Like I said over on Blogger, Kim and I have grown sick of the boring layouts and the simplicity of that site.  So, we’ve packed up and moved to WordPress!  All of the old posts have been moved over as well, but some of the comments wouldn’t transfer, and the embedded videos didn’t either.  Therefore, we decided to keep the old Sabre Chaser up and running; we’ll just be posting over here from now on.

Moving on, I feel really bad…  Kinda like I’ve abandoned Derek Roy.  But, in my defense, he hasn’t been playing too well as of late.  At least not as well as I feel he should be, and not nearly as well as the Sabres need for someone to carry the team into the playoffs.

But Clare had Kim and I over at her house on Friday, which just about did me in.  You see, Clare is a ridiculously big Blackhawks fan, which is wonderful.  Since they and the Canucks are my favorite Western Conference teams, I obviously have no problem with that.

So anyways, we were watching the Hawks play the Blue Jackets, and Kris Versteeg scored.  It should be nothing new to you, my friends, that I’ve fallen for this incredibly adorable blonde.  But it gets better…

Clare came over to my house Saturday and watched the Sabres game with my family and I.  Before the game even started, I said to her, “You watch, Derek will score just because I’ve been fawning all over Verbeauty and how well he’s been playing lately.”  But really, I never expected that D truly was the jealous type!

But, then again, if the girl who was supposedly hopelessly and completely devoted to me (if I were Princess D) suddenly ditched me for a (shudder) Blackhawk, I’d probably be a little peeved too.

Especially if I looked the way Derek does, and then I went for a guy who looked like this:


Wow, this is getting confusing now…  Even to me.  And that’s saying something.

Anyways, some of the blogger girls and I may or may not be getting together tonight to watch the Sabres on one TV and the Hawks on another.  I don’t know if that will happen or not.

Either way, MJ is getting the Sabres Tour tomorrow!!! ❤

So, if you have anywhere that our dear friend needs to see, either comment or send me an email and we’ll include it!

And, as always, Go Sabres!  (I’m a little bit skeptical about the game tonight because it’s the Senators, but there’s no reason the Sabres shouldn’t play well.  And who knows?  If Derek has a good night, I may take him back.  It all depends on how he stacks up to Verstud.)