a-pa-thet-ic adj. 1. having or showing little or no emotion. 2. not interested or concerned; indifferent or unresponsive: an apathetic audience.

Or, in this case, an apathetic hockey team.

Also, the little dictionary widget on my computer provides the origin of the word: apathy, which is on the pattern of pathetic.

Fitting, eh?

But let’s take a look at exactly how the Sabres were apathetic last night:

A is for another game that is going to come back to bite them in the ass.

P is for Patrick Lalime giving them every chance to win, yet he apparently was the only Sabre who gave a damn.

A is for aggression, or a lack thereof.

T is for tenacity, or, again, a lack thereof.

H is for hockey game, because I’m pretty sure they forgot there was one scheduled last night.

E is for even-strength goals, of which they allowed two.

T is for time spent in their own zone, which was definitely too much, and time Tim Connolly was on the ice for one shift (over 2 minutes).

I is for increased scoring in the absence of Thomas Vanek, of which there was none.

C is for careless penalties, which is what most of them were, and careless play, in general.

So, while my love for the Sabres is undying, I too am becoming slightly apathetic after last night’s debacle. I’m going to go back to baking, cleaning, and running errands… Hmmm, sounds like I’m well on my way to becoming Susie Homemaker.