So today I made my Christmas list and of course filled it with many Sabre related things.

1. My Paul Gaustad third jersey to come in before Monday so I can wear it to the game. I ordered it 3 weeks ago even though I told myself when they first came out that I wouldn’t. Well as soon as I saw how pretty Cari’s Derek jersey was I knew that I had to have one. Plus it also helped that my grandmother gave me the money for it for my birthday.

2. A Stanley Cup. I have some pretty high hopes here but I don’t think they’re unrealistic…much.

3. The Sabres to win all of their remaining games. Once again some pretty high hopes.

4. Paul to score a hat trick. Hey it could happen.

5. Paul to confess his undying love for me so we can get married and have cute energy conscious babies. Enough said.

6. My foot not to be broken. I go to the doctor tomorrow then for an x-ray to hopefully find out I didn’t break it.

7. To have a white Christmas. The more I watch the weather the more it seems like it’s going to happen.

8. The Bandits to be World Champions for the second year in a row. Being defending champs and all it’ll be interesting to see if they can do it again.

9. Derek to be Cari’s birthday monkey. The birthday card that I had him sign for her says that she can’t resist the birthday monkey so we think we may have called him a birthday monkey.

10. Peace, love and happiness in the New Year.