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(Anne, that title is for you, by the way.)

So I had this whole big spiel I was going to go through about how much a Sabres’ win would mean to this city, but right now, I’m ecstatic.

My emotions have been running on low for the past 24 hours, and to be honest, I didn’t think I could feel much worse after learning about the crash of Flight 3407.

But, wow. Just, wow.

This game was absolutely fantastic!!!

I don’t really have a ton of coherant thoughts for the game, but, rather, just some quips:

– Derek Roy is incredibly attractive when he’s being all feisty and starting trouble with the other players and mouthing off. idk why, but he is.

– Derek also scored his 100th career goal, on the same goal that Drew Stafford notched his 100th career point. Who gets to keep the puck? I think Roy should get it… Goals are cooler than points.

– It’s about time Jason Pominville nets a goal! I really think this is where he’ll turn it around… And that shootout goal he had was mighty fine.

– Nathan Gerbe’s play has been nothing short of foxy since he stepped foot on the ice at HSBC Arena, the Portland game included. I’m so glad he’s in the blue and gold. I can’t tell you how many times tonight I was wowed by his effort, his determination, and his heart. And when he had that knee-on-knee scare in overtime, I think I almost died a bit.

– Craig Rivet is my new hero. I don’t care what Derek says, and I don’t care about the age difference; I love him. He was just way too cute when he and the other guys were jumping around after Pommer’s goal. I just love him.

– Roy had an adorable little fist pump… thing… after his shootout goal.

– I honestly thought Danny Paille scored Spacek’s goal, and I really wish that he had. He did play very well, though, in his first game back, in my opinion at least.

– Did I mention that we beat the San Jose Sharks, arguably the best team in the league?

– Did I also mention that we, who are in 8th place in the East, are 2 points behind the Rangers, who are in 4th place in the East? Oh, and also that we’ve played them twice thus far this season, and we won both of those games?

– Looks like Lindy’s method of working the power play all practice long yesterday payed off, as we went 3-for-6? As in 50%?? Let’s do that more often, okay boys?

– I seem to like to refer to the Sabres as “we.” Like I’m part of the team. Sweet.

– I saw Caroline (of Hockey Night in Buffalo) on TV after Pominville’s game-tying goal!!

– I’m really, really, really happy about this win.

Okay. I’m going to watch Friday Night Lights (don’t judge me), and go to bed, as I’m working alllll day tomorrow, 7 am to 11:30 pm. Woo. Exciting stuff.

Happy Valentine’s Day friends, and same to the Sabres. =]



So, is Paul really coming back tonight?? I’m not entirely sure. Yes, I’d like to think so, but since I didn’t get to morning skate like I had hoped (Kim, it’s not your fault), I have no idea if he was even skating, because no reports have come back yet.


Whatever, though. I’m sure we’re going to have a difficult enough time with Ovie and the Caps tonight anyways, with or without Goose. Not that I don’t want him to come back tonight or anything, because I do. I really, really do. But I’m not sure throwing him into the lineup instead of Matt Ellis is really going to make that much of a difference tonight.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!!!???!?!?!??! I mean, I’m super duper excited that Paul and Gerbe Derby! are going to be back, BUT PATTY K???? SERIOUSLY??? WAAAAAA. Totally ruins my somewhat-decent mood.

And as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, I’ve really, really, REALLY gotten away from constructive, objective, and even smart hockey blogging. I’m hoping I can change that tonight, as I will be home with my mother, watching the game, with absolutely NO DISTRACTIONS, except for my cat, meowing for more food, which she will not get. So I’d like to liveblog tonight, but we’ll see how that goes, since I have this tendency lately to not do what I set out to do…

But let me get to the point that I’ve been meaning to for days. (See what I mean?)

DREW STAFFORD. (But really, when is my point something other than he or Derek Roy? BTW, has anyone noticed that there has not been one inkling of juicy Sabres news since those pictures surfaced? Boooooooo!!)

So remember when I was explaining my love for Drew, and how he almost beat out Derek to be my favorite? Yeah, well this explains it all:

As I stated yesterday, I purchased the 2008-2009 Buffalo Sabres Yearbook. Now, I thoroughly enjoyed reading most of the players “Off The Ice” profiles, but some of them were just plain boring and useless.

