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(Oh gees, now I have that Staind song stuck in my head…)

Well, anyways, I haven’t been around since Friday. And I must apologize for that. I was going to post Saturday morning, around 6 am, and tell you that I was going to be up in Toronto for the weekend, but I woke up late, and seeing that I woke up at 6, had to be out of the house by 6:45, pick up Brittany and be over at the guys’ house by 7:15, yeah, a post was nowhere to be found.

So I was up in Toronto for the UB Bulls International Bowl. Yes, I’m sure you all know how that went. But the rest of my weekend was fabulous, because we spent the night up in TO, and let me tell you, this club up there–Circa–is my favorite club now. It’s awesome. And we met some super creepy people up there. All in all, tough, a great weekend because while we were eating at Hoops on Saturday (it’s kinda like a Buffalo Wild Wings, fyi), they were showing the highlights from the Sabres game, and we all started cheering (there were eight of us, so it was kinda loud). I can’t even tell you how many dirty looks we got, especially from our waitress, who was wearing a Leafs shirt.

But whatever, because I’m back now. And I must say that I missed you and this little blog terribly in my three day absence.

I had this really killer idea for a post today, but today I can’t remember the one line I wanted to throw in it, and it happened to be the punch-line, so I’m not quite sure I want to post that anymore.

Really, though, the only things I’m concerned about are Craigory and Timmykins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t have a whole lot of time now, so I’m going to go now, but I plan on liveblogging the game tonight with Kim, as she is going to be watching with me at my house.

But I’ll leave you now with this gem:

Yeah, I’d like to see plenty of this tonight.

And does anyone else remember what happened the last time we played Ottawa?

Really Jarkko? Is that what happened? Well, Adam remembers it a little more clearly, I think.

Hey Jarkko, it’s after the holidays…

In the least, it should be a damn good game. See you later.

Cari: Danny, I missed you tonight.

Dan: Yeah, I wish I could’ve played, but you know how it goes…

Cari: So, why did I see you all sad and lonely up in the press box this evening?

Dan: Well, you know, I got sick somehow. I think Drew might’ve given me some candy off the floor or something… Adam’s always telling me and Clarke not to take stuff from Drew because he’s a weirdo. But Drew always has the best candy and stuff, so I didn’t think it would be a problem…

Cari: Okay, you’re sick… That makes sense, I guess. But why were you all by yourself? How come you weren’t sitting with Timmy?

Dan: First of all, I’m not allowed to hang out with Timmy. Adam says he plays Doctor too much, and that I can’t play with him if he does. Second of all, I was in Time Out.

Cari: Time Out?!? How come?

Dan: Because I threw up in Nathan’s skates…

Cari: So that’s why he wasn’t playing tonight… But why all alone, though?

Dan: Adam said it was punishment for not throwing up in “that little puke Lucic’s” skates. I kinda wish I had after he tried to kill all my friends tonight. I’m going to get him one day for that. And that’s a promise. But Pat already told me that Lucic had better watch out if they’re ever on the ice at the same time.

Cari: Yeah, I don’t care for him much, either, especially after he went after Princess D.

Dan: Yeah. Oh hey! I like that jersey on you, by the way. I’ll tell Derek that you look good in his name. Hey, and maybe that’s why he played so well tonight!!

Cari: Danny, my friend, I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK. And also, tell him that I honestly believe in my heart that he should have had four goals tonight, the last coming on a penalty shot? Thanks much.

Dan: Sure thing.

Cari: And make sure everyone knows that Kim and I, next time we’re in Boston, are going to track Milan Lucic down and beat his ass. Because I hate him.

Dan: I know. Hey, I have to go. It’s past my bedtime.

Cari: Okay, Danny. I’ll talk to you later. Good night, precious.


So, beyond that, I’m soooooo incredibly happy about tonight’s game. But here are the things I’m thankful for:

– The guy behind us at the game tonight who said “I want to call up Gerbe just to see if he could skate through Chara’s legs.”

– The group of four 11-year-old boys who told a Bruins fan that they’d “never seen a girl look hotter in a Boston jersey.”

