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Guys, I’ve been waiting so long to write the HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK ROY post, you have no idea!!

(Insert Blingee that won’t insert.  Sad face.)

We all know Derek is a little flashy, and (probably) pretty high maintenance, so I decided to throw him a nice birthday party, complete with his friends,
some party crashers, or as I like to call them, “interlopers,”
some chicks,
and then we’ll get a little tipsy,
but it’s Derek’s birthday, and he can cry if he wants to.
Because all he really wanted was his birthday cake.
And that’s probably why Derek ends up in Cabo looking like this.
Aw hell, if it means I get more ammo to make fun of him with, I’m all over that shit.
Happy 26th Birthday, Love!!
(PS:  I am in dire need of writing a real post, but I don’t have the time this week.  I have so many tests, quizzes, and a paper to take care of, and then Kim and I are going to Pittsburgh for the weekend with Clare and a few other lovely lady bloggers from all over the place for a birthday weekend, and we’ll be sitting outside of the Igloo watching the Pens and Caps.  Should be so much fun!  But probably Monday or Tuesday, look for a post from me, unless something fabulous happens between now and then.  I’m so, so sorry that I don’t blog too often anymore, but if you miss me (and I’m sure you do), follow my Twitter because I talk about hockey on there A LOT, amidst making fun of Derek, squeeing about Kristopher, and random complaints about life in general.  Just, if you’re going to follow me, send me a Direct Message or something so I know not to block you, because I really hate all sorts of random people who find me by searching something I wrote about, and then I block them, and I’d hate to do that to you.  Okay, good luck with exams to those of you who have them, and if you don’t, good luck with whatever you’ve got going on.  Back back (sort of) soon!)
(PPS:  Oh, and in the meantime, Go Team Canada, Go Team USA, and most important of all, Go Blackhawks!)

Okay, so this will be brief, because I actually meant to click on “New Post for Verbeauty…” but since I’m here, I’ll give you all a little update on how my favorite chunky, emotional eater is doing in Switzerland.

Actually, I can sum it up in one word.  Well, phrase.

He’s still a point-per-game player.

Through one game, in which Team Canada trounced Belarus 6-1, chalked up two goals for Dany Heatley and Steven Stomkos each, while Derek only notched an assist.  He was a plus-2, though, so I guess that’s alright.

But, then again, there’s plenty more hockey to be played, and (since I don’t think the US team has a chance with their current lineup even though they boast Drew Stafford, Jack Johnson, JM Liles, and Patrick O’Sullivan,) I’m going to cheer for the land of my forefathers and wish I were Canadian.

But I look at it this way (and here comes the crazy in me again):  If I marry Derek or Kris, our children would have instant dual citizenship.

So Go Team Canada!

Also, it’s really, really gorgeous outside.  I love it.  Too bad I woke up less than an hour ago and have to be at work at 3:30.  Boooooo.

I think after seven days I can coherantly discuss my sadness.

Well, maybe not.

See, I’m sad, yes.  But I’m more so disappointed.  The guys had the talent to make the playoffs, but immaturity in the form of inconsistency bit them in the ass.

And I find that hard to forgive.

Derek Roy and Ryan Miller said it best when they shot down the excuses of losing leaders and youth.  And they’re right; those aren’t excuses.

I don’t want to say any more on this topic, so I’m going to delve into a series of stories I have for you:


Derek Roy, at Black and Blue

A guy Kim and I went to high school with is a chef at Black and Blue (which, is awesome, mind you).  He informed Kim that the Sabres came in to the restaurant Saturday for a final team dinner after the game.

Apparently, according to him, Derek isn’t the nicest guy.

Because he sent his steak back–TWICE–because it “wasn’t mooing enough.”

Now, I can understand the chefs’ annoyance with this situation, because now they’ve wasted two perfectly good steaks.

But (and I’m taking my chance to defend the Princess here) you have to consider the situation Derek is in.  Had you just failed to do your job to the standard which was expected, you’d be in a pissy mood too.  And if I were paying $30 for a piece of meat that wasn’t cooked to my liking, I’d send it back too.  Especially if I wanted it raw and it was slightly cooked.

