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So this is probably going to happen a lot, my partner in crime (aka Cari) will post and then I will post either before or after her depending on the day. But anywho I figured since I had some free time I would post today.

Okay so I feel in love with hockey when I was about 7 my first game was, like Cari’s, in the oranges of the Aud. Which by the way looks like complete and absolute crap because they’re taking all the gold paneling off the outside of the building in preparation for the inevitable tear down. As Cari and I were discussing yesterday when we drove by it, it makes us both incredibly sad to see such a piece of Sabres’ history being reduced to a Bass Pro Shop. A BASS PRO SHOP are you kidding me!!!!

But I digress. I totally and completely blame my mother for my Sabres obsession and she is both pleased and proud to take the blame. She, however, blames Cari for the depth to which my obsession has sunk. Cari is the milk to my oreos, the banana to my split, the pot to my kettle, the peanut butter to my jelly , etc… you get where I’m going here.

So anyway back to story time.

My cousin Kathy got married this weekend in Connecticut and while at the wedding I met my cousin Jen’s boyfriend Adam who upon hearing that I was a Buffalo girl promptly decided to piss me off by declaring “Sabres Suck.” To which I probably would have punched him had my cousin not grabbed my arm before I could get the shot off.

However, he endeared himself to me, after telling me that his favorite team was Pittsburgh (haha), by admitting he thinks that the Sabres have the best goalie in the NHL so I picked my jaw up off the floor, because someone outside Buffalo finally realizes that the Sabres have an amazing goalie, and spent the rest of the night arguing with him about how I think Sabretooth is a much better mascot than Iceburg (because he is), seriously we almost came to blows.

Who wouldn’t love that face?



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