Guys, I’ve been waiting so long to write the HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK ROY post, you have no idea!!

(Insert Blingee that won’t insert.  Sad face.)

We all know Derek is a little flashy, and (probably) pretty high maintenance, so I decided to throw him a nice birthday party, complete with his friends,
some party crashers, or as I like to call them, “interlopers,”
some chicks,
and then we’ll get a little tipsy,
but it’s Derek’s birthday, and he can cry if he wants to.
Because all he really wanted was his birthday cake.
And that’s probably why Derek ends up in Cabo looking like this.
Aw hell, if it means I get more ammo to make fun of him with, I’m all over that shit.
Happy 26th Birthday, Love!!
(PS:  I am in dire need of writing a real post, but I don’t have the time this week.  I have so many tests, quizzes, and a paper to take care of, and then Kim and I are going to Pittsburgh for the weekend with Clare and a few other lovely lady bloggers from all over the place for a birthday weekend, and we’ll be sitting outside of the Igloo watching the Pens and Caps.  Should be so much fun!  But probably Monday or Tuesday, look for a post from me, unless something fabulous happens between now and then.  I’m so, so sorry that I don’t blog too often anymore, but if you miss me (and I’m sure you do), follow my Twitter because I talk about hockey on there A LOT, amidst making fun of Derek, squeeing about Kristopher, and random complaints about life in general.  Just, if you’re going to follow me, send me a Direct Message or something so I know not to block you, because I really hate all sorts of random people who find me by searching something I wrote about, and then I block them, and I’d hate to do that to you.  Okay, good luck with exams to those of you who have them, and if you don’t, good luck with whatever you’ve got going on.  Back back (sort of) soon!)
(PPS:  Oh, and in the meantime, Go Team Canada, Go Team USA, and most important of all, Go Blackhawks!)