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So last night, Kim and I attended the game with the lovely S(h)ara from Sabretooth’s House.

And it was bad. No, it was really, really fun, but it was bad. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. We must do it again.

You all know how the game went, and let me tell you how excited I was! Except, I never stood up when we scored, even when we won, because we were in the first row of the 300-level, and I don’t do well with heights. Anywhere else in the 300’s and I’m fine, but in the first row? Eehhhhh, not really my thing to have about two feet of concrete and ten inches of glass separating me and the space between myself and the people in the 100-level.

BUT! I seriously think I had a good omen yesterday morning. Whilst driving to school down Elmwood, I was flipping through the radio (which I don’t normally do; I usually listen to a CD), still upset that the Sabres have been sucking so badly. But then Star was playing a good song, so I left it on. Then the DJ was talking about the weather and traffic, and I almost turned it off, but then he said something about the 33 and I paid attention.

Good thing, because the next song was “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

How’s that for fate?

(What’s also fate, is that at the arena, they played “Glamorous,” which didn’t help my cause for not cheating on Derek Roy at all. Damn you, Kris Versteeg! Why must you be so Fergalicious? Also, this video of Toews, Burish, and Wiz is pretty great as well. They’re so funny. I love those Blackhawks. NO. I need to stop. Clare, look what you’ve done to me!)

So the game was really, really successful at making me happy. The guys played great, but the company makes it even better. Especially the commentary:

– Me, on Thomas Vanek (?) missing a wide-open net in the first: “If Tim Connolly were there, that would’ve been a goal!” S(h)ara’s response: “Tim Connolly is good at putting things in holes.” (That was bad. I’m sorry.)

– Throughout the night, we kept shouting “troglodyte,” “Greg Campbell, you suck,” “hit him with your purse,” and “Princess D.”

– The guys behind us were getting very upset with people screaming “shoot” on the power play. Well sorry, sir, but if the Sabres would shoot a little more on the power play, we wouldn’t have to tell them how to do their jobs.

– Kim said that we needed to “euthanize the Panthers.” I said she was being too kind.

(Now I got a bit lost because I kept watching Kris Versteeg videos. Those Blackhawks are killing me.)

– Every time we saw Anne, S(h)ara and I screamed “foxy lady!” She never heard us.

– When Tallinder took a penalty (and this is really bad guys; I apologize), I said quietly to the girls, “Tallinder’s not a hooker; he’s a rapist.” It was hysterical at the time, and I even tweeted it, but I feel kinda bad about it now because the charges were dropped.

– Kim said Derek Roy needed to go after the puck like it was a Hostess cupcake. She tweeted it too. Which prompted Jill to respond about Ho Ho’s, and Jay to suggest ding dongs. That’s just wrong, on all accounts. I need to make him a batch of tofu brownies now.

S(h)ara said a whole bunch of funnier things too, but I don’t remember them.

Anyways, after the game we met up with Anne at Cobblestone, hoping some of the Sabres would show up, but by 11 o’clock we were all getting pretty tired, and booked. None of them came. We even sat by the back entrance, hoping that they might, but no. Oh well. Anyways, that was pretty much Brian Campbell’s place to go, and he’s with the Blackhawks now, obviously. (I just can’t get away from them, can I?)

Also, Mary tweeted about Lalime singing “Poker Face,” (two things: I seem to be obsessed with Twitter, and Patty didn’t sing it [to my knowledge, at least]), and now every time I hear that song and/or Lady Gaga, I totally think of him. Especially when they played “Just Dance” during the game.

The only thing that would’ve made that night better is if MJ could’ve made it up in time, but her job didn’t allow for us to have that much fun. Another time, I suppose.

And my signal that I should stop writing now is the fact that I have no idea if this post is even coherent.

I’ll be back later, possibly, as I have absolutely NO PLANS today, which is so, so strange and new to me.

Friends, I honestly don’t know where I disappeared to. Actually, I do. School, work, and the mall. But for all intents and purposes, I don’t know, and neither do you.

