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Okay, Sabres. You’ve had your fun. And by fun, I mean toying with the hearts of countless people throughout Western New York, Southern Ontario, and across the country.


In fact, it’s downright despicable. I really don’t care for how you’ve been playing, at all. Goaltending? Needs to be better. Consistent, but yet, needs to be better. Defense? Don’t even get me started. Offense? Ditto.

First of all, DEREK ROY I TOLD YOU THAT YOU CAN’T BE FRIENDS WITH ANYONE. Not the coach who led you to the Memorial Cup, no one. Know why? Because he coaches Gregory Campbell. YOU CAN’T BE FRIENDS WITH HIM. Wanna know why? Because he could have single-handedly beat you last night. That’s why.


I mean, something is obviously wrong in the locker room. I, for one, don’t think it’s Lindy Ruff’s fault. The guys don’t have it in them. I don’t know why, but they just don’t. Somehow, though, I honestly feel like management might call for Lindy’s head. But I don’t think Regier would allow Ruff to be axed; they’ve been together too long, and they were together when this team didn’t make the playoffs, what, three seasons in a row? Regier, as we are all too well aware, is not one to jump the gun, so I really believe that Ruff’s job is safe, and that’s fine by me, because he is an elite coach.

That being said, I’ll refer to my comment about the guys just not showing up. What’s my solution to that? Make some phone calls to Portland. Get Nathan Gerbe on a plane ASAP. If I were Lindy, I’d stick with the plan of benching guys. I’m still on the Bench Derek Roy Bandwagon. He most definitely needs to play better (and obviously my theory of embarrassing him didn’t work as well as I had hoped). But seriously. Rotate Gerbe in for the guys we are very much underachieving this year. Oh, wait… That’s pretty much everyone except for Vanek, and I’ll throw MacArthur in there (strictly because of his numbers) and Mancari (because he’s played pretty well). And like I said, don’t even get me started on the D. Seriously, bench them all. Play Paetsch and Weber in Lydman and Tallinder’s spots for a few games, and then in Sekera and Spacek’s, and then Numminen’s. I won’t throw Rivet in there because he’s been battling injuries all season, but still.


We obviously have to find what’s wrong with this team, and we have to find it now. Because as it stands, playoff-wise, we’re already on the outside. And I’m not so sure I can take another Sabre-less late spring.

Like I said to Anne today, I seriously want to jump a plane to Tampa when I drop my brother off at the airport this morning. I really want to go down there, smack every single Buffalo Sabre across the face, and then proceed to bawl my eyes out and throw a hissy fit to make them see just how much their sucking affects me.

Oh, my God. If I talk about them any more I think I actually might start crying. Either that, or my couch pillows and other household objects may suddenly be able to fly…

So, I think, instead of talking about those men who shall not be named (Sounds like Harry Potter, eh? I think I might use Kim’s method: ******.), I think I’m just going to post ridiculous pictures of them, and talk about my boyfriends from the other teams.

Here goes.

So, in last night’s game, my Florida boyfriend, the beautiful David Booth did what? Nothing. Oh, that’s right, because he didn’t play, because he has some shoulder injury.


But Marcus Naslund scored for the Rangers, neither of my goalie BF’s played in the Islanders/Caps game, both Staal brothers let me down in their matchup, Shea Weber netted a goal, Todd Fedoruk did as well, and that’s it. Well I guess I pretty much got stood up across the board. But thank you, Marcus, Shea, and Todd, for trying to cheer me up. But, alas, it didn’t work.

At least Tampa lost… But, wait, I don’t think that will matter since they absolutely steamrolled us when they were up here last.

Umm, so a picture…

So I lied. I can’t look at my pictures of the ****** without getting all kinds of upset. Well, I’ll put up a picture of one of my guys who didn’t let me down last night:

The Pirates couldn’t possibly let me down last night because they didn’t play.

In fact, they only made me love them more.

While the Sabres are out making millions by playing terribly and galavanting on the beach and Chippewa, the most adorable hockey players every (coughTHEPIRATEScough) are doing charity work. Yeah, that’s right, and making the days of countless children, grown men, and adoring women.

Three of the four Mikey-Poo’s in Portland (Card, Funk, and Kostka), along with Derek Whitmore unveiled the newly remodeled Dorothy Elizabeth room at Gary’s House, a Ronald McDonald-esque house, in Portland. They also decorated for Christmas.