Drew’s, on the other hand, was a masterpiece. A masterpiece which Monet, Picasso, van Gogh, da Vinci, and Michelangelo would become teary-eyed in front of, and would worship for the rest of their now meaningless lives.

Let’s read:

Nickname: Staff

What did you do this summer? Took power skating class

Favorite vacation spot: Minnesota

Ehh, nothing too, too interesting, but it says that he’s a responsible, home-town boy. I can respect that.

Let’s continue:

Pet’s name: Dog (Gonzo), frog (Butters)

Ummmmmm… WHAT? Okay, Gonzo is cute and all, but why? And BUTTERS? I don’t even want to know the story behind that one… But I think it’s cute that he has a frog. I remember when I was little, my mom’s friend Penny and her husband Al (who everyone calls Jake… weird) lived out in Arcade, and we used to go out there for bonfires and stuff, and I used to run around and fill these gigantic buckets with frogs and toads. And now that I think about that, that’s kind of gross, and I’m sorry, I’m rambling again, and I’ll get back to the point. Those names are just…. odd.

Favorite athlete: Brett Farve before his attempt at a comeback

YES!! Cynicism and witt!! My favorites!

Favorite food: Chipotle

Favorite band: Invisible Children

Okay, cocky, conceited, and self-centered? Sure, but at least he’s consistent.

Favorite actor/actress: Brad Pitt, Mila Kunis

Favorite TV show: Tim and Eric

AHHHHHHH Adult Swim. Drew, ily.

Favorite movie: Gladiator

First car: 1999 Ford Explorer

Hobbies: Shredding, cooking, calculating breakdowns, hunting and gathering

Um, Drew? Have I ever told you that I love very strange and obscure senses of humor? Oh, I didn’t? Well I do. And did I mention that I find those senses of humor to be extremely attractive? NO? Oh… Well

If I wasn’t a hockey player I’d be: an orthopedic surgeon

Okay, as much as I adore you–which is a lot, I don’t think I’d be very comfortable with you operating on me… Yeah, no.

Best friend in the NHL: Zach Parise

Favorite book: James Patterson novels

Pet peeves: Toadies, weasels, gremlins, and bad drivers

Oh, Drew… What are we going to do with you?

Most influential person in your life: Myself

Alright, that’s either super existential, or you’re extremely cocky and arrogant. I’m going to believe the former, because I think that’s definitely more interesting and becoming of you.

Best way to describe me: Normal

Yeah…. Right.

Drew, Drew, Drew… Can I dump Derek and marry you instead? Please? You know where to find me…

Anyways… Go Sabres!! xoxo

Somebody please make sure that there is defibrillator on hand if Paul plays tonight because I’m pretty sure that my heart’s going to stop beating as soon as I see him in the good old blue and yellow. Word came down that Paul would be evaluated today, after skating on an actual line in practice yesterday, to determine if he would play tonight so everyone please cross your fingers because I could do with a little good news.

Why may you ask am I literally dying for some good news? One we play Washington tonight which means Ovie which is never a good thing (sorry Frostee). Two I’m getting sick which stinks by itself but add to the fact that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I’m going to start off the New Year sick doesn’t make me very happy. Three I just got my book list for next semester and because I have to buy a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff and a whole ton of books for my nursing and regular classes the grand total comes out to be around 700 dollars not really something I’m looking forward to. But enough about my stinky life back to hockey:

To Jay McKee’s finger: Hi finger Jay needs you and probably wishes that you would stay attached to his body so please do because we love Jay and want him to continue to be able to play hockey.

To Paul Gaustad’s upper-body injury/face injury: Hi injury you know by now that I love Paul and your being around has caused me to not see him play for the last 5 games and therefore undeniable pain. So while I can appreciate that Paul got you while in practice and therefore doing his joby I and mostly everyone else that I know would really like it if you would go away so that Paul could play tonight. Oh and if you have messed up Paul’s face in anyway know that I will hunt you down and gut you like a fish. (although it may seem impossible there are ways and just let me have my delusions its usually better this way because if not there are all kinds of medications and maybe some institutionalization in my future)

To Patrick Kaleta’s eyes: Hi eyes I know that you took a hit from stupid Denis Gauthier and I know your causing Patrick some problems and while I know none of it is your fault because we all blame that overgrown nancy boy Gauthier it would be really nice if you would allow Patty to see again so that he could play.

