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Or is there a rash of strange injuries going around the league this year?
First, it’s Erik Johnson‘s inability to remove his foot from a gas pedal correctly, and tore his ACL AND MCL.  Nice, Erik.  Nice.
Then, it’s Timmykins and his effed up back.  We all know it’s from laying on bar floors, and not from getting hit in Roberval.
Next, we’ve got the Sabres’ rash of finger injuries, with Paul tearing his thumb up, and Jochen shattering the tip of his middle finger.  Do you realize that if they had to have their fingers splinted, Jochen would be flipping Paul off permanently, and all Paul would be able to do would be to give Jochen a thumbs up?  hahahahah.
Then, I found out last night that Daniel Briere (ew) is out for about a month with a torn abdominal muscle.  Does anyone remember what happened to Danny while he was here?  That’s right, folks, he had an inguinal hernia.  That’s a torn abdominal muscle, where the intestines begin to protrude through the abdominal wall, if you didn’t know.  So I’m thinking the surgical procedure to patch the wall has given in…
(I’m not sure if I like Danny, or if I hate him.  I think I’m indifferent.  I liked him while he was here, and yeah, he’s great, but I hated the situation in which he left, and I’m kinda bitter with him about it, so idk.  But really, I dislike him like I dislike Hasek.  And I used to think I was going to marry Hasek.  Hey, I was five.  I didn’t know any better.)
And I also see that Blues goalie Manny Legace is on the shelf, no thanks to Sarah Palin.  This is what TSN reports:
The Alaska governor dropped the ceremonial first puck before the Blues hosted the Los Angeles Kings.  A narrow carpet walkway was placed from the gate at the Blues bench to centre ice for Palin, her husband and two of her daughters.

Just before the ceremony, Legace was the first player onto the ice for St. Louis.  A team official pointed to the carpet.  But Legace said the official moved his own foot from the carpet just as Legace stepped down, causing the carpet to slide.