– The fact that no Sabres died in the making of this victory.

– Derek Roy’s inability to stop finding ways to make me love him, and make fun of him, all at the same time.

– Paul Gaustad and Ryan Miller’s inability to stop raising my expectations of men.

– Thomas Vanek’s ability to continuously light the lamp.

– Patrick Kaleta, Andrew Peters, and Adam Mair’s willingness to beat the crap out of people and sacrifice their bodies for the sake of the game.

– Tim Connolly’s strength of character, combined with his entertaining sex-capades.

– Drew Stafford’s Facebook pictures.

– Henrik Tallinder’s dancing.

– Jaroslav Spacek’s interviews.

– Nathan Paetsch’s smile.

– Mark Mancari’s voice.

– Daniel Paille’s inability to take a normal-looking picture.

– Patrick Lalime’s adoration of his daughters.

– Craig Rivet’s adoration of Buffalo.

– Jason Pominville’s loyalty to The (dreaded) System.

– Maxim Afinogenov’s best game in a long time.

– Jochen Hecht’s shortie, as well as the look on his face when he heard me say “I love you.”

– Ales Kotalik’s admission that he designed a line of hats.

– Clarke MacArthur’s curly hair.

– Toni Lydman’s choice in women.

– Teppo Numminen’s picture from 1985.

– Andrej Sekera’s polo player sweater.

– Lindy Ruff’s ability to inspire these guys, year after year, after year.

– All of the Sabres Bloggers, because they’re all foxy and incredibly intelligent, and probably some of the funniest writers I’ve ever come across.

– The city of Buffalo for being amazing.

– My cat Delilah for being the cutest fat cat around.

– And, lastly, my beautifully sexy friends, especially my dear Kimberly, as well as my mostly awesome family. Without them, I’d be completely lost in life.

So, everyone, have a beautiful holiday with your respective loved ones, and Kim and I will resume posting on Friday. I’m sure I forgot stuff about the game tonight, and I’m equally as sure Kim will let me know about it. So those things will make it up here eventually. But, until then, be safe, eat turkey, and love those Sabres!!

So, after my not-so-little rant last night, I’m much more collected this evening. But that’s not to say that I’m not still aboard the Bench-Derek-Roy-Bandwagon, because I’m driving it.

That being said, if when he does have a nice view of the game from the press box, I hope he gets to watch Mark Mancari play for a game. Then he’ll see what a good hockey player should be doing… Carrying his team, even when he doesn’t necessarily have to, because there’s ample talent spread around.

Take, for example, Mark’s stats on the season thus far:

In 13 games, he’s netted 11 goals, along with 13 assists, to plant him firmly in a tie for 2nd place in the AHL for points with 24. In case you don’t have time to do the math, that’s 1.85 points per game. And, like Anne mentioned, he’s only spent 2 minutes in the box. That’s it. Oh, yeah, and he’s a +16.

All this from a guy who’s 6’4″ tall, weighs 225 pounds, has a slapshot that registers 102.8 miles per hour, and supposedly skates slow. I DON’T CARE IF HE SKATES SLOW, HIS STATS ARE BETTER THAN MOST THE SABRES, SO HE SHOULD BE A SABRE. Only Vanek has more goals (13), and he’s got Sekera, our leader of assists (9), by 4. So he’s got more points all-around than any guy on our team. +/-, you ask? Well, he’s got 11 on Toni Lydman, who leads with a +5. Oh, and only three players on the active Sabres have yet to take a penalty (Connolly, Paille, and Hecht), which is shocking, actually, and two more have only 2 PIM (Pominville and Paetsch). So, yeah. I BELIEVE MARK WARRANTS A PLANE TICKET TO THE B-LO.

Besides, only he can rival Adam Mair in the category of funny-face pictures:

Okay. That’s good enough for now.


Mark Mancari can fuck a bitch up.

Just ask Darcy Tucker.

That lead to this:


Lindy, tell Darcy to make the call. Trust me, it’ll do the blue and gold a whole lot of good. DO IT. NOW. Pretty please with sugar on top?