I don’t know, but that’s just me.


Tim Connolly, on Main Street

I refuse to reveal my sources, so don’t even ask.

Apparently Timmy was on Main Street, hitting up the bars (I’m wondering if they were the bars near UB? since this story is coming from a UB student, and the bars over there are sketchy.)

He and his cousin were doing body shots off of some girls.

That’s a good enough story, right?


He invited the girls to do shots off of him.


Well, that’s about it for today.  I have no inspiration to write about the Sabres, and that depresses me.  😦  I need the Worlds to start.

Like I said over on Blogger, Kim and I have grown sick of the boring layouts and the simplicity of that site.  So, we’ve packed up and moved to WordPress!  All of the old posts have been moved over as well, but some of the comments wouldn’t transfer, and the embedded videos didn’t either.  Therefore, we decided to keep the old Sabre Chaser up and running; we’ll just be posting over here from now on.

Moving on, I feel really bad…  Kinda like I’ve abandoned Derek Roy.  But, in my defense, he hasn’t been playing too well as of late.  At least not as well as I feel he should be, and not nearly as well as the Sabres need for someone to carry the team into the playoffs.

But Clare had Kim and I over at her house on Friday, which just about did me in.  You see, Clare is a ridiculously big Blackhawks fan, which is wonderful.  Since they and the Canucks are my favorite Western Conference teams, I obviously have no problem with that.

So anyways, we were watching the Hawks play the Blue Jackets, and Kris Versteeg scored.  It should be nothing new to you, my friends, that I’ve fallen for this incredibly adorable blonde.  But it gets better…

Clare came over to my house Saturday and watched the Sabres game with my family and I.  Before the game even started, I said to her, “You watch, Derek will score just because I’ve been fawning all over Verbeauty and how well he’s been playing lately.”  But really, I never expected that D truly was the jealous type!

But, then again, if the girl who was supposedly hopelessly and completely devoted to me (if I were Princess D) suddenly ditched me for a (shudder) Blackhawk, I’d probably be a little peeved too.

Especially if I looked the way Derek does, and then I went for a guy who looked like this:


Wow, this is getting confusing now…  Even to me.  And that’s saying something.

Anyways, some of the blogger girls and I may or may not be getting together tonight to watch the Sabres on one TV and the Hawks on another.  I don’t know if that will happen or not.

Either way, MJ is getting the Sabres Tour tomorrow!!! ❤

So, if you have anywhere that our dear friend needs to see, either comment or send me an email and we’ll include it!

And, as always, Go Sabres!  (I’m a little bit skeptical about the game tonight because it’s the Senators, but there’s no reason the Sabres shouldn’t play well.  And who knows?  If Derek has a good night, I may take him back.  It all depends on how he stacks up to Verstud.)

So last night, Kim and I attended the game with the lovely S(h)ara from Sabretooth’s House.

And it was bad. No, it was really, really fun, but it was bad. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. We must do it again.

You all know how the game went, and let me tell you how excited I was! Except, I never stood up when we scored, even when we won, because we were in the first row of the 300-level, and I don’t do well with heights. Anywhere else in the 300’s and I’m fine, but in the first row? Eehhhhh, not really my thing to have about two feet of concrete and ten inches of glass separating me and the space between myself and the people in the 100-level.

BUT! I seriously think I had a good omen yesterday morning. Whilst driving to school down Elmwood, I was flipping through the radio (which I don’t normally do; I usually listen to a CD), still upset that the Sabres have been sucking so badly. But then Star was playing a good song, so I left it on. Then the DJ was talking about the weather and traffic, and I almost turned it off, but then he said something about the 33 and I paid attention.

Good thing, because the next song was “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

How’s that for fate?

(What’s also fate, is that at the arena, they played “Glamorous,” which didn’t help my cause for not cheating on Derek Roy at all. Damn you, Kris Versteeg! Why must you be so Fergalicious? Also, this video of Toews, Burish, and Wiz is pretty great as well. They’re so funny. I love those Blackhawks. NO. I need to stop. Clare, look what you’ve done to me!)

