Maybe that’s an understatement because this committee, I’m sure, isn’t so itty bitty it’s…well I don’t have a rhyme for something that is large. But anyways membership is up and includes everyone who is outraged by that suckerpunch on Pat Kaleta is last night’s game. It’s one thing to go after someone who ran you into the boards purposely it’s quite another to go after someone who wasn’t even going after you in the first place. Now that’s not to say that Kaleta is innocent because as those of us here in Buffalo know he is far from it. Kaleta is not opposed to trash talking, running away from fights and basically being a pest but still that hit was uncalled for and everybody knows it.



If Gauthier had been successful in landing that elbow he tried to hit Kaleta with before suckerpunching him I’m sure the league would have had a thing or two to say about it. But so far not so much as a peep out of the Powers That Be which leads me to wonder if the league even knows what the word consistency means. They claim they’re trying to eliminate headshots from the game by enforcing harsher punishments on the perpetrators but a suckerpunch, especially an unwarranted one, well that’s apparently a different story. It still remains to be seen if the league will get their heads out of their asses and suspend Gauthier but if they haven’t done anything by now I’m not taking that as a good sign.


Anyways, so it seems like Christmas has let me down, if you don’t know what I’m talking about see the post titled My Christmas List. I haven’t gotten that magical call about my new Sabres jersey so unless they call me Monday I won’t have it in time for the game. The Sabres lost to Detroit so they didn’t win all of their remaining games and it looks like Paul isn’t going to be playing on Monday so he won’t be able to score that hat trick I talked about. But there is one piece of good news it looks like my foot isn’t broken so I won’t be spending my Christmas break in a cast.

I’ve done my bitching for the day so I’m going to go make some cookies and fall into a Christmas movie coma before watching the Sabres game.