I guess I was being a tad bit dramatic on Monday. I don’t think the world is going to end because Tommy has a seat ready for him in the press box for the next month (hopefully less); in fact, I think this will be the biggest test for the Sabres yet.

Can they win and still play well without their leading scorer?

I think so. Actually, I know so. This group of guys is phenomenal. If you think back a few years, wasn’t it great seeing the young guys come up from Rochester to fill in for injured players down the stretch and even in the playoffs, and in those roles, exceeding their expectations?

Wait a minute… Weren’t those young guys Derek Roy, Jason Pominville, Thomas Vanek, Paul Gaustad, and the like?

Oh yeah, they were!

So you can see why I’m not overly worried. Yes, certain guys–and I won’t name names here (coughJASONPOMINVILLEcough)–certainly need to be better, but with Nathan Gerbe in the lineup, I’m quite excited.

Especially after his feisty antics last night.

You know what, I just took a phone call, and because of it, have completely lost my train of thought… Damn.

I had something really good to say, too.

Oh well. I suppose I’ll post after the game if I get my psych take-home test finished up.