Okay, so I’m totally excited about the win last night.  Like, completely.  But I’ll talk about that later since it’s Cari + Derek = Fate time.  And since I couldn’t really get over the shock that my question was picked last week, and being exhausted from exploring Boston, I didn’t really have the time to post about it last week in detail, but this week I do!!  That is, if I don’t cram some more for my anatomy exam…

OH, BUT WAIT:  HE’S OVERSLEPT.  Story of my life.  (Derek, get your ass out of bed and call Kiss 98.5 right now…  Nick and Janet are contemplating calling “Derek’s best friend” Kyle to wake him up…  HAHAHAHAHAHA Kyle.)
And lovelies?  I apologize for how ADD-ish this post is…  I’m half paying attention to what I’m writing, and half concentrating on the radio to see hear Derek…  Because what would a post of mine on Thursday be without the Derek Roy Report?  Just another post.  And frankly, I think my Thursday posts are absolutely ridiculous, and I love being absolutely ridiculous.
Alright, so maybe I will discuss the game for a bit…
WTF was up with that game, though, honestly?  ADAM SCORES, TIMMMAAY SCORES, AND HANK SCORES??!!  AND PETEY FIGHTS…  TWICE IN 12:01?????
Um, can this happen every night?  But switch up the scorers every once in a while so Derek and the rest have a job in blue and gold come September 2009?  Adam’s seemed to excel this year, a little bit.  He’s now got 4 points (3-1) in 15 games, when his career highs were in 2003-04, with 6-14 for 20 points.  Yeah, I think he’ll have no problem hitting those marks if the team keeps in up.  And Timmy???  6 points in 5 games?  Okay.  Just, stay out of Keith Tkachuk’s way, alright??  AND HANK!!!  ily…  I really do.  You’re just too cute with your little celebratory shimmy and your gigantic grin while you really punched every guy on the bench, and then this:
“That’s the first time I ever got the first star, I just have to enjoy it right now.”

And Petey?  You’re equally as adorable because of this:
“If we’re going by points it’s not fair because I’m never going to get [a pigeon].”

Well now you’ve got one.  =]
Moving on.  Really, though, I told my dad when it was 3-0 that I’d be okay with St. Louis scoring IF AND ONLY IF it were Jay McKee that buried the biscuit.  But when Perron scored, I actually yelled at the TV, saying, “You’re not Jay!  I didn’t say you could fuck with Miller’s goals against!!”  Ohhh, what fun.
OOOH let’s talk about Timmy for a bit.  Did anyone else feel like saying “KEITH TKACHUK JUST DESTROYED TIM CONNOLLY????”  I thought it warranted it, at least.  If Tim had been hit like that last year, I honestly believe in my heart that he would have been on the ice for a good 10 minutes, motionless.  BUT THIS JUST PROVES THAT THE REAL TIM CONNOLLY IS NOT PLAYING THIS YEAR.  Because there is no way in hell that Tim bounced up off the ice like that and kept playing.  And the coaches realized they effed up because he left the game not much longer than that.  NOTICE IT???  Yes you did.  DON’T LIE.  You’re only fooling yourself.  Jill knows my theory that Marek Zagrapan is filling in for TC, but I’m not so sure about that anymore, because Marek is pretty much adorable in person, and Tim is kinda repulsive, actually…  I’m not too sure who’s filling in for him anymore…
And now Derek is 15 minutes late.  I don’t think he’s going to be calling Janet and Nick, but I don’t want to leave my radio in case he does…  I’m pretty much disappointed in him, kinda like someone would be upset if their boyfriend didn’t pick her up for their date, and they only get to go out once a week.  OH, WAIT, because I feel like the Derek Roy Report is like my weekly date with Derek.  Yeah, I know, I’m delusional, but I live with it alright, so I guess you can too.
During the game I kept voting for the All-Star game, which took forever.  There’s too much traffic on too low of a bandwidth for that to go smoothly.  A webpage that would take about a second to load on my computer took 5 mintues.  So then I discovered the text message voting.  All you have to do is send the player’s last name to 81812.  Standard rates apply.  AND I HAVE UNLIMITED, so you know that I’m going to be voting allllll day long.  I believe you get a confirmation text after every 10 votes.  (But if you send “Roy,” you get a response that says “2 or more players match that name.  Reply 1 for Andre Roy, 2 for Derek Roy.”  Well, duh, who do you think I want??  Stupid phone.)  But I got really annoyed when Derek cranked one off the post last night because I had just hit vote on my ballot.  I really said this, too:  “Derek, you idiot, I spend all night voting for you and that’s what you give me?!?!?!”
Derek’s turning out to be a terrible Sabres Boyfriend…  Kyle aside.
And I really think that maybe he’s not going to be on the radio today.  Kinda upsetting because I set my alarm for 7:30 to ensure that I was going to have an acceptable attention span.  So I got up early for nothing.  THANKS, DEREK.  THANKS A LOT.
Well, he’s now 45 minutes late, so I’m giving up.  Stupid Royzie.

