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Okay, so I began writing this entry Friday morning. Some time management, eh? Well, I’ll tell you, though… I was in the middle of writing Friday when Kim called me up and asked if I wanted to go to the mall. DUH. So we went, and then I went to work. Usually I can post at work, but not that night. Whatever. So then I was going to post it yesterday. But, we ended up at the mall, again.

So here I am this afternoon.

Great game last night, right??? Tommy is the equivalent of God in my books right now, and Derek would probably be Jesus. Stafford, Lydman, Gerbe, Miller, and the likes could be apostles, or whatever.

Basically, though, I’m in love. And this week is going to be the best and the worst ever. The Bills are most certainly going to lose today, and tomorrow I’ve got to work, but the first high point comes Tuesday evening with the Derek Roy signing. Wednesday is going to be absolutely brutal, with my last Anatomy lab practical and Nutrition exams for the semester. Yikes. Hopefully the boys will pull off that game against the Devils. Thursday won’t be much better with my actual Anatomy exam. Friday will be awesome though because my dear Jennifer comes home from school in New Mexico (at least I think it’s Friday; she won’t tell Kim or I), and Saturday Karina comes home. I’m working the weekend, which is alright, because Monday the girls and I are going to the Pittsburgh game for my birthday!! Not that you really care, or anything, but I just wanted to share.

So Friday morning I was rummaging around the internet, trying to find something about the Sabres that was obscure enough for me to have fun with.

Do you think I found anything?

No. Not really.

But what I did find, on Facebook, of course, were a bunch of fun pictures. What prompted me to search for pictures, you might (not) ask? Well, I was over at Meet Me At Chef’s, reading Rachel’s post, and saw this wonderful picture of Ryan Miller.

MIND YOU, I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS EXACT PICTURE FOR FOREVER. This was in the First Sunday insert of the TBN a while back. My interest in this picture? RYAN IS IN TIM CONNOLLY’S HOUSE. Yeah, that’s right. He was living with Timmy while his house was being built.

BUT NOTICE TIMMAAAAY’S MARBLE FLOORS. Pretentious, much? Oh, wait… It’s Tim we’re talking about. Of course he’s pretentious. This is the guy that wants to dine with Hugh Hefner and own vineyards. And listen to G-Unit while doing that.


Okay, moving on.

The rest of these beauties were found on Fb or Getty, so I am not responsible for whatever may come from them. =]

Ummm… WHAT??

Jaro, I love you, but are you trying to get Janice Dickinson to recruit you? I mean, I could totally see you doing a spread for Dolce and Gabbana in the next issue of Elle magazine.

I’m just saying…

And this gem?? Ohhhh man…

Teppo, your wife is a MILF. Most definitely. And you’re little girls? Gorgeous. I want to see your son. They’ll be heartbreakers in 15 years.

But no matter how beautiful your family is, it still doesn’t make this one right:

Okay, well the picture is alright, but it’s the context of the picture, I suppose. So you’re out with Mrs. Teppo, and Dmitri Kalinin, and Maxim Afinogenov. You’re enjoying a few beers. That’s fine. But what’s your entertainment for the night?? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Now I just think that’s adorable.

And while we’re on the topic of gorgeous families and Justin Timberlake…

Jason Pominville’s girlfriend fiancee lady friend is probably the most adorable girl ever, which makes them the world’s most adorable couple. I’m in love with both of them.

Haha, Jason’s Dave and Adam’s commercial just came on. The one with Petey and Nathan… Awww, they’re so cute!

Oh man… I think that’s enough excitement. Plus I have to prepare for the probably terrible hopefully decent Bills game. So… Bye.


Ugh, so my perfect evening was ruined because of some dumb waitress at Chili’s. She took forever to bring us TWO APPETIZERS. Two orders of boneless wings should not take half an hour.


Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system…

So I must say, sitting in the front row–in the corner–is very, very exciting, especially when the Sabres win.

Brittany and I weren’t prepared for just how nerve-wracking it can be to see two 200-pound men skating quickly towards you, with only a piece of glass to stop them. It’s actually downright scary.

Quick hits from the game:

– Pommers got hit right in front of us. WHY JASON? Why couldn’t someone flatten Lecavalier right there, or something?

– The delay-of-game call on Miller was COMPLETE bull shit. I was sitting ten feet away from Miller and could clearly see him catch the puck, then proceed to wave his closed glove in the air for the refs to see. I don’t care what anyone says, Miller is on the shit list of the refs, along with Roy and Kaleta. Hell, throw everyone wearing blue and gold up on there, as well.

– Ditto for the “boarding” call.

– The guy behind us called Jaro “Space Station.” That was pretty good.

– Thomas Vanek is a sexy beast. Enough said.

