So needless to say the last week has been anything but spectacular, except for the Sabres winning 10-2 that was a bright spot, for a number of reasons.

First my computer got a Trojan virus which caused it to crash yesterday. Luckily for me though I had saved most of my stuff onto a flashdrive, which thank god is not infected. But it turns out that my computer wasn’t completely fried which meant I was able to run my virus software to get rid it. My uncle works on computers and he told me that if I could reboot it and get to the desktop that was a good sign, so I count myself lucky, but that I should keep running the virus software everyday for the next week just to make sure that the virus was completely gone. One plus to the whole situation is that I got to flirt with the cute boy from the computer services office at my school, when I went in there to ask him to check if the virus was completely gone, this morning. For right now I think everything is fixed, at least I hope, but I’m running the battery of tests on my computer just to be sure.

My second bad thing happened this morning when I feel down the concrete stairs in the parking lot at school. I landed on my side and have a huge bruise on my left thigh that hurts like a bitch and is turning just about every color of the rainbow. Well there’s certainly no pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. So suffice it to say that it hasn’t been a great two days. Plus I slept really badly last night because I was worried about my computer and the paper that I had just finished writing that was on it.

But anyway enough about my crappy life back to the Sabres who were equally as crappy in that appauling loss to Calgary. I have a feeling the pigeon was probably dropped from the rafters of the Pengrowth Saddle dome on Wednesday after the game. (Which wouldn’t hurt it anyway, it being a taxidermied pigeon, the gesture is more symbolic than anything.) I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow well if anything it should be interesting, hopefully there will be good news to report tomorrow after the game. But if not we’ll regroup and hope that things turn out better in Anaheim on Monday.