And then Tim Kennedy (who looks like a child himself) and Jimmy Bonneau did a signing.

The Pirates are my new hockey loves.

Take that, Sabres. Oh, and Derek Roy? I’m breaking up with you.

Okay, I have to start off this entry by wishing my beautiful partner-in-crime and best friend Kim a wonderfully happy Birthday. She turns Paille years old today!!

Oh, and Paul?? Kim’s hoping and wishing that you score a hat trick today. I’m thinking it’s not going to happen. We’ll see.

And I’ll be the same in Stafford days…

Back to the real reason I’m so excited about posting today…

We all know that Derek Roy is the most high-maintenance of the Sabres, and we all know that he lives a lavish lifestyle that Kanye West dreams of. But Derek’s a pretty simple guy. Wanna know why? Because he gets drunk, and does really ridiculous stuff, just like anyone else who’s had a few too many.

But what I really love about this guy? The fact that he falls down on the sidewalk on Chippewa, with only one shoe one.


So I have this theory about how D might have hurt his groin. Now, among the wonderful pictures that dear reader Katie so wonderfully gifted to me, there’s one that puts Princess D in quite a compromising position… I’m not going to elaborate… I’ll leave that for my dear friend MJ, as I couldn’t do it any justice…

BUT. I honestly believe that Princess D was probably out drinking at Liars or somewhere, and decided he wanted a change of scenery, so he stumbled out onto Chippewa. But because he’d had a few too many already, didn’t consider picking his feet up to step over the cracks in the sidewalk, and took a tumble. I’m sure he twisted his groin while rolling around on the sidewalk like a turtle flipped over on its back.

And we all know how my theories seem to be working out this year. Remember what I said about the Sabres and Bills winning and losing together???

And, as if this day couldn’t start off any worse, I’M HEARING FROM SABRES EDGE THAT PATTY K MIGHT BE HURT???!!??!!! OMG NO. I adore him. So no. Please. Just, no.

I don’t think my heart could take a blow like that one after those pictures… I’m just too elated about Derek Roy to take a hit with Patty… It would just kill me….

And I’m with Lindy. We need some “puck luck,” and we need it bad.

Hockey finally starts tonight!!!!!!!!!  FOR REAL!!!  Ohmigosh I feel bad for my neighbors.  Since I cannot get to the game tonight, I’m having a little Sabres Soiree by myself, since all of my friends are either working, going to the game, or are out of town.  Well, actually, my friend Jason texted me last night and asked if I wanted to go see Quarantine with himself and some guys we used to work with, but I obviously declined, for both obvious and not-so-obvious reasons.  I HAVE HOCKEY TO WATCH, PEOPLE!!
Um, so basically I have no words to say, because I cannot even think straight.  I feel that the only thing I can come up with right now is along the lines of Lindy Ruff’s words:
“Every year it’s special.  I can just tell you that [the] last two mornings there you usually get in at 7:30-8 and it’s been 6:30-7 because you can’t wait to get it started.  And it’s almost a nervous anxiety, even for coaches.  It’s like, ‘Do we have everything covered?  Have we gone through everything we can possibly go through?’  And when you’ve done that you ask that question again.  It doesn’t change.”

Basically, that’s me.  I woke up at 9, instantly shot out of bed and ran downstairs to get my newspaper.  (Actually, my mother held up the Home & Style section to show me a picture, but sunlight was shining through and my eyes weren’t completely focused due to being shut for 8 hours, so I at first thought Nathan Paetsch (model version) was Lance Bass.  Sorry, Nate.  ilu)  This is me everyday, but now every mention of the Sabres is making me squeel with joy.
I CANNOT WAIT.  I’m going shopping for Soiree Supplies shortly.  I have to decide what I want to snack on during the game.  Any suggestions?  Hmm, maybe some taco pizza, since it’s all Derek Roy’s rage.
Guys, if you can get to watch the game on MSG, they’re showing the first episode of The Sabres Show at 7 pm before the game.  If you can’t watch MSG, it’s also premiering on SabresTV on the website at 6:30 pm this evening.  Read about it here.
There was an article about Clint Malarchuk’s accident that I mentioned yesterday in the TBN today; read that here.
Also in the TBN, as I mentioned early, was Nathan Paetsch modeling.  That’s because, as I’m sure you’ve all heard, SabreStyle debuts today.  I have to call the Sabres Store and find out if it’ll be out all day today, or if they’re just putting it out for the game.  Because if it’s the former, I’m going down there proto.  But anyways, Nathan and Adam look damn good in these pictures, although I’m partial to Danny on the website.
The Gusto today also highlights the best places to watch the game locally if you can’t make it to the game:
–  Dave & Buster’s, Eastern Hills Mall
–  Old Falls Sports Bar & Grill, 300 Third St, Niagara Falls
–  Buffalo Wild Wings, 2017 Elmwood Ave, 3035 Niagara Falls Blvd, or 5431 Transit Rd
–  Duff’s, 3090 Orchard Park Rd, Orchard Park, or the Amherst location at Sheridan Dr. and Millersport Hwy
–  Tully’s, 1459 Niagara Falls Blvd, or the location near the Eastern Hills Mall
–  The Warehouse, 4360 Milestrip Rd, Blasdell
–  Buffalo Sports Garden, 2945 Southwestern Blvd, Orchard Park
That’s about all I can give you right now, because like I said, my brain is like this:
so I really can’t focus on doing anything.
I’m going to go shopping and hope for interesting Sabres news from some other people today, since I’m behaving like a kid would if it were Christmas Day but they had to wait until 7 pm to open their present.  NOT GOOD.
Go Sabres!!
This is going to get lengthy…