Paul: Hello?

Cari: Hey, Paul, it’s me.
Paul: Oh, hey!!  How are you?
Cari: I’m good, but Paul?  Why do you have bunny ears on?
Paul: Oh, Cari, don’t you know that Friday is Halloween?  I have to find my costume still, you know.
Cari: So what are you trying to be with that getup?  A modest cross between a Chippendales dancer and a Playboy Bunny?
Paul: How’d you guess?
Cari: It’s not that difficult…  Anyways, let me get to why I called.  Paul, are you healthy?
Paul: Well, I don’t know.  Ultimately, that’s up to Lindy.
Cari: Well, please decide, because if you or Timmy aren’t ready to play tomorrow night, and Adam does get suspended for his shenanigans–oh my God, I just thought of this, but if Adam does get suspended, who’s going to take care of the Man Children?–but if he does get suspended, we need another guy, and it had better be one of you.
Paul: Cari, we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it.  The NHL is quote-unquote investigating is, so…
Cari: Well, I don’t trust the NHL.  I’m hoping at most they’ll slap him with a fine, but Paul, what if?  Who would we get from Portland?  Mark?  So we can risk waiving him again?  No thank you.
Paul: Stop being such a worry wart.  You’re upsetting my aura.  Hey, where are my milk and cookies for being hurt?  I never got them.  I thought you were going to leave them on my doorstep for me?
Cari: Kim wouldn’t let me.  She said that would be crossing the line.
Paul: They’re cookies.  Cookies never cross the line.
Cari: Good to know.  But Paul?
Paul: Yes, Cari?
Cari: Hurry back, please.  And next time don’t punch people too hard.  Oh, and Paul?
Paul: Yes, Cari?
Cari: Can you tell your BFF Ryan that he’s kicking ass in the TSN Power Rankings?  And ESPN’s for that matter?
Paul: Sure.
Cari: And you didn’t tell me who would watch Danny and Clarke in the event of Adam’s absence…
Paul: Um, I don’t know for sure…  Maybe Jaro?
Cari: JARO??!!  He’d probably try to lure them into the shower room with the cookies I’d make for you and then he’d fillet them, or something.  And he’d probably hang Mr. Snuffles on a plaque above his mantle…  No, Jaro; I love you, but no.
Paul: Drew, maybe?
Cari: Are you kidding me?  Drew eats paste.
Paul: Fine.  How about I give the job to the equipment guys?
Cari: They think a taxidermic pigeon is funny.  Let me think, NO.
Paul: Well, who do you suggest then?
Cari: Yourself.  Duh.  So get healthy.
Paul: I’m working on it.
Cari: I’m going to school now.  I’ll talk to you later, okay?  Bye.
Paul: Bye…
Cari: (in a txt to Paul)  Oh, and tell Pommers I won’t see him tonight at Dave and Adam’s because I have trip preparations to commence.  And tell Petey that I’ll be listening to him on Star 102.5 tomorrow at 8:10, but I might have to turn him off for Derek.  Okay?  Thanks Paul!
This is becoming a trend with me, no?  I’m always apologizing to you…
Anyways, I forgot to mention this morning that Craig Rivet was at Dave and Adam’s this evening.  And before you get all excited and think that I’m going to have pictures for you, just don’t, because I don’t.  I didn’t go.  I wasn’t about to pay $20 to get him to scribble on a couple things.  I did want to make him milk and cookies, though, as Derek suggested.
(Speaking of Derek’s suggestions, SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS TO HIM HERE.  And if you do ask him a question, be sure to tell me what you ask him so I can totally pimp you out when he answers it.)
I’ll get to that in a second.  Today, at 12:04 pm, I received this text message:
YOUR SABRES DELIVERED:  Txt your questions for winger Daniel Paille until 7 p.m. tonight to 722737 (Sabres).  Answers will be posted later on Txt End 2 quit

