While I’m in the trend of posting song lyrics, allow me to indulge myself a bit.

In high school, I absolutely adored Cute is What We Aim For.  That could just be because one of the members attended my school and I may or may not have had a small? crush on him and went to pretty much their every gig in Buffalo…  Whatever, because I haven’t listened to them in a very long time.  But this morning I felt the urge to do so, and I think the chorus of “Finger Twist and Split” fits the Sabres quite perfectly…

You wanna know what you’ve got; I’ve got a plan, we can’t get caught.  And there’s no chance in Hell we’ll stop, no, no, no, no, no, I think not.

(The title of this post also comes from that song.)

But I just hope our boys won’t get caught, and also that they don’t stop.  Because this plan that they’ve got?  I like it.  I like it a lot.  I can’t lie.

This week, though…  It was pretty awesome for the Sabres, wasn’t it?

I had actually planned on blogging Saturday morning, but I just didn’t.  Sorry…

But can I please, please, please just express my pride in the Sabres at this moment?  Because we all know that I had written them off (on the surface, at least), and look what they’ve done, just to prove me wrong!!  Oh, my heart!

I’m not going to recap the games, because let’s face it:  If you’re reading this, you know.

But what I am going to tell you is how RIDICULOUS my reaction to Toni Lydman’s heroics.

You see, I was at work on Saturday during the game.  Now, keep in mind that I work at a nursing home.  What’s convenient for me is that most of my residents like to go to bed pretty early, so most are snoring by the first puck drop of the second period.  So at about 10/10:30 pm when the shootout was taking place, the nurse I work with and I were on edge.  We knew we couldn’t be too loud because our one resident is extremely bi-polar, and Saturday was a particularly bad day for her, so we didn’t want to wake her up.

But we just couldn’t help ourselves.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they had all woken up because of our carrying on.

Anywho…  Today is Nathan Paetsch’s 26th Birthday!!!  So I hope the guys give Nate something good…  Maybe Derek baked some cookies last night while the team was off?  Probably not, on both accounts.  I think he’d just appreciate some ice time, and I can’t fault him there.  I wish he had some too.  Funny thing is, I realized this last night while I was trying to find Betsy a Sabres boyfriend, but I needed one with the appropriate age…  We decided Patches would suit her just fine.


Oh, Nate...

Oh, Nate... (Can you tell that I've just been DYING to use this picture?? NO? Well, I have.)



Next topic…  How does the NHL allow Maxim Lapierre to basically MURDER Patrick Kaleta, and get away with it?  That goes against everything that they’ve petitioned for in order to stop hits from behind and head injuries, because it’s painfully obvious that this hit fits the case.  Lapierre blatantly hit Patty from behind, and Pat had no idea he was coming.  Pat’s injury is somewhat irrelevant to my point.  If the NHL says they’re cracking down on this sort of thing, where is Kaleta’s justice?  His injury just adds fuel to the fire.  It’s just not fair that this poor kid, who gives everything he can night in and night out, probably just had his season ended, and there’s no restitution for it.  That’s a damn shame.

And one more thing…  Clare bought me something while she was in Chicago this weekend…  So excited!!  I feel like a very bad Sabres fan writing that, but lots of people who love the Sabres own other jerseys, right?  Right?  Reassure me, people…