So last night while driving on the 190 by the Aud I was greeted with this sight…

Until I saw this I guess the whole thing just didn’t seem real yeah sure they were taking down the Aud, I guess I always thought I’ll believe it when I see it, well I’ve seen it and I’m definitely believing it. This sight probably depresses me more than last night’s game mainly because now you can see the bowl of the arena. How weird will it be to look off the right side of the 190 when traveling south and not see the Aud standing there? Instead we’ll be treated with an unobstructed view of the arena, not that that won’t be cool but it still won’t make up for the fact that they are knocking down a part of my childhood. It’s like when the Disney Store went out of business, they are slowly stealing all my childhood haunts one spot at a time, what will it be next shutting down Disney World?

In other news Tim Connolly has been demoted to the third line with Clarke MacArthur getting the free pass to left wing on the second and all I can say is thank god, last night I wanted to shake him, but not too hard for fear of breaking him again, because he was the worst offender of bad passing. I don’t think I saw one solid pass from him the whole night, he either gave it away or shot it so wide of a player that the player had to go chasing it into the corner. I kept telling my mom that they needed to get him off the ice and sit him because he just didn’t seem like his usual good passing, good stick handling self. Hopefully these lines will stick for tomorrow nights game because if Timmy gets a lot of ice time…well let’s just say I don’t want a repeat of last night.