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When I got home today I was excited to see that the Masterton Trophy nominees had been announced because I thought for sure that I would see Teppo’s name among them. But what did I see? HUH? You really want to know? THIS, THIS IS WHAT I SAW.

Chelios, Sullivan, Zednik named Masterton Trophy finalists

I’m sorry WHAT!?!?!?!

Chris Chelios? Re-he-heally?

Dear Hockey Gods,

Do you hate Buffalo that much?



Because I’m pretty sure that fracturing your tibia (the larger bone in the lower leg) is nowhere equal to having your chest cracked open and having your still beating heart poked and prodded by a lot of sharp instruments.  

I know Chelio is 47 and yeah it’s great that he’s still playing all the power to the old guys but seriously shouldn’t he be using his hockey stick as a cane by now? He played 28 games this year and didn’t register a point but APPARENTLY he played a big role behind the scenes which was obviously enough to warrant his nomination for an award that is given to the player “who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey”. Just because the guy is old doesn’t mean that he deserves to be recognized for it. Let me know when I can come at his beating heart with a scalpel I’ll be first in line.

The other finalists were Steven Sullivan who suffered a back injury in 2007 and had two back surgeries to correct the problem. He is one of three players to have played for a team, missed 600 consecutive days and return to the same team. The other is Richard Zednik who’s life was almost tragically cut short here in Buffalo when his former teammate Olli Jokinen’s skate hit him in the throat, severing his carotid artery. (Scariest moment of my life right there)

It’s not like I expected Teppo to win being up against the guy who had his throat cut open and almost bleed to death on the ice and another who broke his back and after almost two years returned to active duty. But Teppo deserves every ounce of respect that he gets from his teammates, the coaches and his fans. He could have hung up his skates after last season and no one would have blamed him. But he chose to come back for the last game of the season to prove that he still had what it takes to be a player in the National Hockey League.

I’m predicting, to no ones surprise, that Richard Zednik will walk away with the trophy and if he doesn’t it’s a great disservice to him and to the doctors and medical staff that made it possible for him to even play again.


Because I’m sure the Sabres could use a few hundred easy buttons right now, and I’d be willing to spend every last penny that I have to my name on them.

I really need the Sabres to make the playoffs.

Last night during the game I was at work.  Now I’ve promised M.J. that I would keep her updated on the games, so I was fulfilling my duty.  I told her, when we were down three goals, that I felt like crying.

I’ve only cried over the Sabres twice.  Once when Brian Holzinger was traded (I was 7), and again when Brian Campbell was traded (DON’T JUDGE ME).

I really didn’t want last night to be the third time.  And it would have been, had it not been one of my coworker’s birthdays, and there was leftover cake.  Derek Roy would be so proud of my emotional eating last night.

So what’s left?  Toronto?  Okay; doable.  Carolina?  Eek.  I’m worried because of the tear they’ve been on lately.  And it seems Mike Ryan has a way of making me hate him when teams I like play against him (see, February 10th’s Portland Pirates game against the Albany River Rats).  Boston?  As I said yesterday, alright.

Really, I have faith that the Sabres can pull off their end of the bargain.  Hell, the score might not show it, but they didn’t play all that badly last night in my opinion.

I just could have used a bottle of wine after the game, is all.

The tough part will be to bank on Florida and the Rangers losing both of their games.

New York is up against Montreal and Philly (two games), and Florida versus Philly, Atlanta, and Washington.

I think it can happen.

But…  Just in case…


So last night, Kim and I attended the game with the lovely S(h)ara from Sabretooth’s House.

And it was bad. No, it was really, really fun, but it was bad. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. We must do it again.

You all know how the game went, and let me tell you how excited I was! Except, I never stood up when we scored, even when we won, because we were in the first row of the 300-level, and I don’t do well with heights. Anywhere else in the 300’s and I’m fine, but in the first row? Eehhhhh, not really my thing to have about two feet of concrete and ten inches of glass separating me and the space between myself and the people in the 100-level.

BUT! I seriously think I had a good omen yesterday morning. Whilst driving to school down Elmwood, I was flipping through the radio (which I don’t normally do; I usually listen to a CD), still upset that the Sabres have been sucking so badly. But then Star was playing a good song, so I left it on. Then the DJ was talking about the weather and traffic, and I almost turned it off, but then he said something about the 33 and I paid attention.

Good thing, because the next song was “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

How’s that for fate?

