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Guys, I’ve been waiting so long to write the HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK ROY post, you have no idea!!

(Insert Blingee that won’t insert.  Sad face.)

We all know Derek is a little flashy, and (probably) pretty high maintenance, so I decided to throw him a nice birthday party, complete with his friends,
some party crashers, or as I like to call them, “interlopers,”
some chicks,
and then we’ll get a little tipsy,
but it’s Derek’s birthday, and he can cry if he wants to.
Because all he really wanted was his birthday cake.
And that’s probably why Derek ends up in Cabo looking like this.
Aw hell, if it means I get more ammo to make fun of him with, I’m all over that shit.
Happy 26th Birthday, Love!!
(PS:  I am in dire need of writing a real post, but I don’t have the time this week.  I have so many tests, quizzes, and a paper to take care of, and then Kim and I are going to Pittsburgh for the weekend with Clare and a few other lovely lady bloggers from all over the place for a birthday weekend, and we’ll be sitting outside of the Igloo watching the Pens and Caps.  Should be so much fun!  But probably Monday or Tuesday, look for a post from me, unless something fabulous happens between now and then.  I’m so, so sorry that I don’t blog too often anymore, but if you miss me (and I’m sure you do), follow my Twitter because I talk about hockey on there A LOT, amidst making fun of Derek, squeeing about Kristopher, and random complaints about life in general.  Just, if you’re going to follow me, send me a Direct Message or something so I know not to block you, because I really hate all sorts of random people who find me by searching something I wrote about, and then I block them, and I’d hate to do that to you.  Okay, good luck with exams to those of you who have them, and if you don’t, good luck with whatever you’ve got going on.  Back back (sort of) soon!)
(PPS:  Oh, and in the meantime, Go Team Canada, Go Team USA, and most important of all, Go Blackhawks!)

Okay, so this will be brief, because I actually meant to click on “New Post for Verbeauty…” but since I’m here, I’ll give you all a little update on how my favorite chunky, emotional eater is doing in Switzerland.

Actually, I can sum it up in one word.  Well, phrase.

He’s still a point-per-game player.

Through one game, in which Team Canada trounced Belarus 6-1, chalked up two goals for Dany Heatley and Steven Stomkos each, while Derek only notched an assist.  He was a plus-2, though, so I guess that’s alright.

But, then again, there’s plenty more hockey to be played, and (since I don’t think the US team has a chance with their current lineup even though they boast Drew Stafford, Jack Johnson, JM Liles, and Patrick O’Sullivan,) I’m going to cheer for the land of my forefathers and wish I were Canadian.

But I look at it this way (and here comes the crazy in me again):  If I marry Derek or Kris, our children would have instant dual citizenship.

So Go Team Canada!

Also, it’s really, really gorgeous outside.  I love it.  Too bad I woke up less than an hour ago and have to be at work at 3:30.  Boooooo.

In order to not focus on the Sabres just yet, I’ve been watching hockey every chance I get.

This Anaheim/San Jose series has the potential to be historic.

And for once in my life, I’d like this to go the way I want it to.

Because we’d all like to see a certain brother of the guy pictured with a similar facial expression, wouldn’t we?


Also, you should all join this Facebook group I made because of a conversation Kim, Anne, and I were having.  It’s pretty epic.

Because we don’t think Phil Kessel should represent the USA at the Worlds if Paul Gaustad isn’t.  (Yes, we know Phil isn’t on the roster either, but he was last year, and we don’t like him, so there.)

Blackhawks tonight!!  We all know how excited I am about that!  And it’s on Versus, so you all should watch Kristopher too.

I think after seven days I can coherantly discuss my sadness.

Well, maybe not.

See, I’m sad, yes.  But I’m more so disappointed.  The guys had the talent to make the playoffs, but immaturity in the form of inconsistency bit them in the ass.

And I find that hard to forgive.

Derek Roy and Ryan Miller said it best when they shot down the excuses of losing leaders and youth.  And they’re right; those aren’t excuses.

I don’t want to say any more on this topic, so I’m going to delve into a series of stories I have for you:


Derek Roy, at Black and Blue

A guy Kim and I went to high school with is a chef at Black and Blue (which, is awesome, mind you).  He informed Kim that the Sabres came in to the restaurant Saturday for a final team dinner after the game.

Apparently, according to him, Derek isn’t the nicest guy.

Because he sent his steak back–TWICE–because it “wasn’t mooing enough.”

Now, I can understand the chefs’ annoyance with this situation, because now they’ve wasted two perfectly good steaks.

But (and I’m taking my chance to defend the Princess here) you have to consider the situation Derek is in.  Had you just failed to do your job to the standard which was expected, you’d be in a pissy mood too.  And if I were paying $30 for a piece of meat that wasn’t cooked to my liking, I’d send it back too.  Especially if I wanted it raw and it was slightly cooked.

I don’t know, but that’s just me.


Tim Connolly, on Main Street

I refuse to reveal my sources, so don’t even ask.

Apparently Timmy was on Main Street, hitting up the bars (I’m wondering if they were the bars near UB? since this story is coming from a UB student, and the bars over there are sketchy.)