To Nathan Gerbe’s shoulder? upper body? whatever?: Gerbe Derby I miss you terribly and I want you BAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK. *goes to cry in the corner and curse out injuries*

To Craig Rivet’s shoulder: Hi shoulder you suck that’s all I have to say. You took away our captain and if how we’ve been playing lately is any indication we would really like him back so that he can use his amazing captain’s powers (which I’m sure he has) to make our guys play well again. These powers include the ability to write inspirational speeches powererful enough to make the manliest man cry, Jaro I’m sure would be blubbering like a baby all the while saying “Jaro sad” over and over and then because no other player wants to see another player cry or they’re just embarrassed for him they go out and play the best game of their lives….SEE, see what you have taken from us injury, damn you.

To Tim Connolly’s broken rib: Well it seems that you have been but one injury in a long line of injuries and when I heard about you all I could do was sit back and laugh because let’s face it you weren’t unexpected. Actually I had a countdown on my wall as to how long after Timmy came back it would take for an injury to appear well congratulations you’re the winner. I think that because of this latest injury Timmy needs to start being wrapped in bubble wrap before he goes out to play hockey and while this may not seem like the best solution who doesn’t love bubble wrap? Seriously I’m sure Man Child I and II (Danny and Clarke) would get the biggest kick out of poking Timmy just to hear the bubbles pop at least it would give them something to do while sitting on the bench. Anyways injury I don’t blame you at all Timmy is just very fragile and I believe that we should steal a bunch of those FRAGILE stickers that people but on boxes when they’re moving and stick them all over his jersey so that people will have warning that before they hit him they are most likely to cause serious injury.

New Year’s Resolution:

To stop swearing so much everyday, but during Sabres game make an exception.

I swear like a trucker most of the time and I really want to stop relying so much on curse words and start expressing myself using my big girl words. I can’t hold to that during the Sabres’ games though because it’s almost impossible not to swear at them repeatedly throughout a game.


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that you spend it with the people you love.

SEE YOU IN 2009!!!!!

So if any of you are friends with me on Facebook, you may have noticed that my status as of last night after the game read like such: “Carianne is really sick of Sidney Crosby, the biased referees, and the anti-Buffalo NHL. But thanks for the birthday wishes!”

I think that pretty much sums up my day.

No, really. It does. I had a fairly decent birthday, if you look past the fact that while I was driving home from work (my Monday shift) around midnight, my windshield cracked. And then Kim and I didn’t go to the Sabres’ practice or Chef’s yesterday, because we figured the streets would have been horrendously snow-bogged. So I missed the possibility of having the guys serenade me with the birthday song over some delicious chicken parmesan. Sad.

Instead, we went to visit our friend Karina (who is home from school in Pittsburgh) and her sister Andrea (who is home from school in Chicago) and we played some Guitar Hero, and they’re both terrible, but Andrea’s singing made it all worthwhile.

Then we sat in the waiting room at the glass place for almost 2 hours, and then it was game time.

Psh. Bullshit. There is no way in hell that the height of Crosby’s stick was less than that of the crossbar. No way. Thanks, Sid. You ruined a perfect pretty good birthday.

I was happy with the play of the Sabres (excluding some glaring mishaps by Numminen, Afinogenov, and some other turnovers and such), but the officiating just blew.

And I’m too angry at the refs and the War Zone operators to say anything else.

I’m just glad Patty K doesn’t have a concussion.

But since my birthday was pretty shitty hockey-wise, I hope Ales Kotalik’s 30th birthday is 1000 times better than my 20th.


Aww, shucks. We’re nine years and 364 days apart. Ain’t that sweet? No, not really.

But, while I’m in the mood to post pictures, here’s a beauty for the Christmas lovers in all of us:

That’s right, kids. The toddler-version of Nathan Gerbe is tearfully afraid of Santa Claus. Now that is sweet.

And do you know what else is sweet? Tim Connolly’s biceps.

To steal a phrase from Caroline, ZANG BABY BOY!!! Hot damn… I knew there was a reason I found you attractive! (Oh, and I stole this picture from the wonderful Shelby Rose’s Facebook.)