Legace fell, then gingerly made his way to the crease.
Sarah Palin is hurting our players.  Nice hockey mom.
But these injuries are just weird.  Right?  I mean, take a gander at exactly how many injuries there are in the league.  That’s a lot.  And hahaha Gregory Campbell is hurt.  OOOH and another bizaar one?  Ryan Getzlaf has an impacted tooth.
And what’s up with all this “Undisclosed Injury” crap??  I thought all injuries had to be disclosed?
Well, anyways, I won’t be posting about the game tonight until midnight, or so, when I get home from work, so I probably won’t be posting.  But definitely tomorrow.
Go Sabres!!
Tim Connolly is on the mend!!  Still not 100%, but he’s getting there.  But, hey, he’s not dead yet!!
Paul Gaustad and Jochen Hecht participated in practice.  Paul did a little bit with the stick, while Jochen merely skated.  At least it’s something.
I found a new Sabres news outlet.  And no, I won’t share it!  =]  It’s not the most obvious for sports news, but it does give an interesting view into Sabres matters.  I’ll be posting with things from this source in the very near future.
And because Kim started a 50 things about herself, I guess I’ll do it, too, but I’m actually going to do 100, because I have ample amount of time to come up with 100.  Here’s the first 33:
(1)  Like I’ve mentioned, I have red hair.  Not bright, fire engine, Carrot Top-esque red, but more of an auburn-ish chestnut red.  And I’m covered in freckles, and my skin is fair with a rosy undertone.  But guess what?  I’m not Irish.  Well, okay, one person in my very distant lineage is Irish, but that’s it.  Otherwise, I’m mostly German, British, and Canadian.
(2)  If I could be in any profession, regardless of job availability/security, income, or my ability, I’d either be a wedding planner or an interior designer/house flipper.  What fun would those jobs be?!
(3)  I insist on taking funny/ridiculous pictures when I go out, no matter where I may be.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at my facebook.
(4)  I can be an extreme neat-freak, but also the messiest person ever.  I insist that the entire house be clean, but my bedroom looks like the scene of World War III.
(5)  No one can spell my name right.  Not even a single part of it.  It is in actuality spelled Carianne Kathryn Misener, but it usually ends up written like this:  Carrie Anne Catherine Meisner.  My own grandmother didn’t get it right until I hit high school.
(6)  I have a very fat cat named Delilah, and I love her to death.  She chases squirrels, fights dogs, and terrifies every other cat in the neighborhood.  She’s a beast in the likes of Danny Paille.
(7)  When deciding where to go to college, all but three of my choices (those being Albany, Brown, and Bowling Green) were in cities or very close to where I have friends or family (i.e. Michigan State, Georgia State, Northeastern (I know, MIKE RYAN!!) and Boston College, to name a few).
(8)  I went to Germany on a school trip in high school.  It was the most amazing two weeks of my life.
(9)  I have genetically terrible teeth.  I’ve had countless fillings, five caps when I was little, braces twice, and I was, at one point, a candidate for jaw surgery.  I still have braces at almost 20 years of age, and the only thing that’s gone right with my teeth is the fact that my wisdom teeth grew in straight.
(10)  I drink way too much Dr. Pepper, apple cider, and Starbucks.  I’m probably an addict.
(11)  I’m an advocate for the cause of bringing an H&M to the Buffalo area.  I’m tired of driving to Rochester every time I want to shop there.
(12)  Despite having the capability of remembering the singer/band, song title, and lyrics to most songs, and knowing directions around the greater Buffalo area at will, I have a hard time remembering very simple things, or comprehending chemisty.
(13)  TV on DVD is quite possibly–in my opinion–the worst thing ever invented.  I can’t get enough of my shows, especially Entourage, The Tudors, Gossip Girl, and Sex and the City.  My guilty pleasures.  =]
(14)  I love picking out shirt and tie combos.  When my brother got his new job I went shopping with him, as his fashion consultant.  Too bad we have different taste in clothing.  (Oh, and I hate, hate, hate short-sleeved dress shirts, and shirts with French collars.)
(15)  If I couldn’t text or go online on my phone, I’d die.
(16)  I sing along to the jingles on commercials, all the time.  It drives my family crazy.
(17)  Certain members of my family also thought I was crazy when I decided to paint my bedroom silver.  It turned out really cool, actually, and yes, I tend to be a bit flashy.  I live it up.
(18)  Law and Order, House, or NCIS marathons ruin my plans.  If I see a marathon, I get nothing done–nothing at all–the entire day.  Good thing I didn’t notice the one I’m watching now until after school.
(19)  I love to bake.  I’ve been told my cookies are quite possibly the world’s greatest.
(20)  I’m afraid of heights, but I’ll sit front-seat on roller-coasters in a heart beat.
(21)  I have this (sorta) thing for cowboys…  Enough said.
(22)  Gay guys like to play with my hair, more than usual.  When I was a secretary at the nursing home I work at, every gay guy who ever worked on my unit (4 of them, actually) played with my hair every time I was there.
(23)  Scary movies (legit scary ones; not the ones with the Wayans brothers) scare the living daylights out of me, yet I have this sick compulsion to watch them, either (a) in theaters, or (b) at home, alone, in the middle of the night, with all the lights off.  Me = Stupid.
(24)  I get gipped on birthday and Christmas presents every year.  It’s because my birthday is December 22nd.
(25)  I like all kinds of music, so I can never pick a favorite band, singer, or song if asked.  So don’t ask me.
(26)  I’ve never ridden a city bus in my life.  Well, not in North America, at least.  Taxis, subways, trains, and planes, yes, but no busses that weren’t yellow.
(27)  I’d love to get a tattoo, but three things prevent me from doing so:  (1) I’m petrified of needles, (2) I’m afraid I’d hate it down the road, and (3) working in a nursing home has exposed me to the effects of aging on skin, so no.  (Although, I’d probably get my favorite song lyric inked on my right foot.)
(28)  I love cold weather because of the wonderful fashion accessories:  coats, scarves, beanies, mittens, fingerless gloves, and let’s not forget Uggs!  (I have four pairs; excessive, I know.)
(29)  I know the songs from all of the classic Disney movies by heart.
(30)  I can pretty much quote the entire film of both Mean Girls and Napoleon Dynamite.
(31)  Earlier I said I was addicted to Starbucks.  That being said, I don’t like coffee.  I love their tea and their hot chocolate, though.
(32)  I love nothing more that curling up on the coach under my down blanket and watching movies all day in the dead of winter.
(33)  I’m obsessed with all things black, silver, charcoal grey, hot pink, royal blue, mustard yellow, and zebra print.  Love.
Enjoy the game in a few hours, and I’ll either post later tonight (if I get my anatomy work done), or tomorrow morning.
Quickly, before I run out the door to go to my Anatomy/Physiology Lab (which, by the way, is 2.5 hours, and the labs literally takes me less than 1; ridiculous), I just want to say a few things that I feel need to be said, some of which could be a bit controversial (I said a bit; that could be a stretch):
There is absolutely nothing controversial about this gorgeous German.  Anyways, the Sabres really need to stop giving me bad news while driving at high speeds.  Last night, Kim and I drove up to the outlet mall in Niagara Falls, but then decided to go on a little adventure.  So, whilst driving down the 219 to Boston, I hear my phone vibrate in my door, so I grab it, and seeing “722737” on my screen, I say, “Oh God, what did the Sabres do now?”.  Then, while holding the wheel, at about 70 mph, I read:
“BREAKING NEWS–Buffalo Sabres GM Dary Regier announced that Jochen Hecht underwent surgery today on his finger and will miss a couple of weeks.  Txt End 2 quit.”
Wow.  Enough said, pretty much.  No, really, though, I’m extremely upset.  Then Kim goes, “Well, just think:  This could mean a call-up for Gerbe!”  And then I thought rationally (why do I always have to do that?), “No, because we have Ellis, and besides, Ruff always calls up whoever had been hot down there, and that’s MARK MANCARI!!!”  Which is kinda funny because Ruff said he would be the guy if they do, indeed, decide a filler guy is in order.  But then he’d have to clear waivers again, and I’d be a basketcase for the entire 24-hour waiver period.  
Jochen, ich liebe dich.  That’s “I love you” in German, if you can’t remember my story about him hearing me say that to him during practice one day.  He literally turned around and looked at me.  Who was mortified?  This girl.
I’ll be the first to admit that when this guy was a free agent, I wanted the Sabres to pick him up again.  I love Mike Peca.
True, his game is a fine line between gritty and dirty, but the guy’s smart.  He didn’t win the Selke purely by chance, and there was a reason for his being named Captain during his tenure here.  And the guy’s just not stupid.
That being said, I don’t think whatever happened here (WARNING:  Really bad fan video) is worth a 10-game suspension.  He admittedly grabbed the ref’s arm, but there is no way in hell you can convince me that he hit a linesman with his stick, as was perceived.
Now I realize that there’s this thing in the NHL where you’re not supposed to touch the sacred officials, but (1) they often ignore player’s pleas, especially if the person they’re coming from has a negative reputation of any sort, and (2) how were they supposed to hear anything remotely sounding like a voice when, HELLO! Dallas just scored and 18,532 people are screaming their heads off because, HEY! the Stars just scored on a 2-man advantage!  So he grabbed your arm.  Big deal.  Give him the three games mandated by the automatic contact clause or whatever it’s called and be done with it.  Peca is not so stupid as to use excessive force with an official.
There was something else I had to say too, but I can’t remember what it was, and I really need to get going to lab…
Anyways, since I can’t provide you with anything good to read, go read THN’s article about Nathan Gerbe that appears in the issue my household received yesterday.  Actually, I can’t find it, so I’ll post about it later, or tomorrow, or something.  But I love it, because the Sabres list him as 5’6″, as do the Pirates, by they (THN) say he’s 5’5″.  WHICH MEANS I AM TALLER THAN HIM!  That’s exciting shit right there!
And speaking of the Pirates, they do Bobblehead Nights, so go vote for the guy to have his very own Bobblehead.
Okay, ’til later.  Have a nice day, everyone!  And, oh yeah, Go Sabes!