(What’s also fate, is that at the arena, they played “Glamorous,” which didn’t help my cause for not cheating on Derek Roy at all. Damn you, Kris Versteeg! Why must you be so Fergalicious? Also, this video of Toews, Burish, and Wiz is pretty great as well. They’re so funny. I love those Blackhawks. NO. I need to stop. Clare, look what you’ve done to me!)

So the game was really, really successful at making me happy. The guys played great, but the company makes it even better. Especially the commentary:

– Me, on Thomas Vanek (?) missing a wide-open net in the first: “If Tim Connolly were there, that would’ve been a goal!” S(h)ara’s response: “Tim Connolly is good at putting things in holes.” (That was bad. I’m sorry.)

– Throughout the night, we kept shouting “troglodyte,” “Greg Campbell, you suck,” “hit him with your purse,” and “Princess D.”

– The guys behind us were getting very upset with people screaming “shoot” on the power play. Well sorry, sir, but if the Sabres would shoot a little more on the power play, we wouldn’t have to tell them how to do their jobs.

– Kim said that we needed to “euthanize the Panthers.” I said she was being too kind.

(Now I got a bit lost because I kept watching Kris Versteeg videos. Those Blackhawks are killing me.)

– Every time we saw Anne, S(h)ara and I screamed “foxy lady!” She never heard us.

– When Tallinder took a penalty (and this is really bad guys; I apologize), I said quietly to the girls, “Tallinder’s not a hooker; he’s a rapist.” It was hysterical at the time, and I even tweeted it, but I feel kinda bad about it now because the charges were dropped.

– Kim said Derek Roy needed to go after the puck like it was a Hostess cupcake. She tweeted it too. Which prompted Jill to respond about Ho Ho’s, and Jay to suggest ding dongs. That’s just wrong, on all accounts. I need to make him a batch of tofu brownies now.

S(h)ara said a whole bunch of funnier things too, but I don’t remember them.

Anyways, after the game we met up with Anne at Cobblestone, hoping some of the Sabres would show up, but by 11 o’clock we were all getting pretty tired, and booked. None of them came. We even sat by the back entrance, hoping that they might, but no. Oh well. Anyways, that was pretty much Brian Campbell’s place to go, and he’s with the Blackhawks now, obviously. (I just can’t get away from them, can I?)

Also, Mary tweeted about Lalime singing “Poker Face,” (two things: I seem to be obsessed with Twitter, and Patty didn’t sing it [to my knowledge, at least]), and now every time I hear that song and/or Lady Gaga, I totally think of him. Especially when they played “Just Dance” during the game.

The only thing that would’ve made that night better is if MJ could’ve made it up in time, but her job didn’t allow for us to have that much fun. Another time, I suppose.

And my signal that I should stop writing now is the fact that I have no idea if this post is even coherent.

I’ll be back later, possibly, as I have absolutely NO PLANS today, which is so, so strange and new to me.

Okay, Sabres. You’ve had your fun. And by fun, I mean toying with the hearts of countless people throughout Western New York, Southern Ontario, and across the country.


In fact, it’s downright despicable. I really don’t care for how you’ve been playing, at all. Goaltending? Needs to be better. Consistent, but yet, needs to be better. Defense? Don’t even get me started. Offense? Ditto.

First of all, DEREK ROY I TOLD YOU THAT YOU CAN’T BE FRIENDS WITH ANYONE. Not the coach who led you to the Memorial Cup, no one. Know why? Because he coaches Gregory Campbell. YOU CAN’T BE FRIENDS WITH HIM. Wanna know why? Because he could have single-handedly beat you last night. That’s why.


I mean, something is obviously wrong in the locker room. I, for one, don’t think it’s Lindy Ruff’s fault. The guys don’t have it in them. I don’t know why, but they just don’t. Somehow, though, I honestly feel like management might call for Lindy’s head. But I don’t think Regier would allow Ruff to be axed; they’ve been together too long, and they were together when this team didn’t make the playoffs, what, three seasons in a row? Regier, as we are all too well aware, is not one to jump the gun, so I really believe that Ruff’s job is safe, and that’s fine by me, because he is an elite coach.

That being said, I’ll refer to my comment about the guys just not showing up. What’s my solution to that? Make some phone calls to Portland. Get Nathan Gerbe on a plane ASAP. If I were Lindy, I’d stick with the plan of benching guys. I’m still on the Bench Derek Roy Bandwagon. He most definitely needs to play better (and obviously my theory of embarrassing him didn’t work as well as I had hoped). But seriously. Rotate Gerbe in for the guys we are very much underachieving this year. Oh, wait… That’s pretty much everyone except for Vanek, and I’ll throw MacArthur in there (strictly because of his numbers) and Mancari (because he’s played pretty well). And like I said, don’t even get me started on the D. Seriously, bench them all. Play Paetsch and Weber in Lydman and Tallinder’s spots for a few games, and then in Sekera and Spacek’s, and then Numminen’s. I won’t throw Rivet in there because he’s been battling injuries all season, but still.