But I’m back, for today, at least.

So the trading deadline has come and gone, and I thought the Sabres made out pretty well.

Except I’ll really miss Al. Like, I totally almost started to cry when I heard the news and was leaving Kim a voicemail. Side note: WHY DO I ALWAYS FIND OUT ABOUT TRADES EITHER IN CLASS OR WHILE I’M DRIVING?? Not cool. Anyways, I liked Al. I mean, he’s a damn good hockey player, but mostly, I thought he had a beautiful back. Not backside, but back. And if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a good back and arms. So Al really did the trick for me. But now he’s gone, and Derek will have to suffice.

And don’t even get me started on how much I already love my Canadian Harvard Grad Dominic Moore, and the new Euro Chic love Mikael Tellqvist!! So much love right there!! Although, this could be lust. Not sure yet. I’m trying not to get too attached or impressed because we all know how Steve Bernier worked out for myself and Anne.


Then Harvard (that’s what I’ve been calling Moore, FYI) had work visa issues. Funny thing is that I was totally pondering this situation Wednesday while I was sitting in my car listening to WGR 550 during my break. But I’m glad they got cleared up.

OH!!! And how could I have forgotten to mention Timmy’s new contract??!!??!

Okay, we all know how devoted I feel to Tim Connolly, but even I think $4.5 million a year is too much for him. Do you know what I liken that to? Well, if you follow me on Twitter you’d know. Anyways, I liken it to buying a Coach bag. It’s really expensive, and kinda scary when you do it, but in the end, it feels oh, so good.

And also, I just feel I need to say that Anne texted me with the news of his signing WHILE I WAS DISSECTING A CAT IN LAB. I definitely had a scalpel in my hand when I told my partner to read my text message to me. BAD IDEA. I could’ve lost a finger instead of slicing the diaphragm of Tabitha (that’s what we named our… um… patient).

Now to touch on the games.

Wednesday’s I don’t remember too much (because I kept nodding off during the third period), except for Derek had two goals (including the game-winner), Paul had two goals (including a bad-ass shortie), and Patty L played his heart out. Oh, and Tommy came back. Yayyyy!!

Friday’s, I was working during, so I didn’t see all of it, and I missed Max getting murdered. I was giving an old man a bath at the time (ew, by the way), and I got him in there as soon as the first period ended. I didn’t finish with him until half way through the second, so needless to say I had about 25 texts from Kim, my mother, and my cousin at that point in time. Awesome. But that too, was a fantastic game.

(You like my recaps, don’t you? I need more Derek Roy gossip to blog about. I don’t go over the games too well. You know why? Because you can read it in the TBN, and I don’t want to be a journalist.)

But last night’s game was a major disappointment.

All the beautiful blogger girls got together at Tully’s to chit chat and watch the game. It was very fun even though the boys let us down. (Although Jonathan Toews and Kris Versteeg showed up for Clare and I, Matt Greene got an assist for Anne, Ovie is coming back for Frostee, and we even got to see Big Bear for a moment!!) Derek Roy really disappointed me in getting benched, though. Remember when I led the Bench-Derek-Roy-Bandwagon? Yeah, I never actually wanted that to happen. I was just angry. And when I saw Lindy’s press conference, I was distraught. I think a batch of tofu brownies and peppermint hot chocolate is in order. Either that, or a bottle of SoCo. I’ll take them all, actually….

Okay, dears, I just didn’t want you to think that I had fallen off the face of the planet.