alohgalkgn;akjglajfglawjgflh how could I possibly have forgotten to come up with a good question for Danny???  I HAD 7 HOURS!!  All I could think of though was “Does Mr. Snuffles get his own seat on the airplane during roadtrips?  And who babysits him while you’re playing hockey?  And how does your fiancee feel about having to share a bed with you and Mr. Snuffles?”
Um, and all I have to say about the whole Adam Mair fiasco is that Chris Neil and Jarkko Ruutu are jokes, and that’s only because that’s what Adam said.  But really, I never want to be on his bad side.  Ever.  I do think he crossed the line, a bit, though, but I think a fine is sufficient.
AND CAN I JUST SAY THAT I ALREADY HAVE PLANS TO GO TO THAT FATEFUL NEXT GAME BETWEEN US AND THE SENS??!!??  SOOOOO excited!!  Tuesday January 6, 2009.  Mark it down, kids.  It’s going to be a wild and wooly one!
Oh, and before I forget (again), my new friend Caroline has started a blog (Hockey Night in Buffalo.  Amazing title, btw.), so be sure to read it, because I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.  It’s about the Sabres; how could it not be fantastic?
‘Til tomorrow.

So this is something most of you probably know about by now Adam Mair and Jarkko Ruutu got into an altercation in the hallway behind the team locker rooms after last night’s game. No fists were thrown, unfortunately, and how do I know this? Well because this dandy little piece of footage was discovered while I was perusing YouTube.

Now you can all probably guess what the censors so unfortunately bleeped out, I’m guessing a lot of words starting with the letters F and S. It’s too bad the security guards had to step in because I can just see the headline on the 11 o’clock news, Brawls Starts At Hockey Game…and Not On The Ice. Hope you all enjoy the scariness that is Adam Mair when he’s pissed, I would not want to be on the receiving end of that anger. Unfortunately we don’t play Ottawa again until January so we won’t be able see the full repercussions of this. However, there is talk that both players could be fined and/or suspended for this incident.

Oh, and who didn’t feel like punching Jarkko in the face after that interview at the end of that?