He and his cousin were doing body shots off of some girls.

That’s a good enough story, right?


He invited the girls to do shots off of him.


Well, that’s about it for today.  I have no inspiration to write about the Sabres, and that depresses me.  😦  I need the Worlds to start.

The last game of the season is tonight and I enter it with mixed emotions. On one hand it’ll be nice to be able to watch a game with almost no emotional involvement. On the other hand I almost wish that I was able to have emotional involvement because that would mean that the Sabres were in the playoffs. I’m not sure how I feel and I guess the last game of this season will set up how I’ll feel about next season.

I’m not about to use the adage that most people in Buffalo seem to use everyday when it comes to our sports teams. There’s always next year. There they are the words of death, there’s always next year. If we keep hoping that next year is going to be the year, I’m pretty sure we’re always going to be disappointed. In the world of hockey things never seem to change, sure the players rotate in and out. But just when we seem to be getting somewhere our dreams are dashed because the players decide that they have better things to do than play the game that they’ve been paid to play.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m sick of waiting for next year, why can’t it be this year? Oh that’s right because the Sabres decided that they didn’t want to win, now I’m not placing blame on any one person. Because believe me there is enough blame to lay down on everyone associated with the team.

At Sara’s birthday party last night a group of four of us sat around the dining room table and preceeded to solve all of the Sabres’ problems. Which included having every single person in the Greater Buffalo Area contribute a dollar to a fund in which we would attempt to buy the Sabres from Golisano. Now after discussing this prospect for awhile we decided that that would be a disaster and that we should nix that idea. We discussed who should stay and who should go. Who was to blame and what changes we want to see next year. There was some pretty intelligent conversation going on between people who had been drinking for awhile and I’m pretty sure if Regier had been sitting there we would have given him a few pointers on how to run the team.

Like I said I go into tonight’s game with mixed feelings, but I hope for the Sabres’ sake that they can come out with a win and make the end of the season a happy time, even though they didn’t make the playoffs.

There’s no significant reason; just because I can.

Really, though, I’m finding it terribly hard to be optimistic about the Sabres.  And I’m also finding it hard to find anything nice to write.

So I was trying to go with the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  But then I’d feel like I was deserting you, but I could never do that.

But really, I can’t think of anything to say.

I’m a heartbroken woman who wants nothing more than the one(s) who broke her heart to find happiness.

How do you remedy that?



Oh, I know…  By watching the Blackhawks and the eventual World Championships.  Let’s hope Princess D makes the roster.

Because I’m sure the Sabres could use a few hundred easy buttons right now, and I’d be willing to spend every last penny that I have to my name on them.

I really need the Sabres to make the playoffs.

Last night during the game I was at work.  Now I’ve promised M.J. that I would keep her updated on the games, so I was fulfilling my duty.  I told her, when we were down three goals, that I felt like crying.

I’ve only cried over the Sabres twice.  Once when Brian Holzinger was traded (I was 7), and again when Brian Campbell was traded (DON’T JUDGE ME).

I really didn’t want last night to be the third time.  And it would have been, had it not been one of my coworker’s birthdays, and there was leftover cake.  Derek Roy would be so proud of my emotional eating last night.

So what’s left?  Toronto?  Okay; doable.  Carolina?  Eek.  I’m worried because of the tear they’ve been on lately.  And it seems Mike Ryan has a way of making me hate him when teams I like play against him (see, February 10th’s Portland Pirates game against the Albany River Rats).  Boston?  As I said yesterday, alright.

Really, I have faith that the Sabres can pull off their end of the bargain.  Hell, the score might not show it, but they didn’t play all that badly last night in my opinion.

I just could have used a bottle of wine after the game, is all.

The tough part will be to bank on Florida and the Rangers losing both of their games.

New York is up against Montreal and Philly (two games), and Florida versus Philly, Atlanta, and Washington.

I think it can happen.

But…  Just in case…


I was really hoping that the Sabres season wouldn’t come down to this, depending on wins against Detroit, Carolina, and Boston, as well as losses from everyone else, to get us into the post-season.

Call me a Debbie Downer, but let’s be realistic.  I’m just prepping myself for the pain I’m going to feel Sunday morning when I can no longer watch the Sabres until September.

And don’t think this doesn’t kill me, because it does.

Last night, while Kim and I were watching the Blackhawks game over at Clare’s with Emily, I was being all optimistic.  I honestly don’t remember what I said, but it was something along the lines of, “Hey, the Sabres can make it!”  But then I had to go and ruin it for myself by saying that, even if they do make the playoffs, they won’t go further than the first round.  I mean, Boston?  The Boston Bruins?  For serious?  We went 3-2 against them this year (…which is actually a lot better than I had thought; I remembered us getting killed by them basically every single time we played them except for the debut of the third jersey.  Apparently I don’t pay attention enough?).  Yes, that’s not entirely all that bad, but Boston has been atop the East all season, and they’re a damn good team who hasn’t had to kill themselves to *maybe* make the playoffs.  The Sabres would be tired, and probably wouldn’t stand much of a chance against the Bruins.

