We all know that my dear Kim is just smitten with one Paul Gaustad.

So this morning, when I saw that spectacular picture of Goose, I texted her immediately.

This is what communication has transpired between us throughout the day:

Cari, 08:31: Have you seen the Sports section today, dear?

Kim, 08:37: No, I’m out with my momma.

Cari, 08:38: Ohhhh dear. Well… You’ll love it.

Cari, 08:39: [Picture message sent, containing the image of Paul and the headline “Sauce from the Goose”]

Kim, 09:12: The picture you sent me didn’t come through.

Cari, 09:12: Ughh I’ll try it again.


Kim, 12:27: Haha Are you sure it wasn’t him? Maybe he was eating away his pain…

Cari, 12:38: I’m sure. He had hair and was smoking.

Kim, 12:38: Well, it would’ve been a great scenario.

Cari, 12:39: I know, right?

Cari, 13:37: Did you ever get that picture?

Kim, 15:01: No, it never came.

Cari, 15:02: Ughh Well, did you see the newspaper?

Kim, 15:02: No, I’m babysitting and they don’t get the paper.

Cari, 15:03: Ohhhh I’ll try it again because it is vital that you see it stat.

Kim, 15:03: Okay.

Cari, 15:03: [Second attempt to send said picture of Paul]

Kim, 18:52: I saw the picture in the paper. Oh, hot damn, he looks hot!

Cari, 20:58: OMGAH doesn’t he??? Ughhh I’d love it if I saw him pummeling someone like that on the street…

Kim, 21:20: Haha Well, see, then he’d probably get arrested for battery.

Cari, 21:21: Yeah, but so what? It’d be hot. And he’d probably just be beating a criminal or defending our honor.

Kim, 21:22: Or saving the world from polluters.

Cari, 21:23: Exactly… So who could throw him in jail for that?

Kim, 21:23: Good point. He’d probably end up with a key to the city.

Cari, 21:34: Oh, most definitely. He’s seriously like Batman.

So, basically, I think that’s how things should work in Buffalo. Can the BPD get a big searchlight atop 74 Franklin Street, and emblazon a large 28, or maybe a flying goose, or something of the like, upon the dark, winter sky?? I think it would work out quite well.

OH! And I’m pretty much fed up that my picture message didn’t send. And since, being the genius that I am, I didn’t try to send a picture to anyone else, I don’t know if Verizon is to blame, or if it’s Kim’s phone’s fault, and AT&T is to blame. They both suck at the moment, then…

And if you’re wondering, we normally text about four times as much as that throughout the day. I was in Canada for part of the day and wasn’t texting (I JUST LOVE BEING DETAINED AT THE BORDER), and then I was driving around for a while, and not texting while driving for a change… But yeah, this was a slow day for us…