So I’ve watched the new opening video and while it is a great piece of cinematography I don’t find it particularly moving. There’s just something about it that seems lacking I don’t know if it’s just me, but it doesn’t seem like what I’ve come to expect for an opening video. Maybe it is just me? Not that it isn’t a great video, because it is, I guess I just wanted something more. The narrative type of video also annoys me, if they’re going to do a narrative why not make one featuring the Sabres getting ready to go out for a game then go into a montage of old footage juxtaposing the old and new?

While Cari and I were at the Boston game, as much as it pains me to say it, I really liked their opening video. It started off with the early years of the team and moved up to the present showing some of the greatest highlights through the years. Would it have killed someone to look through old video footage to put together a montage?

I, personally, used to like the old opening which showed a player walking down the tunnel at the Aud, going to center ice and then pulling a sabre from a block of ice and brandishing it as the light glinted off it each night featuring a different player. I thought that video was both a tribute to the history of the Aud and so incredibly cool. I always used to have fun guessing which player it would be on a particular night. But hey I guess I’m not the management and they can do whatever the hell they want. I will admit that the Sabres players playing pond hockey with little kids was really cute.

In all honesty I think I would have preferred, and enjoyed, a video that featured some amazing plays from the teams’ history. I guess I’m just not seeing the comparison between this video and the Better Days video from the 2006 playoffs they’re not even in the same league as far as I’m concerned. I think both the players and the fans deserve something better. I’m sure Gaustad was disappointed in what they chose to do with the video because he was the one that told Quinn we needed to recapture the glory of the playoffs this was not it.