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Remember how I said I didn’t want to know anything about last night’s game until it was over, and I was at home, peacefully watching the game from the initial puckdrop, only after I enjoyed my evening being serenaded by Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal?

Yeah, well… That didn’t happen.

Yes, I did have a wonderful evening at Shea’s, watching my favorite musical ever (RENT! Go see it!), but I couldn’t stay away from the Sabres. I couldn’t resist.

During intermission, no matter how much Kim protested, because I made her promise to not let me, I pulled out my cell phone and checked the score.

“Ehh… Not bad.” It was 0-0.

A moment later, Kim nudges me: “Al scored!” Cool deal.

But then, a few minutes later, 2-1 Chicago. Um, what? Excuse me?

Cue “Seasons of Love,” and the powering-down of the phone.

So then, once the play was over and we were crossing a slush-covered Main Street (Sorry, Britt, but your boots have salt marks on them now. I’m trying my best to get them off!), I again, couldn’t resist, so I checked the damage. And damage is right. It was 4-1 at that point.

Needless to say, after listening to the third period on the radio on the way home, and then my brother admitting to me that we blew a six-minute power play, I was less than thrilled.

The only part of the game I watched were the last few minutes that I caught upon entering the house, and I watched Stafford’s hit on Keith this morning, just to see if it really was all that bad. And it wasn’t. Unfortunate that he struggled after the hit, but it was clean, and the way Ben Eager reacted was absolutely ridiculous. I understand sticking up for your teammate, but do it, and then let it go. The hit was clean.

And Ben Eager is going to get himself a reputation if he keeps behaving and talking trash like that… Well, not that he doesn’t already, or anything.

I only hope that the game I will actually see will be better.

But can someone seriously explain to me what is going through Lindy Ruff’s mind right now/last night? Why on Earth was Butler sitting in the press box? He’s been one of the best defensemen on this team since he arrived in Buffalo, and there is no reason good enough to satisfy me as to why he shouldn’t be in the lineup.

Okay. Now that I sort of got my ranting out of the way (seriously, though–go see Rent), I can just say Go Sabres, and hopefully we’ll beat the Stars play well this evening.



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