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Please allow me to contain my ecstatic cries (and by that, I mean not at all), because THOMAS VANEK PICKED GINGER, TOO!!!  Danny, I’m disappointed in you…  But you do redeem yourself by saying you like chocolate.  AND OH MY GOODNESS!!  NEXT WEEK WE’RE TAKING A PEEK INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A DAY?  Am I finally going to meet Mr. Snuffles????   Oh, Danny, I’m so excited!!
So by now I’m sure you probably have heard about the press conference being held at HSBC Arena Monday at 2 pm in regards to the 2011 WORLD JUNIORS!!!!
(1) Because I adore hockey.
(2) Because I adore foreigners.
(3) Because by 2011, I’ll be 21, and then I can watch all those youngins play hockey, realize that I’m a pedophile for thinking they’re gorgeous, and then drink away those thoughts with a nice, cold Blue Light, and then start all over again.
Oh, and when you’re lacking Sabres news, and you want something interesting to hear about/listen to, I dare say you should check out the podcasts on the Sabres’ site.  Yes, they’re old (from two seasons ago), but they’re entertaining as hell.  You’ve got Derek talking about his house, Drew talking about limo rides and spaghetti parm, and Marty talking about his little boy.
But more about me, since I cannot find anything else to write about, at least anything I find amusing.
(34)  I’d be the first person in line to buy tickets to the *N Sync reunion tour.  In fact, I’d probably camp out for them. 
(35)  I have this theory about the number of kids I’d like to have.  Ideally, in a perfect world (where I’d marry a Sabre and have a ridiculous amount of money), I’d want to have two boys and two girls.  I really wouldn’t want four boys (too much testosterone) and I wouldn’t want four girls (too much estrogen).  So I came up with this idea that I’d have three and evaluate my situation.  If I have three boys or three girls, that’s it, I’m done.  But two boys and a girl, or two girls and a boy?  Go for the fourth.  BUT, since that will probably never happen, I’ll probably stick with two.
(36)  I cannot remember lock combinations for the life of me.  However, to this day, I can remember the combo to the pink Master lock that I bought in third grade for my gym locker:  36-18-4.  And I remembered it by saying Barnaby-Grosek-Wilson.
(37)  When I was in fourth grade, I made in my mission in life to read all the Nancy Drew books.  I got about halfway through before the library ran out them.
And right now I can’t think of anything else because Kim and I are about to go through 5 or 6 ridiculously scary haunted houses with a few guys I used to work with.  So yeah.  I just might die, because I get really scared at things like these.  Yikes.
Tim Connolly is on the mend!!  Still not 100%, but he’s getting there.  But, hey, he’s not dead yet!!
Paul Gaustad and Jochen Hecht participated in practice.  Paul did a little bit with the stick, while Jochen merely skated.  At least it’s something.
I found a new Sabres news outlet.  And no, I won’t share it!  =]  It’s not the most obvious for sports news, but it does give an interesting view into Sabres matters.  I’ll be posting with things from this source in the very near future.
And because Kim started a 50 things about herself, I guess I’ll do it, too, but I’m actually going to do 100, because I have ample amount of time to come up with 100.  Here’s the first 33:
(1)  Like I’ve mentioned, I have red hair.  Not bright, fire engine, Carrot Top-esque red, but more of an auburn-ish chestnut red.  And I’m covered in freckles, and my skin is fair with a rosy undertone.  But guess what?  I’m not Irish.  Well, okay, one person in my very distant lineage is Irish, but that’s it.  Otherwise, I’m mostly German, British, and Canadian.
(2)  If I could be in any profession, regardless of job availability/security, income, or my ability, I’d either be a wedding planner or an interior designer/house flipper.  What fun would those jobs be?!
(3)  I insist on taking funny/ridiculous pictures when I go out, no matter where I may be.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at my facebook.
(4)  I can be an extreme neat-freak, but also the messiest person ever.  I insist that the entire house be clean, but my bedroom looks like the scene of World War III.
(5)  No one can spell my name right.  Not even a single part of it.  It is in actuality spelled Carianne Kathryn Misener, but it usually ends up written like this:  Carrie Anne Catherine Meisner.  My own grandmother didn’t get it right until I hit high school.
(6)  I have a very fat cat named Delilah, and I love her to death.  She chases squirrels, fights dogs, and terrifies every other cat in the neighborhood.  She’s a beast in the likes of Danny Paille.
