So it’s pretty obvious to you all exactly how much I love the Sabres, and how much I love playoff hockey, and how much I love, love, LOVE Sabres playoff hockey.

But really, I also love non-Sabres playoff hockey.

Don’t get me wrong; initially, it sucks.  But once the first puck drops, it’s sheer happiness, because I don’t have to be conflicted or feel guilty about falling for other teams.

I did this the hard way this year when I fell for the Blackhawks back in January. 

Anyways, I know it’s a day late, but here are my picks (I’m not going to bore you with the details as to why I’m picking.  Just know that there’s probably a guy I’m in love with who suits up with that jersey.  coughKrisVersteegcough).



Boston v. Montreal.  Boston.  For sure.  I think pretty easily (I don’t make game predictions, because people just pull number out of their asses when they do that.)

Washington v. New York . Washington.  I was thinking they would win this easily, but after seeing the clips of last night, the Rangers could give them a run for their money.  I still think Ovie and the Caps will prevail.

New Jersey v. Carolina.  Carolina.  I hate the Hurricanes, but I hate the Devils more.  There ya go.  Plus, Mike Ryan doesn’t hurt their image at all.  Maybe this one will have to go the distance.

Pittsburgh v. Philadelphia.  Pittsburgh.  Pretty easily at that.  I love Marty Biron and all, but there’s absolutely no way I’ll cheer for the Flyers.  (Sorry Philly fans.  I just can’t bring myself to do it.)



San Jose v. Anaheim.  San Jose?  Duh.  Easily?  I really don’t care though.

Detroit v. Columbus.  How much would I love it if Columbus completely upset the Wings??!?!  IMMENSLY.  Come on Rick Nash, Michael Peca, and lest I not forget Antoine Vermette!!  Realistically, though, I’m thinking the Wings, fairly easily.

Vancouver v. St. Louis.  Vancouver, fairly easily.  I love Jay McKee, yes, but I hate Keith Tkachuk.  No one injuries Timmy AND Kristopher and gets me to cheer for them.  No way.  But I would love to see Jay succeed.  My allegiance though, is with Big Bear, Kesler, and Willie Mitchell.  And, of course, Taylor Pyatt.

Chicago v. Calgary.  This one should be completely obvious.  Chicago.  In a sweep.  No, no…  Easily.  🙂


There you have it, kids.  That’s what I know I’m hoping will happen.

And now, as I wrote on Twitter, I’m going to put on my Blackhawks shirt and run errands all over Buffalo.  With my luck, I’ll run into Derek Roy at the gas station with VERSTEEG emblazoned on my shoulder blades.  That’ll go over real well when I run over to him gushing about my love for him.  This, my friends, is when I’ll need one of you to go to a statuary and have them begin to engrave my headstone.

Thanks, loves.