Or in Vanek’s case a broken jaw.

When I saw Vanek literally sprint off the ice last night two things came to mind the first being that he probably broke his nose, the second being oh he’ll probably be right back in the game. Needless to say neither of those happened.

I for one want to go crawl under a rock somewhere and not come out until I know that he’s going to be playing again that way I don’t have to watch the Sabres implode, like they are inevitably going to, without Vanek on the roster. The question remains about how long Vanek will be out for, yes Regier said that it would be 3 to 4 weeks but players have been known to return much earlier than that from seemingly much more severe injuries. However, the opposite also applies, players have been out months with what seem to be less severe injuries. But that’s enough of that talk I for one don’t want to even think about the next 3 to 4 weeks without Vanek because if I do I’m going to cry and I really don’t want to. Soo…I’m going to be thinking happy thoughts like puppy dogs and sunshine and the Sabres winning without TV. Please join me in thinking happy thoughts they may not be able to make you fly but hey at least it might make you feel better.

This is the rock under which I will be living,
please come and find me when this nightmare is over. KThanks.