(7)  When deciding where to go to college, all but three of my choices (those being Albany, Brown, and Bowling Green) were in cities or very close to where I have friends or family (i.e. Michigan State, Georgia State, Northeastern (I know, MIKE RYAN!!) and Boston College, to name a few).
(8)  I went to Germany on a school trip in high school.  It was the most amazing two weeks of my life.
(9)  I have genetically terrible teeth.  I’ve had countless fillings, five caps when I was little, braces twice, and I was, at one point, a candidate for jaw surgery.  I still have braces at almost 20 years of age, and the only thing that’s gone right with my teeth is the fact that my wisdom teeth grew in straight.
(10)  I drink way too much Dr. Pepper, apple cider, and Starbucks.  I’m probably an addict.
(11)  I’m an advocate for the cause of bringing an H&M to the Buffalo area.  I’m tired of driving to Rochester every time I want to shop there.
(12)  Despite having the capability of remembering the singer/band, song title, and lyrics to most songs, and knowing directions around the greater Buffalo area at will, I have a hard time remembering very simple things, or comprehending chemisty.
(13)  TV on DVD is quite possibly–in my opinion–the worst thing ever invented.  I can’t get enough of my shows, especially Entourage, The Tudors, Gossip Girl, and Sex and the City.  My guilty pleasures.  =]
(14)  I love picking out shirt and tie combos.  When my brother got his new job I went shopping with him, as his fashion consultant.  Too bad we have different taste in clothing.  (Oh, and I hate, hate, hate short-sleeved dress shirts, and shirts with French collars.)
(15)  If I couldn’t text or go online on my phone, I’d die.
(16)  I sing along to the jingles on commercials, all the time.  It drives my family crazy.
(17)  Certain members of my family also thought I was crazy when I decided to paint my bedroom silver.  It turned out really cool, actually, and yes, I tend to be a bit flashy.  I live it up.
(18)  Law and Order, House, or NCIS marathons ruin my plans.  If I see a marathon, I get nothing done–nothing at all–the entire day.  Good thing I didn’t notice the one I’m watching now until after school.
(19)  I love to bake.  I’ve been told my cookies are quite possibly the world’s greatest.
(20)  I’m afraid of heights, but I’ll sit front-seat on roller-coasters in a heart beat.
(21)  I have this (sorta) thing for cowboys…  Enough said.
(22)  Gay guys like to play with my hair, more than usual.  When I was a secretary at the nursing home I work at, every gay guy who ever worked on my unit (4 of them, actually) played with my hair every time I was there.
(23)  Scary movies (legit scary ones; not the ones with the Wayans brothers) scare the living daylights out of me, yet I have this sick compulsion to watch them, either (a) in theaters, or (b) at home, alone, in the middle of the night, with all the lights off.  Me = Stupid.
(24)  I get gipped on birthday and Christmas presents every year.  It’s because my birthday is December 22nd.
(25)  I like all kinds of music, so I can never pick a favorite band, singer, or song if asked.  So don’t ask me.
(26)  I’ve never ridden a city bus in my life.  Well, not in North America, at least.  Taxis, subways, trains, and planes, yes, but no busses that weren’t yellow.
(27)  I’d love to get a tattoo, but three things prevent me from doing so:  (1) I’m petrified of needles, (2) I’m afraid I’d hate it down the road, and (3) working in a nursing home has exposed me to the effects of aging on skin, so no.  (Although, I’d probably get my favorite song lyric inked on my right foot.)
(28)  I love cold weather because of the wonderful fashion accessories:  coats, scarves, beanies, mittens, fingerless gloves, and let’s not forget Uggs!  (I have four pairs; excessive, I know.)
(29)  I know the songs from all of the classic Disney movies by heart.
(30)  I can pretty much quote the entire film of both Mean Girls and Napoleon Dynamite.
(31)  Earlier I said I was addicted to Starbucks.  That being said, I don’t like coffee.  I love their tea and their hot chocolate, though.
(32)  I love nothing more that curling up on the coach under my down blanket and watching movies all day in the dead of winter.
(33)  I’m obsessed with all things black, silver, charcoal grey, hot pink, royal blue, mustard yellow, and zebra print.  Love.
Enjoy the game in a few hours, and I’ll either post later tonight (if I get my anatomy work done), or tomorrow morning.


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