So the game was really, really successful at making me happy. The guys played great, but the company makes it even better. Especially the commentary:

– Me, on Thomas Vanek (?) missing a wide-open net in the first: “If Tim Connolly were there, that would’ve been a goal!” S(h)ara’s response: “Tim Connolly is good at putting things in holes.” (That was bad. I’m sorry.)

– Throughout the night, we kept shouting “troglodyte,” “Greg Campbell, you suck,” “hit him with your purse,” and “Princess D.”

– The guys behind us were getting very upset with people screaming “shoot” on the power play. Well sorry, sir, but if the Sabres would shoot a little more on the power play, we wouldn’t have to tell them how to do their jobs.

– Kim said that we needed to “euthanize the Panthers.” I said she was being too kind.

(Now I got a bit lost because I kept watching Kris Versteeg videos. Those Blackhawks are killing me.)

– Every time we saw Anne, S(h)ara and I screamed “foxy lady!” She never heard us.

– When Tallinder took a penalty (and this is really bad guys; I apologize), I said quietly to the girls, “Tallinder’s not a hooker; he’s a rapist.” It was hysterical at the time, and I even tweeted it, but I feel kinda bad about it now because the charges were dropped.

– Kim said Derek Roy needed to go after the puck like it was a Hostess cupcake. She tweeted it too. Which prompted Jill to respond about Ho Ho’s, and Jay to suggest ding dongs. That’s just wrong, on all accounts. I need to make him a batch of tofu brownies now.

S(h)ara said a whole bunch of funnier things too, but I don’t remember them.

Anyways, after the game we met up with Anne at Cobblestone, hoping some of the Sabres would show up, but by 11 o’clock we were all getting pretty tired, and booked. None of them came. We even sat by the back entrance, hoping that they might, but no. Oh well. Anyways, that was pretty much Brian Campbell’s place to go, and he’s with the Blackhawks now, obviously. (I just can’t get away from them, can I?)

Also, Mary tweeted about Lalime singing “Poker Face,” (two things: I seem to be obsessed with Twitter, and Patty didn’t sing it [to my knowledge, at least]), and now every time I hear that song and/or Lady Gaga, I totally think of him. Especially when they played “Just Dance” during the game.

The only thing that would’ve made that night better is if MJ could’ve made it up in time, but her job didn’t allow for us to have that much fun. Another time, I suppose.

And my signal that I should stop writing now is the fact that I have no idea if this post is even coherent.

I’ll be back later, possibly, as I have absolutely NO PLANS today, which is so, so strange and new to me.

No, I’m not going to ramble on and on about how I truly, 100% in my heart believe that he’s straight, because, well, let’s look at Exhibit A:

(For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I just got Weezer stunk in my head: If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread as I walk away… Yes, Derek, I would like to destroy that sweater.)

So clearly, I cannot win in that argument, because that is the mildest of evidence against him, and I know far too many of the prosecution’s points. But just know, I do believe he’s straight, just very, very metrosexual, and very, very friendly when he’s drunk. That’s it. A lot of guys are like that.

What I am going to defend is him as a player.

True, he did have a very bad showing Saturday, and I’m not defending that game. I wasn’t paying complete attention because we girls were having some very stimulating discussions, but if Lindy said he was bad, then he was bad.

What annoys me though, is when people get all over his case for being a “whiner” and a “diver.”

Okay, so yeah, he has a reputation for doing so. But, if you’ve watched him since he signed his big contract and has become one of the Sabres most important players, he’s smartened up. He only mouths off if he really feels like an injustice has been done, and rarely do you see him dive anymore. Sometimes, it blatantly obvious that he did, but more so now, you see him skating full-force, and if he’s taken down, he’s truly going down. Either that, or he just became a better actor.

But I’m not to keen to jump on that bandwagon just yet.

Just think about Derek’s commercials for Celino and Barnes. Seriously? You think this guy can act? (I would totally link them up, but believe it or not, these gems aren’t even on YouTube yet. I know, right?)