We obviously have to find what’s wrong with this team, and we have to find it now. Because as it stands, playoff-wise, we’re already on the outside. And I’m not so sure I can take another Sabre-less late spring.

Like I said to Anne today, I seriously want to jump a plane to Tampa when I drop my brother off at the airport this morning. I really want to go down there, smack every single Buffalo Sabre across the face, and then proceed to bawl my eyes out and throw a hissy fit to make them see just how much their sucking affects me.

Oh, my God. If I talk about them any more I think I actually might start crying. Either that, or my couch pillows and other household objects may suddenly be able to fly…

So, I think, instead of talking about those men who shall not be named (Sounds like Harry Potter, eh? I think I might use Kim’s method: ******.), I think I’m just going to post ridiculous pictures of them, and talk about my boyfriends from the other teams.

Here goes.

So, in last night’s game, my Florida boyfriend, the beautiful David Booth did what? Nothing. Oh, that’s right, because he didn’t play, because he has some shoulder injury.


But Marcus Naslund scored for the Rangers, neither of my goalie BF’s played in the Islanders/Caps game, both Staal brothers let me down in their matchup, Shea Weber netted a goal, Todd Fedoruk did as well, and that’s it. Well I guess I pretty much got stood up across the board. But thank you, Marcus, Shea, and Todd, for trying to cheer me up. But, alas, it didn’t work.

At least Tampa lost… But, wait, I don’t think that will matter since they absolutely steamrolled us when they were up here last.

Umm, so a picture…

So I lied. I can’t look at my pictures of the ****** without getting all kinds of upset. Well, I’ll put up a picture of one of my guys who didn’t let me down last night:

The Pirates couldn’t possibly let me down last night because they didn’t play.

In fact, they only made me love them more.

While the Sabres are out making millions by playing terribly and galavanting on the beach and Chippewa, the most adorable hockey players every (coughTHEPIRATEScough) are doing charity work. Yeah, that’s right, and making the days of countless children, grown men, and adoring women.

Three of the four Mikey-Poo’s in Portland (Card, Funk, and Kostka), along with Derek Whitmore unveiled the newly remodeled Dorothy Elizabeth room at Gary’s House, a Ronald McDonald-esque house, in Portland. They also decorated for Christmas.

And then Tim Kennedy (who looks like a child himself) and Jimmy Bonneau did a signing.

The Pirates are my new hockey loves.

Take that, Sabres. Oh, and Derek Roy? I’m breaking up with you.

Yeah, so I’m sure you all know what’s going on with a certain picture of a certain Derek Roy… But I’m not even going to say I’m sorry for the spread of that picture. You know why? First of all, it’s his own damn fault, secondly, I did nothing wrong, and thirdly, it was with good intentions the most harmless of intentions possible.

So, Derek, just be glad we took the picture down, although it can be found elsewhere, now, from what I’ve seen…

Oh well. Next time, don’t let your friends violate you in public, let someone else photograph it, and the let them put it on Facebook, where anyone can see it. Namely, me. Because you know I’m giving it to MJ.

Anyways, back to legit hockey blogging.

Toni Lydman is doubtful for tonight, as is Craig Rivet, apparently. So who would get the logical promotion from Portland? Mike Weber, obviously. But I guess he’s been iffy, as far as health is concerned, so then who?

(Lindy doesn’t seem too, too concerned about those issues, but still…)

Marc-Andre Gragnani, in 20 games, has 1 goal and 10 assists; also, he’s a -1 with 16 penalty minutes.

Mike Kostka has 2 goals and 6 assists, also in 20 games, with 6 PIM, and he’s a +8.

Chris Butler’s points and games are the same as Kostka’s, but he is a +2 with 14 penalty minutes.

My Mikey-Poo, Mr. Funk, has been limited to 11 games due to a concussion he suffered the opening day of training camp. But, in those 11 games, he’s netted just 1 goal and 3 assists. He’s racked up 8 penalty minutes and is a +3.

Paul Baier, whom I’m not sure we have rights to?, has 3 points (1-2) in 18 games, with a -2 and 12 PIM.

