Saturday night, while sitting up in the 300 level watching the Sabres warmup, Kim and I were flipping through this season’s issue of the Sabres Yearbook.

Then we got to wondering… (Which you all should know is never a good thing.)

If they were to do superlatives, you know, the ones that read “most likely to…,” who would be most likely to?

This is what I came up with last night while having a movie marathon after a depressing Bills game:

(FYI, I got these categories from a bunch of random websites, and thought they were the best ones there. And that’s pretty sad. But I’m not feeling all that creative today, so I’m not coming up with my own. If you come up with anything better, let me know!)

Most likely to be a spy? Maxim Afinogenov

Most likely to have a Cleaver-esque family? Chris Butler

Most likely to appear on a reality show? Tim Connolly

Most likely to move around a lot? Matt Ellis

Most likely to cure cancer? Paul Gaustad

Most likely to be caught looking in a mirror? Nathan Gerbe

Most likely to be an evil genius? Jochen Hecht

Most likely to stay in Buffalo? Patrick Kaleta

Most likely to travel the world? Ales Kotalik

Most likely to succeed Katie Couric? Patrick Lalime

Most likely to be a serial killer? Toni Lydman

Most likely to lie about their age? Clarke MacArthur

Most likely to be picked out of a police lineup? Adam Mair

Most likely to be seen selling their art of the streets of Paris? Ryan Miller

Most likely to be elected President? Teppo Numminen

Most likely to ride a mechanical bull? Nathan Paetsch

Most likely to fall asleep on the bench? Daniel Paille

Most likely to be the next Free Hugs guy? Andrew Peters

Most likely to raise a litter of abandoned kittens or puppies by hand? Jason Pominville

Most likely to rule the world? Craig Rivet

Most likely to work for Versace? Derek Roy

Most likely to rival Bill Gates? Andrej Sekera

Most likely to end up living in a cave? Jaroslav Spacek

Most likely to record a platinum record? Drew Stafford

Most likely to have a white picket fence? Henrik Tallinder

Most likely to succeed? Thomas Vanek

Can you tell I was bored?

In the real hockey world, I’m super excited that both Team Canada and Team USA are doing fantastically!! I was at Poster Art in the Boulevard Mall on Saturday, and I was seriously tempted to by one of the I ❤ Canadian Hockey shirts. Kim wholeheartedly disapproved, but hey, I’m Canadian, I love Canadians, and I love hockey. What’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. I think I might go back and buy it…

Alexei Cherepanov was doping? It’s still sad that he died, but if this really did have anything to do with his death, what a waste.

Stupid Bills. Stupid nights without Sabres games. Stupid work. Stupid tuition bills… Yeah, I’m just kind of out of it today… I’ll be better tomorrow. =]