Why is it that the Sabres insist on losing basically every single time I go out for a game?  They never seem to win when I do.  Well, okay, lately they seem to never win at all.

Just a few thoughts on the game, though, which Kim and I watched with Anne and S(h)ara from Sabretooth’s House and Clare from All Hawks Hockey:

  • How does it happen that we only have 13 SHOTS ON GOAL FOR THE GAME??!?!?
  • Derek Roy totally just fell on the ice.  Lame.
  • Our 5th-place penalty killing unit was absolutely atrocious this evening, allowing 3 goals on 9 penalties.  Really, Sabres?  Really?  How do we let the SENATORS go 33% on the POWER PLAY?  Terrible.
  • Jason Pominville had 2 points on the night.  The Sabres should win when JPom scores.
  • Dominic Moore was quite feisty.  And remember, I call him “Harvard.”
  • Hecht made a really nice defensive play at some point, but I’m struggling to remember it now.

There was a lot more that I wanted to mention, but I’m so exhausted at this point that I don’t even care.

What’s worse is that the Blackhawks hardly helped my mood, because they lost to the Devils, and Versteeg didn’t even score.  Steeger did, however, get in a scruff and firmly planted a guy on his ass.  I enjoyed that one.  Thoroughly.

And let me tell you–it’s pretty hard to pay attention to two hockey games when you’re enjoying good food with fabulous ladies and if you’re sleep deprived.  Kinda difficult.

Anyways, Sabres Tour for MJ tomorrow, and Blackhawks game at Clare’s.  I’m excited!!