Weber has played 19 games, has only 2 assists to put towards his point total, and is a +5 with 51 PIM.

Mike Card has been limited to 13 games, most recently due to taking a puck off of his gorgeous face (please don’t need plastic surgery). He’s only got 1 assist, so far, on the year, and is an even 0 on +/-, with 16 penalty minutes.

I’m making my choice with the assumption that Weber is unavailable, fyi…

So, based purely on statistics, I’d probably want to call up Gragnani or Kostka. Based on playing style, comparable to Lydman, I’d probably go with Funk, because when I’ve seen him play in person, he’s physical on the puck, and he can skate. Based solely on the fact that I adore him, I’d call Funker, as well.

But I’m kind of mad at him because he still hasn’t accepted my friendship on Facebook… Then again, neither have Mancari or Dylan Hunter, so idk… What’s with these Portland boys? Don’t they check their Facebook 1,978,234,986 times a day like I do?? Well, at least Gerbe Derby does…

Anyways, I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging purely on the game is kind of boring. I like being ridiculous way, way, way too much.


I’m throwing this out there:


Tommy, what the hell were you thinking when this picture was taken?? I’m not even going to talk about that RIDICULOUS hat.

Um, and what are you doing in that area of Buffalo???

Hmm, well, Shelby, that’s for you.

But anyways, the Panthers? Stephen Weiss? Gregory Campbell? Not too intimidated. But Derek, seriously, forget that your friends with the later. Please. No nice guys tonight.

So I guess I’ll miss probably half of the game. I’ve decided that if they’re winning, maybe I won’t watch the rest of it?? Because, I don’t know, maybe it’s me. I kind of take it personally when the Sabres are sucking, and get all bummed and mope around the house… I swear, if I slit my wrists, I’d covered in blue and gold goo. So maybe I won’t watch/listen, just to see if that works… But I don’t know if I can hold out like that. I’ve never intentionally ignored a game…

We’ll see. Go Sabes!

Or is there a rash of strange injuries going around the league this year?
First, it’s Erik Johnson‘s inability to remove his foot from a gas pedal correctly, and tore his ACL AND MCL.  Nice, Erik.  Nice.
Then, it’s Timmykins and his effed up back.  We all know it’s from laying on bar floors, and not from getting hit in Roberval.
Next, we’ve got the Sabres’ rash of finger injuries, with Paul tearing his thumb up, and Jochen shattering the tip of his middle finger.  Do you realize that if they had to have their fingers splinted, Jochen would be flipping Paul off permanently, and all Paul would be able to do would be to give Jochen a thumbs up?  hahahahah.
Then, I found out last night that Daniel Briere (ew) is out for about a month with a torn abdominal muscle.  Does anyone remember what happened to Danny while he was here?  That’s right, folks, he had an inguinal hernia.  That’s a torn abdominal muscle, where the intestines begin to protrude through the abdominal wall, if you didn’t know.  So I’m thinking the surgical procedure to patch the wall has given in…
(I’m not sure if I like Danny, or if I hate him.  I think I’m indifferent.  I liked him while he was here, and yeah, he’s great, but I hated the situation in which he left, and I’m kinda bitter with him about it, so idk.  But really, I dislike him like I dislike Hasek.  And I used to think I was going to marry Hasek.  Hey, I was five.  I didn’t know any better.)
And I also see that Blues goalie Manny Legace is on the shelf, no thanks to Sarah Palin.  This is what TSN reports:
The Alaska governor dropped the ceremonial first puck before the Blues hosted the Los Angeles Kings.  A narrow carpet walkway was placed from the gate at the Blues bench to centre ice for Palin, her husband and two of her daughters.

Just before the ceremony, Legace was the first player onto the ice for St. Louis.  A team official pointed to the carpet.  But Legace said the official moved his own foot from the carpet just as Legace stepped down, causing the carpet to slide.

Legace fell, then gingerly made his way to the crease.
Sarah Palin is hurting our players.  Nice hockey mom.
But these injuries are just weird.  Right?  I mean, take a gander at exactly how many injuries there are in the league.  That’s a lot.  And hahaha Gregory Campbell is hurt.  OOOH and another bizaar one?  Ryan Getzlaf has an impacted tooth.
And what’s up with all this “Undisclosed Injury” crap??  I thought all injuries had to be disclosed?
Well, anyways, I won’t be posting about the game tonight until midnight, or so, when I get home from work, so I probably won’t be posting.  But definitely tomorrow.
Go Sabres!!


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