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So today after I vacated the wonderful institution that is school Cari picked me up and we made our way over to the Arena where Cari ordered two new jerseys for herself and a friend who lives near New York City. She was dismayed to learn that the new jerseys wouldn’t be coming in until December, how convenient just in time for Christmas or the holiday of your choosing whatever that may be. Because I’m, as of the moment, broke I’m going to wait to get one until my funds allow me to.

After perusing the Sabres Store for half an hour I gave blood at the blood drive the Sabres were holding at the Arena and for almost passing out and for my trouble I was awarded a microfiber Sabres’ blanket that Cari promptly told me she wanted to steal.

The whole point of this story, however, is that after when we were driving out of the parking ramp at the Arena we drove around the back of the building because we were curious as to who was there. While driving behind the Arena, there’s a parking lot where all the players park, we witnessed Derek Roy walking to his rather ugly auto. Which led both Cari and me to believe that he’s not playing in tonight’s preseason game or else he probably would have already been in Toronto.

And while I was answering all types of personal questions, no I’ve never had sex with a prostitute or taken money for sex, Cari was investigating sounds that sounded suspiciously like skates and sticks and hockey pucks ringing off cross bars on the ice. She was pleased to discover that there actually were players on the ice but no one we recognized, although Cari did say one of them was hot.

Oh and as we left Larry Playfair was walking out of the building with a pair of skates in hand.



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