Okay, well, maybe if the Sabres had lost on Friday, it could’ve, but they didn’t, thankfully.

I’m not even going to talk about the depressing game the Sabes played on Saturday, and I don’t even want to think about the stupid Bills game that Kim and I sat out in the rain for. EPIC FAILS ALL AROUND.

And how is it that my favorites from both teams end up with phantom groin injuries??? Just when they’re playing poorly??

I’m too frustrated in my teams, and the fact that I messed up the cookies I was baking yesterday (I put in 5 cups of flour instead of 2.5. Go me.), just repels me from blogging this evening.

So Kim and I are going to go put some comfy, warm, and dry clothes on, eat some spaghetti, and play Guitar Hero World Tour some more. Not that playing from 11 pm last night until 4 in the morning wasn’t enough, or anything.


We’ll return tomorrow morning to our regularly-scheduled Sabres-fanatical blogging.

And believe me… It’ll be worth it.