Aw, just look at Danny and Timmy!

Aw, just look at Sparky and Timmy!

So what’s so awesome about this picture, you ask?

First of all, look at Tim Connolly.  I’m sorry, and I don’t know why, but I find him incredibly attractive, and it almost kills me to say that…  I don’t get it.

Second, I love Clarke MacArthur, and I’m glad he’s started to return to his sassy ways.  Some might say that it’s too little, too late, but, ladies and gents, I’m afraid the latter has yet to be seen.  I, for one, think that Sparky’s recent offensive production could be one of the many reasons that we…  Um, well, I just won’t say it.  Call me superstitious if you’d like, but I don’t want anything blamed on me in the end.

Third, (and you probably can’t see it in the little picture I posted, but go to the Sabres photo album from last night’s game and look at this image; you’ll see what I mean) I love the crowd’s reaction to the goal.  So many people have their faces in their hands, or they just look miserable.  My favorite, though, is the little girl right behind MacArthur.  She just looks like someone told her Santa Claus wasn’t real and that they had to take her pony away.  She looks crushed.  Well, sweetie, get used to it.  At least you’re not a Sabres fan.

Oh, wait…  Did I just say that?

I’m sorry; I love being a Sabres fan.  Even though they frustrate the living daylights out of me with their incredibly stupid penalties (coughLastNightcough), their oh-shit-if-we-win-out-we-*might*-make-the-playoffs attitude, and their inexplicable inconsistency, I cannot help but adore them.  They just have that thing that makes me swoon whenever I see them…  I can’t take it anymore.  I need to love a playoff team, and I’m sort of forgetting what it’s like.

So come on, Sabres.  Please?  I’m not asking a lot.  Just five more wins!  That’s all!  And, of course, for Florida, Montreal, and the NY Rangers to lose a bunch.  Okay?  You think you can handle that?  Please?

Okay, so maybe this picture is worth 354 words.  🙂