– Nathan Gerbe is extremely impressive. I’ve said it before (I think): It’s one thing to watch him on TV and say, “Yeah, he’s good,” or “Yeah, he’s really fast,” but you have no idea until you’ve seen him play in person. He’s fantastic. I will say this, though: He looked good last night, but this is nothing like what he can play. When I saw him up in Portland, I was completely blown away. And that doesn’t happen much…

– Goose and Mair are also sexy beasts. I love the picture of Paul on the front of TBN’s Sports section today. Hahaa…. Sauce from the Goose. I love it.

– What’s with the no-call when Derek got his lip cut open??

(I love how this is all ADD-ish, and not in order of anything that really happened in the game…)

– Britt’s boyfriend texted us at one point and told us that we weren’t hitting the glass enough. Mostly because she braced herself every time the players skated towards us, and I guess maybe he watched us, and saw her sit all the way back.

– He then texted us and said that the guy sitting next to us looked like a snowman. Our response? “It’s Frosty, duhhhhhh.” He did on TV, though. White hat and a white long sleeve T on a big man? Yep.

(Derek is late calling up Kiss again… He’s so unreliable…)

– Back to Miller’s penalty, I’m really proud of the guys for killing off that two-minute two-man. Kudos.

– Steven Stamkos looks like Luke’s friend Nick, so we proceeded to call him that for the rest of the night.

– There was a guy sitting right behind us that looked like he could be our friend Tom’s twin.

Ohhhh, well I can’t really remember much else. I’m blogging, listening to the radio, and reading the newspaper at the same time right now. Multi-tasking is something I can usually do well, but it’s not really working for me this morning. I have to do it, though, because in about an hour, I have to head out for Canada, as I have an interview for my Nexus pass at 11 am.

This was the best picture I found from the night:


Oh, and Britt and I were in a couple pictures from Getty, as well:

AHHHH he scored on that one. And then my hand hurt really bad. I usually can take a lot of pain, but I didn’t think that hitting plexiglass repeatedly would hurt that much…

I don’t like this picture. (A), because I look stupid, and (B) because Pommer had just been smooshed right in front of me, and (C) you don’t mess with my Pommer.

Alright, well I don’t think Derek’s woken up yet. So I’m going to go get ready, and if Derek ever decides to call, I’ll update you on his ridiculousness.

Here’s the part where I complain about my personal life for a moment:

Okay, so we all know that I don’t have the most glamorous job around–I change the diapers of the elderly, bathe them, and put them in bed. Not that spectacular, and pretty smelly, which is why I don’t often go out after work. At least, if I do, I shower first, which means I don’t go out until 1 am, which, in Buffalo, is not late at all, but still…

ANYWAYS, because I had to work last night, and then told a coworker that I’d cover her overnight shift, I couldn’t go shopping this morning. I mean, not that I can really afford to spend my money unnecessarily, or anything… But I love shopping, and Black Friday shopping is like, the most fun ever.

So I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get to go shopping, and now I’m running on four hours of sleep, and about to get ready to head back to work. And my supervisor even had the gall to ask if I’d do another double tonight. NO THANK YOU. I have plans for tomorrow. They’re not that exciting, but it’s stuff that needs to get done. I have to go to the post office and find a box big enough to fit a Sabres jersey and a container of cookies to send to Andy, I have to make the cookies (which Kim has so kindly offered to assist), clean my room, make preparations for Sunday’s Bills/49ers’ game, and, oh yeah, WATCH THE SABRES.

And then there’s always the Sociology tests that I have to take online by the 17th, and the lab practical I have for Anatomy on Wednesday.



All of these videos about the boys and their Thanksgivings are just adorable.

I love how Patty’s mom lays down the law and gives him a time to be at the ‘rents house by. I also love how Jason got that sheepish smile when talking about Thanksgiving (which I think is extra cute because he still celebrates it even though his American mother and himself have lived in Canada for how long?), and how Jaro talks about his abilities to cook foul, when we all know all he really does is bite the head off, Ozzy Osbourne style. And I especially like his name pronunciation correction during the Sabres show (it’s right after the commercial).

I really think that I adore that man.

In other news, I’m really hoping Tommy is okay. Because the more effect Milan Lucic is having on this team, the less I like him, and the more inclined I am to hurting him. And I really don’t feel like going to jail anytime soon, so Tommy had best be alright. If he wants to sit out tonight, fine, okay. But not tomorrow. We need him tomorrow more than tonight, because, when it comes down to getting into the playoffs down the stretch, we’ll need divisional points more than conference points. Therefore, Montreal on Saturday is more important.