So I woke up at 8:00 am for nothing because right now it’s 8:35, and still no Derek Roy report.  They just told me that he’d be on after they played Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” which is fine by me because I love him too, but after that, they’re now playing “Sexy Can I?”  I’m a little miffed.

There is some silver lining, in these finer points provided by today’s TBN:
–  Ryan Miller, on his teammates, specifically the ones he played in Rochester with, and the ones he now plays with:  “I’m sitting here sever years deep with a few guys, and I consider them some of my best friends.  It’s just kind of the attitude.  You’re around them, you get to know each other, you have a history.  I know just a ton about these guys, where they come from, what they’re all about, what they want to do in their life.  Not just in hockey, but everything, because you have time to talk.  You’re sitting on the bus, and you’re talking about everything.  You’re on the plane, you’re goofing around, and you’re talking about life.  It’s what you do with your friends–your best friends.”

–  Ryan and Paul traveled across Europe together this past summer, and there were “standing next to [each other] in the fall of 2005, when their lifelong dreams were fulfilled…  One day Lindy Ruff summoned them.  Surrounded by uncertainty, they marched to see the coach.  Guys, he said, it’s time you found a place to live.”

–  Lindy Ruff:  “We had a winning year last year; but it wasn’t a playoff year.  In my book, winning is calculated by being able to play past the regular season.  We didn’t quite make it, and the character part of this is you learn from your disappointments.”

–  Despite playing only 48 games last season, Tim Connolly was 6th on the team in scoring (40 points), 3rd in assists (33), 4th in home scoring (29), and 3rd in home assists (24).  I guess when he’s really, really bad, he’s actually really, really good.  That could explain A LOT.