More will come tomorrow!! I promise. xoxo

I’m so excited because the game tonight/this afternoon is on TV!!!  That means Kim and I can begin our little Sabres Soirees!  I love them so much.  Usually, we’ll hit up Wegmans, get some Dr. Pepper and Sunkist, and either cheese, cheese spread, pepperoni, and crackers for delicious cheese-cracker-sandwiches, or chips and Bison French Onion dip.  Yummm!!  But since the game’s at 5, we’re going shopping first, and I’m not sure what the snacks will entail.  Maybe some subs or pizza?  idk.
But since everyone is talking about the captaincy, let me touch base on that too.
I’ll start by saying that I really dislike the rotating thing.  I realize that Lindy uses it as a reward for playing well, or good consistent effort, or good leadership, or whatever, but just effing pick a guy and stick with it already!!  No one else in the league does a rotating captaincy.
I do, however, like the idea of a co-captaincy.  It seemed to work really well with The Unmentionables, so I’d give it a go.
As far as candidates are concerned, my thoughts are as follows:
Paul Gaustad:  I definitely believe that one day he will be Captain material, but right now, I think that he needs to just put himself out there more, and he’ll be it.  It’s obvious that he’s a presence on the ice, and the guys certainly look to him for leadership, as he has had great experiences in the AHL, and was with the Sabes for both deep pushes.  But definitely A material.
Jochen Hecht:  Definitely Captain material.  He seemed to thrive when he had the C last October, and the team did vote him in, so there had to be a reason for that.  The guys obviously look up to him, and although he seems quiet, I’m writing that off due to his German accent.  Germans are intimidating, and I love them for that.  So go, YoYo, go.
Toni Lydman:  Again, experience is on his side, but complete presence is not, so I’m alright with an A.
Adam Mair:  Mair’s a tough one, because even though he is one of the oldest guys on the team, he doesn’t have quite the offensive prominance or even presence that I would want in a captain.  Yeah, he kicks ass and gives 122% every night, but I wouldn’t push him to C level yet; give him an A.
Ryan Miller:  Yes, he said he doesn’t want it, but if he did, he’s the obvious face of the team, so yeah, I wouldn’t mind Miller having The C.
Teppo Numminen:  Experience is most definitely on Teppo’s side, and the guys love and respect him, so he’s a worthy candidate.
Jason Pominville:  Because Jason is always there to talk to the media, and because he never, ever makes excuses for the team and calls them out in the press, AND includes himself in there, putting his 27 goals and 80 points solidify his chance at The C.
Derek Roy:  Derek’s the defending Sabres Point Champ, so couple that with his progressing potential and his PR capabilities that aren’t quite up to Pommer’s standards but are damn good enough, he’s got a shot at being Captain as well.  Plus, I love him, so even more reason I want him to have it.
Craig Rivet:  A noteworthy candidate due to past experience in the league, including donning an A in Montreal.  I also have to give him props for the fights he’s been in and the way he sticks up for his teammates that he’s known for only a couple of weeks (I call it the Steve Bernier syndrome…  Oh, Steve =[ ).  At least an A here.
Jaroslav Spacek:  See, Toni Lydman.
Henrik Tallinder:  Again, see, Toni Lydman.  Also, his shootout goal ranks as one of my favorites, so definite points there.
Thomas Vanek:  I cannot recall if Tommy had an A at all last year, but I’d be willing to give it to him.  Yeah, I know he’s the money man, and he had a rough time in the first half last year, but look at how the man bounced back!  I don’t think he has enough leadership qualities to give him The C, but it could be good for him.  If the rotation comes back, I’m all for TV getting a chance.
But what would I do, and who would I pick, if I were Lindy Ruff??  Well, I think I’d probably go with a co-captaincy, and rotate it between the two, probably weekly, or every 5 games, or something like that.  As far as naming them, I’d definitely have to go with Pominville, and I think his partner would be Hecht.  I wouldn’t have them wear A’s when not the captain, so as to get more guys involved.  I’d give the two A’s to Roy and Rivet.  Provided anyone miss a game, or get hurt, Numminen would be the replacement; oh, and in the event that Pommer or Jochen were out for some reason when wearing The C, the other would put in on.
Yeah, I think that’s about how I would do it…
But anyways, I feel it necessary to point out the the picture of Tim Connolly in the TBN today is most definitely Adam Mair.
And I wonder if Detroit will put Ty Conklin in net?  If they do, they just might win, since Conkin (Yes, I know it’s spelled wrong.  Intentional.  Inside joke.) seems to have our number since we let him go.
Go Sabres!!


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