So, I think you can tell by now that I’m pretty much addicted to the Sabres, and the game of hockey in general.

Because, in light of the Sabres’ terrible play, I almost abandoned them for my 16-year-old cousin’s high school team. They do better, at least, and I have an undying devotion to my Trevor, so… But, when my aunt dropped off Christmas cookies yesterday (!!!! Too bad they’re all gone already…), she told me that Trev had a game last night. Too bad I picked up a shift at work because I took this weekend off…

So whatever.

Oooh, now I sound like Ryan Miller…

Anyways, let me get to the point.

This morning, you’d probably think, and that includes myself, that I’d still be disgusted with the Sabres, and that I would want nothing to do with them, and that I’d still want my fake relationship with Derek to be over, but…


First thing (well, actually, not quite, but same difference) that I thought this morning when I woke up? THERE’S A SABRES GAME TONIGHT. Sad thing (maybe not?) is, though, I’m not sure how much of it I’ll see. See, the guys are throwing Britt and I a little soiree for our birthdays (hers was the same as Kim’s (this past Monday), and mine is a week from this coming Monday), and while they’ll probably have the game on, I’m concerned that, if the boys start losing and/or playing like they have as of late, they just might turn it off. AND I DON’T WANT THAT, YA HEAR???

Oh, and while we’re talking about my birthday, I have to remind you that Princess D is going to be at Dave and Adam’s on Tuesday the 16th. I went and bought tickets for Kim and myself yesterday. Price gouging, for reals. I’m going to have him sign my jersey, and Kim’s going to have him sign a birthday card for me.

WE NEED YOUR HELP, THOUGH. What kind of card do you think we should get for me? (A) One with a (half) naked man (Possible issues: He may steal it.), (B) a singing/musical card, or (C) a funny one? I think the naked man card could be interesting…


What am I going to do with myself?? I fear I’m too far gone, and nothing could ever help me..

I think I really do live and die by the outcome of the Sabres games… And that’s kind of pathetic.

But it’s most definitely alright with me.

And, remember that thing I said about the Pirates yesterday? How they weren’t letting me down? Well, that was an attempt to boost their confidence, which apparently didn’t work. Since we’ve taken Marky Mark from them, they won one of their past seven games. Ouch. Sorry, Portland. I still love you, though. Next time I go to Boston, I’m coming up again. Don’t you worry.

Ughhh, so like I said, I’m not going to comment on actual hockey at all, so long as it involves the Sabres. That’s why I’m leaving you with this:


I want the Sabres to join Drew, his father, and their friend… or just Drew… high-five-ing over a few beers at a Pittsburgh bar after tonight’s game. NOTICE I SAID HIGH-FIVES. No drinking away your sorrows allowed tonight.

Umm, so, let’s go Buffalo???