–  Connolly had this to say:  “I’m by far in the best shape of my life, bar non.  All the physical testing results are the highest I’ve had in my career.  It was a long summer of rehab and training and getting ready.  The goal is playing every game.  Contribute at both ends of the rink and contribute on the special teams because I feel like I can make the team better in those areas.”  A later quote said this:  “I’m not authorized to talk about injuries,’ a smirking Connolly said.”  HE SMIRKED.  THIS IS NOT OUR TIM CONNOLLY.  He must be an imposter.
–  Matthew Barnaby will appear on SportsCenter on Wednesday and Thursday nights and also make rounds of ESPNews an ESPN radio and write for
Derek Roy FINALLY had this to say:
–  The team is ready and raring to go.
–  The team has been focusing on defense.
–  The officials are going to be cracking down on obstruction.
–  His goals?  “Pretty much the same…  More leadership.”
–  “Not just making the playoffs, going deep in the playoffs.”
–  Craig Rivet “is great.”
–  Craig Rivet is “a 30-year-old trapped in a 14-year-old’s body.”
–  They’re going to play tricks on the newbie.
–  He’s expecting to be on the PK.
–  He likes to block shots.
–  Who’s available to date?  Himself, Ales, Tim, Drew, Adam, Paul, Pat K…  They stopped there.  (He lied though, because we’re dating.  And MJ is with Adam, and Kim is with Paul, so…  But he did confirm that Danny is engaged.)
–  “That’s a random question.”
–  Wants a cure for cancer.
–  Perfect pizza?  Taco pizza.
–  Most embarrassing moment?  Had an empty net in a championship game and missed.  Shot into the corner, and then fell down and ran into the post.
–  Worst pick up line he used or heard?  “I don’t use them… but ‘How much does a polar bear weigh?’  ‘Enough to break the ice.”
–  Believes in ghosts.
–  Identifies most with Vinnie on Entourage.  His brother (which one?) would be Drama.
–  Identifies with the Roadrunner.  Because he’s fast.
–  Likes to play Guitar Hero.
–  Has a guitar, but admittedly needs lessons.
Oh, and Clint Malarchuk shot himself in the face.  Don’t worry; he’s okay.  At least, as okay as he can be.  Apparently he was shooting rabbits on his Nevada property and was reloading the gun and it went off.  At least, that’s what they were saying on Kiss before Derek came on.
And the TBN also had this in the Life & Arts section:  Country star Kellie Pickler last year battled depression and suffered severe reactions to antidepressants after struggling with family problems and an emotional breakup with her boyfriend, professional hockey player Jordin Tootoo.  I’d be emotional, too, if I had just broken up with him, although I feel my emotions would be the exact opposite of Kellie’s, because I’d be absolutely elated.  Whatever, though.
Does anybody else think this is a bit ironic?  I mean, I know the Pirates play in the AHL, and the AHL isn’t nearly as difficult as the NHL, but come on.
I mean, ALL of these guys were HERE, and the guys that ARE here can’t do it, but the guys that are THERE can???  Now I’m not saying we would’ve won last night if Jhonas Enroth was in net and if we had Marek Zagrapan centering the second line (notice I left Derek his rightful place on the first).**  Whatever though.  I’m still pissed that they took Derek’s goal away from him.
Lindy Ruff pretty much sums it up in the TBN:
“It’s tough.  Ty Conklin has been tough on us, we get one and it doesn’t count.”
It just drives me nuts because every time we’ve played him since he took off the blue and gold, we’ve lost.  Ice Bowl?  Lost.  The game Kim and I drove down to Pittsburgh for?  Lost.  Last night?  Lost.  Sound familiar?
I’ve worked myself up enough about a preseason game, so I’m not going to talk about it anymore.
In other news, neither Kim or I mentioned that MARK MANCARI CLEARED WAIVERS!!  I guess it was pretty obvious because neither of us have stopped paying attention to the world, and if he had, trust me, YOU’D KNOW.
**Stats for the Portland Pirates/Albany River Rats preseason game:
Marek Zagrapan:  2 goals, 1 assist
Nathan Gerbe:  1 assist
Jhonas Enroth:  30 minutes (approx.), 1 goal against
Adam Dennis:  30 minutes (approx.), 2 goals against
By Cari and Kim
Why do you build us up, Buffalo Sabres, just to let us down, and mess us around?  And then worst of all, you never score, baby, when you say you will, but we love you still.  We need you more than anyone darlings, you know that we have from the start.  So build us up, buttercups, and don’t break our hearts.
Anyways, back to real blogging; THAT GAME BLEW.
(1)  We couldn’t listen to Rick and Harry because they were delayed about ten seconds and I have ADD, so I made Kim suffer through the FSN Detroit guys.
(2)  Derek Roy totally scored and because THAY DON’T USE VIDEO REPLAY IN THE PRESEASON they couldn’t review it.  What the hell kind of policy is that?
(3)  The FNS Detroit guys are idiots:  (a) they claimed that one of the Detroit players was “humping that a guy a little bit,” (b) they couldn’t pronounce Rivet correctly, and (c) they couldn’t pronounce Sekera either.
(4)  Ty Conklin sucks.  End of story.
(5)  Our power play sucks.  10 man-advantages and no conversions.  Pathetic.
(6)  Andrew Peters didn’t fight.  Oh, wait, that was good because he drew a penalty.  But then again, our power play sucked, so that didn’t matter.
(7)  Derek Roy got elbowed in the face and I almost died.
(8)  Ryan Miller almost died when his mask came off, and the refs almost didn’t notice.
(9)  We lost.
And to top it all off, the Bills got KILLED, and Trent Edwards should shack up with Tim Connolly.
Let’s take a look at what went right tonight:
(1)  Maxim Afinogenov laid someone out–INTENTIONALLY–and didn’t hurt himself in the process.
(2)  Lindy Ruff swore.  That’s always good for entertainment.
(3)  Derek Roy somehow managed to get the Third Star.  Probably something to do with that goal he didn’t score.
(4)  No one got seriously hurt.
(5)  Oh, wait, that’s it.
So we’re really glad the Sabres ended up with a preseason record of 1-3-1.  That’s pretty spectacular.  And by that, I mean spectacularly atrocious.
Hopefully, this won’t be a sign of things to come, and that there will be good news in the next few days.
Oh, and by the way, we’re now watching Ryan Miller’s favorite movie, the classic Super Troopers.

