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I was really hoping that the Sabres season wouldn’t come down to this, depending on wins against Detroit, Carolina, and Boston, as well as losses from everyone else, to get us into the post-season.

Call me a Debbie Downer, but let’s be realistic.  I’m just prepping myself for the pain I’m going to feel Sunday morning when I can no longer watch the Sabres until September.

And don’t think this doesn’t kill me, because it does.

Last night, while Kim and I were watching the Blackhawks game over at Clare’s with Emily, I was being all optimistic.  I honestly don’t remember what I said, but it was something along the lines of, “Hey, the Sabres can make it!”  But then I had to go and ruin it for myself by saying that, even if they do make the playoffs, they won’t go further than the first round.  I mean, Boston?  The Boston Bruins?  For serious?  We went 3-2 against them this year (…which is actually a lot better than I had thought; I remembered us getting killed by them basically every single time we played them except for the debut of the third jersey.  Apparently I don’t pay attention enough?).  Yes, that’s not entirely all that bad, but Boston has been atop the East all season, and they’re a damn good team who hasn’t had to kill themselves to *maybe* make the playoffs.  The Sabres would be tired, and probably wouldn’t stand much of a chance against the Bruins.

And I don’t know what’s worse…  Missing the playoffs?  Or the propects of being obliterated in the first round?

Hell, I’m going to be the same old optimistic fan I always have been.

We’re going to the finals.


On another note, my new best friend Ashley who lives up in Portland is the love of my life.  Mike Funk news and pictures are two of my favorite things ever, and she knows just how to make me happy.

Anne and I have been swooning for 12 hours straight for many reasons, and it’s not doing our psyches any favors.  We wouldn’t have it any other way, though.


And lest I forget, it’s Sparky’s Birthday!!!  Happy 24th Grizz!


Like your typical Doof/Man-Child, Clarke doesn't know how to take a picture properly. And this is why we love him.

Go Sabres!  Let’s make it happen, boys.  I can’t take your tears, so I’d better not see any.  Although, if you’re crying, I’ll be crying, and then I wouldn’t see anything, buy you know what I mean.

I figure doing this is the only way I’m going to pay an inkling of true attention to the ASG. Plus, there’s really nothing else on TV, and if I don’t do this, I’ll probably fall asleep due to the Sudafed and Excedrin running through my veins.

Honestly, though, why am I bothering? We all know it’s going to be ridiculously high scoring, with not excitement because there won’t be any hits, and I’m 99.999% sure there won’t be any penalties. What does that spell? Boring.

All I can hope is that maybe someone will do something funny. (I’m hoping he does, Frostee. For your sake and mine.)

Here goes. (All I reallt want is Vanek to do well, by the way.)


– Acrobats? Really? And one playing the violin? Okay, that’s sick. But… What does it have to do with hockey?

– I just love the cheers for Lecavalier. I love him playing for Tampa, because that means I can see him play for virtually nothing when I go visit my grandmother, but it would be awesome to see him play for a great team like Montreal.

– On a side note, I’m super stoked that my migraine decided to go away.

– Another side note: I think the NHL needs to copy the AHL in a way when it comes to the skills competition. I think it’s cool that the teams go up against each other, and that the players still get rewarded individually.

First Period

– MARC SAVARD IS MIC’ED UP AGAIN!! WOOHOO!! Listening to the Versus idiots is totally worth it if one or more of the guys are commentating.

1-0 West. Keith Tkachuk. I still refuse to like him since he hurt Connolly. No, I don’t hold grudges or anything. I’m not your stereotypical redhead. Nope. Not me.

– Savvy just described himself as “stiff.” Hmmmm. How about we keep it PG, okay Marc? Can you handle that?

– Just a thought: How many people think that Derek Roy could have been voted in had he rushed out of the gates, playing like he is now back in October? I’d love to see him on a line with some of these guys…

– Okay, I just have to put this out there, but I hate, hate, HATE that the Montreal fans do the “Ole” chant. THE OLE CHANT IS FOR SOCCER/FOOTBALL, depending on where you are from. NOT HOCKEY. And yes, I’ll admit, I did it at the Bandits’ game last week, but that’s different.

1-1. Yeah, Alex!! I love a good give-and-go.