I mean, what’s with the ridiculous hand motions? Does he think he’s ghetto? No, he just doesn’t know how to appear natural in front of the camera with two lawyers on either side of him.

And in the other one? He doesn’t even know who he’s pointing to. “These are my friends Ross Celino and St-(points to Celino)-eve (points to Barnes) Barnes.”

Seriously? The guy does not have what it takes.

So yeah, he may run his mouth a bit. And true, he does sometimes go down too easily. But, then again, so do Daniel Briere, Sidney Crosby, and quite a few others in the league. I’ll take Derek Roy over them.

And that’s not just because I think he’s a classy lady.

(Anne, that title is for you, by the way.)

So I had this whole big spiel I was going to go through about how much a Sabres’ win would mean to this city, but right now, I’m ecstatic.

My emotions have been running on low for the past 24 hours, and to be honest, I didn’t think I could feel much worse after learning about the crash of Flight 3407.

But, wow. Just, wow.

This game was absolutely fantastic!!!

I don’t really have a ton of coherant thoughts for the game, but, rather, just some quips:

– Derek Roy is incredibly attractive when he’s being all feisty and starting trouble with the other players and mouthing off. idk why, but he is.

– Derek also scored his 100th career goal, on the same goal that Drew Stafford notched his 100th career point. Who gets to keep the puck? I think Roy should get it… Goals are cooler than points.

– It’s about time Jason Pominville nets a goal! I really think this is where he’ll turn it around… And that shootout goal he had was mighty fine.

– Nathan Gerbe’s play has been nothing short of foxy since he stepped foot on the ice at HSBC Arena, the Portland game included. I’m so glad he’s in the blue and gold. I can’t tell you how many times tonight I was wowed by his effort, his determination, and his heart. And when he had that knee-on-knee scare in overtime, I think I almost died a bit.

– Craig Rivet is my new hero. I don’t care what Derek says, and I don’t care about the age difference; I love him. He was just way too cute when he and the other guys were jumping around after Pommer’s goal. I just love him.

– Roy had an adorable little fist pump… thing… after his shootout goal.

– I honestly thought Danny Paille scored Spacek’s goal, and I really wish that he had. He did play very well, though, in his first game back, in my opinion at least.

– Did I mention that we beat the San Jose Sharks, arguably the best team in the league?

– Did I also mention that we, who are in 8th place in the East, are 2 points behind the Rangers, who are in 4th place in the East? Oh, and also that we’ve played them twice thus far this season, and we won both of those games?

– Looks like Lindy’s method of working the power play all practice long yesterday payed off, as we went 3-for-6? As in 50%?? Let’s do that more often, okay boys?

– I seem to like to refer to the Sabres as “we.” Like I’m part of the team. Sweet.

– I saw Caroline (of Hockey Night in Buffalo) on TV after Pominville’s game-tying goal!!

– I’m really, really, really happy about this win.

Okay. I’m going to watch Friday Night Lights (don’t judge me), and go to bed, as I’m working alllll day tomorrow, 7 am to 11:30 pm. Woo. Exciting stuff.

Happy Valentine’s Day friends, and same to the Sabres. =]


I’m going to be completely honest with you, friends. I love Brian Campbell. No lie. I’ve told you that before. And it’s not just because he’s a redhead, but I’m not going to go into the depths of my attachment to him, so just know it’s there. Oh, and it’s been there for a very, very long time.

What I am willing to divulge to you, though, is my behavior last year on February 26, 2008. (And I can almost guarantee that I will act in basically the same manner if another of my favorites gets sent packing on March 4th.) I woke up that morning just like any other morning and packed my bag for school, triple checking the battery level on my MacBook. I had TSN’s TradeCenter set to my homepage on Safari, ensuring that I wouldn’t miss a thing.

I drove the 15 minutes to UB’s north campus, and was sitting in Chemistry (one of the few times I actually went before I just stopped going because I had already failed), not paying too much attention to Professor (“Winston”) Churchill, only hitting refresh continuously on my browser. Oh, and all the while, IM-ing Kim, discussing the trades and how I wasn’t too sure if I’d be able to deal if Brian left.