Sabres 4
Wild 3
So last night, at the end of overtime, I was trying desperately to post my thoughts at the end of my half-hearted attempt to liveblog, but I was thwarted by three things:  (1) My MacBook had about two minutes of battery life left, (2) Blogger was being impossible and wouldn’t provide me with a “Publish Post” button, and (3) I was exhausted, from doing basically nothing all day.  Whatevs.
SO YAY!!!  I just love Drew Stafford, Ryan Miller, Nathan Paetsch, Adam Mair, Thomas Vanek, and Derek Roy!!!!
Okay, so before I get to my little recap/awards for the game, I want to share this ridiculous story with you, just to show your how messed up my actual Sabres-watching life is.
A while back I was decorating the planners that Kim and I bought for this semester.  They’re fairly large in size, and I did the front with song lyrics, stars, and flowers, ya know, made it all girly.  But then I wanted to do the back all Sabres.  So I ripped apart the calendar I bought last season, which, mind you, still counts until December of this year, and cut out Paul and glued him to the back of hers.  Well, that just about ruined the entire calendar, and it all fell apart.  To make this long part of the story short, Derek ended up on the refrigerator.  Tuesday night I was complaining that he hadn’t scored yet, and my mother points to the picture, and says, “Do you know what I’m going to call Derek now?  Dreck.”  So I had to find out what dreck means, and this is what Google reports:
“schlock; merchandise that is shoddy of inferior; trash, junk; worthless merchandise; crap”
Can I just tell you how mad I was at my mother?  (Because, of course, my brother and father just had to overhear, and now Derek will forever be Dreck to them.  These are the guys that, for years, taunted me with Gay Jay McKee.  Not even funny.)  But now whenever the Sabres are playing bad hockey, I call it schlocky hockey.
But then somehow, for some reason, my mother thought it would be funny to turn Derek’s name around, so when he scored in OT last night, she goes, “Cari!  Backstrum just got Yorkered!!”  Hahahahahahahah.  He got yorkered.  That’s special.
My Three Stars would have to be as such:
(1)  Thomas Vanek.
Yet again, Tommy’s a beast.  Coming through in the clutch is what true leaders do (and I’m not going to name names here, but you know exactly to whom I am referring.), and Tommy is definitely our team leader, on the score sheet, at least.  Actually, make that the undisputed league leader.
(2)  Derek Roy.
I have to give him props for scoring the winner.  And while he hasn’t been turning up on the score sheet, he must have been doing something right because he’s playing with Tommy and D-Money.  Plus he’s been putting forth consistent high-energy performances.
(3)  Adam Mair.
Scoring the goal to jump-start our comeback is always a good choice.
Nathan Paetsch.  He stepped up big-time to fill the skates of Craig.  And while he wasn’t perfect, and he didn’t quite hit the mark that Craig probably would, he still had a great game.  He had a couple of offensive opportunities himself, and gave Mair the feed for our second goal.  Keep it up, Nate, and they’ll be hard-pressed to knock you out when Craig returns.
But Ryan, come on, man…  I don’t even have anything to say about that goal you scored, except for that you pulled a Mike Ryan…  At least you’ve got a decent sense of humor.
OOOH and for those of you who’d like to get a glimpse at the Portland Pirates, but aren’t psychotic enough as Kim and I to drive all the way to Maine, check this out.  Can I please just tell you how excited I am???  (That’s channel 13 for those of you in the city of Buffalo and the closer ‘burbs.  I’m not sure as to the digits when you get farther out…)  And don’t let me forget to mention that the Pirates are wearing and auctioning off pink jerseys in tomorrow night’s game, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Aw, thanks guys!!
Oh, and speaking of that, has anyone been to Boston or Portland recently?  Have any ideas as to what Kim and I can do while we’re up there?  I’d appreciate any tips.  (And I think we might make a stop in Mike Ryan’s stomping grounds for MJ and see if he’s there at all, which is totally plausible.)
And before I forget, Dave and Adam’s Card World posted new signing information:
Andrej Sekera  :  Tuesday, November 25, Sheridan location
Thomas Vanek  :  Date and Location TBA, but sometime in December.
I have a feeling that Tommy’s will be at their Transit location, since he lives out that way.
Remember, too, that next week they’re having Rivet (Tuesday) and Pominville (Wednesday).
And if you go to Craig’s signing, bring him some milk and cookies.  I wanted to bake cookies for Paul and leave them on his doorstep, but Kim thought that that would be crossing the line.  But Paul, just say the word, and I’ll break all of my plans to bake you some cookies, and I’ll be at your house in 5 minutes flat.  I promise!

This is by no means in defense of Derek’s performance thus far in the season.  I’m very upset with him in that regard.

I DO NOT, HOWEVER BADLY HE MAY HAVE PLAYED IN THE PAST FIVE GAMES, CONDONE SHOVING HIM UNDER A BENCH!!!  That’s absolutely disgusting!  Alex Burrows, you are on my shit list.  And as I said to Kim when I realized who was being shoved under then bench, if I see you on the streets, sir, YOU ARE DONE.  Yes, that is a threat, and no, I’m not afraid of you.