– I always feel bad for the goalies in the ASG. Yeah, it’s cool that they got in and all, but damn are they going to get chased. That’s why I was so proud of Miller last year, when he allowed only 3 of the East’s 12 goals against.

2-1 East. Eric Staal puts the East ahead on a nifty little play with some neat passing.

– Is it wrong of me to cheer for the West?? I mean, they’ve got Campbell, Kane, and Toews. I adore them.

– Is Eddie Olchek going to get suspended from Versus because he’s “a little banged up” and skipping the ASG? I still think it’s ridiculous that the NHL is benching Lidstrom and Datsyuk because they’ve opted not to play.

– During any other game, I would absolutely despise the on-the-bench interviews, but during the ASG? Anything goes, I suppose.

– Okay, I really, really wish the Sabres could mic guys up during games regularly. It’s pretty awesome. I used to go to Amerks games a lot and sit right behind the bench. Let me tell ya, I’ve never heard words strung together like that before… Quite the experience!

– A 4-on-1. You’ll never, ever see that in a true NHL game, because as Savvy said, the coach “would hang us all.”

3-1 East Alex Kovalev with a beautiful fake on a breakaway. And, of course, a wonderful reception from the Montreal fans.

– I have to say, this weekend has kinda won me over for Malkin. Seeing his performance in the accuracy competition last night and the little move he just pulled… I kinda like his style. Kudos to you, man, and I apologize for the trash-talking I’ve done in your direction.

– Honda is the official vehicle of the NHL?? WHAT? Since when? I do want a Civic Hybrid, though, but only if they’d come in coupes…

– They’re interviewing Sidney. As much as I don’t like him, he should be playing, and it is unfortunate that he’s hurt, because he is a truly gifted player.

– To be honest, I find it pretty difficult to get into

4-1 East. Savvy gets an assist on Markov’s goal!! As does Ovie. Nice little set up, too. I wish the Sabres’ passes could be that quick and crisp.

4-2 East. Marleau cuts the deficit in half right before the intermission.

– NO!! SAVVY, YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME!! WTF is this shit? Seriously, though, if Versus doesn’t have someone else mic’ed up in the second, I’m switching over to CBC. The Canadians call hockey INFINITELY better than Americans. Exhibit A: Rick Jeanneret.

First Intermission

– I love how all the guys are running around and getting each other’s autographs. So cute.

– NELSON MANDELLA!! Oh, he takes me back to global studies, sophomore year in high school with Mrs. Reidell (Anne, you know who I’m talking about, right??). We had to sing “Free Nelson Mandella.” Oh, good times. You had to be there, I guess.

– Aw, Mrs. Kennedy is too cute, too. idk, maybe it’s just the nursing home employee in me, but I love it when the old ladies rock the animal prints and velour sweat suits.

– Well, it’s obvious that the Staal boys take after their mother, blonde hair and pale skin. Whatever. At least Eric and Jordan are good-looking.

– Ovie says he’ll hit someone if he gets the chance. Um, yeah, probably not the smartest thing to do in the ASG.

Second Period

– Martin St. Louis is mic’ed up. =] He’s very quiet, though…

– He says he’s impressed by Zach Parise’s play. I’m impressed that Drew Stafford has such good-looking friends.

5-2 East. Good thing Marty said “gotta go boys,” because he scored on a yummy backhand. Did I really just describe a goal as “yummy?”

6-2 East. I think Vs should keep St. Louis mic’ed up if it means that Parise is going to keep notching the points.

6-3 East Nice, quick release from Souray again cuts the West’s deficit in half.

– Random thought: I stand by the notion that soup is the best thing to eat while one is sick. Delicious.

– I just now noticed Vanek on the ice for the first time. Some fan I am, eh?

6-4 East. Shane Doan beautifully sets up Dan Boyle. And I should mention that Brian Campbell assisted on that.

– Seriously? Who gets their nose broken five times, and then their jaw broken? Talk about a tough guy…

– I love these drinkability Bud Light commercials… =]

7-4 East. Like I said, Malkin really is winning me over. “The Malkin Special…” Haha.

– Cary Price was just on the phone with his mama. Adorable.

7-5 East. Rick Nash goes top shelf. I must say, thus far, this is one of the closest ASG’s I can remember.