Hmm… I suppose I should get to cleaning, since I have a ton of it to do, and it has to be done by 2 pm tomorrow when my Aunt’s flight lands. If it lands. I hate it when relatives stay at my house, because the houses in my area of Kenmore are not that big, and we have a three bedroom house. I live with my parents and my brother, so obviously all three bedrooms are occupied. But who gets the boot every time someone visits? This girl. Fair? Hardly. So I’m going to take up residence on the futon in my game room until Sunday. I hate futons. This is going to be a really uncomfortable week.

So I probably won’t be back until Friday after shopping(!!!), so I hope you, my dear lovelies, have a beautiful holiday season, and if you go out to snow blow your driveway, don’t pull a Joe Sakic and stick your hand in the blades, please!! xoxo

The Sabres haven’t played since Saturday and because of this there are some pretty slim pickings when it comes to news to report to the masses. Or in reality the twenty or so people who read this blog on a regular basis. So because of this I had to scour the sports news sites for even the smallest entertaining and/or new information about the Sabres or other teams that I actually care about.

For those of you who have ever set foot in the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport you’re aware of what a happy, fun-filled place it is especially the lost luggage counter. Well tell that to Zenon Konopka the AHL player who got called up by Tampa for Wednesday’s game. He arrived in Buffalo 30 minutes before the game started to discover that the bag containing his pads and skates didn’t arrive with him. So what’s a hockey player to do when his skates and pads don’t arrive? He has to borrow these essential items. So he borrowed shoulder pads from Ryan Malone, shin guards from Gary Roberts and a pair of skates from Jeff Halpern. But trying to wear someone else’s skates proved to be too uncomfortable so after 47 seconds of ice time and a fight Zenon, after the day he had, sat out the rest of the game. Let’s hope he at least wore his own jock strap.

I was babysitting yesterday when Cari called me with news about my poor Paul’s beautiful face. I almost cried even though scars serve to make a man, in my opinion, more rugged and handsome. But still this was Paul and I don’t want my Paul with scars. Paul is my own personal David with the fig leaf for modesty’s sake.

My David

Now I’m hearing the Derby Gerbe is hurt and is out for 10 days to 2 weeks with an upper body injury stemming from him being hit by Jamie Langenbrunner in Saturday night’s game agains the Devils, my poor Speedy. But on an upbeat note, it looks as if everyone’s favorite Boom Boy is going to be back for Wednesday’s game, Kaleta’s been cleared to play after missing the last few weeks with a neck injury.

So now we have Rivet out for at least two weeks with a shoulder injury, Gerbe out for 10 days to 2 weeks with an upper body injury, Timmy out for who knows how long, Paetsch with a missing tooth after being hit with a puck in the mouth and poor Paul being hit in the chin with a puck at the same practice. Ugh…and the injuries start piling up.

Ugh, so my perfect evening was ruined because of some dumb waitress at Chili’s. She took forever to bring us TWO APPETIZERS. Two orders of boneless wings should not take half an hour.


Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system…

So I must say, sitting in the front row–in the corner–is very, very exciting, especially when the Sabres win.

Brittany and I weren’t prepared for just how nerve-wracking it can be to see two 200-pound men skating quickly towards you, with only a piece of glass to stop them. It’s actually downright scary.

Quick hits from the game:

– Pommers got hit right in front of us. WHY JASON? Why couldn’t someone flatten Lecavalier right there, or something?

– The delay-of-game call on Miller was COMPLETE bull shit. I was sitting ten feet away from Miller and could clearly see him catch the puck, then proceed to wave his closed glove in the air for the refs to see. I don’t care what anyone says, Miller is on the shit list of the refs, along with Roy and Kaleta. Hell, throw everyone wearing blue and gold up on there, as well.

– Ditto for the “boarding” call.

– The guy behind us called Jaro “Space Station.” That was pretty good.

– Thomas Vanek is a sexy beast. Enough said.

– Nathan Gerbe is extremely impressive. I’ve said it before (I think): It’s one thing to watch him on TV and say, “Yeah, he’s good,” or “Yeah, he’s really fast,” but you have no idea until you’ve seen him play in person. He’s fantastic. I will say this, though: He looked good last night, but this is nothing like what he can play. When I saw him up in Portland, I was completely blown away. And that doesn’t happen much…

– Goose and Mair are also sexy beasts. I love the picture of Paul on the front of TBN’s Sports section today. Hahaa…. Sauce from the Goose. I love it.

