So here with go with the AO Show, which I have to say, is much, much better than the Crosby show. At least I can have respect for Ovie and his game.

Like I said earlier, I’m very, very excited about the return of Goose and Gerbe… We’ll see how they hold up through the game. I’m also curious to see how Tommy’s knee is holding up.

Sad news: Roby’s mother-in-law passed away, so there will be no Roby-isms tonight. My condolences to his family.

Miller’s getting the nod; Max is out (thank God), as is Petey.

First Period

19:33 That wasn’t an outrageous penalty on Derek’s part at all. Way to basically amputate the guy’s leg. WSH PP.

18:03 Sweeeet. The Sabres have to do a better job of getting in the passing lanes and clearing the zone when shorthanded, or else it’s going to be a very, very long night. Derek’s going to get a few ear-fulls for that one. 1-0 WSH, PPG.

12:18 What is wrong with Derek Roy? First he takes a really dumb tripping penalty, and then he passes the puck directly to Washington’s money man? Oh no. I don’t think so. Something’s gotta give.

10:58 Miller has got to be better on that play; that rebound was gigantic, and I’ll bet I could’ve scored with that one. I also think Pominville committed too much to his guy at the blue line, playing the body rather than anticipating the pass. Whatever, though. Bottom line is Washington buried it. 2-0 WSH.

10:00 The Caps have 9 SOG, as compared to the Sabres’ 3. Yeah…

9:22 I’m just loving this game. Seriously, is Matt Ellis the only player to show up tonight? But, oh, wait… Even when Washington has an obscene amount of skaters on the ice, Danny gets whistled for hooking. WSH PP.

8:50 Okay, I take that back. Pommer showed up too. Nice chance for a shorty; too bad he couldn’t convert on the bad-angle rebound.

6:41 Dude, if you “shove” the Gerbe Derby, he’s going to go down. It’s all in the laws of physics, because look at how little he is, and compare that to how big you are. It’s bound to happen. I’m crossing my fingers… BUF PP.

4:41 “BOO” is right.

0:00 Well that period was forgettable. The problems so far? Undisciplined and lackluster play, combined with insufficient battling and huge rebounds. It’s got to stop, and it’s got to stop now.

AWWW, poor Frostee. Yes, I realize that she’s at the game, but she’s totally missing Ovie’s interview… Her loss.

Second Period

19:17 OH, how I wish Tommy could’ve pulled a shot off. Well, I suppose it’s alright since Schultz is headed to the box… BUF PP.

17:17 Another waste. =[

14:22 Vanek, you doof!! That was a really, really dumb penalty to take. I guess it’s fitting that you and D are good friends, eh? WSH PP.

12:22 Penalty killed, thank goodness.

8:46 Sekera penalty. Questionable call, if you ask me. WSH PP.

7:43 Wow. That wasn’t predictable or anything. Again, a terrible, terrible rebound given up by Miller, who put himself out of position to stop it. 3-0 WSH, PPG.

6:10 An elbow to the head of Pominville by Clark results in him taking a 2-minute breather in the sin bin. BUF PP.

5:00 Miller stops an Ovechkin breakaway!!! WHAT??? Wow. Nice. I was afraid he was going to go for a poke-check. I’m extremely thankful that he didn’t.

4:10 Yet again, another wasted power play. I dare say I want Tim Connolly back to QB our PP. Any seconds?

3:00 Gaustad is getting a little feisty. I like it! Way to take down Ovie.

1:03 YES!! Finally someone besides the Sabres are getting called for too many men!! BUF PP.

0:00 BOOOOO. I really, really wish that the Sabres would just wake up. They’re incredibly sloppy, the passes are not connecting, the disciplined play is still not there, the lackluster goaltending is still present, and it has got to change. Simple as that.

Third Period

19:03 Do I have to say we wasted another one again? Yes, I realize that it was a split power play, but still.

15:30 Is anyone else afraid that Gaustad is going to put someone and himself through the boards and up into the 300 level?? Because he looks like the new Patrick Kaleta tonight…

12:19 ADAM MAIR!!! Hahahaa that was a goal scorer’s goal, and I’m betting he only got that because he was fired up by what Rob Ray said to him. (“Adam, it seems like you guys are just standing around and watching tonight.”) Nice set up by Paul Gaustad. 3-1 WSH.

11:40 NOW they start chanting. It’s nice to hear “Let’s Go Buffalo” for a change. I have to say, even though we’re down 3-1, that goal put the life back in me. I don’t know about the Sabres, but I’m definitely back in… Sort of. I’m a bit apprehensive, though.

1:07 Hey… Last I checked it was against the rules to knock a player down if they don’t have the puck… BUF PP.

19:17 4-1 WSH, ENG

0:10 Too little, too late, as MacArthur pops a rebound behind Theodore. 4-2 WSH, PPG.

Is the outcome surprising? Yes, but not all that much.

Okay, seriously? I’ll tell you what the Sabres’ problem is: They’re just not desperate enough. They just plain don’t want it enough. You can tell by looking at their sloppy, disjointed play, and the fact that no one seems to be on the same page… EVER. I’m not Lindy Ruff, so I don’t know what to do to inspire these guys to play as a team, but something needs to be done. There is no way in hell that this team is going to go ANYWHERE if they keep playing the way they have the past couple weeks this whole season, the first six games aside.

It just sickens me to think of the start this team had, and to think of where they were headed, and now to see where we are, and where we’re headed. It’s truly heartbreaking, and I’m not sure how much more of it I can stomach to watch.