No, I’m not going to ramble on and on about how I truly, 100% in my heart believe that he’s straight, because, well, let’s look at Exhibit A:

(For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I just got Weezer stunk in my head: If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread as I walk away… Yes, Derek, I would like to destroy that sweater.)

So clearly, I cannot win in that argument, because that is the mildest of evidence against him, and I know far too many of the prosecution’s points. But just know, I do believe he’s straight, just very, very metrosexual, and very, very friendly when he’s drunk. That’s it. A lot of guys are like that.

What I am going to defend is him as a player.

True, he did have a very bad showing Saturday, and I’m not defending that game. I wasn’t paying complete attention because we girls were having some very stimulating discussions, but if Lindy said he was bad, then he was bad.

What annoys me though, is when people get all over his case for being a “whiner” and a “diver.”

Okay, so yeah, he has a reputation for doing so. But, if you’ve watched him since he signed his big contract and has become one of the Sabres most important players, he’s smartened up. He only mouths off if he really feels like an injustice has been done, and rarely do you see him dive anymore. Sometimes, it blatantly obvious that he did, but more so now, you see him skating full-force, and if he’s taken down, he’s truly going down. Either that, or he just became a better actor.

But I’m not to keen to jump on that bandwagon just yet.

Just think about Derek’s commercials for Celino and Barnes. Seriously? You think this guy can act? (I would totally link them up, but believe it or not, these gems aren’t even on YouTube yet. I know, right?)

I mean, what’s with the ridiculous hand motions? Does he think he’s ghetto? No, he just doesn’t know how to appear natural in front of the camera with two lawyers on either side of him.

And in the other one? He doesn’t even know who he’s pointing to. “These are my friends Ross Celino and St-(points to Celino)-eve (points to Barnes) Barnes.”

Seriously? The guy does not have what it takes.

So yeah, he may run his mouth a bit. And true, he does sometimes go down too easily. But, then again, so do Daniel Briere, Sidney Crosby, and quite a few others in the league. I’ll take Derek Roy over them.

And that’s not just because I think he’s a classy lady.