– What’s with the no-call when Derek got his lip cut open??

(I love how this is all ADD-ish, and not in order of anything that really happened in the game…)

– Britt’s boyfriend texted us at one point and told us that we weren’t hitting the glass enough. Mostly because she braced herself every time the players skated towards us, and I guess maybe he watched us, and saw her sit all the way back.

– He then texted us and said that the guy sitting next to us looked like a snowman. Our response? “It’s Frosty, duhhhhhh.” He did on TV, though. White hat and a white long sleeve T on a big man? Yep.

(Derek is late calling up Kiss again… He’s so unreliable…)

– Back to Miller’s penalty, I’m really proud of the guys for killing off that two-minute two-man. Kudos.

– Steven Stamkos looks like Luke’s friend Nick, so we proceeded to call him that for the rest of the night.

– There was a guy sitting right behind us that looked like he could be our friend Tom’s twin.

Ohhhh, well I can’t really remember much else. I’m blogging, listening to the radio, and reading the newspaper at the same time right now. Multi-tasking is something I can usually do well, but it’s not really working for me this morning. I have to do it, though, because in about an hour, I have to head out for Canada, as I have an interview for my Nexus pass at 11 am.

This was the best picture I found from the night:


Oh, and Britt and I were in a couple pictures from Getty, as well:

AHHHH he scored on that one. And then my hand hurt really bad. I usually can take a lot of pain, but I didn’t think that hitting plexiglass repeatedly would hurt that much…

I don’t like this picture. (A), because I look stupid, and (B) because Pommer had just been smooshed right in front of me, and (C) you don’t mess with my Pommer.

Alright, well I don’t think Derek’s woken up yet. So I’m going to go get ready, and if Derek ever decides to call, I’ll update you on his ridiculousness.

So for the first time in a long time I can actually sit down and watch a game with no interuptions because I’m done with school…well at least until January. I don’t have to study or read or look at notes or anything and suddenly because I don’t have anything to do I feel empty, it’s not a nice feeling. But anyways back to hockey news…

Joe Sakic is out for three months and you want to know why? Because the moron stuck his hand in a SNOWBLOWER, now the powers that be aren’t saying that’s exactly what he did but when they come out with “He had his hand where he shouldn’t have” it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened. To Joe Sakic: Hello!!!! The light’s on but nobody’s home, he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic, not the sharpest tool in the shed, a few beers short of a six pack…I got a million of those. Now granted I know that people make mistakes but seriously, you think he said to himself, “oh look I’m going to stick my valuable hockey player hands near the spinning blade of death?” He’s lucky he just broke three fingers and had some tendon damage, because it could have been a lot worse, as in amputation of fingers worse, and then he could just say goodbye to what’s left of his hockey career. And POOF it’s gone.

My mom called Gerbe, Herbe today by accident of course but still I think we should plant Gerbe in the garden and see if he grows any taller. And when he grows up he’s going to be a REAL hockey player. Just kidding, I love Gerbe because he’s so damn tiny he disappears and he’s so damn quick that no one can catch him. He’s like Speedy Gonzalez on crack or speed if that’s more appropriate, “¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!”

Well off to watch the game, hopefully they win because both Cari and my friend Lynda are there.

Let’s Go Buffalo

So I’ve figured out that the Sabres tend to post the night’s playlist the day of the game…

I usually like to make fun of the player who’s iPod gets shuffled for the game, so I checked it out a few minutes ago. And just for the record, I expected it to be that of Gerbe Derby.

But his taste in music, I didn’t expect.


Now, I don’t have a problem with country at all. I like a good amount of it; I just have to be in the right mood to listen to it.

But really Nate? Taylor Swift?

Well, I suppose I should’ve expected that much, at least, due to your status on Facebook:

Ahhh, being friends with Sabres on Facebook has it’s perks. Like stealing pictures from you and Drew, which is evident from my post earlier today.

Anyways, good luck tonight, Gerbe Derby. I’ll be seeing you!