And I don’t know what’s worse…  Missing the playoffs?  Or the propects of being obliterated in the first round?

Hell, I’m going to be the same old optimistic fan I always have been.

We’re going to the finals.


On another note, my new best friend Ashley who lives up in Portland is the love of my life.  Mike Funk news and pictures are two of my favorite things ever, and she knows just how to make me happy.

Anne and I have been swooning for 12 hours straight for many reasons, and it’s not doing our psyches any favors.  We wouldn’t have it any other way, though.


And lest I forget, it’s Sparky’s Birthday!!!  Happy 24th Grizz!


Like your typical Doof/Man-Child, Clarke doesn't know how to take a picture properly. And this is why we love him.

Go Sabres!  Let’s make it happen, boys.  I can’t take your tears, so I’d better not see any.  Although, if you’re crying, I’ll be crying, and then I wouldn’t see anything, buy you know what I mean.


Watch it, or Max’s puppy will find you.

This afternoon I was visiting a friend of mine who’s home on Spring Break, while she helped her mother at work.  We haven’t seen each other since the debacle of a game on my birthday way back in December, so we had a lot of catching up to do.

And by that, I mean we talked about our lives for about half an hour, then the talk shifted to hockey, just as most of my conversations do.

Jen’s mom and her coworker were in the next room over, but could hear that we were talking about hockey, and would comment as they saw fit.

One particular comment from Coworker held my interest.  Well, it was a story, not a comment, but that’s a minor detail.

And so, without further ado, I present Story Time, with Cari:

And I (sort of) quote from Coworker:

So one day I had taken my dog to the dog park in Lasalle park, in the city.  My dog is a very old, female German Shepard.  And you know how dog parks have a rule that the dogs there must be spayed or neutered?  Well, Maxim Afinogenov believe that his French Bulldog is above the law, apparently.  And of course his dog had to try to rape my dog.  So she bit him.  The dog, I mean.  And Max thought it was funny.

I realize that the story is short and kind of pointless, but I enjoyed it.

She told me what Max’s dog’s name was, but it was something in Russian, and I don’t speak enough Russian to understand what it was.  So of course I forgot!  Because that’s oh, so smart of me to do.

I love random stories like this…

Also, for those of you who didn’t appreciate my publicizing my love for Kris Versteeg of the Chicago Blackhawks, don’t fret.  Clare from All Hawk’s Hockey has given me the very good yet very bad idea to start another blog, just in his honor.  So you may not have to deal with my gushing of a guy who definitely won’t be playing golf any time soon here on Sabre Chaser.

Game tomorrow!  Woo!!  Too bad I’m working.  At least I get to go to the practice with the lovely aforementioned Clare and Frostee from The Fanatical Fan.  And I think Kim is joining us, but I could be wrong…

Like I said over on Blogger, Kim and I have grown sick of the boring layouts and the simplicity of that site.  So, we’ve packed up and moved to WordPress!  All of the old posts have been moved over as well, but some of the comments wouldn’t transfer, and the embedded videos didn’t either.  Therefore, we decided to keep the old Sabre Chaser up and running; we’ll just be posting over here from now on.

Moving on, I feel really bad…  Kinda like I’ve abandoned Derek Roy.  But, in my defense, he hasn’t been playing too well as of late.  At least not as well as I feel he should be, and not nearly as well as the Sabres need for someone to carry the team into the playoffs.

But Clare had Kim and I over at her house on Friday, which just about did me in.  You see, Clare is a ridiculously big Blackhawks fan, which is wonderful.  Since they and the Canucks are my favorite Western Conference teams, I obviously have no problem with that.

So anyways, we were watching the Hawks play the Blue Jackets, and Kris Versteeg scored.  It should be nothing new to you, my friends, that I’ve fallen for this incredibly adorable blonde.  But it gets better…

Clare came over to my house Saturday and watched the Sabres game with my family and I.  Before the game even started, I said to her, “You watch, Derek will score just because I’ve been fawning all over Verbeauty and how well he’s been playing lately.”  But really, I never expected that D truly was the jealous type!

But, then again, if the girl who was supposedly hopelessly and completely devoted to me (if I were Princess D) suddenly ditched me for a (shudder) Blackhawk, I’d probably be a little peeved too.

Especially if I looked the way Derek does, and then I went for a guy who looked like this:


Wow, this is getting confusing now…  Even to me.  And that’s saying something.

Anyways, some of the blogger girls and I may or may not be getting together tonight to watch the Sabres on one TV and the Hawks on another.  I don’t know if that will happen or not.

Either way, MJ is getting the Sabres Tour tomorrow!!! ❤

So, if you have anywhere that our dear friend needs to see, either comment or send me an email and we’ll include it!

And, as always, Go Sabres!  (I’m a little bit skeptical about the game tonight because it’s the Senators, but there’s no reason the Sabres shouldn’t play well.  And who knows?  If Derek has a good night, I may take him back.  It all depends on how he stacks up to Verstud.)


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