went to some thing they did at some go-kart track.  That was actually really, really fun.
I’ll post more tomorrow because I hear that the TBN is having their Sabres Write-Up Extravaganza tomorrow.  I’ll be up first thing to get the paper as soon as it’s dropped in my door.  And be sure to listen to Kiss 98.5 at 8:05 am because that’s when Derek will be on.  I heard him do an ad for it today.  Pretty exciting!!  I made Kim stop talking to me when it came on.  But anyways, if you don’t listen, never fear, for I will link it up.
OOOOHHHh and I might be getting to Friday’s game after all.  =]
Yayyyy hockey’s almost here!!
(I have to put this here before I even start writing:  Blogger won’t let me upload pictures for some reason without messing them up, so I’m going to link you to the pictures, but you ABSOLUTELY MUST look at them.  It is detrimental to your health and the comprehension of my post.  Thanks!)
I have two actual hockey-related things to mention:
Steve Bernier is apparently very happy in Vancouver.  I’m happy he’s in Vancouver because then I get to see him next Friday.  But anyways, an article from THN brought this to my attention.  He’s playing on a line with the Sedin twins, which could be great, or could be terrible.  We’ll see how it plays out.  
“My time in Buffalo was short but I’m happy with what I did.”

Obviously multitudes of Buffalonians are too, Steve, because we’re still in love with you.  You had us at I’m-going-to-punch-you-in-the-face-for-hitting-Whatshisname-and-then-score-two-goals the first day we met.  I haven’t looked back.  And then, on locker clean-out day, when you said you were looking for a place, I almost suggested that you buy a house in small, quiet, close-to-the-city Kenmore, just so I could say I live in the same town as you.  And when I got my Sabres text message saying you were traded, I screamed, and I cried, which probably wasn’t a good thing, since I happened to be driving down Dodge Road in Getzville, which is 40 mph, meaning I was driving 50 mph.  Definitely could’ve ended up even worse than it did.  And to top it all off, you and Derek were becoming such good, borderline fashion-faux-pas friends.

He’s spent too much time with Derek already.

And while we’re on the subject of Derek Roy, I find it necessary to point out–YET AGAIN–that we are meant to be.  Trips to Cabo, extreme sarcasm, flashy clothes, funny face pictures, and desire to live by water aside, thanks to PA Sportsticker,  I now know that we have even more in common!  His favorite cartoon character is the Roadrunner, my favorite cartoon character is Wile E. Coyote!  SAME CARTOON!  He thinks Jessica Alba is attractive, I once said I’d go gay for her!  SAME THING.  He goes to his aunt and uncle’s house in Ottawa for dinner at Christmas, I go to my aunt and uncle’s house in Cheektowaga for dinner at Christmas.  CLOSE ENOUGH.  He has two brothers who play hockey, I have two cousins who play hockey.  Again, CLOSE ENOUGH.  THIS = FATE.  It’s indisputable.
Back to legit hockey news:
Roberto Luongo will wear a C this year, but not on his jersey; on his helmet.
Oh, wait; back to Derek:  Here’s the clip from last week’s edition of the Derek Roy Report, or whatever they call it these days.


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