It’s all Kim’s fault, so don’t blame me, but we missed the first part of practice because she had school.  I totally could’ve gone by myself for the first hour and a half, but I don’t like to do much by myself (I guess I’m the typical flocking girl).  So, sorry Jill, but I missed Ryan and Paul.  I know, it’s tragic.  I guess I need to work on my confidence and go somewhere by myself.  But there are other reasons why I didn’t go that have to do with a certain someone, but I won’t get into that…

Anyways, as far as I’m concerned, Tim Connolly wasn’t there.  Again.  So, I still say he’s dead.  Or a hologram.  I don’t know which is worse.

Speaking of dead, each player was hooked up to a heart-rate monitor, much like the ones Kim and I were forced to use during our senior year gym class.  And they put all of the heart rates up on the Jumbotron.  Now, the thing about these heart-rate monitors is that if the sensor can’t pick up your pulse, you appear to be dead (or in this case, non-applicable).  And, at one point, THEY WERE ALL DEAD.  Roy, Vanek, Paetsch, Afinogenov, Lalime, Weber, Mair, Kennedy, Spacek, Tallinder…  All gone.  I would NOT want to be that bearer of bad news to Lindy Ruff if, say, they actually were dead.  I don’t think he could be held responsible for what he would, and I think what he would do would be kill me.  So it’s really a lose-lose situation for me.

And MJ will be happy to know that the new Beloved-Future-Ex-Husband was taking his babysitting job to the max of seriousness, adopting a new client, Tim Kennedy.

(I wanted to insert the picture of those two standing in line with Clarke, waiting to do a drill, but it won’t work.  The caption would’ve read:  Adam had to keep these two separated.  I wonder who was being bad and beating up the other?  Clarke probably put glue in Tim’s helmet or something…  Drew is teaching him to do bad things with paste.)

And HE was smiling, too!!  What is this world coming to?  Tim Connolly, Drew Stafford, AND Adam Mair all smiling?  Within a week?  Something’s wrong with the water in Buffalo this year, I think…

Coaching/Leading practice today was James Patrick and the assistant from Portland (Sorry!!  Forgot your name…).  Lindy’s absence led Kim and I to wonder if he was finalizing the next set of cuts, and probably the line up for tomorrow’s game.  This was kind of confirmed when they were stretching out at the end and Patrick said, “The line-up’s up, so check for your name.”  That kind of made me envision them all running down the hall to the bulletin board like they do in movies about high school and checking for their name.  And I can just see someone punching a locker for getting cut, or whatever.  I don’t doubt that it happens.  But I guess they can all (well, mostly, anyways) pretty much figure out where they’ll fall into place.  And like Kim said before, the only guys’ status that I’m worried about are Paetsch, Mancari, and MacArthur.

And can I please just tell you all how excited I am to go to tomorrow’s game?!?  It was totally a (sort-of) spur of the moment thing, because I was listening to the game Monday on my walkman (which I bought for $10 at Target) at work while pushing some lady around in a wheelchair, and they started talking about the red carpet thing, and I freaked out.  I looked at the girl I work with and was like, “If I make plans for Saturday can you work for me?”  And of course she said yes, so I called up Kim and told her to check for tickets because she’s going with her mother and I totally would’ve gone by myself (for the first time in my life), but luckily I got a seat right behind them because the lady at the arena ticket office was beautiful.  BUT I’M SO EXCITED TO KICK OFF MY PART OF THE HOCKEY SEASON WITH A TORONTO GAME!!!  I just hope my loves play.  I know Myers is playing, but other than that, I have no clue.  Dress Royzie and I’ll be content.

Oh, and there are more pictures from today.  And more coming tomorrow night!  =]

When I opened my mailbox Tuesday evening, I was excited to find my new issue of The Hockey News, for some unknown reason…  Oh, wait, TRAINING CAMP STARTS FRIDAAAAYYYY!!  Anyways, the individual team reports were focused on the summer vacations of players, coaches, whomever.  Let us read:

Atlanta:  “Garnet Exelby ate black ink octopus risotto and he’s got the photo to prove it.”