Plus, once Al comes back healthy, who sits? Danny’s supposed to be playing, so I don’t necessarily see him sitting anytime soon, and I don’t see the Sabres sending Mancari down in the near future. Well, at least they wouldn’t have any legit reason for doing so…

OH!! And to the person who found us by searching for this:

I give you your answer. Also someone found this by searching for “Adam Cari Miller.” What, did I all of a sudden marry Ryan Miller, and now we have a son named Adam? And no, for another person’s inquiring mind, I do not know the colors of the Sabres’ respective bedrooms, I do not love Maria Genero, I don’t want to ship Derek off to Maine, I’m not friends with Garnet Exelby on Facebook, I’ve never seen Daniel Briere shirtless (nor do I want to), and I’m not going to trash talk Marky Mark’s beautiful girlfriend. If you want to do that, and I suggest and beg that you don’t, go over to those trashy forums. Because I don’t have vendettas against the girls that the guys I love decided to go out with. I’m not a jealous bitch, so you’ve got no business being here if you want that (Can you tell that I can’t stand those forums, no matter how addicting they are??).

Well, kids, I have to go get ready for work. Thankfully, though, the nurse I work with is awesome and likes the Sabres, too, so I never miss a game while I’m there. I’ll post after the game if there’s something good to talk about.

Paul: Hello?

Cari: Hey, Paul, it’s me.
Paul: Oh, hey!!  How are you?
Cari: I’m good, but Paul?  Why do you have bunny ears on?
Paul: Oh, Cari, don’t you know that Friday is Halloween?  I have to find my costume still, you know.
Cari: So what are you trying to be with that getup?  A modest cross between a Chippendales dancer and a Playboy Bunny?
Paul: How’d you guess?
Cari: It’s not that difficult…  Anyways, let me get to why I called.  Paul, are you healthy?
Paul: Well, I don’t know.  Ultimately, that’s up to Lindy.
Cari: Well, please decide, because if you or Timmy aren’t ready to play tomorrow night, and Adam does get suspended for his shenanigans–oh my God, I just thought of this, but if Adam does get suspended, who’s going to take care of the Man Children?–but if he does get suspended, we need another guy, and it had better be one of you.
Paul: Cari, we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it.  The NHL is quote-unquote investigating is, so…
Cari: Well, I don’t trust the NHL.  I’m hoping at most they’ll slap him with a fine, but Paul, what if?  Who would we get from Portland?  Mark?  So we can risk waiving him again?  No thank you.
Paul: Stop being such a worry wart.  You’re upsetting my aura.  Hey, where are my milk and cookies for being hurt?  I never got them.  I thought you were going to leave them on my doorstep for me?
Cari: Kim wouldn’t let me.  She said that would be crossing the line.
Paul: They’re cookies.  Cookies never cross the line.
Cari: Good to know.  But Paul?
Paul: Yes, Cari?
Cari: Hurry back, please.  And next time don’t punch people too hard.  Oh, and Paul?
Paul: Yes, Cari?
Cari: Can you tell your BFF Ryan that he’s kicking ass in the TSN Power Rankings?  And ESPN’s for that matter?
Paul: Sure.
Cari: And you didn’t tell me who would watch Danny and Clarke in the event of Adam’s absence…
Paul: Um, I don’t know for sure…  Maybe Jaro?
Cari: JARO??!!  He’d probably try to lure them into the shower room with the cookies I’d make for you and then he’d fillet them, or something.  And he’d probably hang Mr. Snuffles on a plaque above his mantle…  No, Jaro; I love you, but no.
Paul: Drew, maybe?
Cari: Are you kidding me?  Drew eats paste.
Paul: Fine.  How about I give the job to the equipment guys?
Cari: They think a taxidermic pigeon is funny.  Let me think, NO.
Paul: Well, who do you suggest then?
Cari: Yourself.  Duh.  So get healthy.
Paul: I’m working on it.
Cari: I’m going to school now.  I’ll talk to you later, okay?  Bye.
Paul: Bye…
Cari: (in a txt to Paul)  Oh, and tell Pommers I won’t see him tonight at Dave and Adam’s because I have trip preparations to commence.  And tell Petey that I’ll be listening to him on Star 102.5 tomorrow at 8:10, but I might have to turn him off for Derek.  Okay?  Thanks Paul!

This is quite the surprising choice, I don’t think anyone expected him, a newcomer, to be named captain. But actually in my opinion I think it is a good choice, he’s got a lot of experience, he’s one of the older guys on the team and he was an alternate captain in San Jose. I know most people will probably be unhappy with the choice and probably would have preferred the captaincy to go to someone who had been with the team longer but hey at least it’s not rotating captaincy. I think I speak for Cari and I that nothing drove us crazier than trying to remember who was captain in a certain month. Read all about Lindy’s choice here.

The alternatives and these come as no surprise are Jochen Hecht, Jaroslav Spacek, Jason Pominville and Teppo Numminen, according to Lindy Ruff two will wear the A’s on the road and two will wear the A’s at home. Sort of like the cocaptaincy with Drury and Briere one was captain at home and one was captain on the road.

I think having one captain is the best for everyone they now can look to one person for guidance and will be able to focus more on the game than worrying about who was going to wear the C the next month. I’m happy for Craig Rivet and I’m sure he will bring some much needed wisdom and experience to a relatively young team.

Well now we can get back to worrying about the season opener which by the way is in approximately 48 HOURS!!!!!


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