Do you, Mr. Burrows, realize how dirty the floor of the bench can be?  As much as I love them, hockey players are just like any other guy–gross.  You all spit on the bench, bleed on the bench, sweat on the bench…  Need I say more?  Would you like your face shoved in that?  I didn’t think so.  So what makes you think you can shove Derek’s face into the floor?  Oh, that’s right.  You’re just jealous that he’s got an impeccable fashion sense, he’s damn good-looking, and oh, yeah, he plays for the Sabres, who are 4-0-1, comparable to your Canucks, who are 3-3-0.  It’s easy to see why you don’t like Derek because through 82 games last year, he had 81 points, but you only had 32.  Or is it because he makes $4 million a year, and you only make $483,000?  Well, whatever it is, I still hate you.

Derek didn’t deserve this from you.  A hit, sure.  Sending him flying over the boards, okay I can live with that (1, it’s pretty funny when that happens, and 2, he’s small, so it’s plausible).  But Alex, pick on someone your own size.  Derek’s 5’9″ is hardly in the same category as your 6’1″.  Why don’t you try shoving Pat Kaleta under a bench?  That might work out better for you.  And when I say for you, I mean for me.  So work on that next time we play, okay?  Great.


As you’re all aware, the Sabres have posted the 10 Stupid Questions on the website (well, 8 of them, at least).  And as I’ve already touched on the Mary Ann and Ginger situation (I heart Pat!!).

Cabana on the beach?  Or, a cabin in the mountains?
Cabana on the beach.  Derek, Adam, Pat, and Pat, I love you guys.  I’ll sit in a cabana on the beach with you whenever you’d like, especially if it involves a trip to Cabo!  And Ryan, I like that you chose a cabin in the mountains.  That’s pretty fun too, although I like the beach more than the woods.
Chocolate?  Or, vanilla ice cream?
Chocolate ice cream.  Ryan, again, good choice.  But I’m surprised you didn’t do a write in for Berrier Breakaway.  But that’s damn good ice cream too, while I’m on the subject.  And Patty L, you’re so cute.  You picked vanilla, which I’m not crazy about, but then you justified it by saying, “You can put a lot of stuff on vanilla ice cream.  You can put chocolate on vanilla!”
Motorboat?  Or, sailboat?
It depends…  I’ve never been on a sailboat, but I’ve always wanted to go sailing.  So I guess by default I have to say motorboat, and go along with Derek, Patty K, and Adam.  I guess Derek can take me out on Love Potion #9 sometime.
Poker?  Or, blackjack?
Blackjack.  I can’t play poker; I’ve tried.  I can never remember anything.  And I’m not necessarily good at blackjack, but it’s easy.  Patty K likes it because it’s easier for him to count.  Ryan doesn’t like blackjack because he’s bad at it, but he’s bad at poker too, but not as bad.  And Patty L picked poker..
Porsche?  Or, Mercedes Benz?
Porsche.  I don’t dislike Benzes, and this was tough for me because of all the wonderful German engineering.  Porsches are just sick though.  Give me one of those and I’ll be a very, very, very happy girl (coughcough, a black Cayenne).  Although, I’d probably take Derek’s Mercedes G55, the Kommander edition, even though it reminds me of a safari wagon.  Derek was the only one who said Benz, I believe…
Mary Ann? Or, Ginger?
Ginger.  In a completely heterosexual way, I have to pick Ginger, just because she’s got red hair.  I explained this unwritten redhead code.  Patty K was the only one on my side.
Night out?  Or, home with friends?
I have to agree with Patty K, here–it depends on the day, and it depends who I’m with.  Ryan and Derek like to go out; Patty L likes to chill at home with friends, crack open a bottle of wine, and play some cards; and for Adam, it depends on how the team did the night before.  Good answer, Adam.
Athletic?  Or, voluptuous?
Athletic, obviously.  Most guys aren’t voluptuous, anyways.  But all of the guys asked (Derek, Patty K, and Adam) said athletic.  Pat offered his opinion and added that he likes “a girl that can wear a baseball cap and go out and throw a football around.”  But he added that she has to be good-looking.  Patty K doesn’t want a butch girl.  (So he wants an athletic, pretty redhead?  HI!!!!)  Actually, Adam didn’t answer.  He was laughing too much.
LOOK!!  EVEN MORE THINGS I HAVE IN COMMON WITH DEREK ROY!!  Although, Pat Kaleta seems to be making a case for himself…
Anyways, we take on the Bruins tonight, before a short Western Conference rendezvous with the Minnesota Wild and the Colorado Avalanche.  I’m going to miss the first period, so when I turn the game on at about 8 o’clock, I’d better not be disappointed with what I see.  Derek, that means you have to score in the first period, and Tommy, you’d better make sure that we’re not losing at that point.