At 11:27 am, my heart dropped and shattered on the lecture hall floor. Literally, this is what I said to Kim: “HE’S GONE. KIMMY, HE’S GONE.”

From then on, I’m not entirely too sure what I did. I know I almost felt like crying, and thankfully I was in one of the last rows of the biggest hall on campus, and it was dark, because Winston likes to use Powerpoint.

But then I discovered Steve Bernier, and I was willing to accept him with open arms, especially with his debut in blue and gold.

Really, though? I miss them both terribly.

The one story I will always remember about Brian Campbell is highly entertaining. Well, at least it was to the 15-year-old me, before I heard about his galavanting ways.

It was late March or early April 2003, and the Dairy Queen in Kenmore had just reopened for the season. My friend and I wanted to go get some ice cream, so we walked the, oh I don’t know, maybe seven blocks down Elmwood to get some.

The topic on everyone’s mind was the SARS pandemic. But it was hitting home for Sabres fans, with roommates Rhett Warrener and Brian Campbell under house arrest/quarantine, because Campbell’s sister-in-law was showing symptoms after coming into contact with SARS patients at the Toronto hospital she worked at. They were shacked up in Warrener’s Kenmore home, not all that far from my friend’s house.

Anyways, while we were standing in line to get our ice cream, who should get in the line opposite ours? Brian Campbell and Rhett Warrener. I’m pretty sure Campbell got a twist in a dish with chocolate sprinkles.

Basically, they could have killed me. Except, neither one of them actually contracted SARS, so I guess that’s alright.

(ETA: In retrospect, I guess I didn’t really do the story justice. I just think it’s funny that, when they might have had SARS, Brian and Rhett are sneaking out of the house, disregarding regulations from the World Health Organization, to go to Dairy Queen and get their ice cream fix. Hmm.)

Even so, Brian, I’ll never boo you. Well, at least not baring unforeseen occurrences. I’m impressed at how you and your Blackhawks have done this season, and I’ll always cheer for you, as long as you’re not playing the Sabres. Hey, I drove my family nuts on New Years Day because all I wanted was for it to be 1 o’clock so that I could watch you in the Winter Classic (even though it was better when you were wearing blue and gold).

Now if we could get Steve Bernier back, I’d be a happy girl.


There is a positively awesome article about Derek Roy in the TBN today, surprisingly written by Bucky Gleason. I knew there was a reason I loved Derek. I mean, for his hockey skills, not his ridiculous off-ice behavior.


About tonight’s game? Well, I’m not going to be watching. I know, I know, that’s outrageous since it’s my one legit change to really watch Brian Campbell and not want him to win this season. But Kim and I are going to see Rent tonight at Shea’s. Totally worth it. So excited.

But I am taping the game, and I’ve already told all of my hockey-obsessed friends and my family not to breathe a word of a score or anything related to this game to me until I finish watching it. Yeah. We’ll see if that actually happens. Not counting on it.

We lost to Detroit and yeah I understand that it was an important game and it would have been nice to win and all but seriously before tonight we won 4 in a row one of the longest winning steaks we’ve had all season. Let’s face it though Detroit is 3rd in the league it wasn’t exactly a no brainer that we were going to lose and that’s not just me being negative. We played last night, Detroit didn’t and if the first two periods of last night’s game were any indication we were tired or just not trying hard enough to win although we somehow squeaked by with a win. If we were having that much of a problem against the Rangers it was almost a guarantee that were going to have an even bigger problem against an even better team (aka Detroit).

I have to say that I didn’t watch much of the game mainly because I was standing in a crowded bar with fellow bloggers discussing hockey related things (most of the time). It was also hard to watch the game with no sound because the bar was also showing the football games that were on tonight so the sound for the Sabres game was turned down so as not to distract the other patrons from watching grown men tackle each other over possession of a pig skin (not that I’m dissing football, I just think that hockey is more interesting but I’ve got to be PC here I couldn’t risk pissing someone off but then again it’s our blog we can do what we will with it anyways back to hockey).

