Capitals vs. Rangers- Game 7 of the series commences tonight and it’s hard to say who will be the victor. If Washington can get its offense going early tonight they should have no problem solving King Henrik and the Ranger’s defense. However, if the Washington offense starts to languish and get comfortable it won’t take long for the Ranger’s offense to start buzzing like a hive of angry bees. It should all come down to who wants it more and for my sake I hope that team is Washington. I couldn’t stand to see Drury hoist that cup over his head if god forbid the Rangers should go all the way. (Yes I am still bitter about Drury leaving and no I will not get over it.)

Devils vs. Hurricanes-The Hurricanes have forced game 7 and to tell you the truth I haven’t really watched much of this series because I despise both of these teams equally. I do have to say that I somehow hate the Devils less than the Hurricanes, maybe it all goes back to the 2006 playoffs when they beat us in the Conference. Plus I don’t think that I could stand watching Beak Nose Brind’Amour hoist the cup AGAIN. I predict that the Devils will win, god willing.

It looks like it’s going to pour outside at any moment and there is nothing I like more than a good thunderstorm.

I get to register for classes tonight which means that because I don’t have high speed internet at my house that I will be watching the games over at Cari’s waiting until midnight to roll around so that I can get all the classes that I need. My schedule this year sucks because I go everyday and have a class that is 6 hours twice a week. It also means that unless I have a day off there is little chance that I’ll be able to go to any open practices this year which I find to be vastly unfortunate.

I have good news though in July Clare and I and whoever else wants to join us are going to be going to the Blackhawks convention in Chicago for a weekend. It’s bound to be a good time and if there’s even a chance that you want to go please email Clare or me and let us know. And seeing as how I’ve never been to Chicago before and I love exploring new cities it’ll be a doubly fun trip.