I’m not going to lie; at first, this past July, when I got that fateful text message (while driving at high speeds; NOT GOOD) saying that my beloved Big Bear had been traded to wherever, for whomever, I was angry at everyone involved, including you, dear Number 52.

Oh, Craig Rivet… How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
(1) The guys voted you captain.
(2) You kick ass.
(3) You set up goals.
(4) You stick up for your teammates.
(5) You “kinda” have a poodle–Teddy–but insist that he’s your wife’s dog.
(6) Your first name is Anthony.
(7) You’re Canadian.
(8) You love the Bills.
(9) You can’t tell Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus apart.
(10) You dress really well.
(11) You say things like this:
“You always want to stick together whether it’s the first minute or last minute. We care about each other in this dressing room. Adam Mair is one of the guys on our team who will certainly be there for all of his teammates. Right now he’s nursing that knee but he’s played really well and I’ll be there for him.”

(12) Your teammates say things like this:
“Our team showed great camaraderie and hung together really well,” Mair said. “[Rivet] came flying over top of me and before I knew it that guy was on the ground and I was on top of him. It’s just one part of his leadership abilities… His ability to lead goes far beyond that. Those things are the easy things to do. All the other things he does are the hard things and that’s why he was voted captain. He has such a positive outlook on everything he does, just a very rational, professional player.”
Now, I know I said not too long ago that I wasn’t going to touch the Briere/Drury subject with a ten-foot pole, but I have to say what I feel; I honestly believe we’re better off without them. I said before that we didn’t win with them, so who or what is to say we won’t win it without them? And in my heart, after seeing how the Sabres have played behind Captain Craig Rivet just after two games–and I realize that there’s a lot of hockey left between now and April–but count me in on the playoff bandwagon, not that that needed to be said, or anything. I truly believe that, when shown what these guys are all about–how they battled last year through adversity, how they support each other, how they believe in themselves and each other, and how they rally around their teammates–they can go deep, and they can go all the way.
And I, for one, can’t wait.
Changing the subject a little bit, I need to address Islanders’ coach, Scott Gordon; you are certifiable jackass, just like your player Mike Comrie.
“I can tell you right now, I’m not a strong believer in pulling our goalie to change momentum,” Gordon said. “I don’t want them looking over their shoulder to the bench. It’s a way for Joey to find a way to battle, whatever the situation.”

Let me get this straight; so you’re a fan of HANGING YOUR GOALTENDER OUT TO DRY? Dude, honestly, a coach should pull the goalie in this situation. I mean, down 3-0, yeah, leave him in. Maybe he’ll wake up, and maybe the team will wake up. But once you’re down 4-0, there’s obviously something wrong. And while MacDonald actually didn’t play too, too bad of a game, he’s a backup goalie for a reason. And yes, DiPietro is still working back to his normal self from his injury, but you have to play the guy sometime! Honestly, what better time to put him in than in a game that’s already lost. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, at that point. I NEVER, EVER, EVER like it when a coach leaves a goalie hanging like that. No matter how bad the team is playing, or how bad the goalie is playing, it’s not fair to anyone to do that.
And before I forget, I have to bring your attention to this if you haven’t already seen it. 19 year-old Rangers prospect Alexei Cherepanov passed away yesterday, during an Omsk KHL game. He collapsed on the bench late in the game and died shortly after. It was not known at the time what caused his death. The hockey world is in mourning for this talented young man. (This kind of creeps me out, too, because he’s actually younger than me. And it’s believed that the defibrillators in the arena weren’t exactly up to par, so he possibly could have been revived. I guess we’ll see what actually happened in the near future.) Thoughts are prayers to his friends, teammates, and family.


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