So Saturday night was pretty much awesome.. That is, until about 2 am, at which point Lucas and Jay decided to argue about which anatomical area on the male body fosters more bacteria: The groin, or the hands. And then they were arguing about when they should wash their hands–before or after they use the bathroom. WAY TO KILL A FABULOUS MOOD. They pretty much ruined the party. Oh well.

And then, I was planning on driving home, but since, in that particular area of Amherst we were in, you couldn’t see out the front window of their house, I spent the night at Britt’s, since she lives two minutes from there, and myself 15.

So yesterday morning, I found myself comfy in B’s bed, trying to post from my phone. Alas, since Verizon has what I am sure is the worst mobile internet around, I had written my entire post, and THEN IT WOULDN’T LET ME. And I was too frustrated and tired and hung-over to write it again once I had come home.

But anyways, it mostly consisted of something like this (I’m going purely from memory, here, kids. Bear with me.):


See, now, I’m think I’m an extremely devoted person, when I want to be. So when I take the time to be devoted to a flailing hockey team, YOU TAKE IT.

I almost abandoned you, though. See, my 16-year-old cousin Trevor plays hockey for his high school. I almost took up cheering for his team full time instead of you, Sabres. Because his team is actually good. And he’s my cousin, so I have to like his hockey team. But Sabres? You’re making me want to like his team.


Thanks. Thanks a lot.

But I’m glad you won. And I’m glad Derek scored. We’re broken up until further notice. But just so you know, D, I want you back.

Just to prove that we do, in fact, belong together: At the party we were playing Fuck the Dealer. Now, the first deck of cards that Tom grabbed from somewhere in the house was a deck Luke had received when he went to Aces and Blades a couple years ago. I had never played this game before, so when my turn came around, I had no strategy, or anything. I just picked a number–8–and who was on that card, a winning card, mind you? DEREK ROY. FATE-TASTIC, FOR REALS.

But anyways, I don’t really have much to say in the way of hockey. Nothing’s really happened.

Oh… Wait. My Pirates.

So I’m sad that Marky Mark’s stay in Buffalo has ended. Lindy really didn’t utilize him correctly, but whatever. Moving on. GERBE DERBY!!! AHHHHHHHH. Enough said.

And my poor Mikey Funk… Remember how he had a concussion during camp, that he suffered on, like, the first day? Yeah, well when Kim and I were up in Portland for a game, it just so happened to be my love’s first game back from the head injury. So Saturday night, who gets absolutely obliterated from behind into the boards? MIKE FUNK. Who has another concussion as a result? MIKE FUNK.


I swear to God, if he becomes the next Tim Connolly/Brett Lindros/Pat LaFontaine in regards to bruised brains, I’LL SERIOUSLY CRY, because I love him.

Okay then. Now that I got that out of my system… I baked cookies last night for a friend, and then I made some special ones for Kim and myself, for our little soiree this evening.

If I could send cookies (the edible kind) through the internet, I’d have a big platter full of them for you all. But, since I can’t do that, here’s something sweet instead:

BACKGROUND INFO IS NECESSARY, THOUGH. Remember that picture that caused quite a ruckus in these parts recently?? Well, remember how we thought that it was one Clarke MacArthur that was grabbing the junk of one Derek Roy??


Here’s a snipet of the picture in question:

Notice the man on the left–supposedly Clarke MacArthur. Notice the writing on D’s shirt. Also, notice the man to the right’s striped green shirt.

Now take a look at this picture, which I got off of another Facebook account:


The guy in the green Fox track jacket and the green Von Dutch hat would be D’s younger brother, Scott. Hmm, that other green shirt looks awfully familiar, doesn’t it? And the guy next to Derek–supposedly Sparky–doesn’t appear to look like Sparky at all, actually.

So there you have it, folks. Derek’s sexuality status is still in limbo, but as far as I’m concerned, the second coming of the Man-Child is straight, and as innocent as can be.


Okay, Sabres. You’ve had your fun. And by fun, I mean toying with the hearts of countless people throughout Western New York, Southern Ontario, and across the country.


In fact, it’s downright despicable. I really don’t care for how you’ve been playing, at all. Goaltending? Needs to be better. Consistent, but yet, needs to be better. Defense? Don’t even get me started. Offense? Ditto.

