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Have I mentioned that I really don’t like afternoon games?  No?  Well I really don’t like afternoon games.  I don’t have time to really get much done today, and I wanted to go to MetroPark and return a purse, and Tony Walker to return my North Face, and clean my disgusting bedroom, but I guess I’ll only do the first two.  Plus, when the game’s over, I feel like I should be getting ready to go to bed.  I’m just so used to games ending at 10, and then I get everything ready for tomorrow, and curl up on the couch and fall asleep watching Law and Order reruns…
And remember how I said I’d try to liveblog this game?  Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen either; I’m pretty sure I’m watching the game at Katie’s house, and she just doesn’t appreciate hockey blogging.  In fact, she thinks it’s quite comical that, while we’re at a game, I furiously text throughout it, while barely taking my eye off the ice.
SO!!, this is what you get, for now.  And I just realized that I said I’d write yesterday, but it was just way too nice outside to stay in the house, and when I go outside, I can’t read the screen of my MacBook too well, and then I had to go to work.
OOOOH and I love my job… kinda sorta.  I can’t remember if I mentioned or not, but I work at a nursing home in a really nice Buffalo suburb.  I’m a nurses’ aide on a really cute little unit, which we call households, because there are 12 patients with their own rooms, and then communal living room, dining room, and kitchen.  I doubt I’ll get to watch much hockey on the big TV because Fred (one of my residents) likes to steal the remote, change the channel, put the remote in his pocket, and then wander off.  But little Helen Miller (No relation to Ryan; snap.), the second I met her, asks, “Did you see that Sabres game last night?!”  So Helen is basically my new best friend.  And she also watches Hockey Night In Canada, just to watch it.  We’re buds.  Sorry Kim, but I’ve found a replacement for you in your camping absence.
Okay, enough rambling.  Serious hockey talk now.  Maybe.
PORTLAND PIRATES:  They kicked ass Saturday night!  Or, should I say Mark Mancari kicked ass with his hat-trick and 2 assists.  Nathan Gerbe and Tim Kennedy also picked up some points.  Adam Dennis was in net.  Portland beat the Manchester Monarchs by a score of 6-3.  Their next game is Saturday, at home, against the Springfield Falcons.
MY NEW FAVORITES:  Okay, so I realize that I’ve written about Daniel Paille A LOT in the past few days, but I’ve just fallen in love with him since the All-Star Break last season.  I think, then, that these guys are in the running for my Top 5:  Derek Roy (a lock for #1), Daniel Paille, Tim Connolly (I said I fall hard), Nathan Paetsch, Jason Pominville, Paul Gaustad, Patrick Kaleta, and Jochen Hecht.  I believe I’ve decided (wow, that was fast):  (1) Roy; (2) Paille; (3) Kaleta; (4) Paetsch; (5) tie between Pominville and Gaustad.  I think Connolly should get an honorable mention thing, you know, he can be a fave when he’s in the lineup.  That works for me.
HENRIK, RICK, AND STEVEN:  The Hockey News had a short interview with Henrik Lundqvist on their website:  Henrik likes comedies, and I honestly have never heard a person ever say that The Calling is one of their favorite bands!  I love The Calling, so now I am forever endeared to Henrik.  Fine by me!  Next up was one with Rick DiPietro.  I love this guy, too.  He loves the Sabres’ jerseys, his favorite cereal is Raisin Bran Crunch, and his first job was being a janitor.  Last but not least was Steven Stamkos.
And now I’ve lost my train of thought, and there isn’t a whole lot of Sabres news to write about (except for the fact that Patty K didn’t take Brian Campbell’s advice to heart, and moved out of his parents’ house), so I’ll write about our win (knock on wood) when I get home later tonight, while watching more hockey on Versus.
Go Sabres!

So the regular season started today with the Penguins and the Senators playing in Stockholm, by the way Senators lost in overtime 4-3, while we here in Buffalo are forced to endure yet another preseason game, really? can’t we just get to real hockey yet, I think we’ve waited long enough. If we win I say we pull the ol’ switcheroo on Detroit and say “just kidding this was for keeps” and if we lose we can still claim that it was a preseason.

Anyways, the news broadcast also said that Tampa Bay and Rangers had finished their game in Prague, Czech Republic with the Rangers winning 2-1. However, the Rangers winning didn’t come before one of our former players, and I’m not talking about ‘captain clutch’, made a mistake that allowed the Lightning to score. Yep that’s right Dmitri Kalinin, or as I like to call him THE BUM allowed himself to be faked out by a Lightning player who used the opportunity to score, didn’t take Kalinin long to screw his new team over, and as the title of the post claims it’s really nice to see things don’t change. Because as we all know a player can do really bad here, get traded and on their new team become a world class goal scorer and play maker. It’s part of the curse I tell ya, we get screwed over every time, No Goal, Norwide, etc. Although in this case I say good ridance may the door hit you on the way out, ya’ll don’t come back now ya hear, no seriously, please, never step foot inside our arena again, better yet don’t step anywhere in the vicinity of Buffalo. As you can probably tell I don’t hold any love for Kalinin because well, how can I put this nicely, he was a waste of air and roster space here in Buffalo and he’s obviously going to be the same in New York, but at least now he’s their problem let them deal with him.


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