So Cari and I were discussing this with Anne outside JJ’s last night after we had bid adieu to the rest of the bloggers. We were talking about how guys (not any guys in particular) seem to think that because we’re girls that we somehow know less then they do about sports. Now from the time i was very young I was raised on hockey if there was a Sabres game it was on my living room TV and no one was allowed to change the channel. In my family my mom and my brother love it as does my grandmother, my dad watches it but doesn’t get emotionally invested like the other members of my family.

But still I’ve been going to hockey games since I was little and now my family splits season tickets with my uncle so I go to at least 20 games a year and watch all the other games on TV. I know the hand motions for penalties and I know all the players, I’ve had guys behind me at the games ask what a certain call means or what icing is or off-sides is I am in no way a PUCK BUNNY. Most guys assume that because I like hockey I’m in it for the men and while yes the good looking players are an added bonus the fact that I like hockey has very little to do with that fact. I like hockey for its intensity and its ability to make me forget about everything except grown men pushing a disc of galvanized rubber around a big sheet of ice while occasionally getting it into a big netted contraption which means that team gets a point.

While Mark Mancari was up from Portland there were two guys sitting behind my mom and me discussing him. They were saying that they knew he had the fastest shot in the AHL but they weren’t sure how fast it actually was, being me I turned around and told him matter of factly that the slapshot registered at 102.8 mph which was .4 mph less then Zdeno Chara. The guy looked at me like I had grown three heads and said “wow you know a lot about hockey for a girl.” And there they are the magic words I would have been fine if he had just said that I knew a lot about hockey but then he had to go and add the words ‘for a girl’ I hate that stereotype and that’s exactly what it is a stereotype that because I have boobs and ovaries that I somehow should know less about sports then they do.

So guys if you ever meet me anywhere and want to know anything about hockey please for the love of all that is holy don’t add the words ‘for a girl’ on the end of a sentence. As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure that any of my fellow girl bloggers would appreciate it if you would refrain from using the words ‘for a girl’ and ‘Puck Bunny’ in their presence.