Yes I know I just used the title of a song from High School Musical for the title of this post believe me I’m loathe to do it but hey if it fits it fits.

So it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and I feel really bad about it but during the summer there’s not that much to report on the Sabres because let’s face it the Sabres hardly do anything during the off season in terms of trades and whatnot. However, we do have two new players, Steve Montador  and some guy named Joe DiPenta but this is obviously old news as everyone should already know about it.

Anyways, I’ve made a pact with myself that I’m going to forget the going ons of last season (the fact that the Sabres didn’t make the playoffs for the second year in a row) and focus on the future. As of this moment last season never happened and there will never be any doubt that the Sabres will make the playoffs this year. This is not to say of course that I won’t lament the fact that we’ve lost Sissy and all his caveman tendencies, because believe me I do and that I won’t believe we’re a lesser team without him because I do.

Is it wrong that I want to replace Darcy for like a day and jump in my time machine to the day he decided he didn’t want to sign any of my baby Sabre favorites? Because now I no longer have Marek or Dylan and that kills me but I still have Noodles who I was lucky enough to see at Sabres Development Camp last week and of course there were copious amounts of drooling when I did.

I also got my Paul jersey back with his very large P and G and a small 28 on the number 2 on the back just were I always get my jerseys signed. I wrote a thank you note to the women who helped get it signed which they then showed to him when they were at dinner with him which I will forever be eternally embarrassed about. But hey at least I got it signed and I didn’t have to wait in any ridiculously long lines at an autograph signing.

I also bought a Patrick Sharp jersey for myself two weeks ago which the lovely Clare is taking to the Blackhawks Convention to have (hopefully) signed for me by my favorite Permanent Marker.

I’m starting work on compiling pictures for my hockey wall. I’ve got about 6 that I’m definitely putting up and now I’m starting to sift through some of the other pictures I have narrowing it down to about 14 more. I finished my Sabres cross stitch which I gave to my mother for her birthday and she now has at her desk at work. I may even start selling them because people my mom works with have shown interest and hey it could be the start of a side business…

sabres cross stitch 


Wow I sound like I have ADD with this post my thoughts seem to be everywhere, but hey at least I’m back in business blogging which will be more regular I promise…on Paul Gaustad as my husband and witness.