7-6 East. Hejduk puts it up high, as well, the pull the West within one. Another thing of beauty. That’s what I love about this game; you get to see all of these ridiculously incredible goals that you’d never see elsewhere.

7-7. Souray ties it up. Again, the passing tonight is continually blowing my mind. It’s perfection, just like Mike Ryan’s eyebrows, right MJ??

– Random thought: I’m writing a ton more on this liveblog than I’ve ever written on a Sabres liveblog. There’s something wrong with that, right?

– One of the commentators just said that Montreal’s fans are in a bad mood all summer if the Canadiens miss the playoffs. Um, excuse me, but isn’t any truly dedicated hockey fan upset if their team misses the playoffs? I mean, I for one am absolutely miserable whenever someone mentions the Sabres in the off-season even if we do make the playoffs. Then again, that’s just me, little ol’ maniacal me.

8-7 East. Beautifully executed breakaway by Kovalev, beginning on his end of the neutral zone. You don’t see that every day. Absolutely incredible.

– Kovalev missed the perfect opportunity for a hat trick by cranking one off the post. Oh well. Not that he won’t have many more chances, or anything.

– I love the Sports Soup commercials. What’s more is my adoration of Sports Soup itself. I never thought I’d have that sort of appreciation for a show other than Talk Soup or Late Night with Conan O’Brien. (I told you I have a thing for redheads. Don’t judge me. Don’t you dare.)

– I think we need to get Vanek some new linemates. He needs to put some points up.

8-8. I told you that this was the closest ASG I can remember. The proof is in the pudding, my friends.

– Tommy tried a nice little move, attempting to go “right through the kitchen, there.” Um, what? Yeah, I don’t know either. I’m still proud of him for his performance last night.

– Patty K got robbed. (Wow, I feel like I’m talking about Kaleta. That makes me sad. I want him back.)

– St. Louis couldn’t wait to get that earpiece out, I guess, seeing as he was struggling to get free of it before the Vs guys even bid their adieus.

Second Intermission

– Aw, Tim Thomas is a mama’s boy!! You can’t hold that against him, though, as his mother is a cancer survivor.

– They suggested that Luongo wear body armor. Yeah.

Third Period

9-8 West. Shane Doan is feeding off of the fun he had last night.

9-9. Heatley ties it up. Another thing of beauty with a guy camped out at the top of the crease. Not something I’ll get used to.

– Seriously? Who schedules hockey games on Super Bowl Sunday? Are you stupid? Even if it is a matinee game… Sheesh.

10-9 West. YAYYY BOYTOY TOEWS!! That’s what I’ve been waiting for!

– Haha, the fans are chanting “Thomas.” The goalie chant gets old, though, because it usually backfires, unless you’re chanting “Miller,” at which point, who the hell knows what will happen?

– I have to admit, the commercial with Ovie, Chara, and Savvy was very cute.

– Aww, PKane. So modest. Typical Buffalonian.

– Uhm, Joe Thornton so obviously does not know how to discreetly look at the Teleprompter. Shame.

10-10. Marty St. Louis ties it up, finally getting one past Roberto, for his second of the night.

– Shots are 46-41, with the West leading. That’s incredible, if you forget how many goals have been scored.

– I’m a tad bit disappointed that no player is mic’ed up this period, but I’m too lazy to get up, get the controller, and change the channel.

– Ovie has to be kidding me. You can’t seriously be looking for a penalty in the ASG. Come on now, boy.

11-10 West. PKANE!! Yeah boy! Way to get it done. So all three of the ChiTown boys have gotten on the board in at least one column; now I’m just waiting on Vanek to get some.

11-11. Wow. This game isn’t back and forth at all, or anything. JBo! Can we get him? Please? Just make a nice little package of Max, some other dead weight, a draft pick, and a bag of pucks and tape, and I think that should suffice, don’t you?

– How awesome would it be if this game went to a shootout like the ASG did a few years ago?


– Interesting factoid: The ASG in Buffalo back in ’78 was the first to go to OT, and Gil Perreault ended it.

– This is probably one of the most intense extra five minutes I’ve ever watched. Amazing saves. Unbelievable.

– Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!! Why would you call a penalty now? The first penalty in the All-Star Game since 2000, and you’re going to call it in overtime? Get outta here. West PP.

– Beautiful PK by the East. Textbook play, and it couldn’t be better.


– First of all, did I call it, or what??

– Isn’t it fitting to put Shane Doan in the shootout? Taking notes Wayne?

– Oh, there’s the garden gnome. (AKA Gary Bettman.)

– Round 1: Lecavalier? Unsuccessful. Doan? Saved.

– Round 2: Kovalev? Scores! Nash? Missed. 1-0 East.

– Round 3: Ovechkin? It’s good! 2-0 East.

Final: 12-11 East.

Not too shabby!! A bit lot too high-scoring for me, but whatever. It was entertaining… Kind of.

I just wish Vanek had put up some points, and hadn’t finished in a tie for the worst +/- in the game (-3) along with linemates

And Bettman is getting booed. I love it.

Kovalev gets the MVP. Deserved, seeing as he had 2 goals and an assist, as well as the game winner in the shootout.

Well, I assume I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with something interesting. If not, I’ll definitely post Tuesday afternoon after school. No more early morning posts for me. At least, not on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, seeing as I have to be at school for an 8 am class. Yuck.

Time for Sports Soup. xoxo.

Here’s the part where I complain about my personal life for a moment:

Okay, so we all know that I don’t have the most glamorous job around–I change the diapers of the elderly, bathe them, and put them in bed. Not that spectacular, and pretty smelly, which is why I don’t often go out after work. At least, if I do, I shower first, which means I don’t go out until 1 am, which, in Buffalo, is not late at all, but still…

ANYWAYS, because I had to work last night, and then told a coworker that I’d cover her overnight shift, I couldn’t go shopping this morning. I mean, not that I can really afford to spend my money unnecessarily, or anything… But I love shopping, and Black Friday shopping is like, the most fun ever.

So I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get to go shopping, and now I’m running on four hours of sleep, and about to get ready to head back to work. And my supervisor even had the gall to ask if I’d do another double tonight. NO THANK YOU. I have plans for tomorrow. They’re not that exciting, but it’s stuff that needs to get done. I have to go to the post office and find a box big enough to fit a Sabres jersey and a container of cookies to send to Andy, I have to make the cookies (which Kim has so kindly offered to assist), clean my room, make preparations for Sunday’s Bills/49ers’ game, and, oh yeah, WATCH THE SABRES.

And then there’s always the Sociology tests that I have to take online by the 17th, and the lab practical I have for Anatomy on Wednesday.



All of these videos about the boys and their Thanksgivings are just adorable.

I love how Patty’s mom lays down the law and gives him a time to be at the ‘rents house by. I also love how Jason got that sheepish smile when talking about Thanksgiving (which I think is extra cute because he still celebrates it even though his American mother and himself have lived in Canada for how long?), and how Jaro talks about his abilities to cook foul, when we all know all he really does is bite the head off, Ozzy Osbourne style. And I especially like his name pronunciation correction during the Sabres show (it’s right after the commercial).

I really think that I adore that man.

In other news, I’m really hoping Tommy is okay. Because the more effect Milan Lucic is having on this team, the less I like him, and the more inclined I am to hurting him. And I really don’t feel like going to jail anytime soon, so Tommy had best be alright. If he wants to sit out tonight, fine, okay. But not tomorrow. We need him tomorrow more than tonight, because, when it comes down to getting into the playoffs down the stretch, we’ll need divisional points more than conference points. Therefore, Montreal on Saturday is more important.

Plus, once Al comes back healthy, who sits? Danny’s supposed to be playing, so I don’t necessarily see him sitting anytime soon, and I don’t see the Sabres sending Mancari down in the near future. Well, at least they wouldn’t have any legit reason for doing so…

OH!! And to the person who found us by searching for this:

I give you your answer. Also someone found this by searching for “Adam Cari Miller.” What, did I all of a sudden marry Ryan Miller, and now we have a son named Adam? And no, for another person’s inquiring mind, I do not know the colors of the Sabres’ respective bedrooms, I do not love Maria Genero, I don’t want to ship Derek off to Maine, I’m not friends with Garnet Exelby on Facebook, I’ve never seen Daniel Briere shirtless (nor do I want to), and I’m not going to trash talk Marky Mark’s beautiful girlfriend. If you want to do that, and I suggest and beg that you don’t, go over to those trashy forums. Because I don’t have vendettas against the girls that the guys I love decided to go out with. I’m not a jealous bitch, so you’ve got no business being here if you want that (Can you tell that I can’t stand those forums, no matter how addicting they are??).