When the Sabres scored I almost let myself believe that maybe we could pull it off (yay Derek Roy) but once again it is the Sabres curse to get your hopes up only to have them dashed at the last second, or the last 3 minutes, which was how long it took Detroit to take a game that was relatively evenly matched to a game that was most certainly a Detroit win.

Even though the Sabres lost I still had fun tonight it was nice meeting everyone and being able to put faces with blogs. Now I’m off to bed to get ready for my return to the academic world on Monday I’ve got to get all the sleep I can because once school starts it’s going to be in short supply.

I admit that I forgot I was going to the game tonight and because of the first two periods I wasn’t so sure I was glad I remembered. They were just awful, but the complete hideousness of the game was broken up by Derek Roy’s goal with 3:53 left in the second and everyone in the arena at that point was thinking the same thing “It’s about time”. Through the first two periods it seemed as if the team couldn’t do anything right. Their passing was horrible and they couldn’t seem to get the puck out of our end with Rangers outshooting us 14 to 7 in the first period. The second period was even worse with first shot on goal coming with 10 minutes already gone in the period. The fans were getting frustrated with good reason because that shot was met with derisive cheering and clapping. The Sabres stepped it up in the third because I’m pretty sure I could hear Ruff yelling, from the dressing room up in the 300s, to get their asses in gear something they seemed to have a problem with in the first and second. The only player who showed up for all three periods was Miller and I’ll even forgive him that goal because he was screened and it came from a wrist shot almost out at the blue line.
Overtime was back and forth between zones which was really frustrating because at that point you know that it’s going to a shootout. I hate shootouts, I hate them on principle usually because we’re always on the losing end but tonight the Sabres pulled it off. Ales Kotalik had the lone goal in the shootout for the Sabres but it turned out to be just enough with Miller stone walling the three New York shots.
It’s horrible to say but the Sabres deserved to lose that game because of their play in the first two periods. The Rangers were the superior team for most of the game both out shooting, out skating and overall out playing the Sabres but once again the Sabres managed to pull a goal out of their butts and sneak away with a win in the shootout.
The scariest part of the game came with 16 minutes left in the first period when, after colliding with Paul Gaustad, Michal Rosival fell face into the open doorway at the Sabres bench hitting his face on the corner of the boards. He skated across the ice to the Ranger bench and sat down next to Henrik Lundquist who sat out the game allowing Steve Valiquette to get the start. After being examined by the trainer Rosival was escorted to the Ranger locker room and didn’t return to the game. On the post game show it was reported that Rosival had recieved a gash that stretched the length of his cheek. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he also suffered a neck injury after the way he hit those boards with his neck snapping back so quickly it looked like his head was replaced with a bouncy ball.
Speaking of neck injuries from the seats where my mom and I sit for the games we can see the part of the press box that the injured players sit in during the national anthem I turned around to see Pat Kaleta sporting a neck brace and managed to snap a picture of it with the phone on my camera, which is why it’s really fuzzy, during one of the stoppages in play. He looked really bored which I would be if I had to sit and watch my teammates play without me. Max Afinogenov put in an appearance leaning over the edge to look out at the crowd during the first intermission. Jeanerette showed up during the second intermission talking to Kaleta all the while chowing down on a cookie.

That’s him on the left.

Today marked the halfway point in the Sabres season and before tonights game they were dead even in wins and losses with 20 each counting shootout and overtime losses. Tonight’s game was also the 4th win in a row for the Sabres putting them at 4-0 since the New Year if this streak continues the Sabres can say hello to a playoff spot (let’s hope) because as it stands right now they are tied with Carolina for 7th place in the Eastern conference.

As the guy in the booth at the parking ramp said tonight it was an important win for the Sabres tonight because tomorrow we play (shudder, cringe) Detroit who we haven’t played at all this season and who I’m not looking forward to playing at all for obvious reasons mainly Henrik Zetterberg and Ty Conklin (why is it that we get rid of a player and they do fantastically on another team it’s got to be part of the Buffalo curse I tell you).

Well I’m attending the blogger get together tomorrow so for those of you who are going it’ll be nice to put a blog with a face I look forward to meeting you.


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