Sabres 7
Islanders 1

This little portion of this post has nothing to do with today’s game, but to my delight, when I came home from running errands, I found these on my dining room table:

If you can’t read them, they’re tickets to the November 8th game in Boston.  Kim and I are road-tripping up there, and up to Portland for a game.  =]  11TH ROW!!!  Serious TV possibilities…

–  Lalime is in net tonight; Ruff says Miller will play Wednesday in New York (Rangers).  Good.  Ruff’s learning.
–  And Rick DiPietro isn’t playing.  Shucks.
–  Some of the guys were eating spaghetti for breakfast.
–  The Geico gecko is at the game.  (It’s Kid’s Day)

20:00  Poor Ryan has to sit all by himself in the Zamboni entrance.  I’ll sit with him.  And he’s wearing a beanie.
16:00  I love when Rick’s voice cracks.  And so far, this game has been kinda boring.  =/
13:31  Derek Roy is a beast.  He took on 4 Islanders, dumped the puck in, and recovered it.  Then had a decent shot on goal.  This is why I love him.
9:51  Power play goal by Jochen Hecht!!!!!!!  Nice goal, from the side of the net, using the goalie as a means of banking the puck in. 1-0 Buffalo.
6:22  Mike Comrie is a joke.  Jumping Henrik in retaliation…  I guess it was a little bit of an iffy hit, but that doesn’t warrant cross-checking and slashing him, and then punching him with a glove on.  4 minute power play!!
2:19  ANOTHER blown 4 minute power play.  Lindy needs to do more work with the PP, and yes, I know Jochen just got a PP goal.
0:00  1-0 Buffalo.  Shots:  13-7 in favor of Buffalo

