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Okay. You really, really, really need to watch this video.

It’s great, I promise.

I love the fact that the guys are ripping on Burish for being a ladies’ man. (But I wonder if the Sabres rip on Connolly and Roy the same way?)

But really, the best part of the video is at the 2:10 mark, while Burish is being interviewed. Just look behind him and you’ll know what I mean.

Oh, my, how I adore Jonathan Toews! Oh, and the rest of those crazy Blackhawks… This is what the Sabres Show should be like, for at least a couple minutes.

So I really have nothing to talk about in relation to the current Sabres, so what I am going to do is provide you with some good articles and videos, related to guys I love and love to hate.

But, if you don’t have a ton of time to actually sit around and be completely unproductive all day, like I have the luxury of doing this morning, if you have to pick and choose what you watch, I suggest Blackhawks TV for your viewing pleasure. It’s pretty much the best thing going these days.

Okay, are you ready? You sure?


We’ll start with Michael Ryan. The Schenedtady Gazette had a nice article about his surprise of getting an AHL All-Star nod. (Yes, this is for you, MJ, but I’m not so sure you’ll appreciate it once you’ve reached the fourth paragraph… Unless that’s you?)

This next one is a commentary from this morning’s TBN, by Jerry Sullivan. Now, more often than not, I disagree with Sully, but I’ll give him credit where it’s due, and it’s definitely due today. John Brownschidle, son of NHL-er Jack, is a senior at Buffalo’s Canisius High School. What’s so special about him? He’s a cancer survivor.

I know it’s not Christmastime anymore, but the Rochester Americans in this trainwreck is just fantastic. There’s a blooper reel on the site, as well, which is always good.

Patrick Sharp: Sharp shooter? Or Sharp dressed man?

No way. Even Jonathan Toews knows that listening to him be mic’ed up is brutal.

No, actual Jon, listening to you and your teammates sing a song about the Blackhawks is brutal.

(Can you tell that I really enjoy Blackhawks TV??)

I adore Patrick Sharp and Adam Burish. Their cheeky shenanigans are fabulous. Ordering the boys breakfast? Soaking hotel rooms? Stealing bags? I just love guys who shamelessly act like they’re twelve. What’s worse is the team is encouraging it. No, really, I do love some good pranks.

The Carolina Hurricanes were told to make a dinosaur noise. Um… What?

Up close and personal with Steve Bernier? Okay, where do I sign up? Parts 1 and 2.

Oh, one more Blackhawks video. This one was on Sports Soup last night: Kris Versteeg filling in for Ludacris on Fergie’s “Glamourous.” Kris? Please keep your day job. Please.

And while we’re at it? Sean Avery? Ummm, plays with dolls? Somehow, I’m not surprised. Please, Sean, if you know what’s good for everyone, you won’t come back to hockey, and you’ll just go work at a doll store. (This video is edited a bit in some spots, as I’m sure you’ll notice, but it’s funny, nonetheless.)

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you have all sufficiently recovered from your post party hangovers and if you haven’t well at least you have a fun time last night I’m assuming. If you’re like me, as in under 21, I’m going to go out on a limb here that you at least had champagne at midnight so therefore do not have a hangover and didn’t wake up this morning wishing that you hadn’t, woken up that is.

I of course watched the Winter Classic like every other self respecting hockey fan and no matter how much you try to convince me I still believe the one in Buffalo was better. I know I’m probably biased but come on what can beat 80,000 people screaming their heads off in the freezing cold while it snowed and snowed and snowed? And it wasn’t just that sleet-snow it was that snow-globe snow the big fluffy flakes that made me want to lie down in the aisle making my best snow angel.

It was an overall good game both teams played well and the game wasn’t interrupted ten times by the zamboni which meant that the game didn’t last 4 hours. I for one wasn’t surprised by the outcome because overall Detroit is the better team better defense (sorry Soupy), better offense (sorry Patrick) and as much as it pains me to say this better goaltending by Ty.

The game play I thought was more interesting this year more goals (9), one bone crushing hit with Dan Cleary ending up in the Chicago bench in retaliation for his hit Tuesday night on Patrick Kane and a dog pile? with most of the players on the ice ending up on top of each other. However, I’m more inclined to believe that the closer a game is the more interesting it is, then there’s also the fact that our game went to overtime and then to a shoot out which is sure to get the fans’ blood going.

I liked our jerseys for the Ice Bowl better, I thought Chicago’s were too dark and that the numbers on the back were hard to see especially when the players were skating I also thought they were ugly with the big white stripe through the middle. Detroit’s were cool with the Old English D on the front a throwback to their first year in the NHL the numbers on the back were at least easy to see. If they’re going to have an outdoor game where the fans aren’t going to be that close to the players they need to make the jerseys and the numbers contrasting colors so that people can see who they’re looking at.

I can understand the significance of having the game in Wrigley field I actually think it’s cool but it stands to reason that when having the game in a baseball stadium half the fans aren’t going to be able to see the puck or the players very well as was the case today. The people who got seats in the outfield probably had no clue what was going on because let’s see a small piece of galvanized rubber viewed from approximately 50 yards away…yeah that’s not going to happen unless you happen to have the eyesight of a hawk or really really strong binoculars. At least at Ralph Wilson even the people who had the 10 dollar seats or those in the 300 deck could see the puck because they were sitting right on top of the ice almost. The people at Wrigley were in what could be considered the 200 deck and were at least 50 yards offering them little or no chance to follow the game except to look at the large video screens that were set up just for them.

But anyways I still think ours was better no bones about it and I don’t care if I’m biased I will always believe that.


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