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But, at the moment, I really feel that it’s more important and vital to my life that I post, instead of study for my three exams in the next three days. That’s what tomorrow is for, right??

No, I don’t procrastinate or anything…

If you’re as ridiculous as I am when it comes to the Sabres, then I’m sure you’ve already watched this week’s installment of the Sabres Show… twice.

And I know I rag on Drew Stafford a lot, but I really, really like him. No, really, I do. Like, when I was deciding who to love instead of Tim Connolly last season, Drew was definitely in the mix. Actually, it was Drew, Derek, Patty K, Danny, Jason, and Nathan. Then I knocked Nate and Jason out, and eventually Danny and Pat, so really, Drew is my second choice.

Now that I think about it, Drew is actually more my type. Derek is too much like me… Whatever, though. I adore them both. But really, I chose Princess D because it’s more likely that he’d be here longer. I’m in this for the long haul, you know? Not that Drew won’t be, but it’s more likely he’d leave before Derek.

Again, I keep telling you things that you probably don’t really have all that much interest in. And again, I apologize, but just appease me and let me rant and go on tangents, and the world will be okay.

BUT BACK TO MY POINT… Not that I ever established one. OH WAIT. DREW STAFFORD.

That video… I mean, the part where he’s playing drums… OMGAH it just takes me back to the time when my older brother had a band while he was in high school. I fell for every single one of his drummers, which was two. Nick, his once best friend, was the drummer for years. And then Jeff, his now best friend, I guess, came along as the singer, but he’s an even better drummer, so there. I have a thing for drummers.


I love a guy who can have fun like that.

Even if he does let his lady friend wear his mustache:

I have some old Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and Poison shirts kicking around in the attic somewhere…


Alright. Now that I’ve gotten my daily hissy fit out of the way, I’m going to go make some lunch, and go to work, where I will (hopefully) get some studying done.

Peace out, girl (and guy) scouts.



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