18:46  Lalime poke check!  I love a good poke check…
17:38  ADAM MAIRRRRR!!!!  Yay!  Way to go to the net!!  2-0 Buffalo.
17:12  Rick just said Jochen went to the dressing room at the last whistle…  And Derek looked pissed off at himself for missing a wide-open net.  I’m pissed too, Derek.
13:00 Daniel Paille (BEAST) and Thomas Vanek are my heroes!!!  Vanek scores shorthanded.  3-0 Buffalo.
11:21  The Population of Pominville is now 1!!!!  4-0 Buffalo.
11:17  FIGHT!!!!  Rivet’s in the middle of it; I couldn’t tell what happened to him but Mair jumped someone because he did something to Rivet (I think).  “He’s eating him up!” according to Rick.  And Pat just body-slammed Witt!  LOVE!  “It’s a wild and wooley one!”  And now Lindy is screaming at the Islander’s bench.  Remember what Lindy does when he argues with the other bench?  I do.  That was awesome!  =]  “There’s room on the bench for Ryan Miller if he wants to go over there.”  PENALTIES:  Rivet get 5 minutes, and 2 game misconducts, Kaleta got a 5 and a 10, and Mair got 5.  Bergenehim got 5 and a game, same with Witt, and Thompson got a 5.  Put it all together?  80 minutes.  From one fight.  Talk about old time hockey.
10:40  Danny Paille beats out an Islander to cancel out an icing for the second time this afternoon.  Again, Beast.
9:28  Another puck banked off MacDonald for Vanek’s second of the night!  And another PPG, at that.  5-0 Buffalo.
8:30  Injury Update:  Jochen Hecht’s return is questionable, due to an upper body injury.  Great.
7:30  Derek jumps over someone to drive to the net with the puck.  Too bad MacDonald managed to stop that one.
3:14  Jaro got a delay of game penalty for shooting the puck over the glass.  I despise that penalty.  2:1 rush for Derek and Jason; no results.
2:00  Danny Paille possibly hurt?  Hobbled, in the least…
0:51  5:3 power play coming up!!  Haha, Comrie, you fool.  I love you.  And when I say I love you, I mean I cannot stand you.  And waving a white flag in the penalty box?  Well, there’s no room in the NHL for quitters.  Bye bye.  Haha, they’re playing “SOS” by the Jonas Brothers….
0:00  5-0 Buffalo.  Harry:  “The Sabres have the Islanders by the throat, and I don’t think they’re going to let up in the third.”  Shots:  26-15 Buffalo.

20:00  Because Rivet got 2 game misconducts, he may or may not be suspended for a game…  That’s up to the league.  I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see.
19:02   Big Al, one-timer, on the power play…  6-0 Buffalo.
14:39  Islanders finally get on the board.  2:1 rush, and Hunter buries it; well, it deflected off of Spacek anyways.  6-1 Buffalo.
14:14  Vanek takes a stupid goaltender interference penalty.  Tommy, you should know better.
9:12  Danny sets up Sparky-Clarkey on a give-and-go.  Yay!!!  7-1 Buffalo.
5:20  Lalime pulls a Hasek and comes flying out of the net, up past the faceoff circle to play the puck.
0:00  7-1 Buffalo.  Shots:  35-24, Buffalo.

What.  A.  Game.  I LOVE THE SABRES!!  I don’t have much time to write an elaborate recap because I’m housesitting with Kim, and the house doesn’t have wireless capabilities (well, it does, but they forgot the password), so I have to post before I go over there.  And I’m going over there in about 15 minutes.  SO!  Wow.  We were physical, smart, consistent, solid, and mentally-prepared and aware.  AND OUT POWER PLAY WORKED!!  I’m so proud!  And to top it all off, Mike Comrie made a fool of himself.  It couldn’t be better.  And it truly says something about a team when 14 different players get on the score sheet (see below for details).

1st Star  :  Thomas Vanek / Adam Mair
Tommy makes his case by scoring 2 goals and stepping it up on the special teams, scoring on both the power play and while shorthanded.  Adam kicked ass in that fight, and netted the game winner.