Well, kids, I have to go get ready for work. Thankfully, though, the nurse I work with is awesome and likes the Sabres, too, so I never miss a game while I’m there. I’ll post after the game if there’s something good to talk about.

Cari: Danny, I missed you tonight.

Dan: Yeah, I wish I could’ve played, but you know how it goes…

Cari: So, why did I see you all sad and lonely up in the press box this evening?

Dan: Well, you know, I got sick somehow. I think Drew might’ve given me some candy off the floor or something… Adam’s always telling me and Clarke not to take stuff from Drew because he’s a weirdo. But Drew always has the best candy and stuff, so I didn’t think it would be a problem…

Cari: Okay, you’re sick… That makes sense, I guess. But why were you all by yourself? How come you weren’t sitting with Timmy?

Dan: First of all, I’m not allowed to hang out with Timmy. Adam says he plays Doctor too much, and that I can’t play with him if he does. Second of all, I was in Time Out.

Cari: Time Out?!? How come?

Dan: Because I threw up in Nathan’s skates…

Cari: So that’s why he wasn’t playing tonight… But why all alone, though?

Dan: Adam said it was punishment for not throwing up in “that little puke Lucic’s” skates. I kinda wish I had after he tried to kill all my friends tonight. I’m going to get him one day for that. And that’s a promise. But Pat already told me that Lucic had better watch out if they’re ever on the ice at the same time.

Cari: Yeah, I don’t care for him much, either, especially after he went after Princess D.

Dan: Yeah. Oh hey! I like that jersey on you, by the way. I’ll tell Derek that you look good in his name. Hey, and maybe that’s why he played so well tonight!!

Cari: Danny, my friend, I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK. And also, tell him that I honestly believe in my heart that he should have had four goals tonight, the last coming on a penalty shot? Thanks much.

Dan: Sure thing.

Cari: And make sure everyone knows that Kim and I, next time we’re in Boston, are going to track Milan Lucic down and beat his ass. Because I hate him.

Dan: I know. Hey, I have to go. It’s past my bedtime.

Cari: Okay, Danny. I’ll talk to you later. Good night, precious.


So, beyond that, I’m soooooo incredibly happy about tonight’s game. But here are the things I’m thankful for:

– The guy behind us at the game tonight who said “I want to call up Gerbe just to see if he could skate through Chara’s legs.”

– The group of four 11-year-old boys who told a Bruins fan that they’d “never seen a girl look hotter in a Boston jersey.”

– The fact that no Sabres died in the making of this victory.

– Derek Roy’s inability to stop finding ways to make me love him, and make fun of him, all at the same time.

– Paul Gaustad and Ryan Miller’s inability to stop raising my expectations of men.

– Thomas Vanek’s ability to continuously light the lamp.

– Patrick Kaleta, Andrew Peters, and Adam Mair’s willingness to beat the crap out of people and sacrifice their bodies for the sake of the game.

– Tim Connolly’s strength of character, combined with his entertaining sex-capades.

– Drew Stafford’s Facebook pictures.

– Henrik Tallinder’s dancing.

– Jaroslav Spacek’s interviews.

– Nathan Paetsch’s smile.

– Mark Mancari’s voice.

– Daniel Paille’s inability to take a normal-looking picture.

– Patrick Lalime’s adoration of his daughters.

– Craig Rivet’s adoration of Buffalo.

– Jason Pominville’s loyalty to The (dreaded) System.

– Maxim Afinogenov’s best game in a long time.

– Jochen Hecht’s shortie, as well as the look on his face when he heard me say “I love you.”

– Ales Kotalik’s admission that he designed a line of hats.

– Clarke MacArthur’s curly hair.

– Toni Lydman’s choice in women.

– Teppo Numminen’s picture from 1985.

– Andrej Sekera’s polo player sweater.

– Lindy Ruff’s ability to inspire these guys, year after year, after year.