My question?  Who the hell cares?

Boston:  “…[Zdeno] Chara traveled to Africa this summer, visiting Mozambique before hiking 18,650 feet up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.” 
My question?  Why would you subject yourself to such torture?  I mean, come on, you’re already practically that tall, but go for it man.  All the more power to ya.

Buffalo:  “The Sabres coach [Lindy Ruff] got a chance to caddy on the PGA tour for longtime friend and golf professional Dudley Hart.”
My question?  Did he get paid?  And did he supply Dudley with a Happy Gilmour-esque putter, much like Derek Roy used recently?  (I would post the picture, but I can’t find it)

Dallas:  “Sean Avery spent hours pondering the outfit he would wear to his Dallas Stars introduction press conference in August and settled on an unstructured suit of madras plaid with short pants and red leather dress shoes.”

My question?  Yes, I will admit that I am envious of him because he had an internship with Men’s Vogue magazine, but what the hell did he do to deserve this internship, and how the hell can someone like him still play hockey when he admitted that he doesn’t really watch any other sport or ANY OTHER HOCKEY GAME???  Nothing, and I have no idea.  Is he ridiculous?  Borderline homosexual?  I definitely think so.

Florida:  “[Tanner] Glass was afforded a rare opportunity of a different sort when he visited his girlfriend in eastern Africa, where she was working as a nurse for an HIV/AIDS awareness organization called Project Soccer.”
My question?  Okay, so I know Kim and I used to make fun of you when we went to Amerks games because you’re actually really good looking, but you have terrible hands, but who the hell knew you were such a sweetheart?  Major props because your girlfriend is a good person.

St. Louis:  “[Cam] Janssen and his friends that the boat to the Meramec and Mississippi rivers in Missouri.  They often go exploring in the woods.  ‘One time, we found a cave,’ Janssen said.  ‘There was a sleeping bag in there and a fire still burning.  We found the guy on a sandbar.  He looked like Charles Manson.  We asked him if he was alright and he just walked back into the woods.”
My question?  If he looks like Charles Manson, and he’s living in some remote cave in a wooded area off of a large river, WHY THE HELL DID YOU TALK TO HIM AND PRACTICALLY INVITE HIM ONTO YOUR BOAT?!?  Are you absolutely insane?  You’re just asking to end up the victim of a serial killer.

San Jose:  “In August, [Jeremy] Roenick bolstered his acting resume with a role in Leverage, a new TNT TV series…  Roenick said he has friends in the industry, one of whom ‘casts me in as many things as he can because he wants me to be an actor when I’m done playing hockey.”
My question?  Am I being a bit far-fetched when I go out on a limb and say I don’t think JR will have too great of a career in acting?  I’m not too sure, so I guess I’ll have to watch Leverage.

Those were the highlights.  There were a lot of weddings mentioned, but no one of great importance or interest.  Vinny Lecavalier rehabed, as did many others (no riding camels for him this off-season), and there were a lot of baseball-related activities.  Mark Bell served his community service by picking up garbage and doing landscaping.  Meanwhile, I had a relatively uneventful summer; I didn’t go anywhere further than Rochester or Toronto, and didn’t really do anything fun, unless work falls under that category, and last time I checked, it definitely did not.

And there was a small interview with Drew Stafford; in it he mentioned that he has roomed with Clarke MacArthur and Daniel Paille, who, by the way, are both “great, but Derek Roy?  It was all about him.  Damn straight, it’s all about him.  And can I just say how envious I am of Drew???  Well, I’m about as envious as one can get, times infinity.  And then he had to throw in a shameless plug for Invisible Children’s CD (WHICH IS FINALLY OUT!), called “Pralien.”  He considers it the best album of all time.  Click here for more info.

SIGHTING!!!  Mike Comrie (gag) and Hilary Duff were spotted at the Yankees/White Sox game last night, looking all (and by all, I mean not at all) cute.

And there was something else, but in my furious studies of sociology, anatomy, and nutrition, I seem to only be able to think of medical ailments.  How depressing, considering that fact that I don’t think I mentioned training camp, WHICH STARTS FRIDAY!!  Oh, wait, my bad.  That was the first thing I said.  I just wanted to be sure you didn’t forget.  =]


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