2nd Star  :  Jason Pominville / Ales Kotalik
Both guys had a goal and 2 assists, and Al’s goal on the power play boosted the team.

3rd Star  :  Patrick Lalime
Way to step in and be solid in your first game in the blue and gold.  Keep it up!  Plus, I quote:  “The guys played a hell of a game!”

Islanders’ Star  :  Rick DiPietro
He’s the only guy on that team that can’t be held accountable for this catastrophe.

For a complete list, go here, but like I said:  14 guys got on the scoresheet for Buffalo:
Vanek (2-0)
Kotalik (1-2)
Pominville (1-2)
Hecht (1-1)
MacArthur (1-0)
Mair (1-0)
Afinogenov (0-2)
Paille (0-2)
Numminen (0-1)

Rivet (0-1)
Roy (0-1)

Sekera (0-1)
Spacek (0-1)
Tallinder (0-1)

Rivet’s status for Wednesday’s game is up in the air, although the guys seem to think nothing will come of his 2 game misconducts.  Hecht, however, will be out for a little bit of time, according to Ruff, with an upper body injury.  More details to come with that, I’m sure.  Again, a great game.  I love these guys…

This is quite the surprising choice, I don’t think anyone expected him, a newcomer, to be named captain. But actually in my opinion I think it is a good choice, he’s got a lot of experience, he’s one of the older guys on the team and he was an alternate captain in San Jose. I know most people will probably be unhappy with the choice and probably would have preferred the captaincy to go to someone who had been with the team longer but hey at least it’s not rotating captaincy. I think I speak for Cari and I that nothing drove us crazier than trying to remember who was captain in a certain month. Read all about Lindy’s choice here.

The alternatives and these come as no surprise are Jochen Hecht, Jaroslav Spacek, Jason Pominville and Teppo Numminen, according to Lindy Ruff two will wear the A’s on the road and two will wear the A’s at home. Sort of like the cocaptaincy with Drury and Briere one was captain at home and one was captain on the road.

I think having one captain is the best for everyone they now can look to one person for guidance and will be able to focus more on the game than worrying about who was going to wear the C the next month. I’m happy for Craig Rivet and I’m sure he will bring some much needed wisdom and experience to a relatively young team.

Well now we can get back to worrying about the season opener which by the way is in approximately 48 HOURS!!!!!

So Kim and I ventured down to the Sabres’ open practice this morning, which I had thought started at 10, but it was really 9, so we unfortunately missed the beginning.

Oh well.

First funny story:  We were talking about all the guys, and saying stupid things like girls do, such as “Ohmygod, he’s hot,” but we were also constructively talking.  We decided, though, to keep our dignity a little bit intact, we should speak in German, since both of us studied it in school.  Me, being the genius I am, spotted Jochen Hecht about to step off the bench right in front of us (we were sitting in the front row) and said, “Ich liebe dich,” which translates to I love you, and HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME.  How embarrassing.

Paul Gaustad appeared to be anything but himself when he first hit the ice; he looked tired and possibly ill, and carried a bright green drink onto the rink and set it on the boards in front of us.  If anything, it was probably the beverage making him sick, because as soon as he got rid of it, he seemed much more perky and lively.

Ryan Miller was caught yawning.  Sorry practice is so boring for you, Mr. I’m Not A Rock Star.  We’ll let you get your beauty sleep now; sorry for keeping you awake.

We had to giggle when Nathan Gerbe skated out because he looked just like an Oompa Loompa in his green practice jersey.  And it was pure genius that he happened to be out there at the same time as 6’7″ Tyler Myers.  When they had a little pow-wow with Ruff, Tyler took a knee, and Nate stood, but they were practically the same height.  I swear, if you put Derek Roy out there with him, Derek would look like a giant.

And guess who was conspicuously missing from practice today!!!  Perhaps, the only Sabre to not put on skates today?  Mr. Timothy Connolly.  Now, this just fits into my theory that Timmy is not a real person, because no one ever sees him, so I’ve come to the conclusion that he is a figment of Buffalo’s imagination.  Anyways, has anyone heard if this person, who happened to be the captain Tuesday night, is hurt? or otherwise maligned? or is healthy and is just a bum?  Because if you know, you’d best share that information with me, because I’m dying to know.  Just dying.  And I love Tim, so I need to have knowledge of his safety.  Because if he’s hurt (which actually wouldn’t surprise me), I’d cry.

Anyways, we’re going to the practice again tomorrow, but for now, enjoy the sights from today.  And we’ve got the Red Carpet ceremony on Saturday covered as well.  =]


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