– All of the Sabres Bloggers, because they’re all foxy and incredibly intelligent, and probably some of the funniest writers I’ve ever come across.

– The city of Buffalo for being amazing.

– My cat Delilah for being the cutest fat cat around.

– And, lastly, my beautifully sexy friends, especially my dear Kimberly, as well as my mostly awesome family. Without them, I’d be completely lost in life.

So, everyone, have a beautiful holiday with your respective loved ones, and Kim and I will resume posting on Friday. I’m sure I forgot stuff about the game tonight, and I’m equally as sure Kim will let me know about it. So those things will make it up here eventually. But, until then, be safe, eat turkey, and love those Sabres!!

Okay, so I believe I owe you a post…
I think it’s safe to say that this weekend wasn’t everything I had hoped it would be. Don’t get me wrong; finding out Derek answered my question, seeing the Pirates win, following Paul, and having Drew sign my subway ticket were fantastic, but a Sabres win and some nicer weather would have made it alllllll better. I’m not complaining, though. I’d live in Boston if I could.

It’s kinda hard to tell, because he signed in a very fine pen,
but that’s Drew’s signature. ON MY SUBWAY TICKET.
Hey, at least I acknowledged that it was lame,
but he found it funny, so I guess it’s alright.

I’m not going to talk about the game much, because it upsets me. So we’ll talk about things at the game.
(0) This wasn’t really at the game, but on the T up to Boston from Norwell, we met six Sabres/Bills fans. It was awesome. They had some balls, too, because they were mostly dressed in Buffalo sports attire. Boston is not the city where I would do that, nor is Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, or Ottawa. Back to the point. Honestly, I don’t think we went anywhere in the city on Saturday without seeing the Blue and Gold or the Blue and Red.
(1) Kim was afraid to wear her jersey, so she zipped up her North Face to her throat, and tucked the jersey into the bottom of it. I called her a wuss, and she took it off. So we got dirty, nasty, downright maniacal looks from some of their fans, but let’s face it: Which team is better? Exactly.
(2) As we were waiting to go up into the lobby from the train station area of TD Northbank Garden (the arena is on top of North Station, kinda like Madison Square Garden), I saw a group of five guys walk in, one of them in a Golden Gophers Vanek jersey. I looked a little bit closer at the group, poked Kim, and said, “Hey, isn’t that Pete and Corey?” She says, “Pete and Corey?” I say, “Yeah, we went to high school with them.” Turns out they were Pete and Corey, my German classmate and school’s star goalie, respectively. SMALL WORLD? Yeah, I thought so.
(3) These same guys start chanting once we reached the lobby, before going into the actual hallways of the arena. We were all doing the classic Bills’ “Let’s Go Buffalo” one, and it got damn loud in there. It was really fun, because the Bruins fans weren’t even attempting to counter us.
(4) MJ was right… Those pictures around the arena almost make me want to be a Bruins fan… I SAID ALMOST. Don’t judge me.
(5) The warmups were fantastic. I’ve never bothered to go down to the glass and take pictures during warmups, and I have no idea why, because that was stupid. And right now I’m too lazy to put all of my picture from Portland and Boston up on Webshots, but they’re on Facebook, so look at them there if we’re friends. Or, click the city right here and you can go to them. I’ll get Kim’s up here somehow, eventually… Oh, and don’t judge us based on our stupid-face pictures. We can be extremely immature sometimes, but overall, we’re very mature people, believe it or not. =]
(6) Only one Bruins fan really said anything to us, and it was nice. I was kind of disappointed. There’s nothing I love more than trash-talking other teams to their fans. It’s so exhilarating. This guy only tapped me on the shoulder, asked if we were from Buffalo, and if we had driven up just for the game. How boring and reserved.
(7) This guy’s wife, when a Paris Hilton wannabe came strutting down the steps in her thigh-high stiletto boots and sleeveless cotton dress, leaned forward and said to Kim and I, “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!” Honestly, since she and her boyfriend were in the front row, the three of us were in shock. I kid you not, not even five minutes later, she was wearing his hoodie. Ridiculous. Why do you dress like that if you know you’re going to a hockey game? In Boston, in November? Wow. Just, wow.
(8) Have I ever mentioned that I love Boston accents? Well I do. So when the drunk guys a couple rows in front of us decided to start chanting “Miller,” they were, in actuality, saying “Millah.” Kim and I were waiting for one of them to drop down to their knees and just scream out “STELLA!” instead. We needed to find something amusing about that game after Connolly had scored and Kaleta attempted to take on Chara. Yikes…
(9) There were really belligerent and drunk Bruins fans on the train back to my aunt’s house, so I told Kim that we could be wusses now, and then we tucked our jerseys in and zipped our North Faces up to our throats. It was really hot on that train, too, and since my aunt is the last stop, and they were going to the last stop, I almost died. I don’t do well with excessive heat when wearing Uggs, a long sleeve shirt, a hockey jersey, and a fleece jacket. No thank you.
(10) Oh, and then my aunt yelled at us because we didn’t get Paul’s autograph and/or picture. Well, the only way we could’ve done that, without invading his personal space, would have been to jump out at him, and I have a feeling it would’ve gone down kinda like this.
Well, I guess that’s all I can think of right now in regards to our little trip to Boston. Although, my aunt has expressed our welcomed return, so I have a feeling we’ll be up for Round Two next season. BUT, Kim and I were discussing it on the drive home, and we think it would be quite fun to get a room at the Ritz, despite the outrageous price tag, just so we can hit up the bar there while the boys are there. And does give quite the discount, so it’s a definite possibility. Anybody in??
Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed this article. At least someone’s willing to admit that they were wrong and the Sabres should have been much higher on the end-of-season rankings than 11th.
Also, whatever happened to the doubleheaders they always used to have on Versus, Monday and Tuesday nights? Why is it that they aren’t starting up again until the second-last week of the season? They always used to get me through the Mondays and Tuesdays that the Sabres didn’t play and my shows weren’t on. But now, since the hold-out between Time Warner and Channel 4 and The CW basically made me miss a good deal of my shows for a couple weeks, I’m so far behind with no chance of getting caught up, so now I only have one game to watch for the next two nights. How boring.
I think that’s pretty much it. I’ll post later if something interesting surfaces…