First of all, DEREK ROY I TOLD YOU THAT YOU CAN’T BE FRIENDS WITH ANYONE. Not the coach who led you to the Memorial Cup, no one. Know why? Because he coaches Gregory Campbell. YOU CAN’T BE FRIENDS WITH HIM. Wanna know why? Because he could have single-handedly beat you last night. That’s why.


I mean, something is obviously wrong in the locker room. I, for one, don’t think it’s Lindy Ruff’s fault. The guys don’t have it in them. I don’t know why, but they just don’t. Somehow, though, I honestly feel like management might call for Lindy’s head. But I don’t think Regier would allow Ruff to be axed; they’ve been together too long, and they were together when this team didn’t make the playoffs, what, three seasons in a row? Regier, as we are all too well aware, is not one to jump the gun, so I really believe that Ruff’s job is safe, and that’s fine by me, because he is an elite coach.

That being said, I’ll refer to my comment about the guys just not showing up. What’s my solution to that? Make some phone calls to Portland. Get Nathan Gerbe on a plane ASAP. If I were Lindy, I’d stick with the plan of benching guys. I’m still on the Bench Derek Roy Bandwagon. He most definitely needs to play better (and obviously my theory of embarrassing him didn’t work as well as I had hoped). But seriously. Rotate Gerbe in for the guys we are very much underachieving this year. Oh, wait… That’s pretty much everyone except for Vanek, and I’ll throw MacArthur in there (strictly because of his numbers) and Mancari (because he’s played pretty well). And like I said, don’t even get me started on the D. Seriously, bench them all. Play Paetsch and Weber in Lydman and Tallinder’s spots for a few games, and then in Sekera and Spacek’s, and then Numminen’s. I won’t throw Rivet in there because he’s been battling injuries all season, but still.


We obviously have to find what’s wrong with this team, and we have to find it now. Because as it stands, playoff-wise, we’re already on the outside. And I’m not so sure I can take another Sabre-less late spring.

Like I said to Anne today, I seriously want to jump a plane to Tampa when I drop my brother off at the airport this morning. I really want to go down there, smack every single Buffalo Sabre across the face, and then proceed to bawl my eyes out and throw a hissy fit to make them see just how much their sucking affects me.

Oh, my God. If I talk about them any more I think I actually might start crying. Either that, or my couch pillows and other household objects may suddenly be able to fly…

So, I think, instead of talking about those men who shall not be named (Sounds like Harry Potter, eh? I think I might use Kim’s method: ******.), I think I’m just going to post ridiculous pictures of them, and talk about my boyfriends from the other teams.

Here goes.

So, in last night’s game, my Florida boyfriend, the beautiful David Booth did what? Nothing. Oh, that’s right, because he didn’t play, because he has some shoulder injury.


But Marcus Naslund scored for the Rangers, neither of my goalie BF’s played in the Islanders/Caps game, both Staal brothers let me down in their matchup, Shea Weber netted a goal, Todd Fedoruk did as well, and that’s it. Well I guess I pretty much got stood up across the board. But thank you, Marcus, Shea, and Todd, for trying to cheer me up. But, alas, it didn’t work.

At least Tampa lost… But, wait, I don’t think that will matter since they absolutely steamrolled us when they were up here last.

Umm, so a picture…

So I lied. I can’t look at my pictures of the ****** without getting all kinds of upset. Well, I’ll put up a picture of one of my guys who didn’t let me down last night:

The Pirates couldn’t possibly let me down last night because they didn’t play.

In fact, they only made me love them more.

While the Sabres are out making millions by playing terribly and galavanting on the beach and Chippewa, the most adorable hockey players every (coughTHEPIRATEScough) are doing charity work. Yeah, that’s right, and making the days of countless children, grown men, and adoring women.

Three of the four Mikey-Poo’s in Portland (Card, Funk, and Kostka), along with Derek Whitmore unveiled the newly remodeled Dorothy Elizabeth room at Gary’s House, a Ronald McDonald-esque house, in Portland. They also decorated for Christmas.

And then Tim Kennedy (who looks like a child himself) and Jimmy Bonneau did a signing.

The Pirates are my new hockey loves.

Take that, Sabres. Oh, and Derek Roy? I’m breaking up with you.


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