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So as we all know by now the ****** lost last night and as I told Cari after the game they didn’t win therefore I am disowning them until further notice. I know I’m being petty and childish but I don’t care it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. I asked them to do one thing, ONE THING, to win on my birthday and they couldn’t do it, they couldn’t even score. So the place that the ****** occupied in my heart up until now is empty and will continue to remain so until they win or at least score. So today instead of filling up on my once beloved team, like usual, I’m going to fill up on cakey goodness in the hopes that it will fill the void that the ****** have left in my soul. I feel kind of like the girl who didn’t have a date for prom and sits home all alone with her quart of ice cream. Well, the ****** were my prom date and they stood me up BIG TIME. As you’ve probably noticed by now I refuse to call them by name and I will continue to not call them by name until they win, it’s all part of my plan.

I sat there during the game and kept going to myself, it has to get better, it has to get better, but it didn’t and then I was depressed. So on top of spending most of my birthday studying for a quiz that I had today, the team, who shall not be named by me until they win, lost.

Well anyways I’m Paille years old now so that means that I’m a quarter of a decade or a score when I feel like being technical. The one nice thing about my birthday is that I always know there are only 25 days until Christmas and that ABC Family will start showing all the Christmas movies that I love. But I’m off to read for nutrition and finsish watching The Polar Express. Toodles.



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