Cari:  I think I’ll go to Boston for Saturday’s game…
Derek:  What?  YOU’RE LEAVING ME??!!
Cari:  Toots, it’s only for four nights; I’ll be back on Sunday.
Derek:  But you’re going to miss so much!
Cari:  Like what?
Derek:  Like, Friday’s game against Atlanta, for starters.
Cari:  But I’m going to be up in Portland watching the Pirates on Friday so I can scope out the hotties future talents.
Derek:  But what about the Derek Roy Report?  How am I supposed to let you know what more we have in common?
Cari:  They post that on the internet.  Besides, I think we need to take a break.
Derek:  WHAT?  Why?
Cari:  Because it’s a little bit overwhelming that we’re such kindred spirits, you know?  Plus, I think it’s best if we spend some time apart.  You know, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Some bullshit like that.
Derek:  Okay…  Well, you’re not going to be able to vote for me in the All-Star game!
Cari:  Derek, we all know how you’re going to react if you get the nod.  Besides, what kind of stalkerish fangirl would I be if I didn’t vote for you 10,000 times a day?  HMM?  My aunt has wireless internet hooked up in her house, so don’t you fret, sweetums, I’ll be voting for you.
Derek:  Good.
Cari:  I just have one thing I need you and the boys to do.
Derek:  What’s that?
Derek:  I’ll see what I–I mean, we–can do.
Cari:  Thank you.  Okay, I have to go because I have to put gas in my car and then pick up Kim from School so we can get on the road.  I’ll see you Saturday!  Or maybe Friday, since we’re driving by your hotel late at night on our way back from Maine…  So goodbye, for now, Derek.
Derek:  Bye, Cari.
So if you couldn’t tell, Kim and I are venturing up to New England today.  So we’ll miss the game Friday because we’ll be at the Pirates game!!!!!!! and then we’ll be at the Sabres game Saturday.  YAYYYYY!!  So if you hear about two crazy girls at the Boston game who happen to be from Buffalo who get murdered by those insane Bruins fans, that’d be us.
We might be able to post while we’re up there, but don’t count on it.
Talk to you next week!!
Go Sabres!!


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